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Let’s Do Games
Let’s Do Games 3 hours ago
What if I give you 2 dollars
Pat 3 hours ago
I genuinly hate this game I hate it with the bottom of my heart
Nika Chelidze
Nika Chelidze 3 hours ago
it's funny cause it's actually true dude ;D
Nutchakhun Kaewamatawong
Nutchakhun Kaewamatawong 3 hours ago
Oh so now u are playing fall guys. Wow even lazarbeam played it.
Marethyu, the first shinigami
Marethyu, the first shinigami 3 hours ago
Is this about the oblivion magic pillar puzzle
The Bathroom Toaster
The Bathroom Toaster 3 hours ago
The Bathroom Toaster
The Bathroom Toaster 3 hours ago
PROTOTYPE 03 3 hours ago
that 2012 style of meme was never funny tho
Adimbo Plays
Adimbo Plays 3 hours ago
Subsrcibe to me
Adimbo Plays
Adimbo Plays 3 hours ago
Adimbo Plays
Adimbo Plays 3 hours ago
Adimbo Plays
Adimbo Plays 3 hours ago
Adimbo Plays
Adimbo Plays 3 hours ago
I love PUBG the name means player Unknown’s battle grounds
Adimbo Plays
Adimbo Plays 3 hours ago
Adimbo Plays
Adimbo Plays 3 hours ago
Nika Chelidze
Nika Chelidze 3 hours ago
Meliodas be like: hold my bear
Bruno Barbosa
Bruno Barbosa 3 hours ago
that was actually a big increase in exp
Kn Mrt
Kn Mrt 3 hours ago
Hell is everybody else !
TheGeekLord YT
TheGeekLord YT 3 hours ago
Screw the ball game modes! 😤😡😠🤬😳👿👹👺☠️
Ajay Menon
Ajay Menon 3 hours ago
Dennisysj 3 hours ago
Nika Chelidze
Nika Chelidze 3 hours ago
im a gud boi
33 156
33 156 3 hours ago
Kukko 04
Kukko 04 3 hours ago
srsly i dont even wanna know how to draw hands but still i came here😐👏🏻
xin ming
xin ming 3 hours ago
David Kilgour, former Secretary of State for Asian-Pacific, and David Matas, international human rights lawyer, have investigated the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) state-sanctioned organ harvesting from live Falun Gong practitioners for several years and published their investigation reports. During the virtual online rally held on July 20, 2020, they put forward several suggestions to the Canadian government including using the Magnitsky Act to sanction the 14 CCP officials who have participated in the persecution of Falun Gong. Matas Proposes Ten Suggestions to Canadian Government to Stop the Live Organ Harvesting Renowned human rights lawyer David Matas proposed suggestions in his speech to end the CCP's killing of Falun Gong practitioners. “My particular focus when addressing the persecution of Falun Gong has been the mass killing of Falun Gong for their organs in transplants,” he said. “The question I would try to briefly answer is how can Canada contribute to ending the abuse. In the short time I have, I have suggestions to make very quickly. “First of all, Parliament should enact immediately Bill S-204 which has all party support and which criminalizes complicity in organ transplant abuse abroad. “Second, parliament should amend the state immunity act to shoulder the civil liberty liability in complicity in transplant abuse abroad. “Third, the government of Canada should sign and ratify the council of Europe Convention against Trafficking in Human Organs. “Fourth, the government of Canada should raise Chinese organ transplant abuse at the United Nations human rights council under the agenda item human rights situations that require council’s attention. “Fifth, the government of Canada should name Chinese organ transplant abuse perpetrators under the Canadian Magnitsky legislation. “Sixth, the government of Canada should impose specific immigration ban on those complicit in organ transplant abuse abroad. “Seventh, a provincial legislature should enact mandatory reporting by health administrators and health officials of transplant tourism. “Eighth, a provincial legislature should prohibit insurance coverage for transplant tourism. “Ninth, the health and bioethics profession should set out specific bioethical and professional standards against complicity in transplant abuse abroad. “And tenth, Canadian hospitals and universities should adopt policies standing against any assistance of hospitals and doctors complicit in organ transplant abuse abroad. “I suggest action on all 10 of these proposals, but even if only one of them were realized, we would be better off than we are now in avoiding complicity and helping to prevent the mass killing of practitioners of Falun Gong for their organs.”
Hunters videos!
