Briawna Brooks
Briawna Brooks 4 minutes ago
Sending you all the love and strength as you go through this tough time ❤
Inspirational Flo
Inspirational Flo 5 minutes ago
Thank you for your transparency, Ive been praying for y’all and still do. Whatever God wants for you and your family will come to pass. Lean on Him and trust in Him and He shall direct your path. Nothing in life is done without purpose so don’t feel bad redemption is a beautiful thing we get to experience as humans. Love you🤎
LysssIsMore 7 minutes ago
Stay strong, please don’t fuxck with your face my love ! Ur gorgeous. Not a hater, filler is a bit muchhh 🥺❤️
kaliha55 Hour ago
Do the counseling! At the very least when all is said and done. You did the work! All the questions you have will be addressed in therapy. Doing nothing...keeps everything in the air. At the very least "TRY"
Nachemi Agape
Nachemi Agape 2 hours ago
Clearly the speech classes Are working
Saran2701 2 hours ago
I'm torn that you guys are going through this storm. Adam, is it true you don't show affectins toward Latoya? If so, it is not hard to show affections if you really wanna save your marriage. Do you guys reallly wanna go separate ways?
Belinda Nagawa
Belinda Nagawa 2 hours ago
lol tag looks a suitcase tag i couldnt stop laughing
Destiny Wagner
Destiny Wagner 2 hours ago
In order for your kids to be happy, you have to be happy ... pray about it and be specific❤
Kristasiah Daniels
Kristasiah Daniels 2 hours ago
That black dress was my fave!!!!
Emele Emz
Emele Emz 2 hours ago
Alexa play "Girls need love by Summer walker"
Saran2701 3 hours ago
You guys need to get back together. Like you were in love and together you guys were so funny together
fort worth
fort worth 3 hours ago
lynette5276 3 hours ago
I can relate happiness is everything I I rather be happy than anything and feeling myself again . You can lose yourself in unstable relationships and you should be who you are in any relationship. It should build each other Especially emotionality. You hot this girl stay strong . I have been riding with you since you an your husband was dating . I seen you glow up but protect your heart and soul
thaogbrazyfool 3 hours ago
wait is she gone be on rhoa?
jamaican0721 4 hours ago
Everything you want in your relationship for you, you should want that for your partner too.
lifesbest88 4 hours ago
Latoya said a button popped off it so she’s returning it, my girl just sew it back on duhhh
KaeNeisha Forlife Belle
KaeNeisha Forlife Belle 4 hours ago
Praying and inviting God into it, With God it will never work or last... it’s okay to separate but a divorce will never heal your Problem, it will follow you but put prayer 🙏🏽 in between and don’t beat your self up just give yourself time and give yourself God. And life will carry on problem it’s up to us to get up and do what we need to do for the best it’s IT TIME SIS TO BRING PRAYER INTO YOUR LIFE. I know for a fact in you bring God and prayer into your relationship it will get better you will get stronger I know marriage with God into their marriage last God never promise us the but relationship where you don’t fight or agree to things it going to happen because you are a woman and he’s a man so there will be a difference but it’s about compromise get you a Bible Study understand and pray that’s how you take the stress out when your alone with the word of God meditate on the word. I was thinking about you earlier today then I came across this. I’m praying the will of God into your life that God bring joy and peace into your life that you will all your cares into his hands that he will take care of your needs , I bleed the blood of Jesus over your mind and heart in Jesus Name. First you can’t understand the word of without obeying Acts 2:38 you stay safe you and your family I’m stilling praying that’s all I can do but you gotta want better ps sorry long can’t talk to you I’m taking the time here. ❤️ Love you. Y’all NEED TIME TOGETHER ALONE.
