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Month ago
Mat and Savanna Shaw Q&A
Susan Richards
Susan Richards Hour ago
hi from uk england love prayer song :)love your songs
Rennee Tronqued
Rennee Tronqued Hour ago
Oh my you are my new favorite :)
Sherry Schwartz
Sherry Schwartz Hour ago
Ps. What kind of sound recording system are you using? 👍👍💝
Sherry Schwartz
Sherry Schwartz Hour ago
You both have exceptional talent! I suggest contacting Emile Pandolfi, an extraordinarily gifted friend of mine and a successful independent classical musician and coach to guide you to good honest ways to go pro😘👍 Www.EmilePandolfi.com
Rennee Tronqued
Rennee Tronqued 2 hours ago
Just love hearing them sing keep on inspiring others.
Léa Oliveira
Léa Oliveira 3 hours ago
You're great! Following you to enjoy your singing everyday!
Léa Oliveira
Léa Oliveira 3 hours ago
Kathy Joan Garcia
Kathy Joan Garcia 3 hours ago
Makes my eyes misty listening to your renditions... makes me yearn to have my own child. Amazing blend of voice of father and daughter. Thank you for sharing your talent.
Valerie Waterman
Valerie Waterman 5 hours ago
Fantastic! Keep it up, confidence keeps building and soon you will have a "Confidence Castle", Savanna!
Roberto Martorelli
Roberto Martorelli 5 hours ago
I'm writing you from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil... you guys are awesome !!! Thanks for inspiring me during this quarantine !!!!
Rob Carter
Rob Carter 5 hours ago
Brilliant stuff, well done guys :-)
Marjorie sherman
Marjorie sherman 5 hours ago
In such a dark time in our country, when we're separated from friends and family, this really was the perfect song sung by some pretty awesome people. Great job, Mat and Savanna. Savanna's articulation and melodious voice are so beautiful and Mat, great job in harmonizing and looking on lovingly Wonderful voices.
Marie345 PhUS
Marie345 PhUS 6 hours ago
I love Daddy Mat's look of admiration and adoration to her daughter! ❤️😎😊👏👏
Zosima Yamashiro
Zosima Yamashiro 6 hours ago
Love you both watching from Japan 🇯🇵
Zosima Yamashiro
Zosima Yamashiro 6 hours ago
Love you both watching from Japan 🇯🇵
Marie345 PhUS
Marie345 PhUS 6 hours ago
Awesome duet!!! Perfectness runs in the blood!!!
Alastair Thomson Mills - Actor.
Alastair Thomson Mills - Actor. 6 hours ago
Could you please sing ‘It’s quiet uptown’ from the musical Hamilton. Just to say my daughters and I love your videos.
Una Turagabeci
Una Turagabeci 6 hours ago
My favourite fairytale song of all time.. Love the father and daughter duet.Precious indeed.
trick351 6 hours ago
YES!!! Just beautiful!!! Please sing Up to the Mountain!!! Take us to church 💞🙏🏼💞
trick351 7 hours ago
OMG! First, I just fast forwarded to Savanna’s wedding 😳😭😭❤️❤️❤️ SECOND, I’m not crying you’re crying!!! ❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭😭😭
Honey Dumplin' 01
Honey Dumplin' 01 7 hours ago
So beautiful! Amazing harmony! Can't wait to see what you sing next!
Meire Yamaguchi
Meire Yamaguchi 8 hours ago
i love this song! Beautiful done
Andrew Clack
Andrew Clack 8 hours ago
Loving all your songs. Would love to hear you sing ‘In the arms of an Angel’ - would be very moving.
Honey Dumplin' 01
Honey Dumplin' 01 12 hours ago
Stunning! I love that song!
Guy Phillips
Guy Phillips 12 hours ago
Love you guy's - Love to see you both do a Music reaction - Something new? Please react to the greatest singer in the world - Dimash Kudaibergen He can rap - Screaming - usshow.info/watch/UBgueGdgh4g/video.html Dance like MJ - usshow.info/watch/SG7Nn7Dn3UU/video.html Sing like an Angel - Your Love - usshow.info/watch/a0yO7Sy9IcY/video.html Perform Opera - Dimash Kudaibergen, Lara Fabian, Aida Garifullina - Ti amo cosi -usshow.info/watch/XaQFfqC3lnU/video.html Perform Popera - Ogni Pietra (Olimpico) FANCAM - usshow.info/watch/8k1AHMxq-0g/video.html Movie Trailers - Across Endless Dimensions - usshow.info/watch/9efIWFhD8a4/video.html Take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride - Sinful Passion - usshow.info/watch/W9FlDMCo8LU/video.html and Adagio - usshow.info/watch/eaq24OhkBRE/video.html - Love is like a Dream - usshow.info/watch/xLEQzfqO_l0/video.html Duets - Dimash & Li Yugang (Drunken Concubine) usshow.info/watch/8T3J9TqU-QM/video.html
Jenifer Johnson
Jenifer Johnson 13 hours ago
Your house is so nice
Jane Figueroa
Jane Figueroa 13 hours ago
That is beautiful sign up for britians got talent or thee voice ,you could go far you sound like angels
Sherry Schwartz
Sherry Schwartz 13 hours ago
You two ARE PHENOMONAL!!! 💝😘👍💫
Sherry Schwartz
Sherry Schwartz 14 hours ago
Wow!!! That's all. Enormous Wow! 😘👍👍
maverick2601ify 14 hours ago
I think ya'll should record The Greatest Showman's Rewrite the Stars. I love all of the songs you two have released so far as well as your father-daughter singing dynamic. It's very much needed in these trying times and I think you two perform beautifully together. I think if you performed Rewrite The Stars, it would be a big hit; you two already have another big hit from The Greatest Showman already recorded! Thank you for your music! Keep up the amazing work!
