Андроід 2.0
Андроід 2.0 Hour ago
Pupil is stupid, way we don't so this?
هات مالآخر
هات مالآخر 8 hours ago
الفرق بينه وبين الواقع انه رسم كرتوني الا انه يصف واقعنا الحقيقي
Osiris1111 11 hours ago
Whoever made this has done their research. Very well done. Summed it all up quite nicely.
ADasko 13 hours ago
Brak mi słów by, opisać tą piękną animacje która okazują, na jakim świecie przyszło nam żyć słowa uznania, dla twórców 👏 👏 KILLUMIINATII!!
Samuel Clarke
Samuel Clarke 15 hours ago
Through the tribulations of our time, it is up to us to break the mold. Humanity will be reborn.
Елена Баженова
Елена Баженова 18 hours ago
9:42 коронобесие началось. 10:06 "король то голый" -сентябрь 2020г? Или ещё не "доехали"?.. 10:24 "убей свою маску". 11:01 сколько мужчин выдержит бой?
Тори 15 hours ago
11:01 - сколько людей поборет своего демона внутри себя и попадёт в рай.
Teresa Escarra
Teresa Escarra Day ago
Bonjour, Merci pour cette vidéo !!! Vraiment très parlante. Les illustrations sont puissantes !!! Oui nous devrions tous la voir ! Je partage! Je l'avais deja vue, et de la revoir aujourd'hui, avec ce qui se manifeste dans le monde, vous êtes des visionnaires !!! MERCI !
honey stuff
honey stuff Day ago
Wow deep great music a friend sent me link I'll subscribe
Юрий Трофименко
Юрий Трофименко Day ago
50/50 dgtl need.
Мария Локшина
Мария Локшина Day ago
Великолепно! Даже в масках коронавирусных есть персонажи! За 3 года до! И адренохром высвечен, и вся управленческая иерархия чужих. И исход красивый! Благодарю!
Nero Gatto
Nero Gatto Day ago
5:28 - 6:00 COVID 19
Boris Mitendorfer
Boris Mitendorfer Day ago
Awesome animation and real representation of our society!
Мэри Поппинс
Мэри Поппинс Day ago
Автор - гений. Клип снят 2 года назад, до тотальной шизофрении с COVID-19. В клипе четко показан сговор мировой элиты и биообъекты, после проведенных над ними социальных экспериментов.
Tune Smiith
Tune Smiith 2 days ago
@IN-SHADOW.....amazing art and visual story telling... ....
justin laporte
justin laporte 2 days ago
So relevant to all who live! Amazing
Павел Комин
Павел Комин 2 days ago
Круче не бывает
Adam Randall
Adam Randall 2 days ago
Everyone who watched this in 2017/18/19 : omg this represent everything I've always thought about our society... We should really do something to change this! The same persons in 2020 : JUST WEAR YOUR MASK AND STFU YOU FUCKIN RIGHT-WING CONSPIRACY MORON!
31 2 days ago
Thank you very much friend / friends! In addition to IN-S: «POWER» mirror (Kanye West) >
Shreeram 2 days ago
From Central banks to Big pharma, everything clearly explained without a single word. You guys have done an awesome work
Billy Bones
Billy Bones 2 days ago
11-11 2 days ago
This exactly shows how i see our reality.
108 2 days ago
Gustavo Enriquez
Gustavo Enriquez 3 days ago
El mundo cambia conforme pasa el tiempo la tecnología avanza y los humanos se esclavizan ante eso los gobiernos se corrompen una y otra vez y crean sus propias reglas y asi mismo obligando al humano a cambiar mientras que ellos ganan a su favor sin importarles a que costo ganan o que ofrecen a cambio no hacen nada y siguen una y otra vez y crean mentiras sin importarles a quien dañan o que propósito tienen y sin embargo todos callamos ante eso.
Some Guy
Some Guy 3 days ago
The Kabaalist agenda and anticipation on full display.
ricardo sealey
ricardo sealey 3 days ago
Fantastic work bro...
Red Any
Red Any 3 days ago
Этот фильм похоже будут разбирать на кадры похлеще I PET GOAT II, и концовочка хороша, оптимистичная ))
Badria Saad
Badria Saad 3 days ago
Thinks god this thing not happen in islamic worled 💃
Asaf Nisan Guler
Asaf Nisan Guler 4 days ago
Folks, look up Franklin Cover up by John W DeCamp. The imagery presented in this animated masterpiece is all real.
