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D&D Story: Desert Rumble
ShadowBaofu 3 hours ago
You guys certainly got the ending you deserved.
Roman Chuky Adrian
Roman Chuky Adrian 4 hours ago
hearing burgmeister as bugermaster is hilarious
Frying Panda
Frying Panda 4 hours ago
Why does the guy in the thumbnail use light mode?
ericb31 4 hours ago
i just remembered a funny gag where some veteran players tricked a newbie into having his character drink "liquid courage"... a nickname for an alcoholic drink! "...hang on, is my character drunk?!" [everyone laughs]
zenogias01 5 hours ago
Why am I only listening to this now? This and the Halloween one-shot are beyond amazing.
ericb31 5 hours ago
i can't help but think of an essay I composed (but never wrote down) called "the do's and don'ts of fighting undead in FF6." -don't: use poison. they absorb that. -do: use "pearl". that does double damage. note: Mog's "plasma" and Sabin's "aurabolt" do "pearl"-type damage! don't: use "doom" or weapons that "dispatch" enemies, like the "Assassin knife". they will actually recover health, as if someone cast "LIfe2"! do: use "revivify" items. Phoenix Down and Life MIGHT also work, i forget. note: the "x-zone" spell and Cyan's "cleave" will work on undead, as will the Scimitar. i think Petrify is also effective. don't: use "drain" or "osmose", or Cyan's similar ability. they WILL backfire. do: use "rasp". if an undead drops to 0 MP it dies (i think) also, Relm's "sketch" ability is nearly worthless, because most monsters are immune to the type of attack they use. AND i've had the game CRASH or HANG when using it! ONCE I got a GOOD bug the made the Inventory glitch and give me 255 of EVERY ITEM IN THE GAME, but they vanished when i saved and reloaded. BUT Relm herself is still useful, since she has THE HIGHEST "magic" attribute IN THE GAME! teach her a few good spells and she will MORE than pull her weight!
BanditOfBandwidth 5 hours ago
Possibly my favorite Puffin video. Full of golden moments.
ericb31 5 hours ago
can't you get a REALLY powerful sword by beating the dragon? oh, wait, I was thinking of #5, the dragon guarding the Crystal Sword.
Noahtheslowa 5 hours ago
That honestly could've been a super awesome memory of a victory, I honestly would've given the monk that last hit as Malikar egotistically exclaimed that even if he was defeated today he was re-instantiate himself, not knowing that the final bow of the mourneblade would break the cycle before a daring escape from the remaining enemies meant that the heroes would live another day
ShadowRaven790 5 hours ago
DM: Once again drugs and alcohol have saved the day Player: I don't thing that DM: *Interrupts Player* SAVED...THE DAAAAAAAAY!!!
Ryan Lesner
Ryan Lesner 5 hours ago
You bought a gun with gold coins. You got ripped off
Alan Provance
Alan Provance 6 hours ago
this was littery the first thing i did with multiclassing
tylerx2f01 6 hours ago
1:25:25 if you were wondering where the great and almighty Absurd is. yes he all all powerful & mighty. you can even here Absurd's voice as you read this, he is AAAAAALLLLL powerful with the magics and the sword fighting and the pure joy of experiencing an adventure with such a powerful warrior, like Absurd.
Ren the Seer
Ren the Seer 7 hours ago
"Oh hello group social event, how are you this fine day? I hope we'll have a fun experience where we can grow together for long periods of time and eventually we all walk away with friends." *Enters the guy hosting the event carrying a bundle of red flags.* "Oh joy..."
silvergreylion 7 hours ago
Actually, making boring things funny in the video is easy: just use a sarcastic tone of voice and describe the boring stuff as just the opposite; "sUpEr fUn", "rEaLly iNtErEsTiNg", "oH So gReAt aNd ExCiTiNg".
Nunya Biz
Nunya Biz 7 hours ago
Was that math thing real?!? Dude! You Choose 10! Literally the easiest! You just put the zero to the right of the number you are multiplying!
Chris Tunnell
Chris Tunnell 7 hours ago
I don't know, I think it sounds like it would be fun. I'd play it. They're one off characters, doing a heroic sacrifice/blaze of glory kinda fight... Why not?
Mitchell Slate
Mitchell Slate 7 hours ago
What was the emergency with Tensor's Disk? I do want to hear on that one...
