Warlight Minute ago
so basically Crusade: The Civ? **DEUS VULT INTENSIFIES**
Matthew Gibson
Matthew Gibson 2 minutes ago
I might get this pack solely for the music. Oh and his amazing sweeping potential
Carl Blankschaen
Carl Blankschaen 10 minutes ago
Love the Gregorian chant!
Frenchy 13 minutes ago
Ítalo Costa
Ítalo Costa 16 minutes ago
Noble n' Average Man o' Internet
Noble n' Average Man o' Internet 17 minutes ago
May the Bulgar Slayer rest in peace...
Kate D
Kate D 22 minutes ago
I have such deep respect for Geoff Knorr. In my opinion, the soundtracks of Civ VI really make the game. Thank you for all you do! I can't wait for the music from the New Frontier Pass to go on Spotify. This is how big a fan I am!
Marcoux mtlqc
Marcoux mtlqc 23 minutes ago
Im so happy with the frontier pass , great additionnal content that completes the game ! Really full of nice surprises , there is more gameplay feature revamped and I love the new ideas for the dedications . Tbh , I think the card system is even better than the dedication one .
cello lyra
cello lyra 23 minutes ago
pink floyd wish you were here
Nikita Ivachtchenko
Nikita Ivachtchenko 23 minutes ago
OK, I'll be honest. The Gregorian Chanting is the only reason I wanted Byzantium to come back.
DIO 24 minutes ago
Me, an ottoman player: *This is where the fun begins*
Kate D
Kate D 24 minutes ago
I have such deep respect for Geoff Knorr. In my opinion, the soundtracks of Civ VI really make the game. Thank you for all you do! I can't wait for the music from the New Frontier Pass to go on Spotify. This is how big a fan I am!
Costa P.
Costa P. 25 minutes ago
Gonzalo Echeverria
Gonzalo Echeverria 27 minutes ago
it triggered me. its pronounced: Bye-zan-tium
ForxNotFox 27 minutes ago
Damn, this is such a fucking banger
Force of Nature
Force of Nature 28 minutes ago
Georgia: Oh, you're approaching me?
Felipe Villarreal
Felipe Villarreal 7 minutes ago
Byzantium: i can’t beat the shit out of you without getting closer.
El Padre Dodu
El Padre Dodu 28 minutes ago
I’m looking forward Drew Durnil make video with the new DLC because there will be 3 people near Paris and two leaders starting at Byzance/Istanbul
Daniel 26 minutes ago
Two Greeks and a Macedon not far too.
Medika 29 minutes ago
Bulgaria : *Chuckles* i am blind
EdddoubleD35 30 minutes ago
I love you guys! :D
Bastomi Bangorejo
Bastomi Bangorejo 30 minutes ago
Please add more era like civilization 5
Abdel Enrrique Perez Bonilla
Abdel Enrrique Perez Bonilla 34 minutes ago
Pierce Robinson
Pierce Robinson 35 minutes ago
This is great. Good ol’ Byzantine chanting. Now I really hope Gaul gets some good Celtic music (please no more bagpipes like Scotland!)
Daniel 26 minutes ago
Uilleann pipes? 😅 (Irish version of bagpipes)
Ryan Yuen
Ryan Yuen 36 minutes ago
Geoff Knorr is fabulous!
Kitsune Hawk
Kitsune Hawk 36 minutes ago
Where everyone cried: Byzantium (Atomic Era)
StriderKillyu 37 minutes ago
i expected better tracks tbh it's a 1100 years of an empire after all
SirKossua19n16 39 minutes ago
I could not help but cry before this music of Heaven.
Sargon of Akkad
Sargon of Akkad 39 minutes ago
I'm gonna scoop my eyes out with a melon baller and then spray an entire can of bear mace in my ear because they clearly aren't doing me any good. Obviously, I thought it said Basil II instead of Constantine or Justinian. FR THO HOW DO YOU PICK BASIL II OVER CONSTANTINE OR JUSTINIAN. I WAS excited for Byzantium but now I'm massively dissappointed. The only way this can be made right is to; 1, fix it or 2, add Vlad Tepes and Romania
TPL 40 minutes ago
Byzantine version of wololo
Luigi says:
Luigi says: 41 minute ago
I’m going to enter every room with this music, also when is world builder coming out on consoles since PC has it?
