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STARZ Celebrates Pride
Linda Jarrells
Linda Jarrells 6 minutes ago
I just donated and it feels so good! I think I will make this a habit. As a retired nurse, I appreciate all the medical and dental personnel who make the sacrifice of their time, expertise and money to make healthcare available to people in need across the world. My former dentist was traveling with Dentists Without Borders to provide care for years! I worked with doctors and nurses who also volunteered with DWB! I only have admiration for their commitment! During this pandemic, they are bravely going forward despite risks to themselves and others. Thank you to all involved with this project from the author to the cast and crew!! I miss you so very much!
Gavin Clarke
Gavin Clarke Hour ago
31:29 Did everyone know that Tommy's gun was used to kill ghost? Cos I did not 😯
Moe Mahdi
Moe Mahdi Hour ago
powerless without ghost
nur young
nur young Hour ago
Cicera Izabel Silva
Cicera Izabel Silva Hour ago
Esta série é muito especial, já mais assistir algo tão maravilhoso esplêndido! Já mais pensaria em um final que não fosse os dois juntinhos Clara e Jaime, ficaria muito triste com um final diferente. Se Jaime morrer, nada vai ter sentido.
Drea Rolle
Drea Rolle Hour ago
Great job everyone !!!!
GLIZZY METHODS 2 hours ago
When does episode 3 release?
Kimberly Maricle
Kimberly Maricle 2 hours ago
hobbs and shaw trailer
Alexandra Murray 99
Alexandra Murray 99 4 hours ago
“Herb garden” hilarious!
Marcia Del Toro
Marcia Del Toro 4 hours ago
I think that's the seen when they had sex before he send her through the stones?. 😲😲😊
Thy Chärletoff
Thy Chärletoff 4 hours ago
An spanish princess only speaking in English, how nice👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻.
Marcia Del Toro
Marcia Del Toro 4 hours ago
The rest has done them two a lot of good!! 😊 They are both excellent actors...
the bagpipes send chills ..awespome
Stephen W. Hiemstra
Stephen W. Hiemstra 5 hours ago
Too bad that corona virus left you on such an intense episode. I enjoyed your comments on what people are doing during the downtime the pandemic has left us. For us, family life has benefitted from being together and having time just to be. Personally, I have gotten a lot of writing done and wrote my first novella.
Jamie Graham
Jamie Graham 5 hours ago
This slaps
valenlandia los amo
valenlandia los amo 5 hours ago
Escena muy bella.Los amo👌👌👌👏👏👏💙
girlwholovespopcorn 5 hours ago
Can we please let this show reach like 10 seasons ?? Like all the other good shows, please don’t let it end at 6th or 7th🙏🏻✨🍃🌺
valenlandia los amo
valenlandia los amo 6 hours ago
Gran actuacion.escena muy emocionante👏👏👏👏👏💜💛💚
Isis Phoenix
Isis Phoenix 7 hours ago
Bring Tommy Back!!!!!!!
Tasha Hill
Tasha Hill 8 hours ago
When they was talking about Mary’s outfits, Method man said she have to be on point because who she is n Tasha said I should know 🤣
Deep hug
Deep hug 8 hours ago
And Audio Bible NKJV on USshow ❤️📖🇺🇸
Lorraine Green
Lorraine Green 9 hours ago
Heartbreaking moment. 😭
isack mgema
isack mgema 9 hours ago
Tariq can't be ghost yoh bring ghost back
Jordan Gibbish
Jordan Gibbish 10 hours ago
Well, that didn't tell us shit
Mia Pia
Mia Pia 10 hours ago
Shun 11 hours ago
My man and I just finished the show!! LOVE IT!!!! watched it in 2 days!!!! BRAVO! BLACK QUEENS🙌🙌🙌✨ 👏👏👏👏
walter harris
walter harris 11 hours ago
Tasha innocence. Is she king pin? Of course she’s the Boss B over this. Look everybody was doing good until Ghost wanted out. Accountant, Ghost conversations with Tasha, Tommie conversations with her? She told them what to do. Angela, no problem told Ghost to seduce old girl, tell your husband to sleep with the enemy and he did. Tariq find attorney, now she know Tariq was helping sale drugs he will get the money.There was no limit to Tashas POWER. Where the power at? Tasha is POWER. Yeah yes ma’am. Hell ghost dead, Tommie on the run, she’s molding Tariq to do it with a degree. Her lies keep tripping her up, if she zip her mouth. Blame Sack.
