Luka's BEST Stepback J's
xxblackbloodxx08 19 seconds ago
Morant just needs to add some more muscle and he'll be insane.
Steve Savage
Steve Savage Minute ago
#FREEHONGKONG...F U NBA...and we all know what the N stands for. So I was
BTBeast_0208 3 minutes ago
2:14 you got ben franklin there
Mix Vid
Mix Vid 6 minutes ago
miss baskteball note:500 subscriber so hard:((
David Martinez
David Martinez 9 minutes ago
My favorite player ever!! Agent 0
Lester Rick Lisay
Lester Rick Lisay 9 minutes ago
he had so much swag in his game
Ramon Molina
Ramon Molina 13 minutes ago
Didn’t know that Laimbeer was owned by MJ that much! 😆🔥
JP 16 minutes ago
I was there! Still so mad giannis didnt play. But Nuggets went off!! and right before the season paused
Tyler Brabham
Tyler Brabham 18 minutes ago
Learned 0:41 from Harden
Ramon Molina
Ramon Molina 20 minutes ago
Goat James? Please stop it... This man was unreal, the best of the best everrrr🔥
Christian 21 minute ago
0:49 Wii sports crowd sound effect
Tyler Brabham
Tyler Brabham 25 minutes ago
If Giannis, Zion, and Luka are the future of the league, I'm okay with that. All very humble and unique.
Saeed Omer
Saeed Omer 26 minutes ago
I have faith that Lebron is gonna get the chip but I can’t deny that this boy good. This is definitely gonna be interesting
Duck Speaker
Duck Speaker 27 minutes ago
Free Hong Kong
Sports Show
Sports Show 30 minutes ago
Aaron Gordon: Does a 360 between the legs over a motorcycle dunk DWade: I’ll give it a 9
Ralsawmkima Malte
Ralsawmkima Malte 31 minute ago
Can anybody tell me the name of the music?
Mr. Natural
Mr. Natural 34 minutes ago
Where’s the block on “FreeHongKong” jerseys? Arguably one of the craziest NBA plays ever.
Arturo Rivera
Arturo Rivera 35 minutes ago
2:02 That kid just wanted the ball
Mr Jordo
Mr Jordo 39 minutes ago
*Sighs in OKC fan
Brendan Little
Brendan Little 40 minutes ago
Zion wide open alley oop at 50..... LMAO OK
awesomeactivities8 42 minutes ago
5:28 to 6:06 poor OKC
Bradley Mauger
Bradley Mauger 43 minutes ago
Free Hong Kong 🇭🇰
Alex T
Alex T 46 minutes ago
Free Hong Kong, boycott NBA
Espn Daniels
Espn Daniels 48 minutes ago
Paul George is savage
Sense The Villen
Sense The Villen 51 minute ago
It’s crazy how AG will be the best dunker EVER to come in second place
Sports Show
Sports Show 29 minutes ago
Sense The Villen as a Magic fan, reading these comments and watching this video just makes me SO happy.
オールマイト 52 minutes ago
Isac is next Siakam
ツColla2 54 minutes ago
Alex Tee
Alex Tee 55 minutes ago
blake griffin has 20 dunks in the top 100 the undisputed best dunker of the decade
Southern Paradise
Southern Paradise 55 minutes ago
6:25 there goes Rose's answer to bulls trading him.
Dreadzie 55 minutes ago
You can’t tell me that D Rose doesn’t have the best floaters in the league
Islenity 56 minutes ago
オールマイト 57 minutes ago
Fultz is FUTURE
Justin Skaggs
Justin Skaggs Hour ago
Aries Pendo
Aries Pendo Hour ago
22:08 LOL
Fico Hour ago
Crying? No, I am not Crying. I just got some dust in my eye.
ジョシュハミルトン Hour ago
1:07 D Wade will judge this dunk 9
Kendrick Arceo
Kendrick Arceo Hour ago
Kemba Walker Toronto kryptonite
Man Boy
Man Boy Hour ago
Markelle’s dunk package is clean
Charlie Curran
Charlie Curran Hour ago
15:08 that look
Conor Horn
Conor Horn Hour ago
Was wondering where the Weekend Whoopsies were this they went back to a normal podcast.
Asad Khan
Asad Khan Hour ago
2:05 Yesss
NycZooYork Hour ago
So many big names on this team
Asad Khan
Asad Khan Hour ago
Carmelo got skinny as f West should be worried
Mj Cantes
Mj Cantes Hour ago
Next vid sir Brooklyn nets please 😁🙏
Retarded Person
Retarded Person Hour ago
Fultz is gonna be an allstar if he keeps this up. I’m telling you, this kid has crazy talent.
Edmijuan Hour ago
28:50 the woman xd
Conor Horn
Conor Horn Hour ago
Did they discontinue the Starters show or something? There were none of these vids for the 2019-20 season, pretty disappointing
Landon Fields
Landon Fields Hour ago
Jeremy Lamb still the best
Yansen Christian
Yansen Christian Hour ago
"Air Gordon"
Cedrick Ylagan
Cedrick Ylagan Hour ago
getwell harden and russ! ♥️
Dinos Dasoukis
Dinos Dasoukis Hour ago
The Magic look incredible as a team this year
DOWN2DIE Hour ago
Free hongkong
jådeñ Hour ago
Sports Show
Sports Show 29 minutes ago
jådeñ Magic fan here! Gooo Magic!!!!!!