J.B. Smith
J.B. Smith 7 hours ago
Duuuuuuuude...the DM is trippin, maaaaan. @ Puffin Forest
Jace Klein
Jace Klein 8 hours ago
Your a true omg if you remember detective Clancy
nicktherange 8 hours ago
I was guessing instead of abilities hed spend everything on reputation, if thats even a thing
stopbotheringmegoogle 8 hours ago
This story is so infuriating. Most of all the All Star team where 50% of the players don't even know what DnD is.
Balrighty 35
Balrighty 35 8 hours ago
I'm hoping for a friendlier casting system to come out in next year's Secrets of Magic. By which, I mean the 5E/Arcanist method of prep casters preparing a roster of spells and then freely casting any number in any order as long as you have the spell slots to fuel it. And I don't mean "I hope for an Arcanist class", I mean "Arcanist style casting for ALL prep casters". I have played casters that don't have to predict exactly how many of each spell they might need ahead of time, and frankly, I refuse to ever settle for less again. Though, first they need to make spontaneous casting. "I'm a P1E sorcerer who knows Feather Fall, is out of 1st level spell slots but has plenty of higher level slots, and is currently plummeting off a cliff. So I used a higher level slot for Feather Fall, mildly lamented the inefficiency of it, and went on my merry way." "I'm a P2E Sorcerer who knows Feather Fall as a 1st level spell (and not a Signature spell), is out of 1st level spell slots and has plenty of higher level slots, and is currently plummeting off a cliff. What do I do? I can't heighten Feather Fall. Am I allowed to use a higher level slot purely to fuel a lower level spell, without any other benefits?"
PErson 8 hours ago
Abserd is my character, Mythril (Green hair) but overly obnoxious.
Alexander Zack
Alexander Zack 9 hours ago
well last time when they attacked the school there was only 1 child on fire... so even if the new policy were to be "less" children on fire it would still be "no children on fire"
Charles Lesus
Charles Lesus 9 hours ago
I like your videos and campaign stories but this is just tasteless racist drivel.
Thomas takes a toll for the dark
Thomas takes a toll for the dark 9 hours ago
*Ben wins* Ben: I didn't win! I merely failed to lose!
R.J. Ehlert
R.J. Ehlert 10 hours ago
4e D&D feels like the table top version of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.
ericb31 10 hours ago
here's a hilarious comic involving "retcon rolls": www.giantitp.com/comics/oots0034.html
Jeff Gangaware
Jeff Gangaware 10 hours ago
Take a shot every time he says "For sure."
pk Ducklett
pk Ducklett 10 hours ago
Omg I physically cringed at this. It reminds me of my old DM who told us to bring detective characters to a game for a Victorian-age haunted mystery game. I brought my character, August, who was a blood cleric/Raven Queen warlock and my friend asked if she could bring her mystic character. He cleared both of our characters and we sat down to play. 5 seconds in, he's making fun of our character's armor and attire. My character who walks around with a scythe like it's a staff is told it needs to be put away (even though it's in his character sheet that he will never attack with it, it's purely for show). Then when we go to post a stake out on our mission, he berates the mystic for being too overpowered (even though he supposedly read and cleared her character beforehand). The session ended when he admitted he didn't even have a story and was just making shit up as we went. We never played that campaign again and we stopped playing with him shortly afterwards.
Matthew Rowe
Matthew Rowe 11 hours ago
beauty and the beast
Crow The Guy
Crow The Guy 12 hours ago
As someone who started with 4e I will say that it was quite possibly the worst way to introduce myself to dungeons and dragons. I got so bored that it turned me off of D&D for 7 actual years until I picked up 5e.
MJ B.K 12 hours ago
Wow!! Awesome job.
Andy McQuoid
Andy McQuoid 15 hours ago
If you are resorting to combat then you have already lost
Zamrod 15 hours ago
Maybe I can add some context to this. 4e did a lot of what it did in an attempt to fix problems in previous editions. Most of the problems were with 3.5e. For instance: In 3.5e it was common to stack 10-15 different spells and abilities together. Feats would give you really small bonuses that would only apply a very small amount of time. So people were used to constantly thinking: (not all these examples are real things but things LIKE them existed) Ok, my Mailman feat gives me +1 to strength checks when attempting to pick up bags that have mail in them. Also, I have Bless, Divine Might, Owl's Wisdom, Boots of the Badger, a Hat of the Lemming, Gloves of Loopholes, and I get a circumstance modifier because it is night out right now. And since it is after 3 am, that bonus gets bigger. So, when he is talking about all of the things you need to keep track of, most of that is actually dramatically reduced from 3.5e. The designers made an effort to make most of the effects standardized so they were easier to remember.