Silver Spring
Silver Spring 4 days ago
There is one Truth and that is Jesus Christ who is coming very soon...dont followe the new age movement because its of satan...only the Holy Spirit is the Truth and gives comfort to the soul...please put your trust in our Messiah, He loves you more than you know and his kingdom is upon us
Silver Spring
Silver Spring 2 days ago
@Lucid Dreams haha thanks you too...i dont imagine him because as i told you i saw him and i m feeling his love everyday...its something i wasnt able to understand before because i was worshiping my self...he is the only god that came down to our level to save us and he literaly gave up his body for us...thats why jesus said...deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow me...he wants to take us to our true home which is we are here because with our sinful nature we wouldnt be able to be in heaven...but jesus gave us eternal life...they say hell is not being able to feel God's love...he is waiting for us to become silent so he can reveal himself to us
Lucid Dreams
Lucid Dreams 2 days ago
Silver Spring how do you imagine The Lord? And why do you think we are here? You seem to be a reasonable person, I would love to understand how you see this aspect, if you don’t mind sharing. Thank you!
Silver Spring
Silver Spring 2 days ago
@Lucid Dreams yes i agree about religion...God gave us the free it was our will to follow that path...he cant be the God of love if he forces us to be with him...i used to support my voice inside but i realized that i was deceived...and it wasnt my voice..i was on that path last year but i wasnt in peace...and i became so tired until i saw jesus..and now i m completely changed...i respect your opinion though because you have good arguments...when we silence this voice we hear and become humble we will hear the voice of the Lord
Lucid Dreams
Lucid Dreams 2 days ago
Silver Spring well , I’m not sure what new age you’re talking about, there is many things going on now, but same as always... look back in history. We have differences of opinions. You saying that devil fuels the pride etc. who created us, created us with it so we could overcome it, no? If we look at bible Eve was only given choice to keep her fait, right? But God also sees the future? Isn’t he? So he knew this is happening or was this the part of plan... or God not that powerful to just change things ?... again, I have to stick to the point we are responsible for our actions. It appears to me that here, nothing is open book with clear answers ... many things are twisted and too many lies and distractions so we forget to do one thing. Listen to voice inside. People could twist things all they want, but when you do wrong thing , you know in your guts you’re wrong even that everyone says otherwise. Being good person, good human being is all we have to do, no matter of religion. Every day we seen 1000 of messages and given lessons. We just need to wake up and pay attention.
Silver Spring
Silver Spring 2 days ago
@Lucid Dreams i was thinking like this and satan is the true enemy because he fuels your pride and ego by saying...i dont need god i donot care...and i m not talking about religion...i m talking about real faith that brings spirituality also...people prefer spirituality because it has no obligations...they reject age culture is of satan and i know this from personal experience because he deceived me...until i opened my heart to jesus
Derek Savard
Derek Savard 4 days ago
Just watched a video about Disney and Chinese communist party working together to make Mulan. It really reminded me of this video.
Geneviève Glisière dite Anaëlle
Geneviève Glisière dite Anaëlle 4 days ago
Merci, votre vidéo est visionnaire.
Klein Guillermo
Klein Guillermo 4 days ago
Iya ya Allah
Klein Guillermo
Klein Guillermo 4 days ago
ya allah plz forgive me stop watching this
METAN0L 22 hours ago
Ethan Green
Ethan Green 4 days ago
Who else notices George Floyd Story ? 3:10
Ra Ra1
Ra Ra1 4 days ago
Thanks a lot .
Анна Лазутина
Анна Лазутина 4 days ago
Блин, сколько лайков это радует,но на 17.09.2020 в Москве 50 процентов ходят в намордниках
9 S_9999
9 S_9999 5 days ago
🙏🏼🦋 Thank you
Timon itzekkk
Timon itzekkk 5 days ago
Wtf 😭 i see it i see it, it is real 📺🐑
Khaled aboulseoud
Khaled aboulseoud 5 days ago
Devil be invited to be more & more closer to our life through our arrogancy ignorancy unlimited desires & here's our final results ! This is a Great superior short film I ever seen through my third eye !
Lucid Dreams
Lucid Dreams 14 hours ago
Khaled aboulseoud but I’m not asking his name... I’m asking how you see him?
Khaled aboulseoud
Khaled aboulseoud 18 hours ago
@Lucid Dreams The Devil "Ebliiss" tbis is his real name.
Lucid Dreams
Lucid Dreams 2 days ago
Who is the devil in your understanding?
C M 5 days ago
This is incredible ! The people that made this are geniuses. Think you literally covered everything wrong with our society today...and that is not an easy task !
Besen sam
Besen sam 6 days ago
This is god like video :) thank you lord This is only one video chanel ;) hmm .. The best
living soul
living soul 6 days ago
It must stop
Gerhard Schreiber
Gerhard Schreiber 7 days ago
Die Masken haben wir ja schon
Nick Fires
Nick Fires 7 days ago
Sadly they missed out on some things like the religion controlling us the human meat in fast food the and new world order
Silver Shadow MPM
Silver Shadow MPM 7 days ago
Illuminati !!!!!
ZonDon 7 days ago
Insanely good video! Wish i could love instead of giving it a like! Masterpiece!!!
Nika Born
Nika Born 7 days ago
а в конце - глаза Творца
Martina Peloso
Martina Peloso 7 days ago
I wonder who the fuck disliked this? Like WHO THE FUCK?