Abdul Rahman Mohammed
Abdul Rahman Mohammed 41 minute ago
I guess their isnt any pro ottomans here other then me.... PLAY CEDEN DEDEN LOUDER AND GET READY WITH THE BOMBARD
Abdul Rahman Mohammed
Abdul Rahman Mohammed 35 minutes ago
Noice one person ready with the great turkish bombard
just passin by
just passin by 41 minute ago
Blessed and Byzantinepilled
TheDimitris96 43 minutes ago
Holy shit. it's like being to church in Greece.
/CyrClack\ 44 minutes ago
They couldn't choose a better hymn for a Byzantine theme It even says "Keep the city safe and the state invincible" at one point
/CyrClack\ 34 minutes ago
@Abdul Rahman Mohammed It seemed to have worked though, it lasted for 1000 years before finally succumbing
Abdul Rahman Mohammed
Abdul Rahman Mohammed 40 minutes ago
Red One
Red One 45 minutes ago
The industrial and modern theme should be the Ottoman theme
Darkest Libertarian
Darkest Libertarian 2 minutes ago
Imagine conquering Byzantium's capital while atomic ottoman's theme plays in background. Mainly the Second part, since its about when Mehmed II conquered Constantinople
StriderKillyu 38 minutes ago
Abdul Rahman Mohammed
Abdul Rahman Mohammed 40 minutes ago
@Derrick Tomlin turkish bombard want to know your location
Derrick Tomlin
Derrick Tomlin 41 minute ago
Lol no
Nikos Tsakiridis
Nikos Tsakiridis 45 minutes ago
For those who don’t know, this is a real Greek Orthodox hymn. According to tradition it was chanted in constantinople after every miraculous successful defense of the city against overwhelming odds. Byzantines believed the city was protected by the virgin mary and the hymn is all about how she is byzantium’s greatest general.
Kyle Sekenski
Kyle Sekenski 11 minutes ago
That’s what I love about Firaxis... The attention to detail is incredible
Tinaht B Yonat
Tinaht B Yonat 12 minutes ago
u know the actual hymn's name?
StriderKillyu 26 minutes ago
even virgin mary has limits i guess...
Abdul Rahman Mohammed
Abdul Rahman Mohammed 39 minutes ago
Ohhh nice
Gaymar Gaylord Gay
Gaymar Gaylord Gay 48 minutes ago
They should make Rhodesia as a civ
Pablo R. Sepúlveda
Pablo R. Sepúlveda 48 minutes ago
Akathist Hymn is an orthodox hymn dedicated to Virgin Mary in orthodox lent.
Farhan Revandi
Farhan Revandi 49 minutes ago
Georgia: finally a worthy opponent our battle will be legendary
El Jardinero
El Jardinero 40 minutes ago
Hungary Canada and Zulu: Drink my beer.
Jacob O'Rourke
Jacob O'Rourke 49 minutes ago
It's really good, but how does it compare to the Zulu themes?
Jacob O'Rourke
Jacob O'Rourke 39 minutes ago
@Pablo R. Sepúlveda i wasnt comparing the music. Zulu amd Byzantium are definetly not comparable musically. I was checking where the byxantine theme stood in people's ranking.
Pablo R. Sepúlveda
Pablo R. Sepúlveda 46 minutes ago
It cannot be compared. Zulu songs are folkloric ones; this one is a orthodox hymn, a religious song.
Gaymar Gaylord Gay
Gaymar Gaylord Gay 49 minutes ago
He looks like a true Daddy
Akane Invidia
Akane Invidia 51 minute ago
What is the name of the angelic piece? I do not see what song they referenced here.
/CyrClack\ 42 minutes ago
Search Τη Υπερμάχω on USshow, it yields better results
Akane Invidia
Akane Invidia 44 minutes ago
@Joey I see. Thank you.
