Geeky Cat
Geeky Cat 26 minutes ago
he failed card swipe exactly 32 times, not counting the little clip from when jack was talking
Josephine C
Josephine C 26 minutes ago
You have to slowly drag the card across the thing LOL and hold it at the end
Dr3amcatch3r 51 minute ago
Whenever I play this game the card swipe is my downfall. One time I had it as the last task and everyone else was just running around me like lunatics while I just kept failing it
Jaylynn Bright Eyes
Jaylynn Bright Eyes 59 minutes ago
Jaylynn Bright Eyes
Jaylynn Bright Eyes 59 minutes ago
Lilly Wright
Lilly Wright Hour ago
I love Leslie's cat just running around in the background
i need bred
i need bred Hour ago
bruh do it fast three times while still holding it.
Shush Hour ago
i laughed way too hard at “it’s killing time” literally the most unfortunate moment lmaoooo
Ethan Smith
Ethan Smith Hour ago
I hate his voice it’s way too deep
L train
L train 2 hours ago
I feel like he does the card swipe badly on purpose. For the joke
8A 17 Aaditey Chirayil
8A 17 Aaditey Chirayil 2 hours ago
He is too good dude he is a GOD
Kenma Kozume
Kenma Kozume 2 hours ago
I watched the stream too it was funny
no ob
no ob 2 hours ago
TheSwagNinja49 2 hours ago
Corpse is becoming my favorite Among Us youtuber. Not only is he just plain good, but he is so good he can ADMIT to being the impostor and STILL win undetected.
Servvy 3 hours ago
Felix: AH! CORPSE: Mwa (quietly says no homo)
JamesThe_ShadowKing 3 hours ago
6:03 That had me dying also what is that voice?
Veng14 3 hours ago
Corpses voice and laugh in Hz are further apart than the sun and Pluto in miles
Blackout 15
Blackout 15 3 hours ago
Does Corpse ever get crewmate?
Sue Black
Sue Black 3 hours ago
Does anyone else just love how CORPSE laughs when he gets nervous ❤️
Justin X.
Justin X. 3 hours ago
Chris: "skip vote" Pewds: "no I'm voting" Jack: "okay then vote Chris" Pewds: "no I'm skipping"
Yui 3 hours ago
Pewds: alright it's killing time! *Dies immediately* xD
Rochelle Sagnip
Rochelle Sagnip 4 hours ago
Imagine how deep his voice, in the morning.
Blockman 4 hours ago
I knew it like it was poki and balls Like I just knew 😐😐
Charllie Lewis
Charllie Lewis 4 hours ago
How does corpse get imposter pretty Mitch all the time
twith 3
twith 3 4 hours ago
Does he still stream?
Cat and Dog Gaming
Cat and Dog Gaming 4 hours ago
I remember this on jacks video lol 😂
grayScaLe918 4 hours ago
"video games and 2d tiddies" lmfaooo
Wolfblood Klaw
Wolfblood Klaw 4 hours ago
I felt so bad for Corpse. Card swipe used to be my enemy now it's chilled. Shame tho he must've been so nervous 😓
Milzzz 5 hours ago
Guy's this is not one of Corpse's channel , stop giving it views and likes lmao
nur anisah
nur anisah 3 hours ago
it's corpse's channel. wdym. nobody has this vod except him.
千尺丨ᗪ卂ㄚ. 5 hours ago
"Are we voting off felix?" Silence "Felix is dead!"
GAMEOVER. 5 hours ago
Even pewds is simping.
BogNow1996 5 hours ago
The most enjoyed lobby tp watch in among us. This one and toast's.
Helena Vo
Helena Vo 6 hours ago
“Corpse is gunna ruin his own life now” Corpse: chuckle “ oh, I’ve already done that “
keenu 6 hours ago
imagine everyones finished their task and he has the last task to win and its card swipe
SuperWolfman9 6 hours ago
KNEW IT WAS POKI AND GREASEBALL! I said to myself right at the start, I reckon GB did a self-report. Then I knew it was Poki cuz she was so sus.
Enigma chan
Enigma chan 6 hours ago
16:32 it was at this moment that pewds knew he fucked up
Enigma chan
Enigma chan 6 hours ago
16:32 it was at this moment that pewds knew he fucked up
Ken Kaneki
Ken Kaneki 7 hours ago
16:56 it looks like felix is laughing with that voice but he isnt and its so funny
yuni yuni
yuni yuni 7 hours ago
i was really pissed off at how he never slowed down a bit even after it said "TOO FAST" like corpse.. pls slow TF down omg
D Unknown
D Unknown 7 hours ago
That card swipe part😂😂😂😂😂😭😭
Julio Beltran
Julio Beltran 7 hours ago
corpse during the card swipe : " just smile and wave boys just smile and wave. "
-Visión- 7 hours ago
saakhie singh
saakhie singh 7 hours ago
"Watch me nail it the first time" . . . "I was too optimistic"
Alexandria Dickson
Alexandria Dickson 8 hours ago
Did you ever play xbox? I think we were friends on xbox.