Ethan Green
Ethan Green 2 days ago
@Lucid Dreams lol
Lucid Dreams
Lucid Dreams 2 days ago
Ethan Green hmm good idea! I must try
Ethan Green
Ethan Green 4 days ago
If you also watch this on drugs then you will dislike the shit out of it too ... it looks super terrifying on some drugs ... PTSD is waiting in the corner
EFYH Beatz
EFYH Beatz 7 days ago
Nice 808
Kathy Montgomery
Kathy Montgomery 8 days ago
Was just watching this on another vid. Everything about 2020. Gred, big pharm, taking souls, eating babies, ego, our government, bankers, cube means a cross. I could go on and on about this
Ethan Green
Ethan Green 4 days ago
Masks ... covid ... even 3:12 illustrates George floyd story
James Coriell
James Coriell 8 days ago
Trump2020!! He will end all this evil!!!!
May I Ask A Question
May I Ask A Question 9 days ago
Even with the truth revealed.. We still sit and wait... For a savoir. No one is coming. Get off your ass and make a difference.
Lucid Dreams
Lucid Dreams 2 days ago
عارف بحق الوقت
عارف بحق الوقت 8 days ago
yes he is coming, i mean we are coming ;)
Adrian 9 days ago
THANK YOU. everyone waiting for jesus to return, the power is within US.
Caput mortuum
Caput mortuum 9 days ago
Пукинская Россия.
David Maarchof
David Maarchof 9 days ago
Islam is back
Marcius Almeida
Marcius Almeida 9 days ago
Esse conteúdo é magnifico e "REAL", é a pura realidade dessa vida atual, só farsas e manipulações, encarnações, pena que 99% por cento da população são ibemcis
Destino El
Destino El 9 days ago
10:59 Desafiar Jeová e seu sistema 11:10 Libertação após a morte 11:37 Ida para a casa 12:02 Eu Superior despertando completamente
Bellota Luna
Bellota Luna 9 days ago
Espero que la gente despierte con este video y se de cuenta de la enorme manipulación que han hecho con nosotros deshumanizandonos totalmente como sociedad.
diego guglielmi
diego guglielmi 9 days ago
Its makes me awake something on my self... Thanks a lot, im gonna SHARE the menssage, we are on the way to the New era. Im from Argentina, LOVE to every one and belive on our self toguether with nature. Today sept 2020 ITS TIME TO BE FREE AND KIND. ♥️🙌🏽
DRAGON H 9 days ago
This is a sona
A J 9 days ago
7:55 Obama and a picture of pizza and hotdogs together with a picture of john podesta's art work andthe empty pool at the "Vanderbilt Biltmore pool."
khaled yamany
khaled yamany 9 days ago
illuminati and Israel will be the reason of our sins wake up everyone !! they are planning to kill us all !!
Бог За'Эль
Бог За'Эль 9 days ago
Прошлое / Настоящее / Будущее - - Человечества
colleen Colleen
colleen Colleen 9 days ago
We are on a collision course to the end of this world as we know it. I wish I had woken up earlier when it was easier to change and there was not this lingering sense of dread hanging around in the background. I like watching this video because it gives me a weird sense of hope.
S C 9 days ago
Call me crazy but all day I've been trying to remember what this doc was called and when I'm about to give up on it completely. USshow algorithm recommends it to me .wow
Mr. HuffnPuff
Mr. HuffnPuff 10 days ago
I see a spiritual awakening by design
Adam Novus
Adam Novus 10 days ago
Get out if The Hypercube. We are Christ
ZLOY ZLOU 10 days ago
Lakin is a good people.
ZLOY ZLOU 10 days ago
We know all the different people
ZLOY ZLOU 10 days ago
The Song of The Death of Haya Sabb
ZLOY ZLOU 10 days ago
Morning and night go
ZLOY ZLOU 10 days ago
We're pouring
ZLOY ZLOU 10 days ago
You know my friend, all the people who are happy to be happy
ZLOY ZLOU 10 days ago
I wish you knew.
ZLOY ZLOU 10 days ago
You know a subject I mean this is the king of death
Joshua Carlos
Joshua Carlos 10 days ago
Yeet Man
Yeet Man 10 days ago
Pseudointellectualism at its best. Also its as shit as the zeitgeist movies were
Abhishek saini
Abhishek saini 10 days ago
Awesome I have no words ...
Sara Giró Carbonell
Sara Giró Carbonell 10 days ago
I’ve seen this for 10 times and I can’t stop it, it’s amazing....
Hermes Trismegistus
Hermes Trismegistus 10 days ago
Ridiculous dude, You might be a simp :)
كرار سعد عبد
كرار سعد عبد 10 days ago
لا اله إلا الله محمد رسول الله و علي ولي الله اعوذ بالله من شيطان الرجيم و من افكاركم الشيطانيه و الماسونيه