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Aaron D
Aaron D 3 hours ago
They gots some good poutines ups in Kahbec
미꺽오빠Mikookoppa 7 hours ago
Ostriches have powerful muscular legs with VERY SHARP TALONS! They can run as faster than a man. Their talons have been known to disembowel lions killing them. So one man fucking one would be impossible! I agree it would have to be a 2-man operation!
zeveroare R
zeveroare R 8 hours ago
Weird seeing Jared laugh tbh :)
Castillo Piano Composition
Castillo Piano Composition 10 hours ago
Shoresy woke up and chose violence
Dee Cee
Dee Cee 12 hours ago
Garrett Graf
Garrett Graf 17 hours ago
Reilly is TJ CAIG! Google TJ Caig if you don't know about him.
Chris Marion
Chris Marion Day ago
As soon as I heard Bassnectar I was in for this can't wait
Nico Robin
Nico Robin Day ago
Sonos Sentry
Sonos Sentry Day ago
Youre fantastic jointboy! crack some more heads!
Erin Marie Hall
Erin Marie Hall Day ago
Can we talk about how fantastic they are at slo mo scenes? good lord it's like watching Dredd
Player Day ago
Shoresey wakes up and chooses violence
Patrick Vines
Patrick Vines Day ago
Crave??! So it won't be on Hulu anymore?
Drusilla Vow
Drusilla Vow Day ago
i love stewart so much
Zooshee Studio
Zooshee Studio Day ago
0:24 Woooo!!!
shmuck530 2 days ago
That’s what I appreciates about you
D J 2 days ago
fuckin figure it out
TheInhumanSpleen 2 days ago
Fuckin a. This is literally the best thing to happen in 2020. I did not think we'd be getting a new season this year because of the pandemic.
Vclown 2 days ago
bonnnnnnnnnnie mcmurray is crazy beautiful.
Ddrhl 2 days ago
Did y'all catch McMurray playing a cop on the new tv show Transplant the other dayyyyyyy?
Ddrhl 2 days ago
Pitter patter.
Chop 2 days ago
10 more seasons plz
NorthWriter 2 days ago
It's amazing that Anita Dyck is played by Sarah Wayne Callies, who played Lori Grimes in TWD! Such an amazing performance, and I didn't even recognize her.
Tug Brice
Tug Brice 2 days ago
"Make a wish." "Wish you weren't so fuckin awkward, bud."
Tug Brice
Tug Brice 2 days ago
0:09 - The moment Wanye realizes where this conversation is going and decides he needs to pull a Letterkenny Leave.
Lulu Downing
Lulu Downing 2 days ago
So it's not going to be on Hulu? What's Crave? 😫 I don't want to get another streaming app😭
Ddrhl 2 days ago
Hulu on 12/26.
Gage Cleveland
Gage Cleveland 2 days ago
what is the name of this song??
FedralBI 3 days ago
Jesus, maybe I'm the crazy one, but Mrs McMurray gets hotter every season.
Tony Belonog
Tony Belonog 3 days ago
omg apashe on a season trailer!
artemisiaII 3 days ago
The first line fucking kills me
Daniel Becker
Daniel Becker 3 days ago
This song is FIRE.
Edwin J. Viera
Edwin J. Viera 3 days ago
7:31 Fuck you, Betty-Anne. Your breath is an existential crisis, made me question my whole fucking life. This man spews insults that are made of solid gold.
Just the Jacksons
Just the Jacksons 3 days ago
Chris Saari
Chris Saari 3 days ago
I Love Tanis; She is so Cool!!!!
dbmail545 3 days ago
Hully sheet mon! McMurray can do those accents!
Marie Frances Janedoe
Marie Frances Janedoe 4 days ago
Christmas Day! Now this makes 2020 better.
York Henderson
York Henderson 4 days ago
On a scale of 1 to dead, how bad did they beat Dierks? Kinda makes a fella wonder...
Dionne Spencer
Dionne Spencer 4 days ago
I love Wayne and Rosie together!!!
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 4 days ago
This makes the quarantined Christmas checklist
Osei Banahene
Osei Banahene 4 days ago
Fuck allat. Im just happy to see that this aint no spoof or fan made. This show needs a fuckin movie. But will the new episodes drop on hulu same time or we gotta wait for the season to finish
Kent Christensen
Kent Christensen 5 days ago
Please be releasing to Hulu, please be releasing to Hulu, please be releasing to Hulu.....