Nala 4 hours ago
LATOYAAAAA girl u look good in every outfit yesssss😍😍 u and ur mom are both gorgeous btw
Machelle Bang Bang
Machelle Bang Bang 4 hours ago
I've been with my husband for 18 years, We fell out of love and back in love all over again. Why? because we keep ppl out our business, we try to hang with other married couples who have like minds. We talk more and tell each other what we want and expect, we date each other. Yes there will be difficulties, but you have to ask yourself, is it worth fighting for.
the lover sam
the lover sam 4 hours ago
I was dating this guy for almost 2 years and i started my online business which was doing okay, he came in and advised and became my business partner. Our relationship began to fall apart because all we spoke about was business and even when i tried to have a personal conversation with him, it just felt like he wasn’t interested in me anymore but he just needed me as *quote* business partner because i was doing everything and he wasn’t doing much. But Latoya i just think get a separate place for your mom and sister and Prayer is the key, you’re really making the right choice to separate for now just to clear your mind and really try and reconcile with your husband
safi Lynn 15
safi Lynn 15 4 hours ago
Her face looks weird 🤦🏾‍♀️
Koricometh 4 hours ago
Aquarius and Virgo ... could work, but a lot of times no. Different love languages
Nilka Archer
Nilka Archer 4 hours ago
We love you Latoya!!! We missed you!!
D. Smith
D. Smith 5 hours ago
There is no way you can work on your marriage with your family in your house. Instead of moving... Put your mom and sister in their own place and go to counseling with your husband. Unless he is physically abusive... If so, that’s a whole different situation.
Belinda Nagawa
Belinda Nagawa 5 hours ago
hmmm ahh there is a spirit going around, causing divorce, toya you just expressed something am going through right now, i was on my way to worship when i saw your video, i think we need to pray because something is wrong, this wave of divorce God save us and help!!!! love you toya and your family, lets pray
IndependentQueen 5 hours ago
Only God can help. Pray together🙏🏽 it works.
So Sirius
So Sirius 5 hours ago
I have never been in that situation before so I can’t image how hard this is. But my advice is take some time for yourself to think then try to reconnect with Adam. Remember the reasons why y’all fell in love. Having other family around isn’t good for marriage either from what I see from other married couples. Again I’ve never been in that situation and I’m not married but from what I hear from my married friends family involvement seems to hurt the marriage. Counseling is a really good idea too. Regardless of what happens you will get through this. Sending my love.
Lovewins 5 hours ago
The comment section is very interesting. Please STOP asking people to stay together, work it out...When two people who know each other decide to go their separate way, SPECTATORS should respect that and stop begging them to workout things that we know nothing about. It's always deeper than what they are willing to say. it's better to support and allow them to figure out their own life. Do what's best for you and your family ONLY you truly know what that is.
90s Girl
90s Girl 5 hours ago
I really feel for you LaToya, i can resonate with what you're going through with something similar. Honestly idk yet I feel like its one of the worst battles to face when thinking yes just make it work but no the pieces just aren't fitting together fully and what if they never did its like a deep kind of hurt to navigate because you want to stay but you have to go. May be different than your situation but just like that emotional tug of war. Wishing you and your Entire family peace and happiness regardless. Keep your head up girl!
Jah Live
Jah Live 6 hours ago
Wrong time to have a pretty female in your home on a regular basis like this. Mark my words, there is going to be a problem. I kept my mouth shut when your mom moved in. That’s all I’m going to say, sit back and 👀.
Jah Live
Jah Live 6 hours ago
This breaks my heart. You may not know your subscribers personally but we feel as if we know you personally. I’ve been here since day 1 so yes, this hurts. Thanks for speaking to us about it because we’re family too whether you know it or not and we love you. All of us are here for each of you. 💯🥰
Chayka77 Israelite
Chayka77 Israelite 6 hours ago
Completely understand how you feel, but that is not a reason to divorce❤️👍🏾
Farrah Ivery
Farrah Ivery 6 hours ago
I've been married for 15 years together for 20, and you don't always feel the love. However marriage is work and sometimes we treat the things like trash after we prayed so hard for them. I hope you all can work it out.
