Single Parents Daily
Single Parents Daily 24 seconds ago
I too just discovered *The Drew Barrymore Show* I can't even begin on how much we needed this in our world right now!
Greek Goddess
Greek Goddess 3 minutes ago
I was going to ask why they’re sitting so far from each other, but then I remembered it’s 2020....
Pablo pirchio
Pablo pirchio 3 minutes ago
Julia Nursten
Julia Nursten 4 minutes ago
Welcome to my home Drew. I’ve always loved watching and listening to you so this is really exciting. You are an inspiration to so many.
Annie Warbux
Annie Warbux 4 minutes ago
Choose You! Work on You and Yours and don't let the Negative, Debbie Downer people stop you or hinder you from what brings Joy! Do the New! As a Mother, Drew will face the hardship of letting her girls grow and GO! Empty Nest is a time for redesign & reevaluation for parents, too, for sure! Choosing what a Mother needs FIRST, a little more often than we are used to, is initially quite hard! But you can't go wrong when Self Improving with Love! Self Love!
ally burnett
ally burnett 5 minutes ago
I love this song so much and the movie sound of music ♡♡ so good
Studio X
Studio X 5 minutes ago
can't believe drew finally has a talk show. like why just now?!? she grew up in talk shows, she definitely knows the drill
Deborah Carlston
Deborah Carlston 5 minutes ago
This show is so cute. I wish Verizon FIOS would let me watch these shows "On Demand", because I can't watch daytime TV when it airs. And frankly, I don't watch any daytime TV. But I'd watch Drew. I love you Drew Barrymore. You are completely yourself. Good luck with your show and continued joy in your life.💚
Wayward Mind
Wayward Mind 7 minutes ago
Who here knows Alvin from First We Feast and the Burger Show?
Juliana Rumple
Juliana Rumple 11 minutes ago
dreeei 12 minutes ago
The way lucy walked in like shes bout to whoop someones ass
Ivy Guanzon
Ivy Guanzon 14 minutes ago
Omg!! Miss your chemistry. Sending my love from the Philippines 😙😙😍😊
Rafael Cayenne
Rafael Cayenne 15 minutes ago
Amazing. I need to watch Charlie Angels again
bananapie 15 minutes ago
Why haven’t Charlize Theron and Angelina Jolie become besties????
Dan Burke
Dan Burke 16 minutes ago
Just wait until she finds out that the President of the United States now is too much like her great uncle's character in "It's A Wonderful Life".
bananapie 18 minutes ago
Drew Barrymore is so beautiful
Bones Couture
Bones Couture 18 minutes ago
I love Drew's show its so positive and wonderful!
Blair Davis
Blair Davis 18 minutes ago
Drew should really have mountaindewbarrymore from tiktok on her show
a ma
a ma 19 minutes ago
Omg Lucy Liu hasn't aged a bit!
Effie 5
Effie 5 20 minutes ago
Who is the grinch that gave this a 👎?
Juan Castillo
Juan Castillo 23 minutes ago
the Kelly Clarkson show and this, are what tv networks need to promote. Two showbussines and real women who have succeeded, struggle and experience how hard hollywood is as an industry, no one better to do it
nigella4me 24 minutes ago
OMG, I just now discovered she has a talk show, I'm watching for the first time right now on TV. I absolutely LOVE Drew, she is so real and down to earth. Stay this way Drew, you are pleasant to listen to and have a WONDERFUL personality. You'll be the ONLY talk show I'll be watching, pretty much can't stand the other ones out there. ❤️
Memememe 25 minutes ago
I hope Drew has more figures like this that really are making a difference and breaking boundaries.
Glenda Martinez
Glenda Martinez 26 minutes ago
I love Drew 💘 💗 ♥ 💓
simcast 26 minutes ago
she looks exactly the same
kobe bryant
kobe bryant 26 minutes ago
Ohhh man i hope her show does well. She has a beautiful personality. Not fake like degenerate ellen
Jessxmess 27 minutes ago
I love this and i love that Drew calls her PooPoo 😫
Jonley Calinaw
Jonley Calinaw 27 minutes ago
They're the live action version of PowerPuff Girls, but tougher and cooler
Amy Carroll
Amy Carroll 28 minutes ago
Larissa Miranda
Larissa Miranda 29 minutes ago
this is so wholesome. i feel so good with drew's story she's so strong
julie campos
julie campos 31 minute ago
Drew make we want to be a better person! Love the positiveness of the show!
Hilary D
Hilary D 32 minutes ago
Omgod I love drew so much 😂❤️
Retro Demos
Retro Demos 33 minutes ago
That scene when Lucy Liu was wearing latex skirt and teasing all those nerds was my first sexual awakening.
BINDI KHARE 34 minutes ago
Jonley Calinaw
Jonley Calinaw 34 minutes ago
It's genuinely nice to know that these strong, independent women still have their bond intact after all these years. I don't even receive a "Hi" from any of my closest peers in high school, not even on Facebook
Dorothy Tran
Dorothy Tran 35 minutes ago
This was precious. It reminded me of my two best friends from high school and how we’ll be moms together someday. :’)
caykeface 35 minutes ago
I'm so grateful for this show to see these incredible women who want to lift each other up, the world doesn't have to be competitive. This video was so touching. <3
Veronikasalvy18 36 minutes ago
I went to school with his little sister!! She was the nicest!! Not surprised that it’s this family that did something good for our community!!! 😍❤️❤️❤️
N 36 minutes ago
Omg yes ♥️
Tera Vivian
Tera Vivian 37 minutes ago
So happy to see the show... but what is up with the chairs being so far apart?
