Is Anthony Davis OVERRATED?
Is Trae Young OVERRATED?
RIP KOBE BRYANT (1978-2020)
Find Out
Find Out 3 minutes ago
Jokic > Ad Jokic > Embiid Jokic > Giannis And its not that close either
Shankin2daBank 13 minutes ago
Don’t say we bruh. If u knew u knew
justinflor 32 minutes ago
Didn’t know KD was a naruto fan. Heard the “hard work beats talent..” quote on Naruto way before KD said it
Cerrons11 52 minutes ago
Man it's unbelievable how in every single video you have to say something bad about lebron. You call other people bronsexuals but you are the biggest jordansexual ever smh
Felipe Lopez Segura
Felipe Lopez Segura 57 minutes ago
Felipe Lopez Segura
Felipe Lopez Segura 58 minutes ago
Yeah we are up 2-0 in the ECF, and herro is clutch af
brett robbins
brett robbins 58 minutes ago
Jimmy doesn't stuff the score up like other stars but I swear every game in the last 2 mins he seems to get 2 steals every game causing them to win
Brian L
Brian L Hour ago
Yung Mustard you're a loser if you can't say what you have to say because of LeBron fans? If you think Bam's block was the best ever say it as it is and if you don't think it is don't throw shade at LeBron for absolutely no reason. What a small hearted hypocrite
Ian And Cindy Vlogs
Ian And Cindy Vlogs Hour ago
Miami vs Lakers in the Finals
kugodx9 Hour ago
As a heat fan I'll agree Goran is our best scorer. He's immensely underlooked and always is the spark that gets our offense going.
Gragala Kaisel
Gragala Kaisel Hour ago
no 🧢 dragic is the best scorer in the heat, Bam is the best zone defender and in the paint, Robinson is the best shooter in the team, Butler is the best guy to defend the enemy team’s best guy, Herro is a clutch, Crowder is a wall that can shoot three, Olynyk can step up while crowder rest, Iggy is reliable in everything, Jones Jr’d athletic body will follow you to the ends of the earth just to block you.
Clifford Mccall
Clifford Mccall Hour ago
Great Info I agree with your blog, At South Beach this is how we role. Pat Riley and the coach have done a great job. No one seen this coming, at least I know I didn't. Wow the significant of a great Owner and a front office can never be over shadowed. This is great example. You can draft all the talent in the world but if you don't know how to put it all together and coach it, this is what you will get. Coach, coach, coach, the Heat is up 2-0 on Boston regardless of what happen moving forward the Heat culture is on front display. I don't never count a team out because I have respect for Boston, but I will say this if Miami make the Championship, the Lakers or Nugget want beat the Heat, here's why. As I stated to earlier, coaching, coaching, coaching. Vogel or the Heat for Nuggets are not good coaches, look at their resume. The best coaches are in the Eastern conference Finals right now and one is out coaching the other. In game 2 the Heat was down by 17 and look what happened. I am a spectator. Lebron and his counter part cant pay long minute and the center for L.A. is not durable. Only time will tell. Now stop reading this and go and vote.
Jack Knight
Jack Knight Hour ago
I’m really hoping the heat go on to win it all. If not let’s hope they can do it next year.
mohd aisyamudin
mohd aisyamudin 2 hours ago
i was really hoping that butler stayed, but they went and get horford. why??
David Filipović
David Filipović 2 hours ago
Just take a moment a appreciate the greatness, to be compared to Magic and LeBron in your first and second season, i mean there has bean only one Magic and one LeBron, if he continues to play like this hes team hes going to have great career, but imagine if he gets even better...
mohd aisyamudin
mohd aisyamudin 2 hours ago
they have 1 of the top 5 centre, top 5 rookie, top 5 defender, top 3 6tth man and top 5 3 pointer...
David Filipović
David Filipović 2 hours ago
Luka got mamba mentality🐍 We are going to see him in finals in years to come
Sub-Zero 2 hours ago
Goran Drajich alert!lmao
Sub-Zero 2 hours ago
what s up with americans and 'ic' !!is it so difficult to pronounce?i dont get it
Sebastian Lajos
Sebastian Lajos 2 hours ago
Maybe you were wrong, but Heat Nation always knew!
Buddy Mode
Buddy Mode 2 hours ago
Yall be really napping on Miami #HeatNation
zach shurden
zach shurden 2 hours ago
Well this aged poorly..