KING L0p3z
KING L0p3z 5 days ago
Pitter Patter
KING L0p3z
KING L0p3z 4 days ago
@hoiy vinosa yes I agree
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 4 days ago
this is the only thing that might save 2020
Joel Mcclure
Joel Mcclure 5 days ago
Pitter patter. Let’s get at er
Sylvia Calhoon
Sylvia Calhoon 5 days ago
Gaaahhhhhhhhh hurry up
Steve O.
Steve O. 5 days ago
"I'm all worked up wayne, you're going to need a bucket and a mop for this wet ass PU-ssy!" What we wish gail
ash robinson
ash robinson 5 days ago
The creators need to pitter patter
K Pow
K Pow 5 days ago
About time!
Owen Van Cleef
Owen Van Cleef 5 days ago
This is wonderful
Minecraftbruhnow 5 days ago
These are the people making a show about a cat and a man
Isaac Barnett
Isaac Barnett 5 days ago
Bonnie freakin McMurray..... This trailer is the best thing to happen in 2020 by far.
Tyler Loconte
Tyler Loconte 5 days ago
So after some strategic pausing, we see tysons bombshell wife back with her girls, Katie with a new dude, Tyson and joint boy throwing down, darys French ex I can’t remember the name of, the girl who stuck a thumb up dans bum, the rep who ditched our hockey boys, our favourite gays, and some dudes in fannypacks.
Fay Coleman
Fay Coleman 5 days ago
I really hope the scenns opens with them laying the beat down on Deerks.
Enr1997 5 days ago
Wtf I thought Hulu owned this
ivorystars1 5 days ago
No sorry
donovan gee
donovan gee 5 days ago
I though the show ended. I’m so happy they are back.
Jared Arntzen
Jared Arntzen 5 days ago
So assuming it won't be on hulu, will us in the US be able to get it on crave? Or do I have to use a VPN ?
fuge74 5 days ago
I don't know a lot about hockey being from the deep south, though I did one time go see a thrashers game... I brought a book.
limptera13 5 days ago
NYERP NYERP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
stiofan mac
stiofan mac 6 days ago
this is the only thing that might save 2020
Josh St. Louis
Josh St. Louis 6 days ago
Bonnie McMurray?
Brian Vice
Brian Vice 6 days ago
I wanna be close to Christ And Wayne
xuncav midoriya
xuncav midoriya 6 days ago
to be fair this show is such an enigma, gat damn im ready !
Chris Choiniere
Chris Choiniere 6 days ago
Boy howdy.
AM_Pharaoh 6 days ago
The last time America and Canada went to war against each other, we ended up short of a White House so we’ll see how things go on a smaller scale...
Fern 6 days ago
Huh. All this time, I thought I was a mom. Turns out, I'm a dad.
Andrew Lazin
Andrew Lazin 6 days ago
Bonnie McMurray! How'r you now? Pitter patter, get atter!
Stephen Hawking's Football Boots
Stephen Hawking's Football Boots 6 days ago
“So this gal grabbed me by the fesses the other daaaaaaaaay...”
Mark Cheverie
Mark Cheverie 6 days ago
Such a good show that slips under the mainstream eye, a lot of people sleep on this show and I'd be hard pressed to find a better comedic show that consistently delivers.
yuoop noke
yuoop noke 6 days ago
I swear i thought they'd be in court for kill him.
ReinVa 6 days ago
The song in the beginning makes me think of napoleon dynamite
RoadKillCucumber 6 days ago
No Wayne Gretzky? My understanding of Canadians has changed
cVictori 6 days ago
bonnnie mcmuuuuurrrey....
f f
f f 6 days ago
Will it premier on Hulu the same day?
Gregory Pollard
Gregory Pollard 6 days ago
Give your balls a tug
Jillian Sly
Jillian Sly 6 days ago
this is the best Christmas gift ever
yuoop noke
yuoop noke 6 days ago
What song is this?
Nick Moore
Nick Moore 6 days ago
Finally somethings to gets exciteds abouts
It's gonna be the best christmas ever!!!
Eric Breaux
Eric Breaux 6 days ago
I’m surprised they didn’t make an AVEGers reference.
J DePriest
J DePriest 6 days ago
wowjoutei 6 days ago
bonnie mcmurray
michael bina
michael bina 6 days ago
If you’ve got a problem with the new season of Letterkenny, you’ve got a problem with me and I suggest you let that one marinate.