I Got A Perm
17 days ago
I Left The Sway House
Shazia Kaka
Shazia Kaka Hour ago
No one: Literally no one: Griffin: making us wait 11 HOURS for his video.....😒
Shazia Kaka
Shazia Kaka Hour ago
When you already know who he is actually marrying
Harman .H
Harman .H Hour ago
Addison doesn’t have tattoos now...does she
Mithlesh upadhyay
Mithlesh upadhyay Hour ago
Ha Bryce is so happy 😅
Megan S
Megan S Hour ago
does kio not exist or something
Priyanka Sharma
Priyanka Sharma Hour ago
Jaden and maddy💚
Walter Speaks
Walter Speaks Hour ago
You guys do know how easy it id to photoshop right?
only braddison shippers can like
Rose McDonald
Rose McDonald Hour ago
don’t watch bryce’s new video unless u want this to be spoiled🤦🏽‍♀️😂
naathirah laattoe
naathirah laattoe Hour ago
Anyone here before it premeires 👇🙂💟
Husna Waseem
Husna Waseem Hour ago
Aug 14 is my country's birthday in a way it was made on Aug fourtheenth
Christina Jay
Christina Jay Hour ago
That music when they were walking down the aisle tho 🤣🤣🤣
Настя Сірмановська
Настя Сірмановська Hour ago
I can't wait, pls
Mia Healy
Mia Healy Hour ago
Can griffin like my comment
Devi Sh
Devi Sh Hour ago
I love "addison's" new tatoo
Elif Sapmaz
Elif Sapmaz Hour ago
The way Bryce is sitting shows how stressed he was broo 💀🤣🤣🤣
xxlenaplaysrobloxx Hour ago
We need to wait grrr
Its Cindy
Its Cindy Hour ago
it’s the ✨ c l i c k b a i t ✨ for me
Jázmin Kis
Jázmin Kis Hour ago
Can't wait the next part😂
Reverse Sylver
Reverse Sylver 2 hours ago
Yo he disrespected bryce when he said meanwhile in byrces bathroom
Salma Arafa
Salma Arafa 2 hours ago
Y’all... watch the first video before this so u don’t be like: “omg is this Addison?! When did she get tattoos?!” 😭
skyloark_ gaming
skyloark_ gaming 2 hours ago
@Kaleigh Purvis If u see this reply
Teodora Dzavric
Teodora Dzavric 2 hours ago
Guys it's Nick Bean🤣
Reverse Sylver
Reverse Sylver 2 hours ago
Am i the only one that heard those fricknite sound
Batool Alhariri
Batool Alhariri 2 hours ago
griffin like this ;)
Salma Arafa
Salma Arafa 2 hours ago
Ashley 😂😂
Walae Bahjaoui
Walae Bahjaoui 2 hours ago
Where’s my man (Noah)😱🤯
Robyn Williams
Robyn Williams 2 hours ago
Wait who's house is that?
Benita Vlogs
Benita Vlogs 2 hours ago
Why did the clips get repeated
fan edits
fan edits 2 hours ago
Who's here before the premier
Walae Bahjaoui
Walae Bahjaoui 2 hours ago
Me when I saw part 2 is coming tomorrow 💀💀
Fiona 2 hours ago
dont be shy ..lets get him to a million subs before bryce's birthday
Ava Gabriel
Ava Gabriel 2 hours ago
Vani 2 hours ago
Next video with jads please!!!!!
Gerionne Diaz
Gerionne Diaz 2 hours ago
How about do a vlog with Chase,Charli,and Nessa and sit each other
Ashmi Sarkar
Ashmi Sarkar 2 hours ago
.. Griffin u dont deserve her.....
Kathrin xw
Kathrin xw 2 hours ago
Haha, that's nick bean
Alessia Toro
Alessia Toro 2 hours ago
Lora Dzhambazova
Lora Dzhambazova 2 hours ago
Bryce is somehow soooo sweet
Guseyn Gamidzade
Guseyn Gamidzade 2 hours ago
Bryce is thinking why Addison has tattoo with✨ braddison ✨
Laraya Harris
Laraya Harris 2 hours ago
Holly dorey
Holly dorey 2 hours ago
People: OMG he's marrying addison Me: lol you can see the tatto's on his arm its not addison
Simply x Thandi
Simply x Thandi 2 hours ago
Only Braddison shippers can like :) I make videos🥺
Johnxkenz 2 hours ago
I’m here for jads content hehe
Lilyan Besten
Lilyan Besten 2 hours ago
Haha that’s not Addison
We know that this is not addison rae because addson doesn't have tatoo in her shoulder and this is not adisson's hair.
emma 2 hours ago
did yall not see the part 1 video bruh yall are dumb is called ''exposing bryce halls biggest secrets''.
