6 days ago
Good morning 💜
Album Talk & SF5 Talk
Carlos Rivera
Carlos Rivera Hour ago
Hook is trash
Carlos Rivera
Carlos Rivera Hour ago
Kinda nonsense sounds like lil durk lol catchy but lackn quality
Every time I get on NLE page he has 1k more subs
brandon Sauerhoefer
brandon Sauerhoefer Hour ago
You want to sell me one of those choppa
Help Me Reach 5k Subscribers With 1 video
Help Me Reach 5k Subscribers With 1 video Hour ago
A random person who likes this will be a billionaire
EXTINCT Hour ago
Now got more girls then me I only have 10
1:46 wait wait wait did he stole blue face flow 👀 listen it sounds like that song blue face made called Obama
Jacek Ratajewski
Jacek Ratajewski Hour ago
this songs fire
Yolanda Davis
Yolanda Davis Hour ago
Dog King
Dog King Hour ago
Kaitlyn Breeden
Kaitlyn Breeden Hour ago
Periodddddttt he always amazed me!💙
Stoner Bxby
Stoner Bxby Hour ago
Yssn nino think he better then NLE 💀💀💀😂😂😂😂😂😂go hate on @yssnnino
Beach_Moth Hour ago
lol but BLM right??
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith Hour ago
Axcs Hour ago
Don GiOvanni
Don GiOvanni Hour ago
It’s a fuckin hit!
dima kulikov
dima kulikov Hour ago
Не shotta flow 3 конечно))) Но всë равно круто😎
Insane Baller
Insane Baller Hour ago
Og's already seen The unofficial
Firme O
Firme O Hour ago
Aslan Musa
Aslan Musa Hour ago
I'm shocked that Nle Choppa's song no called " Shotta Flow"
Muhammad Babatunde
Muhammad Babatunde Hour ago
This could pass as Shotta Flow 6
Krio Hour ago
Here before one mill
Vertex Arayys
Vertex Arayys Hour ago
Honestly, this song makes me wanna rob my own house
Beats Reallity
Beats Reallity Hour ago
VOLA Hour ago
VOLA Hour ago
Jordan Garcia
Jordan Garcia Hour ago
That is good
Tess _mvp12
Tess _mvp12 Hour ago
Before milly
He sound like that nogga lanze
TheRobloxTwinszz._. Hour ago
ayeee fire
Jason Gregory
Jason Gregory Hour ago
Studio gangster 😂. Good song tho .
JustcallmeFre Hour ago
the "ouu ahh" gave me smoove'l vibes, but this song is unreal, soo firee
Love Sosa
Love Sosa Hour ago
She’s 🗑
Baby Jam
Baby Jam Hour ago
Nle Choppa is someone I’ve looked up too and I always will man always different and goes hard on his songs
Lorenzo Cornelio Fria
Lorenzo Cornelio Fria Hour ago
DAMN this song is fire af dead ass
Baby Jam
Baby Jam Hour ago
I remember when Nle Choppa started and I followed his account having only 5k subscribers
Dina Rahman
Dina Rahman Hour ago
Wow the og is here 😃
ATOMIC Tommy Hour ago
Damn this is one of his best songs
Lorenzo Cornelio Fria
Lorenzo Cornelio Fria Hour ago
Nle is our king he’s the best
Baby Jam
Baby Jam Hour ago
I’m trying to be like Nle Choppa a young successful man and I’m trying to grow my channel as well Nle Choppa is the person I look up too and always will
Baby Jam
Baby Jam Hour ago
When he said > I think I’m in love 🥺
Dashon Wallace
Dashon Wallace Hour ago
This beat fuckin knockkkkkk
The Thot Begoner
The Thot Begoner Hour ago
Worst nle choppa song
ZizzyG Hour ago
Anyone catch the Tooka diss?