Joey 48 minutes ago
It says "Akathist Hymn". Don't know if it was there before.
A CityMaker
A CityMaker 52 minutes ago
Byzantium, the true medieval roman empire!
Максим Дмитренко
Максим Дмитренко 20 minutes ago
It is! Waiting for Venetian empire to appear in civ6. Well, y'know, Venice+Ottomans=bad times for Bizantium)
Jason Sabbath
Jason Sabbath 52 minutes ago
I was once at Notre Dame in Paris and when I walked in, there was a choir singing like in the beginning of this track! It gave me goose bumps!
CAPTAIN 54 minutes ago
Are there ambient themes? If it is, peaches lamb have just lost the job.
The Inspector
The Inspector 47 minutes ago
They did the same when Maya and Gran Colombia wee announced.
YouveBeenGreeked 55 minutes ago
JUST as ive gotta go out! DX Listening to it when i get back FOR SURE! cant wait XD
Felipe Villarreal
Felipe Villarreal 55 minutes ago
This is good
Yousef Qabbani
Yousef Qabbani 55 minutes ago
*when you capture istanbul*
Abdul Rahman Mohammed
Abdul Rahman Mohammed 38 minutes ago
@Christopher Tanujaya to capture it again Then you sell it back And take it back You cant go back to konstanople
Christopher Tanujaya
Christopher Tanujaya 39 minutes ago
When they liberate Constantinople
Bartosz Nawrocki
Bartosz Nawrocki 55 minutes ago
Petition for civ team to make a voting on the (last march 2021) civ.
Abdul Rahman Mohammed
Abdul Rahman Mohammed 38 minutes ago
Take my upvote
NavalEye 55 minutes ago
0:00 - Ancient Era (Vocal) 3:30 - Ancient Era (String) 7:07 - Medieval Era 12:11 - Industrial Era 16:50 - Atomic Era
peepee poopooman
peepee poopooman 20 minutes ago
I hope peach's lamb comes here and takes the ost and puts it on his channel since I want to loop the vocal ancient one
NavalEye 36 minutes ago
@Guner Uribarren I think that the string is also what would play in the ancient era, like how America has multiple different solo versions of its theme.
Otto Von Bismarck boi
Otto Von Bismarck boi 37 minutes ago
Guner Uribarren there are no classical themes I thought
Guner Uribarren
Guner Uribarren 39 minutes ago
isnt "classic era" the string one?
Joe H
Joe H 55 minutes ago
Last time I was this early I hadn't put 1000s of hours into the game
Kyle Gabriel Espinas
Kyle Gabriel Espinas 56 minutes ago
Kona Nation
Kona Nation 56 minutes ago
I’m gonna make this the music I fall asleep to
Kona Nation
Kona Nation 22 minutes ago
Jack Madeira thanks
Jack Madeira
Jack Madeira 27 minutes ago
mzmaster 56 minutes ago
I don’t how to replicate this beauty on piano, but I will certainly try xD I am making piano covers for the Civ soundtrack, so stay tuned for Byzantium and Gaul :) (...end of shameless self-promotion...)
SirKossua19n16 36 minutes ago
I suggest you should try the Industrial Theme. It is the best of its versions.
Marco Ko
Marco Ko 56 minutes ago
lo-fi hip hop radio - beats to crusade to
Reynolds Tindall
Reynolds Tindall 56 minutes ago
Damn. I wish my church had more males in our choir.
Phoenix 1106
Phoenix 1106 56 minutes ago
Ah yes, my favorite song
William The Conqueror
William The Conqueror 57 minutes ago
Georgia's theme: Now I have some Competition! Byzantium's theme: That's an understatement.
William The Conqueror
William The Conqueror 8 minutes ago
@a q That's my absolute favorite.
Darkest Libertarian
Darkest Libertarian 10 minutes ago
@William The Conqueror Same, but the Sumerian one give me chills
William The Conqueror
William The Conqueror 38 minutes ago
@El Jardinero I disagree with you about Hungary, Canada, and the Zulu. The rest I agree with.