Neoma Menezes
Neoma Menezes 2 hours ago
this is like the worst video griffin has ever posted
Random 2 hours ago
This is fake.. I see tattoo on fake addison and black hair come out of nowhere
oumaima shrimp
oumaima shrimp 2 hours ago
Watch part 1 stupid asses
The Animato
The Animato 2 hours ago
bryce has the same birthday as my brother
Amaara Adam
Amaara Adam 2 hours ago
None: Nobody: Everyone: Feels bad for Jaden because He’s single Me: Wanting Jads back
Pamela Oppong
Pamela Oppong 2 hours ago
Did anyone realize the loop
Tiktok Couples
Tiktok Couples 2 hours ago
Bryce is so In love with Addison I want that type of relationship ❤️
Charlotte Furber
Charlotte Furber 2 hours ago
wait when does the video premiere?
Shiza Butt
Shiza Butt 2 hours ago
We want Addison bub
sumaya Idris
sumaya Idris 2 hours ago
Everyone in the comments No one: Literally no one: We are tired man just stop it is so annoying 😑
carol campbell
carol campbell 2 hours ago
It ain't even Addison bruh its nick bean watch bryces vid...
Alia Abunayyan
Alia Abunayyan 2 hours ago
Karlee Cannon
Karlee Cannon 2 hours ago
So listen griffin I really wanna watch he video but you making us waif and I stayed up all night and I’m tired so ima go to bed but I’ll be back later Ight✌️
Noah Nora
Noah Nora 2 hours ago
o-o why da bootiful Addison got tattoos,short hair,muscles(women can have muscles to no judging here yk).
Cara Kelly
Cara Kelly 2 hours ago
I’m so exicted
Ewoenam Ejeani
Ewoenam Ejeani 2 hours ago
Tripsy 2 hours ago
Mélia Flashy
Mélia Flashy 2 hours ago
My birthday si august 14 like bryce so he si my brother 🤗
Queen Games
Queen Games 2 hours ago
Just saying griffin said BESIDES Addison like the name bryce said Ashley the name not a girl that's all
sabeen wazir
sabeen wazir 2 hours ago
Peeps addison got tattoosss
Your_queen_jesss Abadia
Your_queen_jesss Abadia 2 hours ago
ASHLEY!!!!SERIOUSLY that name sounds like she is a spoiled brat
Your_queen_jesss Abadia
Your_queen_jesss Abadia 2 hours ago
(No hate to Ashley's)
[A]Aliya Ramachandran
[A]Aliya Ramachandran 2 hours ago
Bryce said on Logan's podcast that he was supposed to go to this wedding.
Potato Pleb
Potato Pleb 2 hours ago
Jaden do be third wheeling
James Giles
James Giles 2 hours ago
Addison doesn’t have tattoos on her arms?!?! So that’s not Addison in the thumbnail, it’s nick?
Aleeza Xoxo
Aleeza Xoxo 2 hours ago
I'm literally waiting 7 hours to watch this 😂
Shamma Faisal
Shamma Faisal 2 hours ago
no one: Literally no one not even bryce: Griffin: making us wait 11 hours for the 2nd part of the video
Gelila D
Gelila D 2 hours ago
Braddison is the most confusing relationship EVER!!!!
Jaida Khatun
Jaida Khatun 2 hours ago
Is it just me or does Griffin sound so much quieter since u know..
Juliet Stockman
Juliet Stockman 2 hours ago
AliGIRL Ali 2 hours ago
Anyone else here before the vid starts and sees that addi’s hair is different Oop-
youtube guru
youtube guru 2 hours ago
If you watched the first part, then you'd actually know who he's getting "married" to. like did u really think-
Toxic berry Army
Toxic berry Army 2 hours ago
This did not age well lmao
Itz_Kaye_r 2 hours ago
KS I 2 hours ago
Its how much of a ✨king✨ griffin is for me👑
Molly Grace
Molly Grace 2 hours ago
Do it with Jaden and mads now
Karlee Cannon
Karlee Cannon 2 hours ago
But did he actually cheat tho y’all gotta stop assuming..
Harshita Lizth
Harshita Lizth 3 hours ago
Me when I see jads:👁👄👁are they dating or I just didn't knew
Zayra Pedro
Zayra Pedro 3 hours ago
Me: imagining what's Bryce reaction on this can't wait😆😆😆
M & H Blogs
M & H Blogs 3 hours ago
Only people from b4 the premier can like 👇
M & H Blogs
M & H Blogs 3 hours ago
That ain’t Addison
Chloe Birt
Chloe Birt 3 hours ago
Zimal Fatima
Zimal Fatima 3 hours ago
Thats not Addison!!
Mikrovalna Pećnica
Mikrovalna Pećnica 3 hours ago
Another clickbait yaaayy
Tyrasvlogs 3 hours ago
Ahhhhhh I cant wait but why do we have to waitttt
Phoebe Ray
Phoebe Ray 3 hours ago
I smell clickbait
justine gd*
justine gd* 3 hours ago
Nick bean
Ariana Rios
Ariana Rios 3 hours ago
Yes dot's note addison
Brianna Senior
Brianna Senior 3 hours ago
Haha they got married 💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍💍👰👰👰👰👰👰👰👰👰👰👰👰