Exposing My Real Life
Esmeralda Perez
Esmeralda Perez 19 hours ago
Kris 19 hours ago
Claudia 🥺
Life of Ashley song
Life of Ashley song 19 hours ago
My moms coworkers daughter and son both have phones. And the son is 4 and daughter is 7. My brother is in high school and doesn’t have a phone yet. What the heck, both of them a big brats. I’m telling yalll. Can you subscribe to my channel Alisha? I’m tryna earn money for my family no joke. I love y’all so much
Hackzlife e
Hackzlife e 19 hours ago
It was green but now it blue coz I’m going to secondary school now
Elif KAZIKLI 19 hours ago
why are u look like turkish artıst gupse özay ı think u look lıke same
I Aesthetic I
I Aesthetic I 19 hours ago
I love watching this video because this is the first video that a watched on her channel! I am so happy I watched this 😭❤️
Sydney Coleman
Sydney Coleman 19 hours ago
Outfit 2. Xx
Morola Adeyemo Adeoye
Morola Adeyemo Adeoye 20 hours ago
Outfit two is better
reese hoegler
reese hoegler 20 hours ago
gel pens!
Izzy Bax
Izzy Bax 20 hours ago
outfit #1
Eva Risher
Eva Risher 20 hours ago
Ok yep...definitely obsessed with Christmas 🎄🎅🏻🦌❄️☃️🎁
Cady G
Cady G 20 hours ago
My school colors are Green, Black, Grey
Olivia Fennell
Olivia Fennell 20 hours ago
Natalie Gee
Natalie Gee 20 hours ago
I LOVVVE HER dont get me wrong... I just didnt like any of the outfits she put together 😯🙈
astrid nigrovic
astrid nigrovic 20 hours ago
I actually paused it on the bodysuit photo!! So good!!!
Saaraaalee 20 hours ago
Brunette suits you so well!!!!
NoobPrincess 20 hours ago
Irina Lynn
Irina Lynn 20 hours ago
alisha:let me get glasses ash:i found the bird
sarah 20 hours ago
Here after the Shane drama
Coco Solomon
Coco Solomon 20 hours ago
you look so snatched in the all white outfit😁🤩
Irina Lynn
Irina Lynn 20 hours ago
i read the "link below" so baddie hehe :)
GB Rhoades
GB Rhoades 20 hours ago
idk what to do
idk what to do 20 hours ago
You can do a collage in the glass frame with the small prints
caela k
caela k 20 hours ago
Who else is watching in quarantine
Μαρια Κυπραιου
Μαρια Κυπραιου 20 hours ago
You should switch mornings routines
Joe_momsmom 2008
Joe_momsmom 2008 20 hours ago
Burgeonde and white
idk what to do
idk what to do 21 hour ago
Its lit
Ava Lauren
Ava Lauren 21 hour ago
who’s here in quarantine lol
Joe_momsmom 2008
Joe_momsmom 2008 21 hour ago
Year book
sofie g
sofie g 21 hour ago
Alisha Marie takes the crust off her bread?! 🤭🤭🤭😂😂
iiihxney iii
iiihxney iii 21 hour ago
I got a phone in 6th grade and now I’m in year seven WITH THE SAME PHONE xD
Sydney Robinson
Sydney Robinson 21 hour ago
I got my first cellphone when I was 10 so in grade 5
Audrey Ford
Audrey Ford 21 hour ago
Becky Irvine
Becky Irvine 21 hour ago
Mini kids car race
Hiya Patel
Hiya Patel 21 hour ago
It’s Aliana
It’s Aliana 21 hour ago
I got my phone when i was in 4th grade
Britney Dole
Britney Dole 21 hour ago
I got my first phone when I was about 10 or 11 but I didn’t get a smart phone until I was 13 so my little sister can’t get one until she’s 13 since they like only have smart phones now😂😂
Maia Jade
Maia Jade 21 hour ago
the editing on this video is top notch!!! very good vid :D
Sofia Ariza
Sofia Ariza 21 hour ago
watching this fills me with so much nostalgia. i don’t miss middle school but i miss watching these type of videos when life was decent
Hiya Patel
Hiya Patel 21 hour ago
Isabella Caroline
Isabella Caroline 21 hour ago
Coffee! <3
Jaxsen Fisher
Jaxsen Fisher 21 hour ago
Ella_ Vlogs10
Ella_ Vlogs10 22 hours ago
Maybe someone is in charge for a day ?