Natalia and Winston
Natalia and Winston 11 hours ago
This was so addictive I loved it ..Cannot wait for season 2 😊
youknowwhatflav 12 hours ago
tommy is the most loyal out of all of them
whiteboy pnut
whiteboy pnut 12 hours ago
Tariq stole the shoes in season 3 not 4 12 hours ago
Courtney has the ability to write a Matrix movie.
Sunilda 12 hours ago
I love this culture, it's mine... I'm Celte and Viking... 🦅⚔️🐺
Gloria henderson
Gloria henderson 12 hours ago
Overdose on Positivity
Overdose on Positivity 12 hours ago
That damn song hittin tho. He reminds me of a dl plies lmao
DjMadnassScrewed 14 hours ago
Damn 50 got Mary J Blige to be the ultimate Gangsta Never new she worked with Suge and Puffy I'm glad The Queen is getting her Respect put some Respect on the Queen's Name
icetoocold0428 14 hours ago
Clifford: Oh lorrddd Jesus 😂😂😂
Fabienny Queiroz
Fabienny Queiroz 14 hours ago
Melhor série e casal da vidaaaa!
Paris Walker
Paris Walker 14 hours ago
The best season finale I’ve ever seen sheesh
icetoocold0428 14 hours ago
Baddest stripper on the show! Dont argue with me!
icetoocold0428 14 hours ago
Love Uncle Clifford! TY for bringing this character to life
Ahmed Nasir Saeed
Ahmed Nasir Saeed 14 hours ago
When are they adding this to Netflix?
DON 14 hours ago
At the 25 min mark is Courtney saying that Ghost may be back as a Ghost
Overdose on Positivity
Overdose on Positivity 15 hours ago
Lmfao that’s how my teacher taught me how to spell Mississippi lmao
Sunni Corran
Sunni Corran 15 hours ago
I love Marsali. Sometimes she makes me think of Jenny. Especially when she kills this guy here, given Jenny would've killed that messenger back in S1 if not for Murtagh showing up and ending her arguement with Claire.
Dawn Ornelas
Dawn Ornelas 15 hours ago
Wow that’s awesome and too bad that I didn’t ask the question for him and her. Because I was in church on Sunday morning.😃😔
Andrea Goodman
Andrea Goodman 17 hours ago
I want it NOW, not coming soon!!!!
RaniaB88n88 17 hours ago
I love them
J. McConnell
J. McConnell 18 hours ago
Horrible casting, terrible aesthetics, looks shite
J. McConnell
J. McConnell 18 hours ago
Uuuuuuurgh, please tell me that’s not who they cast for Henry
Alicia Lucy
Alicia Lucy 19 hours ago
who came here from TikTok?
Aranka Irene
Aranka Irene 19 hours ago
aaaagh freaking love these series. First the white queen, then the white princess, now the Spanish princess. I cannot wait to see what they'll do for Anne Boleyn and the other wives of Henry
Her name is
Her name is 19 hours ago
OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS SCENE ❤️ Mystalt: my favorite couple! I wish a endgame...
Susan Wasserott
Susan Wasserott 19 hours ago
Wonderful video of fantastic music. I enjoyed Marie's singing of the Lament. Chilling, in a good way.
Shalon Rivers
Shalon Rivers 19 hours ago
Mr. Clifford Smith Jr!!! I was on the fence about continuing to invest my time with Power but now that Method Man is on here...i will be tuning in fa sho.
AngeLa Marie
AngeLa Marie 19 hours ago
Is this Jessica Dimes music?
