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PlaystationWins 16 hours ago
Sony Always Wins!
Fred 16 hours ago
imagine the sound of an intro of something then proceed to 1:04
Turtle Power
Turtle Power 16 hours ago
That good huh?
Remi Tran
Remi Tran 16 hours ago
The first thing I think when I hear “thin and light” is “expensive”
ThriftybyNature 16 hours ago
I'm still waiting to see how loud the PS5 is
93hothead 16 hours ago
Yea if the developer actually spends the time programing all these external peripherals or as most developers would just use the vibration only lol
Derfal 16 hours ago
Netflix: Are you still watching? Me and someone's daughter: 1:08
hamza Khan
hamza Khan 16 hours ago
Plss make a video of ps5 gameplay
Hero Li
Hero Li 16 hours ago
Hideo Kojima is up to something 😌
Zarki 16 hours ago
I don't have a job cause I'm still in highschool but you're really making me want to get one.
Vinay Madan
Vinay Madan 16 hours ago
OnePlus , Oppo, Vivo, Realme aka Chinese Spyware. No matter how cool those devices look, come 2021 and with Harmony OS it's all backdoor & viruses pre-installed.
WTH! 16 hours ago
why not just connect the heat sink directly to the gpu
Jean-Paul NOEL
Jean-Paul NOEL 16 hours ago
If you don't like this pre production model, I like it so... ;)
unsto pablo
unsto pablo 16 hours ago
Back Button Attachment coming out anytime soon after release??? I would NOT be able to play anything BUT fifa otherwise. .
SR1Records 16 hours ago
The adaptive triggers are the true next gen features of the upcoming generation. They go beyond even PC gaming. Hopefully it will become the new standard, just like the digital sticks replaced the d pad.
IrnBruNYC 16 hours ago
I love how Dave over-pronounces the Ts in the word “important.” Is that a Canadian thing?
Yefta Aditya
Yefta Aditya 16 hours ago
Pretty dope, man!
QuaZaR 16 hours ago
Goes to buy it *out of stock*.... pain
Tekashi 69 Tekashi 69
Tekashi 69 Tekashi 69 16 hours ago
Terrible skin
Yousniff 16 hours ago
i came here from the iPhoneY 24 Max Pro Plus 5g Fold.
Brendan Du
Brendan Du 17 hours ago
black colour looks sick
Maxim L.
Maxim L. 17 hours ago
No test, no thermals? really?
NeighborHoodCyclist 17 hours ago
ps5 is still not catching up... its still stuck at 120fps with barely updated graphics.. while pc been doing this for years...
Nicholas Markovich
Nicholas Markovich 17 hours ago
blindfolded runs just got easy
sandeep s
sandeep s 17 hours ago
White body or some other panels will be good this colour is dull and that controller WE HAVE TO GET IT.
hgfgh gfhfffh
hgfgh gfhfffh 17 hours ago
I cant wait to try out the dualsense
Javeth Anssar
Javeth Anssar 17 hours ago
Is this a crossover episode? I mean Dave2D going for matte black, while MKBHD is cool with the original color.
RockyRock 17 hours ago
those triggers actuall exist in the logitech F710 which ages more than 3 years, sadly the form shape of the controller itself was so bad
Aayush Gautam
Aayush Gautam 17 hours ago
1:10 you said two second
Marvin Van Chompoué
Marvin Van Chompoué 17 hours ago
Sony : "Dualsense is created for blind people to play games"
v f
v f 17 hours ago
Ps5 is too slow. I will go for xbox for more gpu power.
Irfaan Faki
Irfaan Faki 17 hours ago
Thanks for talking over the controller sounds.
BooneDavey 17 hours ago
Def got a sub outta me.
Sebastian Scott
Sebastian Scott 17 hours ago
1:18 who else noticed the razer instead of logitec
Liam Smith
Liam Smith 17 hours ago
1:05 - 1:20 I relate to these 15 seconds
Tillo Van Brabant
Tillo Van Brabant 17 hours ago
Do these haptics work on pc
VIBHOR SHARMA 17 hours ago
These dual sense controllers are faar more advance than the shit box controller with battry backs lmaooo
Gamercatsz 17 hours ago
Jezus, that PS5 looks like half the size of the presentor...
salty banana
salty banana 17 hours ago
people really play with vibration? i instantly turn that shit off. its annoying af. :D
Jackson 17 hours ago
1:07 me when 7 years old , get it ?
rian arighi
rian arighi 17 hours ago
Finally, someone noticing and review the haptic feedback. Many people already hands on dualsense but never really review the dualsense haptic feedback. Good channel and explanation. Keep up the good work
andress felix
andress felix 17 hours ago
amazing video thanks
Moonbeam13 17 hours ago
I had no idea about the controller experience. I want one more than ever now!!
