María Cabrera Muro
María Cabrera Muro 22 minutes ago
Jakob Holzgethan
Jakob Holzgethan 25 minutes ago
Are you the One Form kirby amino ?
Good Doggo
Good Doggo 34 minutes ago
I literally paid 3.44 dollars just to know who are the impostors and they really where the real impostors xd
Vilmer Andersson
Vilmer Andersson 37 minutes ago
Martín Gutiérrez
Martín Gutiérrez 40 minutes ago
Wow your animations are the best new sub bro
Angel Cuba
Angel Cuba 41 minute ago
XD why would he eat it
Danial Ishak Mathias
Danial Ishak Mathias 46 minutes ago
Very funny
Íţ’š Ñüģġėť¡¡¡!
Íţ’š Ñüģġėť¡¡¡! 58 minutes ago
Me: Hmmmm.... The art style looks fimiliar... Me: **Looking at the channel carefully** Me: **gasp** BFB!? *BFB!?*
Bhone Shin Thant Kyaw
Bhone Shin Thant Kyaw Hour ago
Why is like bfb
Sphinx’s Spell
Sphinx’s Spell Hour ago
“Damn this slaps”
MrMarco Hour ago
I’ve been playing this game on and off with my friends for 2 years so it’s so weird seeing it get so popular lol
LieutenantFamicom Hour ago
Congrats on a million views!!!!
GEO A.M Hour ago
Umm I've made a song using among us sounds from this video, I've credited you in the description hope it's cool with u :)
GustavoCupbendy Hour ago
its original?
X Destroyer Animations
X Destroyer Animations 2 hours ago
finally some god dang reonizations
100Twist The third
100Twist The third 2 hours ago
Congrets on 1 million
Utai 2 hours ago
Expressions look like an object show
South V2.0 [NDPCA] [Zxcvbnm Union]
South V2.0 [NDPCA] [Zxcvbnm Union] 2 hours ago
Matthew Moua
Matthew Moua 2 hours ago
This is basically every game if you think about it.
ColeslawTheAnimator 2 hours ago
Thuy Ma
Thuy Ma 2 hours ago
Why fall guy here?
Kenneth M.R.
Kenneth M.R. 3 hours ago
This is a very nice,good,cool animation....aaaaaa i love it
Neighborhood Reposter
Neighborhood Reposter 3 hours ago
Miguel Gamer
Miguel Gamer 3 hours ago
0:04 WTF
Miguel Gamer
Miguel Gamer 3 hours ago
0:07 it’s Dora game?
xyzandcompass 3 hours ago
0:41 why did yellow fall because of mushroom
Anne Lagne
Anne Lagne 3 hours ago
I like the documents of the card
Some person with a red tophat
Some person with a red tophat 3 hours ago
0:47 Where is Baba's 10th finger? He got 5 on one side and 4 on the other!
Bubblegum Animations
Bubblegum Animations 4 hours ago
Yeah that machine could destroy the world
Amarelows 4 hours ago
I'm wondering how much hours were put into this because this animation looks really good.
Foxiest Starz
Foxiest Starz 4 hours ago
How do u animate that
Pastry The Snake
Pastry The Snake 4 hours ago
Baba.. Boobey.
ebro77 vlogs and gaming!
ebro77 vlogs and gaming! 4 hours ago
0:47 height: boy Blood type c Fingers 9 Likes pizza Dislikes bugs stress
Some random Doood
Some random Doood 4 hours ago
Benjamin Canales
Benjamin Canales 4 hours ago
Traign to Winn fail
Benjamin Canales
Benjamin Canales 4 hours ago
You Kill me you die hahahahahaha
Poppy H
Poppy H 4 hours ago
Alexio Pasca
Alexio Pasca 4 hours ago
Lmao m 0:47 the brown has 9 fingers ahahahah
Steven 4 hours ago
Who is here at 999.995 views
Napstablook 5 hours ago
A good way to get somebody voted out Say: how do I vent like *character* did ?