Audrey Rose Young
Audrey Rose Young 19 hours ago
PF JD 19 hours ago
It's crazy to think Henry, Elizabeth & Isabel were all blood related. Bet ya'll didn't know that
Willis Gaines
Willis Gaines 19 hours ago
Looks like Mary slipped up and Told that her character is gonna kill one of her kids lol
Soulja Slim
Soulja Slim 20 hours ago
And then Meth gone n said it Ghost n his prime through the eyes of Tariq, the young Ghost..nice
Ashley B. is me
Ashley B. is me 20 hours ago
Currently binge watching, on S3ep2. I just want to thank the writers for creating Kelley. It's like watching myself on a TV screen.
Enes Akyürek
Enes Akyürek 20 hours ago
Lütfen 4. sezon gelsin dizi yarım kalmış gibi oldu, çok heyecan verici bir serüvendi. 4.sezon Netflix'e gelsinde izleyelim.
Enes Akyürek
Enes Akyürek 20 hours ago
Harika bir diziydi
Camille Duterte
Camille Duterte 20 hours ago
Will never understand how people loved a trophy mistress (Anne) more than this bad ass queen who was down to do everything for England! Anne could never... Henry should be happy Spain didn’t come for Catherine
Usman Mahmood
Usman Mahmood 20 hours ago
My guy tommy Egan ❤️❤️
KING JU MIXTAPES 20 hours ago
Jane Felix
Jane Felix 20 hours ago
Typical modern BS. Catherine was not a soldier, never led an army, never went near fighting. She did once go a few miles from the front near Scotland to give the troops moral support, but not to lead them. Keep in mind at the time she did that, the King of Scotland, James V, was Henry VIII nephew, his mother Margaret was Henry's older sister. The purpose of Catherine was to produce an heir, nothing more, and that is how she was treated. The only reason she lasted as long as Consort, and had the longest life of any of his wives, died a natural death at 50, was that her nephew was Carlos King of Spain and Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, probably the most powerful man in the world.
henrybuttowski2012 21 hour ago
She making a bag on that pole🏋🏿‍♂️💚
Tulla Hunt
Tulla Hunt 21 hour ago
LOVE Outlander! And can we talk about how cute Caitriona's laugh is?! :)
Raphaela Correia
Raphaela Correia 21 hour ago
Amo vocês!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! S2 S2
Hecate Pétrichor
Hecate Pétrichor 21 hour ago
Thank you Bear, thank you for this, and for Black Sails, the most amazing intros ever.
Vanessa Lopez
Vanessa Lopez 21 hour ago
When we can see it the power book ?????
Empressoftheflames 21 hour ago
YESSSS I am so happy they are releasing this! Will subscribe to Starz when this comes out!
Pitmalischi Larisa
Pitmalischi Larisa 21 hour ago
Love these two 💞❤️🔥
Beate Hanssen
Beate Hanssen 21 hour ago
It’s Jamies fault that I’m staying single for the rest of my life😂 somehow he is the man of my dreams...I need help😂
Tyron Megawatts
Tyron Megawatts 22 hours ago
Who are you people?
Daniel O
Daniel O 22 hours ago
That dude pissed off so many people
K R 22 hours ago
Chile... the amount of lowkey spoilers in this video🤦🏽‍♀️😂
Jay Turan
Jay Turan 22 hours ago
Power Book II is so trash I fell asleep on episode 1
Wanda Miller
Wanda Miller 22 hours ago
Been to Scotland 5 times and going back for a 6th! Love men in kilts!
Chola Kabaso
Chola Kabaso 22 hours ago
Where is tomy
Ray Chargle
Ray Chargle 22 hours ago
People forgot that Kanan basically brainwashed Tariq... because Ghost raised Kanan’s son and we all know that Kanan didn’t like how his son turnt out more like Ghost than him! So now when I see Tariq I have to be honest I see Kanan and also felt like Kanan was the Star of the show for me when he got killed I didn’t really gaf about every body else accept for Tariq, Tommy, And Ghosts can’t wait for Tommy’s Show he deserves it just as much Tariq deserves His!