Nights with nikki
Nights with nikki 6 hours ago
Tea Marie
Tea Marie 7 hours ago
lets boycott the mom
Beauty by Nature
Beauty by Nature 7 hours ago
Latoya: "Theres a meeting in my bedroom!😜" Trini mom: "Theres a meeting in the church board room!😂🤣😂🤣"
Chelsea Weekly
Chelsea Weekly 7 hours ago
Can’t believe you told adam that you belong to the street. Smh.
Beauty by Nature
Beauty by Nature 7 hours ago
Latoya: "Jean's to the beach?!"😅 Trini mom: "All your belly outside!"🤣
Brianne 7 hours ago
You should have a conversation with Keesha Anderson...she needs your input
Debora Micael
Debora Micael 8 hours ago
Woooow where have I been?! Sheesh. Praying for y’all
Jasmin Brandy
Jasmin Brandy 8 hours ago
From watching your videos, you have a husband who loves you, supports you, & is a a amazing dad. That is rare these days. Talk with your husband and be open to each other’s feelings and questions. Affection and love can be fixed. Communication is vital but I truly hope y’all work it out and continue a life filled of love and happiness! 💜
Brittany House
Brittany House 8 hours ago
When in these situations stillness and separation is key. You need time to feel your feelings. DEFINITELY remove outside influences, like mom or sis, listen to your counselor and talk to that man. From a distance. Trust, he is hurting too.
Yasmin M
Yasmin M 9 hours ago
This is the last thing I want for both of you, I've watched your relationship from the very beginning when you guys lived in that apartment condo. You've always been the one to display your affection whereas Adam is the total opposite, you guy's both have different love languages and I think you guys need to explain your languages to one another. He's love language may be the things he does for you eg. the time he threw you the surprise engagement with Jahkoy singing while you were pregnant with Samia, the time you really wanted the Mackage jacket and he got it, the range rover surprise. He most definitely loves you and I think he provides you with the "things" you want and I think that's how he expresses his love. You should tell him what your love language is, tell him you want to hear " I love you", give you hugs, etc. when you guys work together and have these thriving business together it can affect your marriage, separate the two, know when its "work time" from "family time", Introduce date nights most importantly people can't read minds be vocal and communicate the things you guys want out of your marriage. Good luck
T M 9 hours ago
Latoya you look amazing 😍
BTB TV 9 hours ago
I'm not married but I lowkey can relate to this. I feel like my relationship is more of a partnership with no affection. Still trying to figure my situation out...
Cynthia G.
Cynthia G. 9 hours ago
I know exactly how you feel. It's hard to leave when the person hasn't necessarily done anything "wrong". it makes you feel crazy. In my case I was questioning myself for so long wondering if it was me that needed to change in order to make it work. it makes you wonder should you just learn to suck it up and deal with it (many women do) or should you leave and risk losing everything you've built. And then there's always the question of "is there even anybody else out there for me?" Sometimes, being alone is the better choice for your own happiness. If you have already done the work of communicating all of this to him and nothing has changed, then it may be best to leave it be. you are incredibly strong and self-aware! Don't doubt yourself and don't regret the time you've spent together. Life has unfolded for you exactly how it was supposed to. He was in your life for the time period that he was supposed to be. Your job as a human being is to grow and learn and this is just a part of that.
Cher John
Cher John 9 hours ago
The outfits were fashionable
Lovely Foster
Lovely Foster 9 hours ago
I totally understand! At least you guys are trying to work it our wether you have to separate months, or years, work on you guys! If it’s meant to be it will be...God’s plan 😊
Steph Santiago
Steph Santiago 9 hours ago
Latoya I’ve gone through the same exact thing in a personal level and everything I almost died as well because of preeclampsia my blood pressure was extremely high and I was at high risk of having seizure I was in machines and bed rest and on so many meds. I felt the same exact way about my partner everything that I went through just seemed like it was ignored and I wasn’t appreciated or loved enough I’m still with my partner but I am trying the best that I can to ignore my feelings because I don’t want to ruin what we have, I cannot forget the person he was for me and how he treated me before having our baby. I was pregnant a month before you and I can only tell you that honey keep your chin up because behind closed doors we’re battling through everything we may put up a front or a smile but we both know how it really is.