Tron 3 hours ago
Weren’t you the guy who just said Kawaii is the best player in the world
Vit D Milk
Vit D Milk 3 hours ago
I hear you talking bout OUI a lot ooh you speak french now
eddy nsabue
eddy nsabue 3 hours ago
Miami heat are the angry dirty warriors. pre-championship warriors.
WizManBallin 3 hours ago
Ive been Team J-Buckets since he was in Minnesota. Only true hoopers knew Jimmy was for real. The problem? He was always surrounded by other NBA stars so people didnt look at what he was trying to bring to those teams. When he chose Miami? I knew they would make the Finals. Gilbert Arenas called it before the season started and said they would be the dark horse this year....and here we are.
samuel solomon
samuel solomon 3 hours ago
Yall were wrong, I said this in December, the heat are better then the bucks heat and every team in the east. I never predict anything wrong🤷🏾‍♂️
PC Gamer_buds
PC Gamer_buds 3 hours ago
I saw your dubs at 50k so I immediately subbed to be the first after 50k. Btw good attitude on making factual statements.
smiTTy Rodgerz
smiTTy Rodgerz 3 hours ago
don’t blame DOC. ... blame yourself ... all that Lebron hate ... see what it gets you .. see what it got Steph & KD ... he’s the best and if he’s not the 🐐 .. he’s firmly #2 ... him and Kobe ... so when you talk Lebron James “PUT SOME RESPECT ON HIS NAME”
Rollie Azanion
Rollie Azanion 3 hours ago
De Bayo the great?the reincarnation of scottie pippen
JURE STANIC 3 hours ago
dude if you watched one Miami game, you would know how to pronounce Dragić tragic
Kat Lap
Kat Lap 4 hours ago
This is what mentor ship is all about, Jimmy is the heart behind the team, he believes in everyone on that roster
wulfwood04 4 hours ago
Dragic - pronounce as dragitch
Draco On Me
Draco On Me 4 hours ago
Can’t believe he didn’t bring up Duncan Robinson boy a shooter shooter 🔫🔫🔫
smiTTy Rodgerz
smiTTy Rodgerz 4 hours ago
You were wrong ... lmao ... stop 🛑 it ... #KingJames #🐐James
ArthurFhackingShelby 4 hours ago
If your lebron you bron sexual wow hahaha this bum
RollsRoss 4 hours ago
Nah bro, you were wrong 😂 I knew we’d make it this far once we came back to the bubble and saw how everybody else’s was playing in the East.. well ima heat fan so I guess I paid more attention
it happening right now stop it lol
it happening right now stop it lol 4 hours ago
You mean 2 wins away?? Well im LBJ fan, Don't compare players to other, Become a good youtubers. Don't be a trash.
eyih jhny
eyih jhny 4 hours ago
Bronsexual would get mad.. wkwkwkw
Vuk Milanovic
Vuk Milanovic 4 hours ago
I have the feeling team is built around Dragic and not around Butler, Dragic helped butler show his full potential, Adebayo and Herro stepped up...
Zbarky31 4 hours ago
mans just forgot about robinson
Braedyn Rea
Braedyn Rea 4 hours ago
Am I the only one that wasn't blind? Before the season I said they were gonna be a top seed in the East which they were 5th so pretty close, most people didn't even have them in the playoffs. When playoffs came around people thought they didn't have enough talent to go deep, but in reality this is the most talented team in the NBA right now and Kendrick Nunn has barely been playing in the playoffs, I have this team possibly winning the Finals.
shalom bhatta
shalom bhatta 4 hours ago
This is the first time i'm seeing a superstar that's not about the stat-sheet. He just want to win and make his teammates better.
J R A K N 4 hours ago
The team chemistry is just too good and that plays into how good they are because if everyone is on the same page, they can be almost unstoppable
CHECK CHECK 4 hours ago
Bandwagon alert
The Best
The Best 4 hours ago
These “we were wrong about butler” videos are getting out of hand. The media and casuals are to blame. Not “we”. Great video though.
Butt Man
Butt Man 5 hours ago
Lmfaoo when did you become right?
Nu Kulcher
Nu Kulcher 5 hours ago
They might not be the best players but for sure they're the best partners.
