Dwight K. Schrute
Dwight K. Schrute 10 hours ago
And now Thiem is GS champ...
leotube39 11 hours ago
BLM is winning. Why Blacks are complaining?
Lory Love
Lory Love 11 hours ago
Mandeep Singh
Mandeep Singh 11 hours ago
A Warm hug to Zverev 😘😘😘
Pasquale Ferraro
Pasquale Ferraro 11 hours ago
It’s clear she’ll never win again :( still unbelievable she still has glimpses of her former self.
11pinkie11 11 hours ago
why does Brady have such a RBF?
Squall Ranger
Squall Ranger 11 hours ago
She's so smart and humble
joe smith
joe smith 11 hours ago
great she beat big mouth sore loser serena!!!!
MH Kagee
MH Kagee 11 hours ago
The beautiful queen of all times, the original queen of song,
Donald MCDrive
Donald MCDrive 12 hours ago
Living in Lichtenwörth! Heard people scream through my window wenn the final ball went out! Super gmacht dominik!!!!
Notis 12 hours ago
i believe that in this us open semi finals the 4 women that played are the best 4 players right now. I dont care what that pathetic ranking system is saying no one in top 10 can play the tennis that brady osaka azarenka and serena played. Halep for me completes the top 5 because of her consistency. Andreescu is another player that is not a joke in top 10 but she is injured for so long. Anyway i think she is the other one that can be equal with the other players i mentioned
植松京子 12 hours ago
なおみ🇯🇵日本の誇り Black lives matter!
Robinson Crusoe
Robinson Crusoe 12 hours ago
Medvedev was right
Jamie S
Jamie S 12 hours ago
When u can finally beat Serena because she’s nearly 40 years old but then realize your facing a younger Serena in the final. 😂😂😂😂😂 life bites
chance man
chance man 12 hours ago
lol mens tennis is so garbage....
biraj sharma
biraj sharma 12 hours ago
Zverev has improved sooo much... but when comes to the net, it gets pretty ordinary.
Cherry blossom
Cherry blossom 12 hours ago
What happened at 15:57-16:00?
Cherry blossom
Cherry blossom 12 hours ago
Actually till 16:05
Yassine Ed
Yassine Ed 12 hours ago
she is the reason why i begin to watch femal tennis
Avanith 12 hours ago
Jeez they couldn't upload this in any worse quality? Not even high framerate...
Wild auf Wald
Wild auf Wald 12 hours ago
Ein unbeschreiblicher Kampf, an Spannung nicht zu überbieten! lg Hans (Austria)
Andre Nowaczek
Andre Nowaczek 12 hours ago
12:37 This is proper throwing your racket technique. Notice how he rotates it so that the handle then the face contact the ground flat instead of the frame hitting the ground while rotating. This way he can take out some anger while also maximising the rackets chance of survival.
Ivonne Herrholz
Ivonne Herrholz 13 hours ago
Ich liebe ihre Musik
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 13 hours ago
She beat serena petra and azarenka in her slam finals. It doesnt get better than that!
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 13 hours ago
never know for sure.
9.Dheemant Dutta
9.Dheemant Dutta 13 hours ago
Zverev played so well in the other rounds but on finals Thiem did it
Lois Lane
Lois Lane 13 hours ago
RESPECT to every athlete out there!!!
Carlos Andree SCalderon
Carlos Andree SCalderon 13 hours ago
who is that Guy supporting Rafa over there? 2:25
Dominique Schenck
Dominique Schenck 13 hours ago
It is much better to have a long video. The 3-4 minutes types we’re too short. Great selection of points.
ARYAN KESARKAR 13 hours ago
I miss Djokovic here
Falak Martinez
Falak Martinez 13 hours ago
Love you 💋💋😘😘❤️💯
Visnja Stolic
Visnja Stolic 13 hours ago
Terrible final ...
Ben Guyton
Ben Guyton 13 hours ago
guy is a true athlete plays his hardest every point came in clutch. this is just the beginning of many more titles
Imran Khan
Imran Khan 13 hours ago
Simply Unbelievable. Respect for them. They are role models for us.