Tim Cordier
Tim Cordier Hour ago
When Steph did the reverse off the bounce in the all star game live I couldn't believe it 🤣 I was like 🤨🤨🤨
fp9623 Hour ago
It's good to see Fultz doing well, he's found the right organization that believes in him. Good job by the Magic
Philo Sophia
Philo Sophia Hour ago
하 진짜 그놈의 착지는 진짜 끝까지 안바꾸넼ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
MadeByTurk GT
MadeByTurk GT Hour ago
William Rodriguez
William Rodriguez Hour ago
Ben Andely
Ben Andely Hour ago
Orlando is magic
jake plesser
jake plesser Hour ago
Magic are still gonna be a 1st round exit
wade w
wade w Hour ago
Sports Show
Sports Show 28 minutes ago
wade w CENTRAL FLORIDA STAND UP!!! Been a Magic fan for 4 years, we need to win at least 2 playoff games this year, pretty much home court advantage for the playoffs.
Boltzzz YT ツ
Boltzzz YT ツ Hour ago
The magic need more attention there crazy good
Charlie Curran
Charlie Curran Hour ago
1:08 snickers bar on Marcus Smarts hip
Juan de Dios veloz Espinoza
Juan de Dios veloz Espinoza Hour ago
Bien amigo FiNaL emocionante si buscan a Lujoso basketboLista deL cLeveLand
Davi Rodrigues Ribeiro
Davi Rodrigues Ribeiro Hour ago
Such a nasty dunk 11:22 😲
Maximillian Marr
Maximillian Marr Hour ago
Poop W
Titan Segundera 2.0
Titan Segundera 2.0 Hour ago
Do you believe in Magic?
JP Hour ago
Bouchra Moni
Bouchra Moni Hour ago
SONG : Energy Blast - Henri Lanz, William Rappaport, Skinny Williams
poopman970 Hour ago
Akompo you're literaly 13'5
gökbige zorbey
gökbige zorbey Hour ago
We miss Orlando has got Hedo,Howard,Lewis.
ML DayV Hour ago
This was posted in my b day :O
Mr. Blonde
Mr. Blonde Hour ago
My African brother Hakeem Olajuwon. My African brother Elon Musk. My African brother Desmond Tutu. My African brother Ernie. My African brother Mandela.
I really don't know
I really don't know Hour ago
Still 9 out of 10
끌림TV Hour ago
YoungTalent Hour ago
Look at Kobe rip
Juan de Dios veloz Espinoza
Juan de Dios veloz Espinoza Hour ago
Bien cleveland
Mateo Ferrero
Mateo Ferrero Hour ago
This Is Best of Markelle Fultz 19/20
Keith Jackson
Keith Jackson Hour ago
Trade Nikola vucevic for a starting caliber wing or a taller 4 man then you can have Mo Bamba start at center and Arron Gordon play the 3 or the 4
Keith Jackson
Keith Jackson 4 minutes ago
@Kingof Landons what does his contract look like
Kingof Landons
Kingof Landons 32 minutes ago
Keith Jackson if only his contract was tradeable. A
timothy1949 2 hours ago
can we have lebron james vs draymond green
Dwyane Wade
Dwyane Wade 2 hours ago
Mark Mekhail
Mark Mekhail 2 hours ago
lowkey 11:14 was a foul
Harlan Sivapalan
Harlan Sivapalan 2 hours ago
If this isn't the most boring team montage I don't know what is
Mark Mekhail
Mark Mekhail 2 hours ago
lowkey 11:14 is a foul
Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner 2 hours ago
Dylan 2 hours ago
fultz is in almost all of these. future star for sure!!
Rise 829
Rise 829 2 hours ago
Who love gordon ↓
Matqi 2 hours ago
Aaron Gordon 360, Widmill, Through the Legs, Jumps on a Building D.Wade: I Give it a 9
DeiDei Dei [GD]
DeiDei Dei [GD] Hour ago
@Alisha Krishanthan haha your comment is right under this for me
Matqi Hour ago
@Alisha Krishanthan Lol
Alisha Krishanthan
Alisha Krishanthan Hour ago
commented this same thing 5 minutes before lol
Hi 2 hours ago
Aaron gordon could probably eat a full meal too.
Dwyane Wade
Dwyane Wade 2 hours ago
Still crying I see
217 the world
217 the world 2 hours ago
Magic Nation
Sports Show
Sports Show 27 minutes ago
217 the world Magic nation is right!
danganronpa fan game13
danganronpa fan game13 2 hours ago
Duh the magic will be in the 8 seed Cause it's in Orlando
Rowdy Wolfy
Rowdy Wolfy Hour ago
They have the home court advantage in every single game
Alexander Desnoyers
Alexander Desnoyers Hour ago
They are the 8 seed
Alisha Krishanthan
Alisha Krishanthan 2 hours ago
Aaron Gordon: jumps over a car does a 360 through the legs windmill behind the back dunk. D Wade: Meh its a 9
Dwyane Wade
Dwyane Wade 2 hours ago
Gamer Mendez
Gamer Mendez 2 hours ago
Sub to my channe
Davod Hashimi
Davod Hashimi 2 hours ago
The only thing that was good for Orlando was gordon disstrack on d wade. Magic fans loved it
Davod Hashimi
Davod Hashimi 14 minutes ago
Sports Show yea
Sports Show
Sports Show 26 minutes ago
And another playoff win
ryan damon
ryan damon 2 hours ago
Mariano Hernández
Mariano Hernández 2 hours ago
Joseph Finnerty
Joseph Finnerty 2 hours ago
Magic r the 🐐
FreshBoyツ 2 hours ago
Hello guys subscribe to my channel please ❤🥺🙏🏼
Ju Mane
Ju Mane 2 hours ago