It's Vinn
It's Vinn 5 hours ago
Hello, can I have some time? I also made a video among us using lower devices 😆. Please support🙏🤣 Don't forget to like, comment, subscribe 😁
AntiX 5 hours ago
My first reaction when i first saw a dead boddy was like Why does that look like some meat😂😂😂😂
TritePen 5 hours ago
He’s literally the man behind the slaughter he’s fucking purple guy
Globs 5 hours ago
How many kill cooldown does this guy have
EVD_NormalNinja 5 hours ago
The admin gag happened to me recently
Michael Ray
Michael Ray 5 hours ago
0:21 is no one gonna talk about that pink fall guy?
da wae
da wae 6 hours ago
Fahrul Hazamiファルル・ハザミ
Fahrul Hazamiファルル・ハザミ 5 hours ago
Nian Angelo Carlos
Nian Angelo Carlos 6 hours ago
*Literally at the start of the video* *...* *Yellow’s butt is at the beginning at the video*
Jonathon Taylor
Jonathon Taylor 6 hours ago
who left a chunk of meat here? 34 seconds later... dam * eating sounds * this slats! * or slaps idk *
Sewshy 6 hours ago
Wait 2 white guys? There can only be 1 white...
dogger 7 hours ago
chris nova
chris nova 7 hours ago
yellow looking looking like a double wide surprise at the start
maxim P-S
maxim P-S 7 hours ago
Christopher Wilson
Christopher Wilson 8 hours ago
Among us in a nutshell
Kawaii_pixel 8 hours ago
I found this on tiktok im mad that they didn't credit you this is really good!
Sodiumitis 8 hours ago
god that tiny yell at the end was amazing oh my god
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 8 hours ago
I find this so funny lmao
Yazan _GFGفورت
Yazan _GFGفورت 9 hours ago
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Elektrou 9 hours ago
0:44 did anyone notice that he had the lenny eyes?
Shelby Richaud
Shelby Richaud 9 hours ago
what do you animate on? im trying to get into it, i really like this btw!!
Dj pony57
Dj pony57 9 hours ago
0:03 FACTS
pitufo1213 Z
pitufo1213 Z 9 hours ago
Make another one please, i will love to see that and this video was well made and your the true animator
Annie MH
Annie MH 10 hours ago
Played the game for the first time and I got the Imposter role. White was pointing finger at me (like in this vid) and the crewmates ejected him instead lmao
disc 10 hours ago
I don’t like how *T H I C C* yellow was
Flampcakes 10 hours ago
id be surprised if it want in top 10 for the newgrounds jam
Shipyard Bricks
Shipyard Bricks 10 hours ago
I wish there was more to the story
Kerfz 11 hours ago
0:43 has to be my favorite part lmao
HooliganDoggo 11 hours ago
WillyWanker 11 hours ago
Imagine being the ghost of brown You get called a chunk of meat then get eaten But the real scary thing is that they have 9 fingers
Darker Famer El Jugador De Roblox
Darker Famer El Jugador De Roblox 11 hours ago
White:Blind Cheese:AVENGE DE F.A.L.L.E.N Purple:Impostor Cyan:Smacked Brown:Meat Orange:EGGS WITH MEAT LOL
Henry Stickmin
Henry Stickmin 12 hours ago
Nice channel, subscribing
JakeZanw Gamer 2007
JakeZanw Gamer 2007 12 hours ago
Vengo de parte de Ignacio Gracias por la parte del amarillo le dio un toque gracioso XD
Orange Among us
Orange Among us 12 hours ago
That meat was really delicious
Juanez Fernandez Pinedez Mendozez
Juanez Fernandez Pinedez Mendozez 12 hours ago
0:33 *NOOOOO*
Salvador Castro
Salvador Castro 12 hours ago
Xd this happens to me
TheBasics 12 hours ago
I find this so funny lmao
Krix Anims
Krix Anims 12 hours ago
I can't believe that this is much more funny and awesome
no you
no you 12 hours ago
Height: Boy
YouTube copyright claimer
YouTube copyright claimer 12 hours ago
Me when it dark and I'm going up the stairs 0:15
E Eee
E Eee 12 hours ago
When you can't login to school at you mom is checking on you 0:23
chachoplay13 12 hours ago
You’re so underrated, your animations are amazing, I enjoy them alot