El Jardinero
El Jardinero 42 minutes ago
They are much better those of Hungary, Canada, Congo, Sumeria, India, Zulu.
a q
a q 55 minutes ago
The Ottomans song is great too
destrocher9999 57 minutes ago
The music of the gods
Abdul Rahman Mohammed
Abdul Rahman Mohammed 36 minutes ago
@destrocher9999 it doesnt matter sounds better with THE MUSIC GIVEN BY THE GODS
destrocher9999 38 minutes ago
@just passin by I don't wanna incline for one religion
just passin by
just passin by 40 minutes ago
Kona Nation
Kona Nation 55 minutes ago
I’m playing this when I fall asleep
The Inspector
The Inspector 57 minutes ago
What a strong feeling of Orthodoxy in this chorus. As a Russian, who has religious family, that dragged me to church multiple times, I remember this style too well.
The Inspector
The Inspector 24 minutes ago
@Федор Филиппов me too... and I hate it.
_Dieguito _
_Dieguito _ 24 minutes ago
What a chad, both of you
Федор Филиппов
Федор Филиппов 28 minutes ago
I can smell the candles and incense just by listening to this
John Sperry
John Sperry 57 minutes ago
Would love to see a Bavaria Civ helmed by crazy Ludwig.
American Mapper man
American Mapper man 58 minutes ago
This is really good!
Hi Dino
Hi Dino 59 minutes ago
The best track ever
Mitsos 59 minutes ago
Ti ipermacho stratigo....
Sterling Dwy
Sterling Dwy 59 minutes ago
Finally, i can replace waltzing matilda with gregorian chanting
Gustavo H.
Gustavo H. 25 minutes ago
Not Gregorian, Byzantine (Constantinopolitan) Chant instead...
Nikolas Milak
Nikolas Milak 26 minutes ago
It’s not Gregorian chanting, its Byzantine chanting
CamTheKitty 46 minutes ago
Now to combine them
tellietubbiesgoboom 52 minutes ago
I always thought Georgia had some good chanting
King Of Onion
King Of Onion 55 minutes ago
Chase B
Chase B 59 minutes ago
Enchantedone Mail
Enchantedone Mail Hour ago
Kona Nation
Kona Nation 55 minutes ago
Muhammad hadi Nabi
Muhammad hadi Nabi Hour ago
i like playing as Persians cuz my family is from Persia
Jack Rain
Jack Rain Hour ago
Actually. Turkey and Greece are now on the brink of war and the developers decided to remind the Greeks of their former power.
Ralph Saavedra
Ralph Saavedra Hour ago
with these traits, might as well name your religion "Daddy Basil Please" because your gonna pound the other civs real hard as the Byzantines *ngl*
Guilherme Preissler
Guilherme Preissler Hour ago
If only there was a version of the Hagia Sophia without the minarets, for those playing as Rome or Byzantium
eric t
eric t Hour ago
Make Istanbul Constantinople again!
Parsifal 2 hours ago
Isn't basil the guy who went from a peasant to an emperor?
Navy Paladin
Navy Paladin Hour ago
Nope, Leader ability literally means born into the purple.
stekiz 2 hours ago
Too bad the game doesn't play with big maps, crashes every time. Before the latest big update everything worked fine. Uninstalled and re installed nothing changed and my PC is well above specs for this game. Too bad, WAS one of my favorite games.
salty coins
salty coins 2 hours ago
How is Gaul a civilization lmao 🤣 Brought to you by the Roman gang.
Milan Nikolic
Milan Nikolic 2 hours ago
Excuse you.. but its the Eastern Roman Empire
fairyxpony 2 hours ago
*Cries in Spanish Civ*
CrusaderPRT 3 hours ago
The background music is great, Hope its the one in the game.
Omar El-Sobky
Omar El-Sobky 3 hours ago
I want that soundtrack ASAP Mr.Sid Meier :P
Martin 3 hours ago
Ahmet said Gürdal
Ahmet said Gürdal 3 hours ago
"Istanbul not Conatantynopole"