Prakash chawla
Prakash chawla Hour ago
Ring is great
Janise Wright
Janise Wright Hour ago
Amen! Bless him!
Neal Feldpausch
Neal Feldpausch 2 hours ago
😄 I'm sold Ring. You got me...
Michelle Abbott
Michelle Abbott 3 hours ago
Aww, I love how the little bear reached out and touched the man's foot. Then he
Charelle Brewer
Charelle Brewer 3 hours ago
Mannneeeeee, that first girl had me at edge of my seat, the fear in her voice was so alarming and heartbreaking. I'm glad it was a happy ending, such a smart beautiful child. If she would of called me, I probably would have lost it, my nerves. I hope for neighbors like that.
Suman Roy
Suman Roy 3 hours ago
So Facebook, Zoom and every other video conf technology dead? People are using door bell for video conferencing lol.
mostafa Gamal
mostafa Gamal 3 hours ago
Diane S
Diane S 3 hours ago
🐻 touches my🦶🏽me 🏃🏾‍♀️ this way screaming while 🐻 going that way.
Darren O'hara
Darren O'hara 3 hours ago
as da
as da 3 hours ago
why would someone steal gas which is like $2/gallon these days.
Woodslolaroxy 3 hours ago
hi ring
Giaya Rhea
Giaya Rhea 3 hours ago
This lady....grab my kids in each arm purse on shoulder in my car n go! Couple are heros!
msr111 4 hours ago
I think the bear got a good whiff of the guy's foot odor and bolted. When you build where bears live, expect them to drop by uninvited on occasion. And they won't be ringing any doorbells asking to use your pool either.
as da
as da 4 hours ago
That's a real FoxNews
Lakeram Prithipaul
Lakeram Prithipaul 4 hours ago
I celebrate Christmas and I already put up my Christmas tree
Spiix 4 hours ago
Chance Kenney
Chance Kenney 4 hours ago
I guess we the first
CRAIG 4 hours ago
gee...I can hear the wind and look out my window at whatever,....can\afford to hire folks to install a 5000$ security video system. Pensioner.
Brian 4 hours ago
............ this has made my day...thanks'..... Guys so cute
SwiftyDerpZ 4 hours ago
Nice dancing
Nancy Doney
Nancy Doney 4 hours ago
One more thing if I saw her ringing my doorbell I would rush out the door and tell her she sounds and looks like a angel she will be performing this on her Christmas special on 12.3.2020 on HBO MAX
Mckay Fam
Mckay Fam 4 hours ago
Cats see Christmas trees and decor as toys lol
Patrick Kearns
Patrick Kearns 4 hours ago
This is so cute sad my dog died yesterday
Nimue 4 hours ago
Human? Are you in there? How do we get you out?
Adkatka's Channel
Adkatka's Channel 5 hours ago
How the hell it pressed? It is so hard to push it, especially on Doorbell and Doorbell 2
K Nazir Ingram
K Nazir Ingram 5 hours ago
Bust a move Clay!
Milton Guevara
Milton Guevara 5 hours ago
Hahaha you should know bettet😻😻😼
Kelly Mack
Kelly Mack 5 hours ago
Lucky Man
Tereesa Davenport
Tereesa Davenport 6 hours ago
We need more people like this in our world
Vee 6 hours ago
I laughed when the white cat popped outta nowhere 😆
Y A S H N Y 6 hours ago
Little darling boy loves his momma 💕💕💕
Akshat Monga
Akshat Monga 6 hours ago
That head tilt killed me.
Charles 6 hours ago
I love that he keeps coming back to help.