Tera Vivian
Tera Vivian 36 minutes ago
Ohhhh, it’s due to the scamdemic!!! Got it.
9melissal 39 minutes ago
If they green screened Cameron in, why didn't they put her closer rather than make them all look awkwardly spread out? You don't have to socially distance an image.
kim ingay
kim ingay 39 minutes ago
Friendships women's equality in society
kim ingay
kim ingay 40 minutes ago
And Paris Hilton too
marzigeisha 40 minutes ago
Sweethearts 😊😊😊
Josheille Hufana
Josheille Hufana 40 minutes ago
Oh my ghaaaaddd. I love thiiiissss ♥️
Jonley Calinaw
Jonley Calinaw 41 minute ago
I cannot unhear Sarah Paulson doing her impersonation omg I'm sorry 😂😂😂
TheStepmonkey 41 minute ago
LOVE THIS💗💗 50 first dates is one my fav movies😍
Terri Kennedy
Terri Kennedy 41 minute ago
I just love you. Always have. God bless you, Drew!
kim ingay
kim ingay 42 minutes ago
Jennifer Lopez , Priyanka miss world crowning winners so many More n more supports other women's and Gender respect equality identity.
yumi_sk100 roblox review
yumi_sk100 roblox review 42 minutes ago
Bff goals
TheHello29 44 minutes ago
You have a butterfly net go catch some butterflies.
kim ingay
kim ingay 45 minutes ago
Hi drew please invite Britney spears, Christina, Beyonce, Monica, TLC , Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Thalia, A teens, Coco Lee, Mandy Moore, Jessica Simpson, spice girls, sclub 7, backstreet boys, so many more 80's and 90's girl's group and boys band and others..
Cathy Graham
Cathy Graham 46 minutes ago
I like you Drew Barrymore I sent you a great actor what's your show is animated you still have little girl ways I would not watch your show again continue to make great movies Charlie's Angels
Endri Chayadi
Endri Chayadi 47 minutes ago
Gray Lopez
Gray Lopez 47 minutes ago
Woaahhh!!!! I was thinking about them a while ago😍😍😍 and this is itt!!! 😱😱 I've missed their karate moves😍😍😍❤️
AMERICAN Hillbilly
AMERICAN Hillbilly 47 minutes ago
Let's interact drew we know what you have done repent and may god have mercy on your soul
Hugo Herrera
Hugo Herrera 48 minutes ago
10 seconds Tom!!
Be The Change
Be The Change 48 minutes ago
show looks promising. set should be redesigned to not look like you're looking out of one of the twin towers...
Larry Kalangie
Larry Kalangie 49 minutes ago
I never clicked so fast!!!!! I love this so much
Bandana Sharma
Bandana Sharma 50 minutes ago
There's no hollywood fairytale. But there is hollywood nightmares?
Jac W.
Jac W. 51 minute ago
Drew has a vast diverse guest list. Good luck on the new show.
Casillas Jimenez
Casillas Jimenez 51 minute ago
Amo esta película y amo a Adam sander 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Marlena Grant
Marlena Grant 51 minute ago
I came here for a boys on the side love lol
Bandana Sharma
Bandana Sharma 52 minutes ago
Oh wow, just starting with showing inappropriate videos to children. Ok.
kim ingay
kim ingay 52 minutes ago
Please invite Angelina Jolie's and others Hollywood women's named
Jacklyn Mason
Jacklyn Mason 53 minutes ago
Ladies, you all look wonderful!:)
Juan Pablo Peña-Rosas
Juan Pablo Peña-Rosas 53 minutes ago
Amazing tech
carlos madrid
carlos madrid 54 minutes ago
Yessssssss beautiful ladies and the social distancing 👍😄
Juan Castillo
Juan Castillo 54 minutes ago
the only thing I dislike is the distance between their seats because you can not see them in one shot, and you miss each other reactions to what their saying, could this be because of the social distancing maybe? idk but it's weird
kim ingay
kim ingay 54 minutes ago
I love Charlize Theron and Drew's ..we love you girls'
David Torres
David Torres 56 minutes ago
mike pena
mike pena 56 minutes ago
That was really bad.
Juan Castillo
Juan Castillo 57 minutes ago
Lucy Liu been aging like fine wine
Juan Pablo Peña-Rosas
Juan Pablo Peña-Rosas 58 minutes ago
Cameron so beautiful...
Juan Castillo
Juan Castillo 58 minutes ago
tracey leroux
tracey leroux 59 minutes ago
you almost spill over with life and love .BOTH of you. feel like sisters and yes we find our lioness through our pain and trauma. baie lekka..baie baie dankie😃.....sending loads of love from the windy city of pe,south africa.....drew, let charlize translate😚
Ricardo Cintron
Ricardo Cintron Hour ago
Ommmmmmggggggg 🥰😍😍😍🥰
Jung Kim
Jung Kim Hour ago
Honza Hajíček
Honza Hajíček Hour ago
audio of Shean is so bad if you like to do skype interview or what ever you have to save 2 separate audios and get them together in video
Unofficially Tom Hardy
Unofficially Tom Hardy Hour ago
The iconic duo.