Tiffinnie Morris
Tiffinnie Morris 52 minutes ago
Hotmail is not even a thing right?
Farting nacho 5123
Farting nacho 5123 52 minutes ago
Marley Swarbz
Marley Swarbz 53 minutes ago
the fact i was 9 when this came out and i'm now 17 baffles me. what a video.
Michael Lemieux
Michael Lemieux 53 minutes ago
Sorry bro. But Starbomb did it better
Inferino 16987
Inferino 16987 54 minutes ago
Isn't the one male in girl school just straight up hentai
Jonathan Mallorca
Jonathan Mallorca 54 minutes ago
Why the hell was Olivia and Mari not in this one???!?
Choppy Sword
Choppy Sword 55 minutes ago
Back then I thought Ian was the actor for link 😂
Kiia Kajokallio
Kiia Kajokallio 57 minutes ago
Just thinking smosh predicted this because he is actually running for president in 2020
Got Dem Snipes
Got Dem Snipes 59 minutes ago
*wakes up from a coma wearing a hat* Me: Wtf
Jonathan Mallorca
Jonathan Mallorca 59 minutes ago
I need to know the song in the Courtamien scene
Paulo Gacusan
Paulo Gacusan Hour ago
Me:watching this on 1:00am My insomiac father comes to my room why Father:why are you awake Me:No u
Kuro Woz
Kuro Woz Hour ago
I've never laughed so hard at a video before. If only they did more of these.
George RK
George RK Hour ago
Who loves powdered sugar straw
James Joo
James Joo Hour ago
this vid is so fake. You can’t even see ian’s reflection in the mirror in the bathroom and he doesn’t have kids
goodbye cowboy
Alijah Rowley
Alijah Rowley Hour ago
I remember being a little kid and watching these videos and that is when I felt true happiness I want the old days back
Mursalin Khan
Mursalin Khan Hour ago
Wonder how cancelled they’d be if people found out about the Trevor part
Gacha Tuber
Gacha Tuber Hour ago
Anybody know the 6 elevens joke ?
lucutes Hour ago
2020 anyone
Elishama Davidson
Elishama Davidson Hour ago
it's still really disorienting to see shayne with a mustache
Jaden OP
Jaden OP Hour ago
0:17 When you forget to save your progress on your game
MisterBleak Hour ago
This videos view is pewdiepies subscribing
lucutes Hour ago
2020 anyone
Abbey Lopez
Abbey Lopez Hour ago
The Frizmeister
The Frizmeister Hour ago
i really like it will we see more of these in the future?
Groudon & kyogre I’m epic legendary gamer pro
Groudon & kyogre I’m epic legendary gamer pro Hour ago
And I will also kill all the bastards and kill the grandmother too
Buttered Piece Of Toast
Buttered Piece Of Toast Hour ago
I love Shayne's bad guy voice
Katie needs help.
Katie needs help. Hour ago
Tim’s always been my favorite Smosh member, it’s so rare to see him in videos. His YT channel is a bit barren too so no luck there lol. Thank you!
Groudon & kyogre I’m epic legendary gamer pro
Groudon & kyogre I’m epic legendary gamer pro Hour ago
And the lying ice cream guy will be hated from all
Groudon & kyogre I’m epic legendary gamer pro
Groudon & kyogre I’m epic legendary gamer pro Hour ago
If this was real I will ask them to watch the security camera
ᛋᛁᛚᚼᛋ Hour ago
Me when i see my crush on social media even though I didn't expect it. 1:04
It's 4aron
It's 4aron Hour ago
When you best friend is non existent
Sahm Alqadhi
Sahm Alqadhi Hour ago
Ian when u woke up why didn't u gets some cover u looked cold anybody else agree
TT101 Hour ago
When Damien said 'pants' when he was meant to be English 🤦‍♂️
kennyriding Hour ago
Mrcisc .
Mrcisc . Hour ago
Who else read Anthony danger on his id 😂
quukythecat Hour ago
This is where flamingo found the name Cletus and flamingo
ice quartz
ice quartz Hour ago
The perv boss
Fortnite Pro
Fortnite Pro Hour ago
Klop do be lookin good doe
BP Hour ago
I miss these videos
Stephen Martin
Stephen Martin Hour ago
I'm 8
Tershern Jacobs
Tershern Jacobs Hour ago
Now im not only a fan🤩 but the whole air-conditioner
SamandEmma De'ath
SamandEmma De'ath Hour ago
Wyatt Wagner
Wyatt Wagner Hour ago
should name it every school nightmare
NotMrDuck Hour ago
NotMrDuck Hour ago
AE br0thers
AE br0thers Hour ago
Hi there iwould like chicken balls
JackiPACi Hour ago
We miss you, Stan Lee...
alonedevil gaming
alonedevil gaming Hour ago
Came from 6 years and where is Anthony ? No offense but this was more boring where is Anthony again pls tell me
arttu boy
arttu boy Hour ago
4:30 i would like to know what the absolute f**k
Elizabeth OSullivan
Elizabeth OSullivan Hour ago
Jacob The Ripper
Jacob The Ripper Hour ago
This is so cool,in 2020 I'm 12 years old and in 2012-2013 is the age of assassin's creed 3,that time I just 4 years old and assassin's creed 3 is my childhood but I fought this video in 2020😂 this video is the video about assassin's creed that got most video in youtube
Edon Fushekati
Edon Fushekati Hour ago
Hahahahaha 🤣🤣🤣 so funny.