YoungNick808 10 hours ago
As soon as y'all don't get attention the relationship be in jeopardy
CAKES & ART 10 hours ago
Please write a list of all the good in Adam that u fell inlove with u said he believed in you what else... The other side of the paper right all the wrongs he did if the good outways the bad FIGHT for your marriage ur children depend on it believe me.. . NOBODY WINS IN A DIVORCÉ (.its DEATH). Start by saying something positive to ADAM everyday the FIRE is their you two are ONE in GODS eyes... A marriage is the both of you(work it out the two of you) not bringing both family members and friends into it, it gets MESSY listening to misleading advice especially if their marriages ain't working or divorced themselves.... Remember GOD will judge you on the part u played in the marriage, ur family and friends will not be their, you will give a full account to GOD alone on what u did with the institution he created MARRIAGE it's not a joke... Fight for your marriage like ur life depends on it because it does... Remember ur children are always watching what are u teaching them??? Marriage is a COVENANT scripture says "what God has joined together let no man separate " even if u decide to divorce and move on with another man in GODS eyes ur still MARRIED to your husband ADAM hence Adultery
Sumtende Chaba
Sumtende Chaba 10 hours ago
You need to eat more vegetable.
pudddingpie 10 hours ago
Toya you should try out @theklabel on Instagram you would LOVE her designs, she from London too and she’s amazing
pudddingpie 10 hours ago
I looooooooooooove your mum!!
Tashie Tyler
Tashie Tyler 10 hours ago
May God guide your steps and bring peace and understanding to you and your family during this challenging time. 💜
MyJessicaJ 10 hours ago
I’ve been married for 7 years and it’s not all about butterflies. Counseling is a great step in the right direction and maybe you both need to make serious changes to make it work. Praying for you guys 🖤
Sheamber 11 hours ago
I’m the 999 like!!!
MiMi yaya Lopez
MiMi yaya Lopez 11 hours ago
Yes lord I’m one. It’s hard and I’m also confused we have 5 kids and at this point I feel like we roommates and only with each for our kid’s we haven’t slept in the same bed in a few years we haven’t been Sexually Active with each other for 2 yrs and it’s like wat we doing here and we are married. It’s like the love is not there anymore I’m not happy we are just there and I miss so much wat we had and I just don’t no wat to do anymore but yeah it’s a lot but it’s to much to put in text lol just felt like sharing just a lil and to let u no that u are not alone love 💕
Ariel Burkett
Ariel Burkett 11 hours ago
As a married woman, this is the advice my mother-in-law has given all of her daughters ( all married)... she's been married for 25 years. Marriage though the years changes, of course there will be growing pains, being with someone for a lifetime! Stick it out, the honey moon phase will come back around again.... and probably leave and then butterflies come back. Prayers for overall happiness and joy!
kaylin Misick
kaylin Misick 11 hours ago
Connect with your soul babes, the answers are there, what ur seeking is seeking u, follow ur heart! Sending love ❤️🦋
Laylay Johnson
Laylay Johnson 11 hours ago
I know this feeling, I got divorced 6 years ago and I’m just now in another serious relationship. I can say that the love feels totally different. And if I’m being really honest; my 1st marriage was an awesome partnership but it always sorta felt like that. We loved one another but I was never like head over heels In love. Navigating separation and divorce ain’t easy and I questioned if I made the right choice for years. Then I met my current bf and everything just clicks, the love feels inexhaustible and totally different.
Beauty_Brains 11 hours ago
I love you LaToya! But 1st of all as a married woman I have always said that there were too many people always in you guys space. I think a separation would be good but your mom and sister needs to find there own way. I know We only see so much in thevlogs but I really hope if things work out you guys can have more alone time. Just you, him, and the kids. Friends and family on the weekends. I’m hoping for the best for you all.
