Caleb Davis
Caleb Davis 4 minutes ago
What makes people think harden will go here? He is already demanding to go to the nets so why would a team want him when he will leave anyway? Golden state will trade for the four players in brooklyn regardless
Jorge De La Torre
Jorge De La Torre 6 minutes ago
what the hell u mean when u say harden nows how to play with ball dominant point guards, he is boutta leave the rockets exactly because HE CANNOT PLAY WITH BALL DOMINANT POINT GUARDS. The cp3 experiment did not work out and neither did russ, I don´t think harden wants to go to GS with the most ball dominant point guard there is but you can dream all you want
Michael Wolff
Michael Wolff 22 minutes ago
Knicks 2022! Hahaha
Nyill Griffin
Nyill Griffin 24 minutes ago
I think he will be moved by the trade deadline this year
KeeJay Plays
KeeJay Plays 32 minutes ago
Jayson Raphael Murdock
Jayson Raphael Murdock 36 minutes ago
If he gets traded to golden state I hope its a massive failure.
Pedro Sernagiotto
Pedro Sernagiotto 42 minutes ago
I think they could get him with Pascal, Wiggins, Oubre and 3 or 4 firsts including Minnesota's first which will probably be a mid lottery pick at least....
Pedro Sernagiotto
Pedro Sernagiotto 39 minutes ago
Though I didn't see shit about this trade rumor....
Pedro Sernagiotto
Pedro Sernagiotto 41 minute ago
And next year draft is supposed to be a great one, so a mid to early first should he pretty valuable...
Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith 44 minutes ago
I’m a bucks fan but if harden goes to the warriors the warriors dynasty is over
Epic Experiment
Epic Experiment Minute ago
Harden should join the Bucks just wanna see Giannis and Harden in the same team
MiL CJ 50 minutes ago
Knicks been Winning in 2k
LBond 09
LBond 09 56 minutes ago
Why would they get him don’t fit if they can get harden they can try get embiid which would actually work
bryanlaabs 58 minutes ago
Thanks Krispy for doing this rebuild.
Zorik 59 minutes ago
Trade would be Klay, Wiseman, the Minnesota pick and another first
a a
a a Hour ago
i feel like the rockets go for one more season, especially since they signed christian wood and boogie
BWash77 Hour ago
Naw bro... that's a give away
Lindsay Singletary
Lindsay Singletary Hour ago
why did you trade Wismen
Shiron Young
Shiron Young Hour ago
I see him and dame teaming up . Its a win win. Melo gets a GREAT SHOT AT A WIN, cj and russ can be a good duo, rockets get more pics. And dame FINALLY gets "help"
YGnolimits Hour ago
As a rockets fan I wouldn’t trade him anywhere because he has done so much for our franchise and made us relevant
AKidWhoIsWackoOnCracko Hour ago
Um to do what? He hasn't made the finals even with HELP so rockets need to trade him
jp donohoe
jp donohoe Hour ago
As a warriors fan part of me is glad klay got injured so harden won’t come to the warriors
The Human
The Human Hour ago
Warriors ain’t trading all dat
NiccoNassty Hour ago
Celtics would have 5 Point guards if they sign Thomas😂
Jr Gaming
Jr Gaming Hour ago
Harden (Harden and Curry would be interesting) For Wiggins (could be a good player in a different uninformed) James Wiseman(a young building piece) Jordan Plol(can spell his name but, a good young nba player) And 4 first round picks (because the warriors are going to be good for the next few season) I think this trade would work for both sides I can see the warriors be a 2 or 3 seed in that loaded western conference Houston can focus on the young core and be a lottery team(because they are in the western conference) This is my opinion on this trade
Edward Pistolhands
Edward Pistolhands Hour ago
Steph not seth
This guy said Wiggins by himself almost makes the deal happen 😂
Steady Mobbin'
Steady Mobbin' Hour ago
He was saying salary wise jackass
logan mckemie
logan mckemie Hour ago
no way harden to warrior thats dumb they want steph to be main ball handler
Matt Sellers
Matt Sellers Hour ago
I don’t think the Rockets would take this trade. Especially if the Nets is offering Dinwiddie, LeVert, Prince, & Allen with 3 1st. You get a lot more value from the Nets. For the Warriors to make this trade, you will need to throw in, Wiseman, Oubre, Thompson, Pascall, and 3 1st
BPDMF Hour ago
Signing IT would be fun but i think Tremont Waters will get some run. He's nasty, cheech his highlights and stuff his passing highlights.