Mary Dagostino
Mary Dagostino 14 hours ago
Beautiful family!
Mary Dagostino
Mary Dagostino 14 hours ago
I can't wait for a CD!!!
Janet Matthews
Janet Matthews 14 hours ago
We listen to your prayer every night. It brings such comfort to us. Thank you. Please never stop singing. We love the love you have for singing and each other. ❤️❤️❤️
Carolyn G
Carolyn G 14 hours ago
You two are great singers! Request: Could you sing “Unforgettable” by Nat King Cole when Natalie sang with the recording? Thanks for sharing your music with us all!
BookCade NB
BookCade NB 14 hours ago
She's 15 and sings like that, holy crap. I have a feeling they're both Classically trained singers but are under an NDA not to discuss it, lol.
Meredith Boye
Meredith Boye 15 hours ago
Binge watching ALL your videos right about now 🥰😍🥰 You two have a gift from heaven. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. Please keep going!
Rebecca Portner
Rebecca Portner 15 hours ago
It is so sweet to how beautiful a connection you have.Blessings!
Barbara White
Barbara White 15 hours ago
You guys are absolutely beautiful and amazing!
donna bennett
donna bennett 15 hours ago
Your wonderful talented duet never fails to bring a time of happiness into each day. Blessings
Valerie Coppola
Valerie Coppola 16 hours ago
Such beautiful voices,so pure. You are both so talented,what a pleasure to listen to.
SheFlungDung 16 hours ago
OMG haven't heard this in more than 20yrs. Thanks for giving us this gift.
SheFlungDung 16 hours ago
Do the entire album. Please.
Malinda Allred
Malinda Allred 16 hours ago
Rand Saleh
Rand Saleh 16 hours ago
Fire on fire please 😊💕
The Enchanted Classroom
The Enchanted Classroom 17 hours ago
My absolute favorite so far!! Phenomenal job!! Can you two do Aerosmith’s - I don’t want to miss a thing? I would love to use it for my wedding as our first dance 🥰
Sihan Tong [Student]
Sihan Tong [Student] 17 hours ago
Those people who put thumbs down should do something productive in their lives. People really do need to learn how to be people...smh🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Kelli Manley
Kelli Manley 17 hours ago
I love to sing in the song really inspires me maybe I’ll be like do you guys someday
SmokinBev 18 hours ago
Wow!!!! Wow!!!!
Ruth S
Ruth S 18 hours ago
Matt, you have an amazing voice! Your voice is so perfect for this song, like it was written specifically for you! It was so sweet for Savannah to ask you to record that for her as the present she wanted. It is equally sweet that you did this for her. She will cherish it forever! Thank you and Savannah for doing these videos!
FATHER Daughter Love AA
FATHER Daughter Love AA 19 hours ago
Running Adventures
Running Adventures 20 hours ago
Do Rewrite the Stars please!
John Thomas
John Thomas 20 hours ago
Thank you both for your excellent talent, It's the break I need, Bless you both.
Linda Evans
Linda Evans 20 hours ago
Best version EVER!❤️ just can’t stop listening to them! This & The Prayer are my favourite. Their voices are So beautiful together. ❤️
Sinara Rodrigues de Souza
Sinara Rodrigues de Souza 20 hours ago
Excellent, marvillous! God bless you all!
April Baker
April Baker 20 hours ago
Beautiful Savannah, You are definitely a bright light and a blessing brought to us by Heaven above. I know you have made such an impact on many lives during this crazy stressful time. Thank you Thank your dad and family for giving us a little Hope, Faith, and Strength daily! God Bless.
RedRoseSeptember22 20 hours ago
I'm crying so much right now...I love this song and can't help but picture someone in their final hours slowly ascending into Heaven, peacefully and beautifully as this plays. I lost my mother back in November of 2019, one of her favorite movies was The Wizard of Oz, and her birthday is April 1st, so I feel like finding this video wasn't a coincidence! I feel God led me to hear this and that my Momma is letting me know she is with me and thinking of me while resting in Heaven. Her name was Robin and she also loved birds, so just everything about this is SO so special. Thank you Savanna. ♥♥♥♥♥
RedRoseSeptember22 20 hours ago
I've always loved this song and was singing with you Savanna. It reminded me of the love, joy and happiness I felt when my husband and I promised ourselves to one another forever on our wedding day. ♥♥♥♥♥
Natalie Savage
Natalie Savage 20 hours ago
simply sensational
Geanny Grace Damole
Geanny Grace Damole 20 hours ago
Thr daaaad thooo. Their bond is sooo sweet
Debbie Stejskal
Debbie Stejskal 20 hours ago
Absolutely beautiful!!!!!