Charlie sw9ve
Charlie sw9ve 6 hours ago
He seen the camera. He just wanted to show off his dancing skills. 🕺🕺
Iliana Ramirez
Iliana Ramirez 6 hours ago
😂😂😂 I wish this video was longer 😂😂
Vibing With Dee
Vibing With Dee 6 hours ago
I wanna cry they are so sweet😭I hope I have kids like this I bet he’s the LUCKIEST dad EVER u can tell he treat them right and he love them because they are showing him love everyday and tellin* him how’s it going
Sarah Keates
Sarah Keates 7 hours ago
Bless her.. thank god for technology! When we aint home ring let's u see everything from everywhere possible ! Just love this 👍🏻
Sarah Keates
Sarah Keates 7 hours ago
So cute i love my ring door bell since purchasing it its so worth the money
Laura Roberts
Laura Roberts 7 hours ago
The pretty white cats like I'm staying out of this guys!!😻
Vic Kingsley
Vic Kingsley 7 hours ago
*Mary Kingsley* The white cat and Mercy were like " WTF " ? Ling ling was " no worries Mercy , I got your back " . Lol! Thank you I NEEDED a good laugh !!
Lalita Bhandari
Lalita Bhandari 7 hours ago
God Bless this beautiful human being 🙏
Hearing At Home Mobile Hearing Center
Hearing At Home Mobile Hearing Center 7 hours ago
Cant hear the talking because the music in the video is too loud
Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd 7 hours ago
Doesn't the ring allow you to open the door remotely? Why didn't they let the girl in?
Zianeshka Sparen
Zianeshka Sparen 8 hours ago
Rai Bautista
Rai Bautista 8 hours ago
Good neighbor
Realism 2020
Realism 2020 8 hours ago
Bear startled by napping man
Kindness is still alive😭😭😭
End of Days
End of Days 8 hours ago
Ling ling : ling ling hears masters voice. Dont worry , we'll get you out of that box , hang in there.
ElJefe4130 8 hours ago
What is with the bubble gum voice?
Annie Allen
Annie Allen 9 hours ago
Everyone needs a friend like Ling Ling 🤣🤣🤣🤣👊🏾
Buttercup Dudden
Buttercup Dudden 9 hours ago
It's always the CAT.. 😼😼🐾🐾🐾
Bec 10 hours ago
But mom I can hear you in this box! I miss you!
venom shotZz
venom shotZz 10 hours ago
Smart doggo
grateful1929 10 hours ago
Ling Ling was in cahoots with Mercy! 😂
Slamberalert 69
Slamberalert 69 10 hours ago
I lived with my poppie (grandpa) and this is the same thing he would do lol so funny .
Peace Freedom
Peace Freedom 10 hours ago
This channel makes me feel like there’s hope for this world. Things have been looking so ugly and hateful lately.
Edward Gaeta
Edward Gaeta 10 hours ago
Bear; I wonder what the humans foot smells like? Sniff sniff sniff, whoa, I thought our feet smelled bad oh, I'm out of here!
Peace Freedom
Peace Freedom 10 hours ago
The one time foot odor came in handy.
Peace Freedom
Peace Freedom 10 hours ago
I don’t know. I’d give him a 3 out of 10. His technique was very sloppy. You’d think this was his first time stealing a paper.
Peace Freedom
Peace Freedom 10 hours ago
I’m so confused. Why be scared of a Turkey? It looked like it was asking for help.
Carol Maresca
Carol Maresca 10 hours ago
Cheez it. It's the fuzz!!!
Lincoln Bowling
Lincoln Bowling 11 hours ago
Nice sweater on the announcer. Please ring my bell
Javier Torres
Javier Torres 11 hours ago
I wish I could afford Ring. Lifesaver. I would do anything to protect my home. 2 dogs and I live on 50 bucks a week after bills. Can't afford but nice!
Bradley Dix
Bradley Dix 11 hours ago
Im blaming her mother for not looking after her properly cus she's too young like why?
Josh Rose
Josh Rose 11 hours ago
It’s cool and all but I bet the camera will be aids.
Eydna Mortensen
Eydna Mortensen 11 hours ago
The cats looks like they are worried that the owner is stuck inside.
D J 11 hours ago
This is my time with Hannah, you get away. Lmao Don't ever get in the way of a Dad to daughter message. Dad is so sweet.
beavers573 11 hours ago
so glad those folks got to her asap.