SickVick Hour ago
Wiggins and Eric paschall maybe but warriors will not trade wiseman nor Kelly O lol
Ricky Dornberger
Ricky Dornberger Hour ago
I don’t want harden on the warriors he doesn’t fit the system very well.
alex nasis
alex nasis Hour ago
My mans just gave klay a season ending food poisoning ! Give klay a break :-)
Tyreek Hickman
Tyreek Hickman Hour ago
I don’t want them to get rid of Kelly Oubra or James wisman
BPDMF Hour ago
It's a good thing they drafted a knee smith to help Kemba.
Gabe Jcobs
Gabe Jcobs Hour ago
Klay Thomson is out with food poisoning
sam tiedemann
sam tiedemann Hour ago
I want to see rockets rebuild based off this trade
Antonio Slomba
Antonio Slomba Hour ago
I think cause the dude wants to leave the rockets thats more than enough. I wouldve left out one of the three players you traded for that reason.
bryanlaabs Hour ago
I think they roll with what they have with Harden, Russ, Wood, Boogie and Gordon. If they are decent they might upgrade the bench at the deadline or get another center of a boogie is hurt or not playing well. If they aren’t doing well they might trade pieces away at the deadline.
King Chize
King Chize Hour ago
The warriors not making that trade
Raphael J
Raphael J Hour ago
Hardin and Chandler for $$$$$
Kamyl Bailey
Kamyl Bailey 2 hours ago
They don’t need them
JJ Lincoln
JJ Lincoln 2 hours ago
As a warriors fan there is no way we give up that much, we just gained wiseman and oubre to be starters no shot in trading them away idc who it’s for
Jose pacho jeminez de la cruz secunda
Jose pacho jeminez de la cruz secunda Hour ago
lmfao your warriors will never see a championship ever again
Angel Soto
Angel Soto 2 hours ago
The pelicans will never be as good as 2k simulates them 💀💀
bryanlaabs 2 hours ago
I might be in the minority but I don’t like this for Golden State.
Brad Heckman
Brad Heckman 2 hours ago
Wiggins, Wiseman, picks. They aren’t going to trade wiseman and Oubre, so it’d be one or the other. Also, Harden has lower stock
Chef Curry
Chef Curry 2 hours ago
ian 2 hours ago
Angel Soto
Angel Soto 2 hours ago
Honestly I don't think James Harden would go to the team that's has bounced his team out of the playoffs every year.
Michael Vilchez
Michael Vilchez 2 hours ago
LMAOOO He really lost to the knicks
Itz Andy
Itz Andy 2 hours ago
Danny ainge said that they’re full on the guard spot so he pretty much saying no IT 😭
Muv.Nation II
Muv.Nation II 2 hours ago
It’s not really a dynasty though but I don’t want it
MiL CJ 2 hours ago
The knicks: Let’s go piss off krispy and then loose when he goes for us The Celtics: I’m down I’m cursed anyway
Fortnite Funny Moments
Fortnite Funny Moments 2 hours ago
What was that trade offer, u gave way to much up for harden
Cirillo Dude
Cirillo Dude 2 hours ago
Golden State Warriors: James Wiseman Andrew Wiggins Eric Paschall Kelly Oubre 2021 Top 3 Protected Timberwolves Pick 2023 First Round Pick 2025 First Round Pick If the Rockets want to reset and start a rebuild, this is one of the best offers you're going to get for Harden. You get the number 2 overall pick in James Wiseman who has potential to be an All-Star in the future, as well as Andrew Wiggins who is a solid younger player(even though his contract is massive I think it's a good situation for Wiggins to play with more veteran leadership than he's played with before) as well as Kelly Oubre who is a great young player who spaces the floor out and Eric Paschall who was one of the most surprising dark horse Rookie of the Year candidates last year. Houston Rockets: James Harden Eric Gordon David Nwaba The Warriors had an injury in Thompson, and it's obvious they want to return to that powerhouse we've experienced for five seasons, so what better way to secure a playoff spot and possibly a title run than trading for Harden, who is arguably a top 5 player in the league as of right now. You also acquire a shooter in Eric Gordon, whose contract is rather large, but can play a vital role off the bench for this Warriors team. And you also got the chemistry with Gordon and Harden. As for David Nwaba, he's mainly a void trade piece, but can be a solid third man shooting guard off your bench who plays solid defense. I am a diehard Houston Rockets fan, and if we HAD to trade James Harden, this is probably my favorite deal we can get for him, although it might be a bit of an overpay for Harden, as you're getting rid of most of your young talent in Golden State, but if you are in a dire "win now" mode, then why not go for one of the most polarizing NBA players in the past decade?