BJ Dixon
BJ Dixon 21 hour ago
I think this is your best duet. Mat, you are an internet sensation. When people talk about your wonderful voice they usually add you are cute too! 😊
Gina Dodds
Gina Dodds 21 hour ago
Such a beautiful performance. Brought tears to my eyes. Gina Dodds, Bellmmore, NY
Esther Drummond
Esther Drummond 21 hour ago
I really enjoy listening to this father/daughter duet. They each have such beautiful voices and together it's just double joy to listen to. You can tell that dad is so proud of his daughter's talent and she of his. :)
VFN556 22 hours ago
THERE ARE NO WORDS! Mat's voice is beautiful.....just beautiful!!! and Savanna has inherited Dad's beautiful voice. Their vibrato is synchronous. The gold medal for ice dancing in the 2018 Winter Olympics was won by Canadian ice dancers Tessa Virtue & Scott Moyer. They skated to "Come What May" and it was beautiful to see. If only they could now skate to Mat and Savanna singing!
Alice Lewis
Alice Lewis 22 hours ago
Absolutely beautiful. I was really feeling down due to the COVID-19 virus, turmoil in our country right now. I opened up Facebook and someone had sent this to me. What an uplifting it brought to me. There will always be beauty in many ways around us. Thank you for a beautiful song. Knowing you are father and daughter is beautiful too. So much talent.
Emily Burner
Emily Burner 22 hours ago
They're even channeling Beast's and Belle's colors!
Emily Burner
Emily Burner 22 hours ago
YES YES YES YES YES. This is perfect
Joan Redwing
Joan Redwing 22 hours ago
What!? Just found you today and I'm gobsmacked. Brilliant! By far the best renditions of these songs. Get ready to blast off to professional singing careers. Well done Mat and Savanna.
Michael Linn
Michael Linn 22 hours ago
You remind us that we can make and share music with those we love.
john barnes
john barnes 23 hours ago
Hi Guys Really enjoyed your music Stay Safe. Regards John England
Michele Walker
Michele Walker 23 hours ago
I just love them. I could listen to them all day. Angelic voices.
Carol McFarland
Carol McFarland 23 hours ago
What a blessing these two are to the world, wow!!!
Beverly Sweitzer
Beverly Sweitzer Day ago
Your are awesome. Love to listen to you. Give me chills!🎵🎶♥️♥️
Elizabeth Bailey
Elizabeth Bailey Day ago
How beautiful.
MusicRowVoice Day ago
Love love love !!!
Linda Gail
Linda Gail Day ago
I wish I could describe what your voices do for my soul! I’m in the midst of a difficult time emotionally and your voices, your beautiful melodies and harmonies, soothe my soul. Thank you.
Janine J
Janine J Day ago
can you believe it? almost 7 million views!
Janine J
Janine J Day ago
BRAVI! BRAVI!!!! Oh Savanna, your high notes!!
julie lambert
julie lambert Day ago
You are both amazing xx
Janine J
Janine J Day ago
well clearly, I like this song. lol Are we allowed to say how good looking Mat is? LOL
Catherine Meldrum
Catherine Meldrum Day ago
Wonderful, thank you
Aurielle Gonzalez
Aurielle Gonzalez Day ago
Are you playing the piano?
DisneyAunty Day ago
This song is my childhood. Your voices are amazing and perfect for the song.
Lingga Kartika
Lingga Kartika Day ago
Why can't we like more than once? Like like like like...😘
Lingga Kartika
Lingga Kartika Day ago
You can sing the dictionary and sound great! I just love yout voices 😍 Would you please please do "For Good" from Wicked some day? Anyway I still don't understand the thumbs down to their videos.
Joan Collins
Joan Collins Day ago
That was amazing! How BEAUTIFUL!
sara kongslie
sara kongslie Day ago
I’m in tears❤️
Roberta Durnan
Roberta Durnan Day ago
God Bless Both of You. You Both Sing so Beautiful.
Suri Katz
Suri Katz Day ago
Their voices are so beautiful and so real
Taylor Andrews
Taylor Andrews Day ago
This might be my favorite one yet!!
Aletta Booysen
Aletta Booysen Day ago
Hi there i love music but these two can go on singing its beautiful thankyou for playing it
H Shepard
H Shepard Day ago
Her voice is heavenly.
Boxer Fan
Boxer Fan Day ago
Please do The Impossible Dream from Man from LaMancha. usshow.info/watch/ZwWFTSYbyjM/video.html
Smøl Bean
Smøl Bean Day ago
U should make ur own song! About you and ur daughter, lovely! 💞