WorldPeace HOFFA
WorldPeace HOFFA 11 hours ago
Just know he sits in his chamber with 9 East conference trophies with 3 rings suiting up for next finals Goat
Nahuel 11 hours ago
How sad to see that most of Harden highlights are pases to Capela...
B Furey
B Furey 11 hours ago
Fuck playstation
Kill Breel
Kill Breel 11 hours ago
The greatest championship victory in the history of all sports.
Ghoul Nite
Ghoul Nite 11 hours ago
Wow curry made a layup SO SURPISING
Booty Bandit
Booty Bandit 11 hours ago
Y’all must’ve forgot Goran Dragic was averaging 24+ on the Suns?
Click It
Click It 11 hours ago
It'll be the Miami heat versus the Denver nuggets
gboigotfans _
gboigotfans _ 11 hours ago
I think Lakers will win in 5 without a doubt just think if the Lakers can stop Murray and jokic its a wrap those two have been the most dominate on the nuggets everyone knows and the Lakers have two guys to stop them the only reason why clippers blew the 3-1 lead is because Murray was unstoppable because pat bev was on him the guy is only 6’1 and Murray is 6’5 and is shifty so that was bad in the first place but the Lakers have Danny green who is 6’4 or 6’5 who can actually lock Murray up and let’s get on jokic, jokic is great don’t get me wrong but most of his shots are either lucky or off balance Lakers have Javale who can d him up ad and Dwight and bron man there is literally nobody on that team who can stop bron let’s be honest the only one that can even can come close is maybe millsap and we all saw with our own eyes in the video that, that didn’t work so good and back on Murray if you look at his game all he does is really pull fadeways or stepbacks or jumpers Lakers have enough defense to lock that up all day and let’s not even mention they have great pieces like Kuzma and Caruso Denver ass is grass 😂 so what that I rest my case Lakers in 5
Ghoul Nite
Ghoul Nite 11 hours ago
The only time I saw people social distancing was when Dwight Howard shot a three
Daveyboy 330
Daveyboy 330 11 hours ago
Crowder, Adebayo, Robinson, Dragic and buckets. You guys are all stars. ❤️ And effort beats talent when it counts.
zKMotion 11 hours ago
kawhi choke artist
AceNeZz 11 hours ago
I don't care who wins in wcf as long as they win the Championship.
Süper JAP
Süper JAP 11 hours ago
Marcus smart is screaming in the locker room ... Y'all bulshit 😀✌️😅
Mat Pelor
Mat Pelor 11 hours ago
This is beyond my imagination how rookie term is
Brandon LURENZO 11 hours ago
All the heats white boys can ball
Felipe Duarte
Felipe Duarte 11 hours ago
LeBron 👏👏👏👏
Almondey6s Viloria
Almondey6s Viloria 11 hours ago
I don’t usually read the comments... Miami in Finals....
KingD 11 hours ago
May heat sweep celtics?
涵旭爱旅行 12 hours ago
Wow, Sep. 12 is Yao's birthday, and so am I! Thank you NBA do this!
Ramiro Vazquez
Ramiro Vazquez 12 hours ago
Heat in 4 or 5
BASKETBALL 49 12 hours ago
Patrick Kumah
Patrick Kumah 12 hours ago
Nuggets home court lightening is the best. Lakers 2nd
TIMOTHY CANNON 12 hours ago
Stevens has really blown both games, no coach should have allowed what he has last 2 games. I mean it's called a time out, effing use them😂 he may get fired if he keeps coaching like crap. 20 turnovers, 7+ weren't even forced lol
Dayyan Malik
Dayyan Malik 12 hours ago
Alternate Title: Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic best plays
Carl Neuffer
Carl Neuffer 12 hours ago
how about showing rioters ie LeBronites that worship his evil reteric. getting arrested as play of the day..death to the nba hope u choke on ur wokeness.
Süper JAP
Süper JAP 12 hours ago
Don't forget crowder .. He did help too through offence and defence ! Give credit to em also
Martin C
Martin C 12 hours ago
I thought that was Dwight Howard in the thumbnail
Kairong Li
Kairong Li 12 hours ago
Rip Kobe
Adam Goncalves
Adam Goncalves 12 hours ago
Who do you suppose is going to make the 2020 NBA finals and win the championship?!
G2KPOAT 12 hours ago
Come on wtf is going on with you guys lol, lebrons game 7 block is the “greatest block in history” but butlers steals and dragic step back 3 doesn’t even make a top 5 plays of the night when there’s 1 game on wth 😂
Lucasjr Herrera
Lucasjr Herrera 12 hours ago
Nunn,ja morant,brandon
Dick Triangle
Dick Triangle 12 hours ago
5:25 Look, that's an amazing shot. All the credit in the world. But how about that PASS?
natedog5671 12 hours ago
Bam cant be stopped
junyu peter NG
junyu peter NG 12 hours ago
Bam is up and coming star. All star next year ? !