Tohru 8 hours ago
just swipe it lol
Tohru 4 hours ago
i am so unfunny
Luka Gvozdenovic
Luka Gvozdenovic 8 hours ago
the legend says he is still swiping the card
RawaTipu 8 hours ago
4:15 Look at lily.
Марина Наклачевская
Марина Наклачевская 9 hours ago
I know Corpse does not like when people sexualize his voice. But 13:49. I mean. Come oooooon.
Brittney Hart
Brittney Hart 9 hours ago
i was in your server and i got kicked :(
AMONG US 9 hours ago
Everyone: trying to find the impostor and being big brain Corpse: *crying because he couldn't do card swipe*
cloudie コ塩タ
cloudie コ塩タ 10 hours ago
Bruh why are you not reading the sign telling you to slow down are you doing it on purpose ??
• akxira chan ೃ࿔
• akxira chan ೃ࿔ 43 minutes ago
조이 10 hours ago
Am I the only one cheering for corpse to finish the card swipe? Desperately waiting for him to succeed.
hillary Gonzalez
hillary Gonzalez 11 hours ago
tips: if you swipe 3 times really fast it counts 🙂👍👍
s͜͡h͜͡a͜͡y͜͡l͜͡a͜͡ peridot
s͜͡h͜͡a͜͡y͜͡l͜͡a͜͡ peridot 11 hours ago
Is it me or copses voice got higher?
Max Calderon
Max Calderon 11 hours ago
I watched a tips and tricks vid and if you swipe a little and then the rest it works consistantly
Bangtan Kookie
Bangtan Kookie 11 hours ago
Felix: it can’t be corpse 4 times in a row right? Corpse: 🔪
Tanya Wells
Tanya Wells 12 hours ago
card swipe: “too fast. try again.” corpse: suddenly i’m jared, 19
keiralionel 12 hours ago
whrte does PJ stream??
Zeno Rose
Zeno Rose 12 hours ago
Unfortunately I fail the card swipe almost every time
Vallerie Dominic
Vallerie Dominic 12 hours ago
Corpse laughing out loud gives me life
Carl Young
Carl Young 13 hours ago
Machine: too fast slow down Corpse: "I am speed"
What You want?
What You want? 13 hours ago
Corpse: I'm S tier killer Also Corpse: Card swipe how.....?
ArielSees Coral
ArielSees Coral 13 hours ago
I’m from Kentucky so those southern accents were something 🤣
Wolfers 13 hours ago
Everytime I do card swipe I fail it hardcore so I feel part of your pain :''^)
Hollow • TopHat
Hollow • TopHat 13 hours ago
Beforw i thought it was pooki when pointed out she was being quiet or when fusile said she was chasing her and near the body... ^Sees Pooki win as imposter^ *I S T A N D C O R R E C T E D*
Helena Vo
Helena Vo 14 hours ago
"Is kissing the homies gay?" Corpse: Ha,no. It's deadly.
Kayla Henderson
Kayla Henderson 14 hours ago
My goal is to be as good as corpse
Sakura Ponce
Sakura Ponce 14 hours ago
“Someone get a blue shell” amazing 👏🏻👏🏻
Jake Simon
Jake Simon 14 hours ago
if you ever have a hard time swiping, just do it slowly for the first half of the swipe, then fast for the second half. it works
Cassius 14 hours ago
I can’t imagine corpse committing any crimes...but at the same time, I have my suspicions
Ash H
Ash H 14 hours ago
I legit love how nobody remembers Charlie was with them somewhere😂😂
Juggernauts Rage
Juggernauts Rage 14 hours ago
Weird flex but ok
Qtclaped Fan
Qtclaped Fan 14 hours ago
Corspe you should play friday the 13th
ehverlcst 14 hours ago
corpse is a legend bro-
Ceara Bostick
Ceara Bostick 15 hours ago
Literally swiping the card in admin is the easiest thing for me, anyone else? I get it every time the first time 😂
GB2006 _YT
GB2006 _YT 15 hours ago
16:30 Leslie: I’m outta here
PhatWack Liggma
PhatWack Liggma 15 hours ago
I hate this guy, can you not read honestly I’d rather watch ninja play valorant and that’s a resident sleeper for 7 hours
wombat_ pickle
wombat_ pickle 15 hours ago
5up and corps could murder the entire planet with out being sus
American Cloaker
American Cloaker 15 hours ago
I expected more
American Cloaker
American Cloaker 15 hours ago
Hint card swipe not trying to be rude
Althea Enriquez
Althea Enriquez 15 hours ago
I get card swipe my first try