Sophie Perez
Sophie Perez 22 hours ago
I got a iPod touch when I was in second grade only because I was riding the bus home and would be home by my self
Maddie Zander
Maddie Zander 22 hours ago
I got mine in 7th grade
Tap Dancer
Tap Dancer 22 hours ago
Shayna Dyck
Shayna Dyck 22 hours ago
fit number 2
Jazmin Cervera
Jazmin Cervera 22 hours ago
2020 👁👄👁🐸
Teresa Destromp
Teresa Destromp 22 hours ago
I got my phone wen I was 7
Masker Chief
Masker Chief 22 hours ago
Umm we can see the color in the thumbnail even if you pixilate it
Claire Smith
Claire Smith 22 hours ago
i was 7 year old when I got my first phone
Giada Faulk
Giada Faulk 22 hours ago
6th grade
Dr. Stew
Dr. Stew 22 hours ago
i love outfit 3! but out of 1 and 2, i rlly cant decide... probably 1
Aubriann Spinks
Aubriann Spinks 23 hours ago
I got mine when I was like super young cause my nana gave me her old one so I was 6
amanda littlefield
amanda littlefield 23 hours ago
im 8 and i have a phone
Taylor M
Taylor M 23 hours ago
You guys should do a roommate challenge where the last one to fall asleep wins!!! Like if you agree!!
frishta safi
frishta safi 23 hours ago
I love how all of y’all are friends and living in the same house it’s so cute 💖💖
Ana Rodriguez
Ana Rodriguez 23 hours ago
Andrea C
Andrea C 23 hours ago
anyone here in july watching this to try remember the good old days:(
Delaney Mauck
Delaney Mauck 23 hours ago
I got my first phone when I was in 3rd grade!
13 13
13 13 23 hours ago
OUTFIT 2 !!!!
Tamilni ramakrishnan
Tamilni ramakrishnan 23 hours ago
I got my phone at 2 years old no joke
Caroline Kelly
Caroline Kelly 23 hours ago
i love alisha so much and you can see the difference from last year to this year is crazy alisha has been doing such a good job and i’m so happy that she’s happy and healthy right now
Caroline Kelly
Caroline Kelly 23 hours ago
alishas blond hair😢
Lexie Ariana
Lexie Ariana 23 hours ago
Freaking Jessica
Latanya Chikamhi
Latanya Chikamhi 23 hours ago
I've done everyone...except go on a diet!🤐😂😂😂😂😂
Hayden Byrd
Hayden Byrd 23 hours ago
3 grade
Josie DeYoung
Josie DeYoung 23 hours ago
My school colored are blue black and it's either white or grey
Gasha Army
Gasha Army Day ago
I can’t be the only one who thinks that all of these youtubers are copying the same life hacks
Lauren McKinney
Lauren McKinney Day ago
girl yes it looks so much better. i missed this hair color on you!!!
Savannah Pepin
Savannah Pepin Day ago
# awk ✌🏻
Savannah Pepin
Savannah Pepin Day ago
Just coooooooment
Savannah Pepin
Savannah Pepin Day ago
Comment ask if you want to meet alish
Jamie Kokkas
Jamie Kokkas Day ago
Josie DeYoung
Josie DeYoung Day ago
Freaking Jessica
Shiv Day ago
i love it! like u had a lil party moment with blonde hair, but og alisha is back and better than ever!!! also tbh u look married but still young with it lol. we love!!!!!
Tamzin Kate
Tamzin Kate Day ago
I got this phone when I was 8 and I am turning 10 in 16 days
Steph_Original 123 45
Steph_Original 123 45 Day ago
ALISHA bandana as a top is not a trend it’s culture can people just respect that
kgomotso kgoebane
kgomotso kgoebane Day ago
I got my first phone at third grade
Tricia Persaud
Tricia Persaud Day ago
Video idea: turn Ashly Nichole into a Instagram Badie
J H Day ago
I love all of the funny things that are in this video
Avery G
Avery G Day ago
Omg can we pls have another one of these challenges?!?!?!(
Baked_bean 53
Baked_bean 53 Day ago
Kendall Towns
Kendall Towns Day ago
Go to sweep
Isabella haddad
Isabella haddad Day ago
Habi xo
Habi xo Day ago
2020 anyone
Ifunanyaife Richardson
Ifunanyaife Richardson Day ago
Outfit #1
grace of art
grace of art Day ago
Mine is 12 h
Gacha ash :3
Gacha ash :3 Day ago
I had my first phone at 7 then I got another phone at 9 because the other phone could only play game and watch videos
Marianne’s Channel
Marianne’s Channel Day ago
Outfit 2
Aaron Manteufel
Aaron Manteufel Day ago
When you said “hey Siri” my Siri kept coming on lol.
Dirkie Ras
Dirkie Ras Day ago
Dirkie Ras
Dirkie Ras Day ago
I love you😘
Conner Ft1
Conner Ft1 Day ago
I’m 9 and have had a cellphone since I was 6
Leilanie Vasquez
Leilanie Vasquez Day ago
I got my first phone when I was like around 6 or 7 (sorry I am watching this late)
Verónica Lugo
Verónica Lugo Day ago
Omgg do more challenges
Simon Wrathmall
Simon Wrathmall Day ago
If u shoes are smelly then just spray perfume in them then they will smell lovely
Zoë Brita
Zoë Brita Day ago
Katy Yiyi
Katy Yiyi Day ago
I got my phone in 2nd or 3 rd grade
Baron VonPepe
Baron VonPepe Day ago
Who else in 2020
Tessaundra Day ago
Ashley was right about outfit 1. It gives me such huge Bratz doll vibes! Also those big aviators gave me Mary-Kate and Ashley vibes lol
Hannalynn and Tiger
Hannalynn and Tiger Day ago
Monica Riker
Monica Riker Day ago
When I was 7 I’m 23 now