Saved by the Ball
Saved by the Ball 12 hours ago
My bet goes to Miami Heat in the Finals...
Dick Triangle
Dick Triangle 12 hours ago
Alternative title: "The Worst of the OKC Thunder"
youtubeaccount 8382
youtubeaccount 8382 12 hours ago
7:17 oh shut the fuck up that wasn’t bad. Other athletes look so soft compared to hockey. Yeah it’s wood floor but that is nothing lol
JM Empleo Valencia
JM Empleo Valencia 12 hours ago
Denver literally won because Bron didn't play..
Mark Anthony Cetoy
Mark Anthony Cetoy 12 hours ago
Wheres the fake pass alley oop and one to adebayo of tyler herro? Damn Thats number 1!!!
Drew Roberts
Drew Roberts 12 hours ago
Jae crowder is such a Good Role player . Dudes Been Hoopin fr
Ivana Gaming
Ivana Gaming 12 hours ago
Who you got?
Freddie Arellano
Freddie Arellano 12 hours ago
Must watch series
Renee Duarte
Renee Duarte 12 hours ago
Very happy 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
Daveyboy 330
Daveyboy 330 12 hours ago
I'm going to need to start doubling down on my Xanax before each game of this series!!
Math Simon
Math Simon 12 hours ago
Damn Jimmy G. Buckets with the Def!
Warren Newton
Warren Newton 12 hours ago
lebron is the best and AD/ best duo
This heat team plays like the 14 spurs but their defense is like the pistons glory days but in today’s ball. Crazy
LaDonovan Perkins
LaDonovan Perkins 12 hours ago
Ive been saying over & over Boston don't have enough bodies to compete with Miami ... 2-0
Jack Pasta
Jack Pasta 12 hours ago
1:40 No.20 fakes being injured so nobody will defend him and he gets a wide-open three. 5D chess at its finest.
Rodrigo Romero
Rodrigo Romero 12 hours ago
Lets gooooooo lakers
Jacob Padilla
Jacob Padilla 12 hours ago
Nuggets vs. Lakers
Jacob Padilla
Jacob Padilla 12 hours ago
OK.... What About It?
Евгений Пронин
Евгений Пронин 12 hours ago
С детства за Денвер!
Alexia Is On Fire
Alexia Is On Fire 12 hours ago
Steph has always been and always will be my favorite player and the biggest influence on how I play the game 💛 he’s going to lead us to another championship next year 🏆
Lane 12 hours ago
I would gladly take Yao Ming over harden
Revanth Krishna S
Revanth Krishna S 12 hours ago
can this commentator just go home already??
Vladyslav Kurbatskyy
Vladyslav Kurbatskyy 12 hours ago
youtubeaccount 8382
youtubeaccount 8382 12 hours ago
Yeah Lebron is a good player but he’s such a fucking idiot. He doesn’t do any research especially with politics and doesn’t care about white lives or police
Navakid Productions
Navakid Productions 12 hours ago
Season Series: Lakers V Nuggets: 3-1 Lakers V Celtics: 1-1 Lakers V Heat: 2-0
Marky Tv
Marky Tv 12 hours ago
Librone Jaymss
Librone Jaymss 12 hours ago
N1TRO XD 12 hours ago
Help 🙏🙏🙏
Shifu San
Shifu San 12 hours ago
Nuggets never beat the lakers this season. Maybe just maybe they'll win one.
Edna Ballard
Edna Ballard 12 hours ago
satd 12 hours ago
10:20 thas probably jamal murray's best shot of his career cus of the 'Bang!'
Zam Riley
Zam Riley 12 hours ago
30th comment
Kevin Masters
Kevin Masters 12 hours ago
One of the most clutchest pull-up Threes (if not the most) ever!
Deandre Clarke
Deandre Clarke 12 hours ago
do not let this banger video distract you from the fact that the LOSS Angeles Clippers blew a 3-1 lead.
wrightterence680 12 hours ago
Miami might put out Boston in 5
Aniekan Akpan
Aniekan Akpan 12 hours ago
The Bam man can😂😂😂😂
Anthony Caire
Anthony Caire 12 hours ago
SNiper GaNg Jo
SNiper GaNg Jo 12 hours ago
Eveguel Arocha
Eveguel Arocha 12 hours ago
Man ads are killing this video