Joe Smith
Joe Smith 15 hours ago
well that was spooky
SupaDanteX 15 hours ago
Im sorry is it explained how / why the monk is permanently invisible? are we just skipping over that? Is that part of a different story / video I haven't seen?
The lie of century
The lie of century 16 hours ago
Can 2 people play d&d
Kahrut Vilbaste
Kahrut Vilbaste 17 hours ago
I think it would be hella nice if you played a more comfortable edition exactly like this but instead of keeping track of the game used the space in the middle to doodle out scenery or items or anything. Most of you are pretty artistic and the other editions don´t need so much to keep track of :D
Imri Sizara
Imri Sizara 18 hours ago
I have to say, it really bothers me, that you speak about 12 mummies but there are only 11 in the video xD
princecharon 18 hours ago
If you *really* like making new characters, Call of Cthulhu might be your game, because it's likely that you'll need a new one every session or two (depending on the GM, of course).
Eddie42023 18 hours ago
2:57:20 I was going to say that someone I know had said: '4e has no business calling itself D&D'.
Mark M
Mark M 18 hours ago
Traveler character creation could be called hot garbage, but that would be an insult to hot garbage. It is like garbage that is supposed to at least be served hot, but instead was re-heated in a microwave so that some parts are burning hot, some parts are still frozen, and just in between are tiny bits that are ok, but not good.
jay quickblade
jay quickblade 18 hours ago
You know.. I think the reason this party hates wallace and the turtle freinds like the secretary of gaberiel is because they had a choice like they could dump her off if they wanted.. This party couldn't do that People hate not having choice
princecharon 19 hours ago
It's been long enough that I don't recall the first time I ran a game, but I'm more than 90% certain that it was much less stressful than that. Kudos to you for managing to pull that off. Also, that seems like a badly-written module.
Dillon Fletcher
Dillon Fletcher 19 hours ago
If the DM didn't think the numbers mattered that much, why did he tell them what stats to have.
Hatori64 19 hours ago
So you just walked out of DH after defeating the monster? No smoke? No blades? Wow your DM was soft on you. Already a hard pass on episode 2 - Its called DH for a reason X'D
PErson 20 hours ago
Ah yes the defective warning weapons. I had a defective dagger I found on a ship while someone else got a ring that makes them half merfolk and a shard that allowed them to summon an elemental. The “Something bad will happen today.” message happened, I tripped and landed an acrobatics save (I was a Rogue) and it said: I warned you. I got it fixed the next session.
Don't Censor
Don't Censor 20 hours ago
Why couldn't they just make her a level five character?
Nth Knight Ashtree
Nth Knight Ashtree 20 hours ago
You look like a responsible person... Link to the video of Abserd
Troy Cole
Troy Cole 20 hours ago
1:16 You almost went sounding like Ryan from achievement hunter
thetony458 20 hours ago
I foresee an epic battle between Captain Morgan and Captain Ottey Otterton for control of the seas
Mr. Anderson
Mr. Anderson 20 hours ago
Reinforces my preference for sandbox and loose plot hooks.
Soggy Waffles / Funny Asylum
Soggy Waffles / Funny Asylum 21 hour ago
I mean if I have it on grounds that in my world there are no angels and a player wants to play one, sure they can, if they want a metric shit ton of negs because they didn't listen when I kept telling them there are no angels in this world
BBTManiac 21 hour ago
I like rolling for stats when you still have choice. The potential for high stats is greater, and if you eat shit on the rolls you have to think creatively to make do. More fun than point buy. What's absolute garbage is rolling for stat blocks. The first and last time i did so the rules were as follows; 5D6, drop the highest and lowest, swap two stats once. One complete do over, no going back to the first. No choice, the swap only let you pick dump stat or make sure you didn't have a 5 constitition. The game didn't get past the first session.
Edge Lord
Edge Lord 21 hour ago
On the concept of characters I thought it was a good idea to make a GOLIATH ROGUE.And I just think of this hulking man trying to sneak
Pixel Love
Pixel Love 22 hours ago
Seeing puffin for the first time. Nice
Dragon Geek
Dragon Geek 22 hours ago
I got a good one for you. The DM runs not one but 2 custom race 3ed party DM PCs that steal the spotlight.