THan0s 18 hours ago
d black on d ps5 skin looks grey so not a fan
THan0s 18 hours ago
like d tension on a bow
Cully Dieter
Cully Dieter 18 hours ago
We’re did you get the skin?
Giannis MP96
Giannis MP96 18 hours ago
Can’t wait to hold and play games with the Dualsense 😍
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 18 hours ago
7:12 is noone seriously not going to bring this part up?!? Its awesome!
крат хи
крат хи 18 hours ago
And the adaptive trigger it seems to be the same principal like an steering wheel because the motor movement read as analog function and if there is feedback the motor start to give torqe feedback
Helaman Seavey
Helaman Seavey 18 hours ago
I really hope they don’t do this. It wouldn’t be a problem with charging especially with MagSafe but it is used for so much more than that. If you don’t have Bluetooth headphones, they’re useless, and you can’t connect your phone to a computer
крат хи
крат хи 18 hours ago
It's basically like speaker but no high frequency just low and mid frequency
Angel Ezio
Angel Ezio 18 hours ago
Coll colour nice Work Bro
Samir Dzubur
Samir Dzubur 18 hours ago
Why do you want to be white so bad?
Adronomics 18 hours ago
Your hands need lotion!
Loose- Hotline
Loose- Hotline 18 hours ago
So it has like the vibration feeling of the switch.... but improved
Kyle Jackson
Kyle Jackson 18 hours ago
Forgot the #ad
Rasputin 18 hours ago
Fuck these channels honestly
Mohammad Faizan
Mohammad Faizan 18 hours ago
How are the joysticks? If the sticks still cause drift then it's just cheap marketing strategy from Sony
Ritesh Sardar
Ritesh Sardar 18 hours ago
wow nice tab...
Aymii keegan
Aymii keegan 18 hours ago
i just brought an ek0045TX anyone got a link or tips and tricks about it ?? am a total gaming noob - didnt even buy it to game . .just was laptop in my price range good buy or not ?? HELP
Aymii keegan
Aymii keegan 18 hours ago
blasted a weeks pay on this one .. please dont tell me I brought a pretty toaster !!
Akhil manohar
Akhil manohar 18 hours ago
damn, one of those laptops only for right-handers :(((((
alfonse rambing
alfonse rambing 18 hours ago
Thanks for review and info Dave ... make me want to purchase that system more than before ... That trigger button on L2 n R2 maybe similar with Sega Dreamcast Game Controller (correct me if i'm wrong), some game like Daytona 2001 use that trigger mechanism perfectly, if you push the trigger to the max it make full throttle in game and vice versa ...so its good to know Sony use it for PS5
Mr. Tech Talk
Mr. Tech Talk 18 hours ago
I wish it was all black. Like the Rolling Stones song Paint it, black
David Brown
David Brown 18 hours ago
The controller is what made me get the ps5 over series x. I’m also a Xbox fan boy. So excited. 2 more weeks boys. Supposedly it’s going to give you different feelings with different guns in FPS with the triggers
M 18 hours ago
everyone who plays cod doesnt care about this ...
Axios O7
Axios O7 18 hours ago
No USB C - no Buy
Eric Smith
Eric Smith 18 hours ago
The panels pop off They'll sell different colors I bet.
elijah monreal
elijah monreal 18 hours ago
My wife is an even better controller
Chaika Gaz
Chaika Gaz 18 hours ago
Im waiting for the all gold pablo escobar ps5...
pv4240a 18 hours ago
i just wanted back buttons 💀
Ronny D. B. Lopez
Ronny D. B. Lopez 18 hours ago
Ps5 > Xbox
Titanium Tronic
Titanium Tronic 18 hours ago
Tbh before I only like clean white set ups Now I like white with rgb set ups XD
Ronny D. B. Lopez
Ronny D. B. Lopez 18 hours ago
Imagine driving games One side stops vibrating because you popped that side tire or something
mangaas 18 hours ago
No clue who you are, never seen a video of yours, but a custom PS5 and slick lights leaning casual-as-fuck in the back... Subscriber earned!
eugkra33 18 hours ago
I thought the new Xbox has this too. How is this different?
Titanium Tronic
Titanium Tronic 18 hours ago
I also adore silver or white gaming laptops idk It just feels classy or elegant to me XD
Titanium Tronic
Titanium Tronic 18 hours ago
Dave Lee: makes video at 360p Me: still can only make it to 144p :/
AmethystWinter 19 hours ago
Am buying the Series X first then in a couple of months, the PS5, i sooo want both.
aidan mills
aidan mills 19 hours ago
the razer viper mini is actually a great mouse for the price
Shreyasraddi Malaghan
Shreyasraddi Malaghan 19 hours ago
I like the black one