Hunters videos! 3 hours ago
Heh moon pun did anyone catch that
dylan sisnawan
dylan sisnawan 3 hours ago
Subtitle was right, sad death :(
Ezekiel Provencio
Ezekiel Provencio 3 hours ago
Look at this shotgun it's looks like an alien starfish was melted onto the front of this gun and it shoots 2 bullets which splits into 5 bullets (each) then because I chose Zane it has a chance to shoot 4 bullets instead and because of a dumb glitch that I don't understand sometimes shoots 8, and it has a granade attached to the shots which turns into MORE grenades which turns into *MORE* grenades!
In long run we are all dead
In long run we are all dead 4 hours ago
Light novel was much better. Character development was better in that. I hate it when they change story to make it more suitable for all ages
Jochem Matthijssen
Jochem Matthijssen 4 hours ago
season 1 recap
phdcl gaming
phdcl gaming 4 hours ago
Should have added people stealing memes without watermarks that gets reposted 200 times on ig. Now that's realism.
Mostly Rocket League
Mostly Rocket League 4 hours ago
If it just had the racing mode I'd enjoy it 100% more.
Cubic Endy
Cubic Endy 4 hours ago
when u finally finished the troublesome project: 0:39 *THERE IS ANOTHER: **0:41*
Vehicles of Peace Limited Edition
Vehicles of Peace Limited Edition 4 hours ago
Skyrim in a nutshell
Gamer man 69
Gamer man 69 4 hours ago
This does not deserve less than 1 million views
Edwin 4 hours ago
This is hilarious! Loved the game and couldn't stop laughing at this. I'm gonna check out the other videos and then subscribe. Awesome stuff
H I ,.,
H I ,., 4 hours ago
[Deemee's Productions]
[Deemee's Productions] 4 hours ago
and this is why I don't wanna create a twitter account
Connor Ridley
Connor Ridley 4 hours ago
CircleToons:I'VE WAITED 7 YEARS Skate Fans:It's Been 12 years
Saku's 4 hours ago
hyperscape has join the chat
Unique Bacon
Unique Bacon 4 hours ago
This is actually all that happens Not even joking
Jamie Barclay
Jamie Barclay 4 hours ago
Jamie Barclay
Jamie Barclay 4 hours ago
Jamie Barclay
Jamie Barclay 4 hours ago
Jack Morris
Jack Morris 4 hours ago
jello apocalypse parallels are kinda :/
SuperEnderGames 4 hours ago
The first few seconds actually spit logic. He never said his last name.
Epic Bread
Epic Bread 4 hours ago
TheOdd1IsOut: I am the best animator on youtu- Circle: Hold my pencil
katsuki bakugo
katsuki bakugo 4 hours ago
ojiro’s true quirk is: a massive dick that everyone can fucking see and kaminari can cuddle
Christopher Bone
Christopher Bone 4 hours ago
I just got fallout 76...
The Spectacular Spidermite
The Spectacular Spidermite 4 hours ago
Oh ho WOW that is HILARIOUS
Strawberry Feather
Strawberry Feather 4 hours ago
Why is this worded like a giant ad
Chris Waddle
Chris Waddle 4 hours ago
this is for the bully
Tuscani J
Tuscani J 5 hours ago
My 8 year old brother would enjoy this, I think. Get off my lawn! Damn kids and their random loud noises.
stuff and co
stuff and co 5 hours ago
on the discusion of favorite game mine is smash ultimate maybe better then melee only saying that cuz i never played that game
petegamer jam
petegamer jam 5 hours ago
I loved the epic shots
mikhail marcelo
mikhail marcelo 5 hours ago
G̴̢̬̓͛R̴̰̭̄͑Ä̶̦̠́͝A̷̠̒͋.̴̳̣̔̍.̸̙͍͒ ̷̧͑̅Ļ̶̕O̷̲͇͗̕Ǫ̵̗̆̄K̷̹̬̈́͌S̶̡͙̃ ̸̧̹͠L̵̹̏I̵̹͕͌K̶̡̐E̷̡̞̿͌ ̷̥̖́̈I̸͓̲̚Ṯ̸̛̹̍S̴̖͗ ̴̭̎J̶̡̞̃Û̴̻͚̐Ŝ̶̝̺Ț̷͐͌ ̸͔̅Ý̶͕O̶̩̓͠U̶͉͑̒.̴̨͠.̴̼̜̄̏ ̶̜͙̌́A̶̤͋N̶̡͋̿D̸̖͊̔ ̸̯͙̽̀M̸̹͇̓Ȩ̵̜̑Ě̶̲̭̈́
Soupyboi 5 hours ago
The captions of this video is just a stroke.