Roman Perrin
Roman Perrin 2 hours ago
Wiseman can’t get traded until a month after being signed and all incoming free agents can’t be signed until 3 months after being signed...
Roman Perrin
Roman Perrin 2 hours ago
Wiggins, looney, Poole, 3 first, 2 seconds
gary hamlin
gary hamlin 2 hours ago
That is way to much for Harden.... naw bro not giving up that much for him. That doesn’t improve the team that makes them worse.horrible trade!!!!
Avraham Young
Avraham Young 2 hours ago
Sign Quinn cook
Connor Min
Connor Min 2 hours ago
I think Harden will stay. Love the videos Krispy
Kane Hinton
Kane Hinton 2 hours ago
I'm not sure that I want my Cavs trading for Westbrook. Don't get me wrong, Westbrook is very good player. I'm just scared of that contract. I guess Cleveland isn't big time free agent destination anyways.
Suvav Bhusal
Suvav Bhusal 2 hours ago
As a diehard rockets fan I want the basis of the trade to be Klay, wiseman, Wiggins or oubre and some picks
Emilie Jason
Emilie Jason 2 hours ago
Bro Krispy why don’t you make the star ur trading not untouchable the try and make the trade actually go through Anyways I think my way is smart but whatever
Emilie Jason
Emilie Jason 2 hours ago
And it’s not believable that they would trade James Wiseman?
WillTrill 2 hours ago
Harden should go to philly and actually compete in the East for a championship
Vinny 2 hours ago
Lebron traded to the Raptors 🤣🤣
Aniruddha Iyengar
Aniruddha Iyengar 2 hours ago
Wiggins, Looney, Paschall, 2021 Minnesota FRP, 2023 Warriors FRP, 2025 Warriors FRP, and 2027 Warriors FRP. Warriors should do that and if Houston asks for Wiseman, Oubre Jr, or Green then Warriors should walk out the door. In my opinion, Bradley Beal would be the more intriguing option here. He fits better and they wouldn't need to give up as much assets. Wiggins, Looney, 2021 Minnesota FRP, 2023 Warriors FRP, and 2025 Warriors FRP. Warriors should do that and they get to keep Paschall and that 2027 FRP.
Demetric Robinson
Demetric Robinson 2 hours ago
He need to go to Brooklyn
Kane Hinton
Kane Hinton 2 hours ago
If that trade happens, the Warriors will give the Lakers a run for their money not this upcoming season. but the season after.
