Evongelo 12 hours ago
Orange man bad.
Dave Steels
Dave Steels 12 hours ago
Get rid of Jacqui Heinrich.
Most likely someone took the flash drive and copied it and returned it.
clyde b
clyde b 12 hours ago
Every dog has his day
Justyburger 12 hours ago
That was an awesome rally. Wish I could be there in person, but I am in New Zealand. Lots of support for Trump here, even though our corrupt media is always putting Trump down.
Tonya Medsker
Tonya Medsker 12 hours ago
Twitter should be held accountable BIG TIME! BLOCKING CRUCIAL INFORMATION... When questioned... For being so smart... He clearly looked and sounded like an idiot!
D Jelonek
D Jelonek 12 hours ago
My question is WHY? Why a flash drive.... with all the ways I know for securely transferring files online, why even send them physically? Or is there more too this story than what we are hearing?
Tor 12 hours ago
Fake docs, fake scandal, fake news station.
Jojo Crazy Cat
Jojo Crazy Cat 12 hours ago
I spent more money then i should have this year. I have friends that own small shops. They are begging me to spend money at their shops. I did spend money at their shops, but i can't bankrupt myself to help them. I even had some ask me to load them money. I just don't have the money to hand out all the time.
Sanchez1bjj 12 hours ago
Free speech is a right but speaking a false narrative should be removed... If you agree to terms on a policy not a "dictatorship", you have to follow those terms... By the way, where was this energy when Trump called your family out??
All American Patriot
All American Patriot 12 hours ago
A bunny stroking session !!!
Katrina Stevenson
Katrina Stevenson 12 hours ago
So did he just back pedal on releasing these important documents on Biden corruption 🤔? Sound like it was either put up or shut up.. and Hunter has a hell of slander lawsuit ...I bet some lawyers got involved big time. And evidence of slander has been heavily documented. Look at Tucker eyes he definitely got chastised!
Lone Ranger
Lone Ranger 12 hours ago
Now that the dems have a copy of the documents and flash drive... Looks like fox is going to give them plenty of time for the deepstate to reverse engineer their excuses and lies to counter the evidence against them. That's going to provide that "Plausible Deniability" that jim buyden says has worked so well for the criminals over the years...
Laylow Longer
Laylow Longer 12 hours ago
Never has so much truth been spoken in so little time. Mr. Greenwald is a credit to his profession. Bless his soul.
Godhem Godhill G.Joseph
Godhem Godhill G.Joseph 12 hours ago
Buy natural factors the kids are right Joe Biden is supposed to be president from humanity perspective but spiritual factors from the parallel world where the Angels gods/ goddess and the ALMIGHTY GOD exist; HE the ALMIGHTY is in support for TRUMP and he votes last; so what happens in the time of Hillary will simply repeat itself again when the final vote PUTS TRUMP IN PRESIDENCY AGAIN 🖐️😊‼️
Trap Ak
Trap Ak 12 hours ago
You’re a disgrace Tucker, you sound like a five year old lying about stuff nobody even cares about for no reason, the kind of lying that doesn’t even cause the parents to acknowledge that you’re talking.....✌️
niki123489 12 hours ago
Always read terms and conditions before posting something. Who ever do that?
C Salomon
C Salomon 12 hours ago
This tells me he's got nothing. I believe they call that a nothing burger. I wish Tucker was just as bullish on Trump's corruption and how his children are monetizing the presidency.
T Mst
T Mst 12 hours ago
4:00: Tucker: "That's horrifying. So what you're watching is the awesome powers of the U.S. government turned against the population."
Pete O
Pete O 12 hours ago
Remember the GFC? American still hasn't caught up to that yet. The economy has still contracted by 4% in 2020. Millions out of work. Millions facing eviction. And a pandemic setting records for new cases. Well done Trump. You ruined everything. The sooner the orange clown loses and gets locked up, the better for the rest of us.
ParadiseProdukts 12 hours ago
Biden used his position as VP to make his son rich, Trump used his position to save America.
Mandy Fernandez
Mandy Fernandez 12 hours ago
devon james
devon james 12 hours ago
get rid of the 2 party system they are both corrupted.. expose the lobby money
Arizona Steve
Arizona Steve 12 hours ago
Nice of them to give it back to you after someone make a copy.
SummerDay Jazzy420
SummerDay Jazzy420 12 hours ago
President Trump 20/20 💕🇱🇷💕🦋
Benjamin Peabody
Benjamin Peabody 12 hours ago
Love her. Even Judge Judy loves her.
Rayquelle Ruggs
Rayquelle Ruggs 12 hours ago
They made copies and put it back or have the papers faxed over.
Janet Claire
Janet Claire 12 hours ago
You should switch to USPS much better service and tracking.
damien AG
damien AG 12 hours ago
It funny how every media outlet acts like they are always objective but are all biased as f...
Evetteg Scott
Evetteg Scott 12 hours ago
Before the pandemic there was no progress.
starCSM Davis
starCSM Davis 12 hours ago
We don’t want socialism. We want to be free to have the American dream, for all of us. We have to support President Trump any way we can. If we can go to the store or pharmacy, we are able to go to vote in person. If you know someone that doesn’t have transportation, to go vote, offer to give them a ride. This election is the most important one in our history. Trump = the government we now have. Sleepy Joe = Socialism. AN ANSWER TO A DILEMMA. When you go to vote and it came down to a republican rino or a democrat, I would vote republican. Either way they would work for the other side, but if you vote republican rino, it could mean that the one republican (rino) vote could give us a majority, More or less just another registered republican to count. DON’T BELIEVE THE POLLS!!! Vote the full Republican ticket. WE NEED TO VOTE IN PERSON!!! Trump-Pence 2020
Onedisaster Attatime
Onedisaster Attatime 12 hours ago
How does that guy look in the mirror at himself
Ti Di
Ti Di 12 hours ago
Time to take them down. Do u all see the bigger picture yet...... wake up people the time is now good or evil no middle ground. Choose wisely. ................