Toastool Gaming
Toastool Gaming Hour ago
Who else is watching after Stan Lee died, and the black widow movie is being made
Taste Filipino
Taste Filipino Hour ago
I love how shayne is just alone in the halls screaming “WHERE’S MY CLASS!!!!!!” 😂😂🤣😂😂🤣
Darius Yew
Darius Yew Hour ago
Every dunkin donuts ever
super sloth gamer
super sloth gamer Hour ago
Theres more than 600 pokemon
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv Hour ago
Shayne as the middle manager needs to be a character 😂
Felix Nascimento
Felix Nascimento Hour ago
Nice burp Courtney! XD 8:59
Elizabeth OSullivan
Elizabeth OSullivan Hour ago
Shrimpmaster 9000
Shrimpmaster 9000 Hour ago
I don't remember Smosh like this.
Raptor Gaming6000
Raptor Gaming6000 Hour ago
When Ian and Anthony were only them I think they were better and the funniest
Gacha Presley
Gacha Presley Hour ago
HEY, YOU! Yes you! *pepperoni* *salami* *mustard* *6 inch white bread* Your very welcome
jalo 342
jalo 342 Hour ago
why is Courtney look like the teacher who acts cool but isnt and lives alone
SCP SuperFan
SCP SuperFan Hour ago
Hey Siri: who is Smosh Siri:Sorry I don't understand poo sister is a Moshi monster regards, Google: I understood who is Smosh, Smosh made flash animations then made YT skits Amazon alexa: SHUT UP! Human: a funny youtuber
Couch Time
Couch Time 2 hours ago
Naked Foot Con 2019
Royalty_TV_ TV
Royalty_TV_ TV 2 hours ago
"We only have 9 teeth" 1 minute later "We've only collected 12 teeth and a human head.
Mega xenomorph45
Mega xenomorph45 2 hours ago
it’s been two years sea
Mason Caron
Mason Caron 2 hours ago
Rants be like... Bruh
ƈσʂɱιƈɾσƈƙҽɾ 2 hours ago
I thought it was real until the green screen
Claude 2 hours ago
They look so different
Frosted Kitti
Frosted Kitti 2 hours ago
I had to save someone from this game
Sorainie Alim
Sorainie Alim 2 hours ago
I got one question. Why the hell is Ian a Teacher in almost Every Class?
SpooderSpideyMan _
SpooderSpideyMan _ 2 hours ago
Damien's goatee is amazing
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv Hour ago
did Middle manangers born?? or they just get out from an ass??? and for sure they dont have family or if they have it... well for sure is sad
Fade Mason
Fade Mason 2 hours ago
Who here in 2020
Takoda Johan Wonder
Takoda Johan Wonder 2 hours ago
smosh is the new simpsons for predictions
Friendly Potato
Friendly Potato 2 hours ago
ian went back to his bowl haircut can we take that moment in for a second
milkthebigboi 2 hours ago
I wish I was born earlier so smosh could’ve been a bigger part of my childhood.
Collie 2 hours ago
y is the 1st one so real
Hoegstedt 2 hours ago
Didn’t you “technically” make this video 5 years ago? I love it anyhow
Roazie Weaver
Roazie Weaver 2 hours ago
We all know that it is Anthony doing a good impression of shane Dawson or that is shane Dawson
Rachel De Guzman
Rachel De Guzman 2 hours ago
Smash there faces
Linus Ullersted
Linus Ullersted 2 hours ago
Hearing Damian say Linus/my name was awesome
Nuclear Unity
Nuclear Unity 2 hours ago
I remember watching this when I was 10 or 11. How time flies
Yan YEUNG 2 hours ago
The start of a new era of the internet
Meghan Gibson
Meghan Gibson 2 hours ago
Ah yes the old days
David Ghimpau
David Ghimpau 2 hours ago
Lmafo Anthony doesn't work for smosh any more 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
samrockw22 2 hours ago
Bryan J M
Bryan J M 2 hours ago
Make a video with Anthony
Rishi .R
Rishi .R 2 hours ago
You have open the morpher for it to work you friggin bath salts
Kadir Brko
Kadir Brko 2 hours ago
This is where it begin
1.0 fishing
1.0 fishing 2 hours ago
better than dababy tbh
Ebrahim Abubaker
Ebrahim Abubaker 2 hours ago
2:31 repeat 10 times
Vi Showel
Vi Showel 2 hours ago
I have Insomnia and I say those are so true.
1.0 fishing
1.0 fishing 2 hours ago
its been so is this on my recommended rn
sercosmo 2 hours ago
0:08 Ironic.
Lloyd Maxwell
Lloyd Maxwell 2 hours ago
Danielthegoat30 2 hours ago
Cluu3less 2 hours ago
Came back here to celebrate Halo 3 dropping on pc
Slytherpuff 206
Slytherpuff 206 2 hours ago
The dunkin donuts boss reminds me of my teacher