LiL RøB Hour ago
Iby King
Iby King Hour ago
Nle Choppa cartoon version looks cute too me like adorable
ZizzyG Hour ago
Fun fact: Song sounds better with headphones (Listen for the Adlibs)
ZizzyG Hour ago
NLE said 12354
cinema cinnamon critical
cinema cinnamon critical Hour ago
NLE Choppa be like: 👁 👃 👁 👄
cinema cinnamon critical
cinema cinnamon critical Hour ago
Btw this sia joke (correct way to say is is sia)
Eilo Jordan
Eilo Jordan Hour ago
Who is better nba young or nle choppa
Vangie Larios
Vangie Larios Hour ago
mruda talk bro nle choppa is not bout that life
Jojo Boy
Jojo Boy Hour ago
Ya know u really feel the music when ur going through or been through some hard shit💯
nathaniel rosales
nathaniel rosales Hour ago
This do be trash tho
Beastythief 23
Beastythief 23 Hour ago
Ngl this song made me stop my actions and just listen
taco master
taco master Hour ago
homie really sounds like he about to cry
FriendsHateMe OFABTRF
FriendsHateMe OFABTRF Hour ago
FIRE now is 🔥🔥 and I think he is now making a short film
Jojo Boy
Jojo Boy Hour ago
Ya know NLE ur really inspiring me to become a rapper 1 day. BTW I'm 16 much luck to u bro👏
Christian Hour ago
1:01 remember me "Get around" 2pac video
Harjot _
Harjot _ Hour ago
I love this sample ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Mert Hour ago
Here before 1 mil💯
marcie LGg
marcie LGg Hour ago
Shottaflow anime lol
Jojo Boy
Jojo Boy Hour ago
Y'all know, I gotta to replay this fire🔥👏💯
Zayn Kara
Zayn Kara 2 hours ago
Here before 100,000l
Twanna Willis
Twanna Willis 2 hours ago
What is up nle choppa
butt 2 hours ago
them cottonwood boys sum else🍇🍇
Markece Davis
Markece Davis 2 hours ago
Lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Just Natezy
Just Natezy 2 hours ago
I'm sad we ain't go see shotta flow 6 7 and probably even shotta flow 69420
Pay EMG 2 hours ago
FOMIG _YungClub Fb Yung Club 🔥📲
gassama mamadou
gassama mamadou 2 hours ago
movie trailers 2019
VechtclubNL 2 hours ago
this song make me feel like NLE will leave us soon
lil anarchy
lil anarchy 2 hours ago
God damnnn that beat drop 🔥🔥
BBQ Sauce
BBQ Sauce 2 hours ago
"shot his baby mama in HIS chest, damn near knocked her tittie"??? 2:00
Juan Castillo
Juan Castillo 2 hours ago
Hard af no cap
Al_x C_dner _YG
Al_x C_dner _YG 2 hours ago
Mafia vibe
Y E E T AMVSまだ 2 hours ago
Nle out here looking like a snap chat emoji
Pop Bebo
Pop Bebo 2 hours ago
He spittin false information lol
Jaden Campbell
Jaden Campbell 2 hours ago
I like how this song and video is giving me early 2000s vibes
Dominique Lancaster
Dominique Lancaster 2 hours ago
I still can’t believe he just graduated from a Christian High School. It makes me wonder what his classmates were like 😂
powerbean 2 hours ago
This some real Memphis shit
Sub_Streamer17 2 hours ago
Keep it up
Jeremy Acton
Jeremy Acton 2 hours ago
This literally sounds like everything else. Smh
Helga Fridjonsdottir
Helga Fridjonsdottir 2 hours ago
Lucky choppa🍀
Ignite_PgunPlay Yt
Ignite_PgunPlay Yt 2 hours ago
And I’m a cancer too
Hall.p 2 hours ago
*Crazy how consumers Gas rappers up by praising them and their music/lifestyle but are quick to say “RIP, the world is unfair” when they die of the same shit they’re rapping about on every song* 🤔
Shakaria Stewart
Shakaria Stewart 2 hours ago
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Demetrius Drake
Demetrius Drake 2 hours ago
Fire 🔥
Jeffrey Whylly
Jeffrey Whylly 2 hours ago
ydoaai ye
Carlos 2 hours ago
this being slept on I felt every lyric to my heart. G 😣
Shakaria Stewart
Shakaria Stewart 2 hours ago
Get this to 1k if you not racsist
Shakaria Stewart
Shakaria Stewart 2 hours ago
You didnt like 😑😨😶 you didnt have too like keep scrolling
Bizzo plays Alt
Bizzo plays Alt 2 hours ago
Begging for likes
Tijana Vučenović
Tijana Vučenović 2 hours ago
wtf is going on with him? ever since he changed bitches he changed his style too? his song were kinda funny and had a good vibe now he givin me dark vibed and hood whats going on man
Dylan Gardner
Dylan Gardner 2 hours ago
Anyone else notice shotta flow 3 4 and 5 on the same album