Mark Te Pou
Mark Te Pou 12 hours ago
NuttyNancy pelosi is dangerous for America
Daniel Gomez
Daniel Gomez 12 hours ago
ZIKORA anyafo
ZIKORA anyafo 12 hours ago
The only thing that will save Twitter is if Biden wins. There will be no hiding place if Trump wins.
Sounds like a cover-up
I love clouds
I love clouds 12 hours ago
I only came to dislike.
ByAnyOtherName091 12 hours ago
Powerful words. Very powerful.
Pete 952
Pete 952 12 hours ago
Gee, backhanded smear much?! Wonder if Hunter did a show about trust fund baby Tucker's "Daily Caller" history of abject racism? Just sayin.
Metal SongBird
Metal SongBird 12 hours ago
Tucker thinks we are stupid. Enjoy the show. 🍿
Dale Olson
Dale Olson 12 hours ago
It's time to remove the protections and fine Twitter into oblivion, or force Dorsey to step down.
johnthegreek1980 12 hours ago
Hopefully a copy was stored.
Tina Preston
Tina Preston 12 hours ago
KokoMagic33 12 hours ago
Bidens brother sounds so much like him, rather his voice does...not the ability to structure sentences that are comprehensible!
vini viper
vini viper 12 hours ago
Did She say "Trump didn't Sell Out"?
Aman Sandhu
Aman Sandhu 12 hours ago
Fear tactics by this goof. Ever heard of emailing them lol.
{AWG}Darkbolt 12 hours ago
Tucker: ask yourself now who has a copy of this now. a good spy always returns what they copy. Just saying....
Imperial Fist Astartes
Imperial Fist Astartes 12 hours ago
This guy is a two-faced liar! He was spreading fake news in Brazil because his husband's name showed up in the federal investigation against the largest and most damaging corruption scheme in my country! Why people still praise him is beyond me!
Walt Stogner
Walt Stogner 12 hours ago
Break them up today , Dorsey looks like he’s on crack
Glenn Goins
Glenn Goins 12 hours ago
That's a good idea . No tax for one year! That's awesome Greg!!
harri021 12 hours ago
Of course china is crazy if trump their biggest taxpay grandfather is in jail!!!! Stupid dont bite the hand who feed you!!!
CFB Savage
CFB Savage 12 hours ago
Dem corruption 24/7
eneresolong 12 hours ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣tucker! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 your plot lines are worse than the cw
William Write
William Write 12 hours ago
So if government won’t act to stop this, then what can be done?
It's just Me
It's just Me 12 hours ago
I'm proud to say that I voted to re-elect President Trump 2020.
Judith Osorio
Judith Osorio 12 hours ago
Trump Jr. tried to open a back door communication channel with the Kremlin. Trump, himself, sided with Putin on a world stage against America.
The Real Cigar Jefe
The Real Cigar Jefe 12 hours ago
Give it up, Sucker. The Party is over.
Bok Bok
Bok Bok 12 hours ago
220000 dead is what they should be bitching about.
Miguel Santana
Miguel Santana 12 hours ago
I'm Colombian, I'd like to live in the USA, it's sad know there is people live in the USA and don't take advantage of the opportunity to live in the USA
Macie macie
Macie macie 12 hours ago
Sad these women just dont wanna look it up like millions
Somerled, Islay
Somerled, Islay 12 hours ago
Tucker you should tell us who owns ups and what liar told you they did not have cameras .
Maitrik p
Maitrik p 12 hours ago
Trump needs to public announce that he's deleating his Twitter account and encourage others to do the same....then watch shareholders go crazy
Hal Rose
Hal Rose 12 hours ago
Bias...actual facts...same diff to morons
Sherri G
Sherri G 12 hours ago
TRUMP 2020!
Fenando Peguero
Fenando Peguero 12 hours ago
Trump is God and America' man!
BROTHERS KEEPER 12 hours ago
Zach Mehlman
Zach Mehlman 12 hours ago
I don't care if Biden "wins"... socialism is slavery and I won't be a slave no matter how many idiots vote for it.
camaro6914 12 hours ago
Can’t wait till all the rioters ,riot more when trump wins November 3rd. Cheap entertainment.
Chloe Hennessey
Chloe Hennessey 12 hours ago
Uh. Been to a UPS facility. There was cameras everywhere.
jcyt0511 12 hours ago
Why is Martha such a patsy with Buttcheeks here? Biden only sated he was for fracking after his handlers---more like orderlies at the asylum---told him to do so. He had been against fracking, on record, prior to that.
tongo 12 hours ago
Mis-shipped to Hawaii and currently resides in the State of Hawaii Department of Health Building off Kapiolani Blvd, where a certain long form birth certificate is. Sure Tucker, it sounds very believable!
oleander 19
oleander 19 12 hours ago
These games 😂
vini viper
vini viper 12 hours ago
15 Fortuin 500 Companies recently refused to answer trumps phone calls...... Sad.
dr rex
dr rex 12 hours ago
Marcus Auralius
Marcus Auralius 12 hours ago
The irony of a traditional leftist being censored by the neo globalist Biden leftists - it shows free speech is only just alive on the libertarian right
Norman Wilson
Norman Wilson 12 hours ago
The left hate America. The swamp is deep and dirty. He just told the truth.