TheLumberjack1987 22 hours ago
DM: "hey guys, you wanna come over play a game, it's gonna be fun!" *proceeds to make everyone do the equivalent of filling out their tax returns for 4 hours* fun...so much fun
Chris McWilliams
Chris McWilliams 22 hours ago
That sounds like an interesting if frustrating, way to create a character. I've never heard of a creation system where your character can just die during it.
ericb31 22 hours ago
i can't help but think of a book where a newbie was told to roll for stats, THEN pick a class. since most of the player already had high-level characters, she got to take the best roll of three and start at level 3. she wound up with 18 intelligence and 18 charisma, so she went with Wizard.
mr. potato
mr. potato 23 hours ago
What about Celebrimbor
ericb31 23 hours ago
that part about character creation reminds me of the online game Rift by Trion software: the advertisements make a big deal about the ability to pick various abilities from various "souls" to make truly unique characters... BUT... first, you can only pick THREE out of like, 9 possibilities. AND... all "soul" abilities have varying powers, based mostly on HOW MANY POINTS YOU HAVE IN THAT SOUL... so the BEST way to play is to pick ONE soul, and put 60 point into it to MAX it, leaving 15 point for the other 2 souls... yeah. result, everyone specializes on just one. well, actually it's possible to set up several "builds" and swap between them, and easy to re-arrange them, so it's not QUITE that bad. oh, and four main classes. warrior, cleric, ranger and mage. and in dungeons, 5 roles: tank, healer, damage dealer, flanker, and support. my favorite class was a type of mage called a "chloromancer". weak attacks, but some interesting Healing abilities, including one skill that makes the entire team recover a little health every time the chloromancer attacks ANY enemy! it's considered a support role by the auto-match mode.
Theo Williams
Theo Williams 23 hours ago
**Character is suicidal** You were resurrected through your love of life! Hang on WHAT
1R1SHMAN04 23 hours ago
He made over a hundred? And my DM only let me stuff 15 of them into my bag????
Daniel Palmer
Daniel Palmer 23 hours ago
Yep, Nathanial wins.
FilthyCasual Day ago
Puffin Forest just said Pog, poggers
Aeroldoth3 Day ago
1:55 "On the road there, you all receive a distressed letter." usshow.info/watch/CmrLsJUtxG4/video.html
iron_fist_epic Day ago
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Tad Carter
Tad Carter Day ago
What software are you using?
Theo Williams
Theo Williams Day ago
3:22 ok then, note for my next game. 1. Travel to Mechanus 2. Sneak into where the rules are stored 3. rewrite it so that players need 1 XP per level, spells have infinite range, and there is no max level. 4. All enemies shall be level one.
spehizle Day ago
Worst TPK I ever ran: Shadowrun 5th edition. Party was hired as extra muscle by a vampire hunter. to take out 3 vampires hiding underground in an abandoned amusement park. I had underestimated the party's capabilities, and they had cakewalked through all combat and trap challenges. Final boss time, and I wanted to challenge them a bit. So I beefed up the final vampire a bit with some extra magic and prep time. I went too far. Vampire Mage was behind a rating 20 Physical Barrier spell sustained by a ritual, and had five Force 16 Spirits of Man bound, each with the spell Turn to Good memorized. Party walked in, failed to penetrate the barrier, than each spirit manifested and instantly incapacitated the party. They were stripped of all armor and gear (including ripping out all cyberware), bound in iron maidens, and then immolated one by one. I kept expecting them to have a killer app, an ace in the hole surprise. They did not. I think they're still mad at me.
Gho5tRUN3R Day ago
Would Garro really lose hope like that at the end? Considering unlike the abbot, he knew that the vampire lord could be defeated because he was there when it happened last. Obviously not as dramatic of an ending, but I would have called BS on the DM for that little detail.
Gordon Day ago
Wouldnt be mad if puffin made more of these
Peter Senior
Peter Senior Day ago
12:15 ah yes director DM
Gray Kemplin
Gray Kemplin Day ago
I think their point was “black market appeal” (that the goods are more popular if they seem taboo), but it was not well-articulated at all.
Gray Kemplin
Gray Kemplin Day ago
I feel like people are missing the point of this campaign in the comments - Ben made this game specifically to be open-world, with little to no limitations. Restricting access to the temple in the name of plot would be railroading (even for a good cause). Think of it like Hyrule Castle in BotW: you *could* go there, but you’d get your ass handed to you and it’s obvious you *should* wait until later on, and you learn all of this (and I emphasize this) without getting railroaded. I get the point of your solutions but they openly contradict the whole reason Ben made the campaign the way he did.
ericb31 Day ago
i've read at least one story where a player tried to trick the main-villain into drawing a card... and yes, in one story he DID draw Balance, and joined the party for their NEXT adventure!
Jordan Davenport
Jordan Davenport Day ago
Man, Ben own more physical game books than I own PDFs. I definitely feel the pain of wanting to own something that you know you will never be able to play.