Sanjay TLG
Sanjay TLG 13 hours ago
Zverev is probably the 2nd best u25 player behind Medvedev (Thiem is 27)
J Masked
J Masked 14 hours ago
Rublev's second serves seem really slow
VOLCANO HD 14 hours ago
List of top 10 players (U-25) who can potentially reign in future of tennis after BIG3 : 1. Zverev 2. Medvedev 3. Tsitsipas 4. Felix Auger Aliassime 5. Shapovalov 6. Borna Coric 7. Alex de Minaur 8. Rublev 9. Sinner 10. Matteo Berrettini
Kris Alcantara
Kris Alcantara 13 hours ago
there won't be a particular set of dominant players like the big 3 tbh as their consistency is on another level entirely...the players you mentioned will at best be 3-time slam winners each
Best Moments
Best Moments 14 hours ago
This is the future of tennis : battle of mediocrity. Grand slam winners will be decided by who chokes first.
Victoria Carpenter
Victoria Carpenter 14 hours ago
Oh yeah. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️
pac0re 14 hours ago
So happy for thiem.. 4th GS final and 1st win. Definitely the most deserving player to win his maiden grand slam.
Karishma Sutton
Karishma Sutton 14 hours ago
Hi Guys 😍💋 💝💖
Abigail Schneider
Abigail Schneider 14 hours ago
Awesome 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Roddy Federer
Roddy Federer 14 hours ago
What's with those dislikes? *It is what it is* 🙂
Moise Saint Louis
Moise Saint Louis 14 hours ago
Thankyou nao love you
RossBayCult 14 hours ago
Everytime Serena loses tennis wins.
dutoiu hour
dutoiu hour 14 hours ago
congrats Dominator!
Best Moments
Best Moments 14 hours ago
Why Mike Tyson is playing women's tennis?
Roddy Federer
Roddy Federer 14 hours ago
I can't believe Grigor didn't play doubles with her. She's been around for a long time.
Schnittwin 14 hours ago
What kind of second hand trophy is that
Albertogarciaa._ 14 hours ago
Like si hablas ESPAÑOL ;)
Khalil Knox
Khalil Knox 14 hours ago
She’s niceeee
enamuossuo 15 hours ago
Never seen Thiem use the slice so much ...
Lumierre 15 hours ago
I thought Clijsters retired already,?
Corn Truck
Corn Truck 15 hours ago
keep pushing harda, get to the choppa
Taysco 15 hours ago
I have to watch this with the sound off.
Alex Stewart
Alex Stewart 15 hours ago
Living legend.
John Wick
John Wick 15 hours ago
if it did not say championship point at the end u wouldn't notice if it was a 1st round match or the US open final, no fans its not the same! No atmosphere just boring, sad cause the match got interesting in the 5th set it would been fantastic with full arena of fans going crazy!
Amanda Andrea Rose
Amanda Andrea Rose 15 hours ago
2015, Djokovic was like "Did I win?"
hafizh el real
hafizh el real 15 hours ago
村山和彦 15 hours ago
Hillary Gillings
Hillary Gillings 16 hours ago
It's amazing how Azarenka thought she had it. she was just flaunting as she usually does, and lo and behold, Naomi came right up! Hmm?
arun adavath
arun adavath 16 hours ago
Thiem couldn’t realise that every time he sliced to Zverev’s forehand from the far left side of the court he was just getting punished by Zverev’s forehand down the line.. if Zverev played the same way and served the same way like the first two sets he would have probably taken the title. But serious credits to Thiem with being two sets down and trying to find the rhythm and his natural free power game and immense mental strength to get back up and at the end the physical strength needed to get past the line in tie break is just inspiring.. Multiple grand slam players right there.. cheers 🥂
Hillary Gillings
Hillary Gillings 16 hours ago
Ok. I am for Osaka now. Still love you Serena, but I'm sure you will be retiring soon. I am cheering for Osaka as well! She is going to do well over the years.
siphokazi sosibo
siphokazi sosibo 16 hours ago
Naomi's little giggle at 3:09 is everything ❤️😂
yuanyuan 16 hours ago
Imagine How many views and likes this video will have if it is posted 4 hours after the match. Seriously even i know how to edit the match videos and make highlight in 4 hours, why can't usta do the same thing?
Vitek Kozov
Vitek Kozov 11 hours ago
Broadcasting restrictions
Heavy Battle
Heavy Battle 16 hours ago
When the WTA grand slam final is actually better than the men's LOL.
o tiago
o tiago 16 hours ago
I dont know why but this song remember me "killing me softly with his song"
AJ_Loves_MC#12 12 hours ago
It's a sample, that's why it says (w/ Lauryn Hill). Her vocals are featured in the background.
Asiaaxx 16 hours ago
Well done Domi! All the best from Poland👋 And of course congratulations Sascha!
Kvitova4ever 16 hours ago
11:13 Seriously cant stop laughing 😂😂 Looks like my grandma on a tennis court. Only difference is that Serena is fatter 😂