Liz Neptune
Liz Neptune 11 hours ago
I'm sooo happy when you said you're going to therapy!! This is sooooo important!
lovey 11 hours ago
I see alot of yall blaming mom but this man told her she was for the streets. Of course she is hurt ...the hell yall think. She is going to feel a way. Yall dont know what's been said and done for her mom to feel that way. No mom truly wants her daughter to struggle .
Lucey Monize
Lucey Monize 12 hours ago
You’re absolutely not being selfish at all. A lot of men get comfortable when they get into relationships and stop doing the things they did to get you in the first place. To make it worse, they make you feel like you’re nagging when you express your feelings. Sometimes you have to separate for them to reflect on what they did or didn’t do.
Afi Sanaa
Afi Sanaa 12 hours ago
I truly hope counseling helps but may I say this as a casual observer, the audio from the water in the background and the outfit you chose to record this video in seems a bit insincere. Hope I am wrong. Wishing you the best.
beauttty072 12 hours ago
You needed a extra small for the black blazer and that prom looking dress is no difference form the sleeve tops you like Latoya lol. I notice your wardrobe-taste has changed since you been to Atlanta, but some of those pieces are cute on you though
Tami Divine
Tami Divine 12 hours ago
I don’t know when people gone learn that in-laws and marriages don’t mix!!!! You married Adam not your mom. She needs to stay the hell out of your marriage and she needs to get a life. You need to set boundaries otherwise any relationship you get into will end in the same way.
Tiff_original 12 hours ago
I’m going through the same thing. My husband doesn’t communicate and show me the love that I deserve. I honestly don’t know what to do as well. I’m sorry that you are going through this especially when kids are involved. I also just had a baby and he’s not even a year yet. I want to do therapy, but will it work for him. You aren’t SELFISH. You have to do what’s best for you and your mental health. I wish you the best 💜
ronke odunewu
ronke odunewu 12 hours ago
I love latoya! Girl come through lemme feed you!
Bella 12 hours ago
Sending you love and grace over your and your partners imperfections, I’m sure it’s really difficult to see everything going right and the one thing you desperately want to go right goes wrong. I’ve read so much of the comments but I can’t help but agree that you need to move your family out of your home, having people constantly around will have a toll on your relationship. You’ll start being conscious of literally everything you do because if their presence and in turn it will displace any form of spontaneity, find your mum and your sister a place to stay in so you can focus on your marriage and that itty bitty feeling you’re missing. God be with you and your family during this trying times ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Saraï Ss
Saraï Ss 12 hours ago
Loool I always love how LaToya is feeling herself 😂😂
SK Gardner
SK Gardner 13 hours ago
Praying for clarity and peace and you seek God🙏🏾❤️
IslandVisionAries 13 hours ago
Please try and fight for your Marriage. Your mom and sister shouldn’t be living in your home and getting in your marriage. The only way that can work is if they stay neutral and out of your business. He is a man after all and shouldn’t feel u comfortable in his own home being outnumber. Recipe for disaster. Marriage is hard enough. From what I gather the big reason for not staying in the marriage is because of lack of affection. Was he always that way? Affection isn’t everything. Trust!He might have a different love language and you both might need to compromise. Dating is hard out here. Fight as hard as you can. Don’t leave your marriage for 20% of what your not getting when you’d be leaving behind 80%. At the end of the day you need to do what you feel is right however don’t give up so easily. ❤️❤️
Chase ???
Chase ??? 13 hours ago
You're beautiful
April Ray
April Ray 13 hours ago
Reading with Shea
Reading with Shea 13 hours ago
I am very sad to hear about the divorce. I hope you guys get counseling regardless.
Bois Nae
Bois Nae 13 hours ago
why does this not feel genuine though .....even the body language ......lack of eye contact, etc
Jaimee Leigh
Jaimee Leigh 13 hours ago
Lmaoooo did she say “In the name” at 9:02? I LOOOVE yo mama Toya!! 😂😩😂
CRYSTAL BOLAND 13 hours ago
where all my trini people at