Gertruda Baceliene
Gertruda Baceliene 5 hours ago
When no u
julie Collins
julie Collins 5 hours ago
kurt hugo schneider
Dire Fox
Dire Fox 5 hours ago
Elder Scrolls franchise in a nutshell
Sasanth Bollineni
Sasanth Bollineni 5 hours ago
97k Likes as of this Comment
Mr. Rant
Mr. Rant 5 hours ago
Skyrim lol
PewterWalnut2 5 hours ago
You know something is wrong when the demonetizer is swearing
jesus juarez
jesus juarez 5 hours ago
This seems like siege
Ali Alp Uysal
Ali Alp Uysal 5 hours ago
When angry bird eats proteinpowder
Gorem 5 hours ago
I swear I somehow knew he was gonna get shot, lol
Rileyistic 5 hours ago
I feel like it
Rileyistic 5 hours ago
Rileyistic 5 hours ago
I’m getting this video to 1,000 comments
Maxwell Wandschneider
Maxwell Wandschneider 5 hours ago
If I go into that cave I want to come out with a free ebony subscription, not an ebony dagger
Groovy 5 hours ago
It’s not as strong as my lvl 100 eisque
Max G4
Max G4 6 hours ago
I don't know anyone irl that played NieR:Automata (aside from the one guy I gifted it to, but he probably wasn't going to buy it by himself)
Gr33n w
Gr33n w 6 hours ago
This remembers to me r6
• RossRocs •
• RossRocs • 6 hours ago
Don’t forget that one enemy that got stuck behind a tree when it spawned and the guy your escorting won’t stop shouting about monsters...
Aced Drop
Aced Drop 6 hours ago
Best part 1:15
•niightxlighty• 6 hours ago
It’s not terrible if you can draw
Suppressed Chicken
Suppressed Chicken 6 hours ago
In a nutshell in a nutshell
Cat Lover
Cat Lover 6 hours ago
This is how I felt in undertale
xSwiftblade 6 hours ago
Holy SHIT that ending made me laugh out loud at 4:46AM I hope I didn’t wake anyone up lol
Light470 6 hours ago
What are you wearing It’s my ass kicking offet bitch
boops 6 hours ago
0:26 apex: am I a joke to you
TheTaintedWisdom 6 hours ago
Consumers: "I think I found a glitch." Indie Developers: "OMG I AM *SO* SORRY! I'll try to get that fixed as soon as I can! I want you to know that I care deeply about the people playing my game!" Bethesda: "What do you want, a fucking prize?!? FUCK OFF! We already know you retards are going to preorder this garbage no matter how much we fuck up anyway! Oh, and if you keep pestering me about this I'll fucking *ban* your ass just like Jaret Burkett!"
Elliott Harrison
Elliott Harrison 6 hours ago
World of warcraft has way more content in it then halo 3 but halo 3 is still awsome
Stickman Man
Stickman Man 6 hours ago
“Excuse my language but F R I C K.” Not 3 seconds later “G O D D A M N I T
ShyGuyToast 6 hours ago
Its funny, a dude called desbug did a video on fall guys, with the exact same title, 1 to 1 and they were both in my recommended.
lee yu cheng
lee yu cheng 6 hours ago
Oh u play that free ps4 ps plus game?
Hanpark 6 hours ago
I'd play that game
Siferon 6 hours ago
game: releases every youtuber on the planet, the moon, and the 4th dimension: let's play it!
Risky 6 hours ago
Not going to lie I want an extended verso on this
apache attack helicopter
apache attack helicopter 6 hours ago
ah yes *sacrifice the new born*
joel mccann
joel mccann 6 hours ago
Fall guys was so good I forgot it was a battle royal game
Brucea 6 hours ago
This is the best example of this game. Its fun but, Team based modes.. *They Scare Me.*
ComradeCrab197 7 hours ago
I misread the title as “fat guys”
Giovanni Wachter
Giovanni Wachter 7 hours ago
Dark souls be like~
cat on water
cat on water 7 hours ago
I watched this before and after watching bnha. It makes sense now
What is a meme
What is a meme 7 hours ago
When you defeat the FINAL BOSS you become the FINAL BOSS and hear player music
Hanpark 7 hours ago
So fallout 4.
Hanpark 7 hours ago
And then the battle take 2.54 hours
Godlyhax 7 hours ago
Bakugo: Scarless Zuko Shoto something: Cooler Zuko
Anonymous 5
Anonymous 5 7 hours ago
What is this rpg games I want to play it now
CranX 7 hours ago
Fighting Iudex Gundyr in NG10 = 0:15
Hanpark 7 hours ago
So skyrim