Huzaifah Khan
Huzaifah Khan 2 hours ago
I don’t see him getting traded neither russel Westbrook even if he does he ain’t going to golden state or Brooklyn And Houston is a good team they got Cousins and wood they are better than 2018 and they made it hard for the warriors now I”m not saying that they will make the finals but I don’t think they need to make big trades make small trades build around harden and Westbrook I mean make it better
Huzaifah Khan
Huzaifah Khan 2 hours ago
I “m a lakers fan by the way
iPlayPok3r 2 hours ago
I always kinda felt like he should have been on the pistons
GobbleGodASF 2 hours ago
Trade is fair, but I think they would at least run a season with wiseman
Aniruddha Iyengar
Aniruddha Iyengar 2 hours ago
Wiggins, Looney, Paschall, 2021 Minnesota FRP, 2023 Warriors FRP, 2025 Warriors FRP, and 2027 Warriors FRP. Warriors should do that and if Houston asks for Wiseman, Oubre Jr, or Green then Warriors should walk out the door.
quise Sirmans
quise Sirmans 2 hours ago
He im marquise i love your videos and my birthday is on the 6 you think you can do a special rebuild for the timberwovles thanks and happy Thanksgiving and merry Christmas
Austin Hess
Austin Hess 2 hours ago
I think it would have to be James Wiseman,green and 2 first round picks for the next 2 seasons
Austin Hess
Austin Hess 2 hours ago
Or wiggins
Austin Hess
Austin Hess 2 hours ago
From the next 2 seasons
mr bum boy
mr bum boy 2 hours ago
I would rather have bradley beal because we would have to give up less assets
Destroyer BoYs
Destroyer BoYs Hour ago
Well Bradley doesnt want to be traded but James harden does
mr bum boy
mr bum boy 2 hours ago
I'm a nets fan and I hope he dont get traded their
tharbeapancake 2 hours ago
Golden state wouldn’t give up wiseman
Tyl3r05I9 _
Tyl3r05I9 _ 2 hours ago
tharbeapancake they would have to or else it wouldn’t be accepted
Paul Williams-Mejia
Paul Williams-Mejia 2 hours ago
Man the Lakers ain't accuatlly loseing to the warriors, even if they get harden, I think the Lakers will win in 6.
Paul Williams-Mejia
Paul Williams-Mejia 3 minutes ago
@Aniruddha Iyengar that's a little much to Give up if your the Rockets, I'm just saying.
Aniruddha Iyengar
Aniruddha Iyengar 9 minutes ago
@Paul Williams-Mejia Wiggins, Looney, Paschall, 2021 Minnesota FRP, 2023 Warriors FRP, 2025 Warriors FRP, and 2027 Warriors FRP. Warriors should do that and if Houston asks for Wiseman, Oubre Jr, or Green then Warriors should walk out the door.
Paul Williams-Mejia
Paul Williams-Mejia 35 minutes ago
@Aniruddha Iyengar yeah but if they get harden they won't have wisman or kelly
Aniruddha Iyengar
Aniruddha Iyengar 2 hours ago
Nah. Curry Harden Oubre Green Wiseman would be enough LA.
Eli Oglesby
Eli Oglesby 2 hours ago
Warriors trade wiggins wiseman paschall poole smailagic timberwolves pick and every warriors pick until rylee curry is a grandma for james harden
Gilbert Cole
Gilbert Cole 2 hours ago
I don’t think wiseman gets traded
Nicks Kicks
Nicks Kicks 2 hours ago
Wiggins and a shit ton of picks
Kelly Evans
Kelly Evans 2 hours ago
james harden trade value isnt that high. If he wants out he will be cheap.
Jayson Raphael Murdock
Jayson Raphael Murdock 31 minute ago
He's a one trick pony. I'd rather have Anthony Davis or Jason Tatum than harden.
Steady Mobbin'
Steady Mobbin' Hour ago
Semi correct. Houston knows Harden is leaving regardless. They are going to try to get whatever they can for him. Not saying they give him away for peanuts but if they let his contract run out they just get nothing. They ain't letting that happen
MJDAGOAT 1 Hour ago
What? U trippin
Saeed Elmohandes
Saeed Elmohandes 2 hours ago
No way
Alexander Jackson
Alexander Jackson 2 hours ago
My trade is Wiggins with draymond and 3 picks
Nicks Kicks
Nicks Kicks 2 hours ago
Better fit for harden then Brooklyn.
DaFallen Beast
DaFallen Beast 3 hours ago
I really wanna see this rebuild with Russ on the Cavs