レガラドゲイリー 5 hours ago
This is just karmic payback for Stern vetoing that CP3 to Lakers trade in 2011. They've been cursed ever since lmao
denis victor
denis victor 5 hours ago
Giannis needs to stay in the bucks and improvebhis ofensive game, wtf, the man has only one way to score, put this failure on the greek
Tristan Andre Chavez
Tristan Andre Chavez 5 hours ago
Why you put 3 ads tho damn
Repent Gaming
Repent Gaming 5 hours ago
We? Nah not Heat Fans, aka smart ppl
prince joker
prince joker 5 hours ago
Lebron Sexual hahahha
NBA YoungBuck
NBA YoungBuck 6 hours ago
Happy 50k Mustard!
Yaser Qubbaj
Yaser Qubbaj 6 hours ago
1.mj 2.lebron 3.larry bird 4.hakeem 5.kareem 6.tim duncan 7.magic 8.moses malone 9.bill russell 10.shaq
aznpikachu215 6 hours ago
Compare them to the Lakers, they have a floor general, either it's LeBron or Rondo. The Clippers don't have that.
judomaster222 6 hours ago
Sorry, you were wrong, not we 😁
Ayush Garg
Ayush Garg 6 hours ago
*2 games away
ray matthews
ray matthews 7 hours ago
Rockets? Karma
Carl Henry
Carl Henry 7 hours ago
I like his take but what I'm starting to notice with everybody thats praising the Heats is how shocked they are with how Mia is playing. Or how shocked they are about certain players skill sets. Like Tyler nd his play making. Tyler was giving the opportunity to play make since summer league. Bam been showing signs of versatility since last year. Spo been showing his coaching abilities since Bosh retired, wade left nd we had nothing but role players that led to a season closing 30-11 run we made a few years ago (which if it didn't happen we could've drafted Tatum but missed on Bam. Which is great debate on what would've worked out better). The only surprise ppl are the non Heat fans.
Sin 7 hours ago
When he said kd leaving okc it hit me 😭😭😭
Ziyen Moore
Ziyen Moore 7 hours ago
Be scared of the heat
Ziyen Moore
Ziyen Moore 7 hours ago
Lebron is not going to block anyone
Ziyen Moore
Ziyen Moore 7 hours ago
Miami heat taking the champ home
michael bantilo
michael bantilo 7 hours ago
Yall sleeping on heat 🤷🤷
Diego Santiago
Diego Santiago 8 hours ago
Did you just compared leonard-curry to ad-jokic. No!!!!!
Cham Cham
Cham Cham 8 hours ago
That high pick & roll with jokic was a killer. Clippers had no answer. Evidently doc didn't practice a defence. Neither did any of his assistant coaches. He should have ran it on the nuggets to see how they defended it. But no, they wouldn't try. What if clippers had jokic instead of zubac! Hot damn.
Mykhal Hughes
Mykhal Hughes 8 hours ago
PG has dog in him... it's a tea cup poodle puppy... but that's still technically a dog right..? Even though house cats are bigger and more dangerous..? Oh... when your dog is less dangerous than a pussy... #Paul George
Putra 8 hours ago
Best at choke
YoungTruth 956
YoungTruth 956 8 hours ago
Doc Rivers is an overrated coach, just because he won 1 ring in 2008 with the Celtics don't make him a great coach, he has 3 3-1 blown leads in the playoffs and has never been able to take the Clippers to the Western Conference Finals, come on now
Gian Janoski
Gian Janoski 8 hours ago
whoever coach celtics 08 would won also the championship as long coach Thibodeau in the team. trash trash trash rivers. heat fan since 06
jono987king 8 hours ago
Heat are doing this all with Kendrick Nunn and Duncan Robinson struggling in the playoffs
Luciano Bradley
Luciano Bradley 8 hours ago
What's with all this French talking about "we"?
Lightning Fast
Lightning Fast 9 hours ago
That's a good photoshop lol
Akira Kurusu
Akira Kurusu 9 hours ago
I'm taking Jokic over AD but I'm taking Kawhi over Steph.
Luka Zebic
Luka Zebic 9 hours ago
Congratz Yung Mustard on 50k bro, you deserved it bro, very underrated channel
miclabrador 9 hours ago
That's not even KD's line.
Raditya Poerwanto
Raditya Poerwanto 9 hours ago
Jimmy Buckets is what will Kobe be if he is born without basketball talent. Pure hardwork and heart.
Coach Rob Newell
Coach Rob Newell 9 hours ago
Pat Bev 😅
I suck At names
I suck At names 9 hours ago
You were wrong about jimmy and the heat😂 I predicted them to get this far