£10 vs. £1,000 Takeaway
World Cup Trick Shots
My Best Miss Ever...
AFC Sports
AFC Sports 7 minutes ago
I’m telling you nobody would be as good on a Tuesday night in stoke than Chris
RF Stolte
RF Stolte 19 minutes ago
whos here 5 years later?
Vladimoo’s Trading Co
Vladimoo’s Trading Co 25 minutes ago
Messi also didn’t have to face the likes of Ollie or Kelley...
8:00 the keeper was scared of the ball
SB Omar
SB Omar Hour ago
Not Messi but a new talent: usshow.info/watch/BhR6vG8xG3U/video.html
M.C짱구 Hour ago
7:12 훔짱...?
UhOhStinkyOragutan Hour ago
What is that pic of Steven getting his ass slapped lol? Is that a video?
tilt Hour ago
13:56 you're welcome
Noct Hour ago
This video is so rewatchable i swear, I've watched this 3 times already and i still love it
Joshin Chall
Joshin Chall Hour ago
Silver STRIKER 9
Silver STRIKER 9 2 hours ago
Nerf War 5 Here we cone Lockdown Edition
Animesh Tiwari
Animesh Tiwari 2 hours ago
U are a very creepy evil brother Chris WTF is wrong with this fame hungry moron don't u have any friend u could have asked to be a goalie instead of your injured sister That's messed up
Charlie Warner
Charlie Warner 2 hours ago
As an Australian I am severely biased but I seriously think Aaron Mooy was the go
John Murton
John Murton 2 hours ago
The edits with Ollie driving 😂😂😂😂😂😂
meloce. 2 hours ago
2:10 that's hungarian not polish mate
111 3 hours ago
Basically arse licked Arsenal
Toy Stop Motion and Video
Toy Stop Motion and Video 3 hours ago
3:47 I have that ball but i live in australia
XxHaarisZnet xX
XxHaarisZnet xX 3 hours ago
Number 4😍
Silentspamy 3 hours ago
Dang can’t believe this was 4 years ago 😭😭
cgsr 3 hours ago
I played a game and the opposition keeper was pissed and smashed it into our strikers face ball went in and the ref disallowed it my teammates reactions was do you really think I came to be sent off concussed he was also facing the wrong way and went on to call the ref bling from the bench and get a yellow card
X2 K1w1z
X2 K1w1z 4 hours ago
My feet are bigger than chis
onbekend 4 hours ago
13:13 ur welcome
kxvin_123 4 hours ago
Mark Gray
Mark Gray 4 hours ago
I my a goat at foot ball
Jonty Belton
Jonty Belton 4 hours ago
congrats on the 5mil subs...
Billy Silvester
Billy Silvester 4 hours ago
Don’t ask why I’m watching in 2020 but pause at 7:00 Neymars got some face
Haroon Muhammad Abubakar
Haroon Muhammad Abubakar 4 hours ago
What a pair of butttocks
serdy ximi
serdy ximi 5 hours ago
New Chrismd title: Chis roasting footballers for 16 minutes and 55 seconds
ThomasLikesTheTasteOfKids 5 hours ago
lad y r u changing the title of the vid
Kindly Help me to Reach 1000 Subscribers
Kindly Help me to Reach 1000 Subscribers 5 hours ago
I pray who ever reads this becomes successful in life ....
D C 5 hours ago
But we not in lockdown?
Tyler Papworth
Tyler Papworth 5 hours ago
Bit late but why has Harry got his orange team shirt on?
Phsycic Meatball
Phsycic Meatball 6 hours ago
Chris: it’s 27 degrees and I am not wearing a shirt Me in Australia: it’s 25 degrees so let’s get the jumper
Omar Abualhuda
Omar Abualhuda 6 hours ago
4:34 weirdest laugh ever
Ryan horrocks
Ryan horrocks 6 hours ago
Chris should have titled this video ... 'an ego booster'
Braxfishy 6 hours ago
Anyone counted how many crossbars
II% Chezz On gfeul
II% Chezz On gfeul 6 hours ago
Why does every single footballer use tonnes of emojis lol 🤣
adnan wario
adnan wario 6 hours ago
When you said jmx got posessed i lost it
Vegito23 7 hours ago
The editing on ollie is halirious and amazing
Shame you couldn’t be bothered to wear a mask in a shop
B3nni_xD 8 hours ago
Well one of our players tried a overhead kick once. Turns out he missed the goal, but still confused the keeper so another player could just score easy.
Arpan Poddar
Arpan Poddar 8 hours ago
Well he plays Golf now so........
Mobeen Hussain
Mobeen Hussain 8 hours ago
0:03 - how come your team has no chemistry with ramos, marcelo and modric
Joshua Adsms
Joshua Adsms 9 hours ago
Hey im a new goalie and dont have mich money but woupd really like those gloves.
McLovin SOS
McLovin SOS 9 hours ago
Kieran Tierney is so underated
Jack Warren
Jack Warren 10 hours ago
Chris, mate, you know you have 5 million subscribers on USshow, right?
serdy ximi
serdy ximi 5 hours ago
5:25 fucking cat pops up showing off its balloon knot.
Joe 10 hours ago
I’m sad me australia
Ibrahim Khan
Ibrahim Khan 12 hours ago
Do not lie in your jokes
Christian Natoli
Christian Natoli 12 hours ago
rip ur gf
misolou fout
misolou fout 12 hours ago
New Chrismd title: Chis roasting footballers for 16 minutes and 55 seconds
Ruaraidh Norsworthy
Ruaraidh Norsworthy 13 hours ago
Left foot wasn't even off the ground for the volley haha
sxpter 14 hours ago
we need the best of sunday league clips series back!!!
MR.AnchGi 14 hours ago
this guy: Im the healthiest man in the world covid:hold my beer(trys to enter his body) his body:you got the wrong body fool! covid:ok.. understandable have a nice day next virus: aight imma head out.
monogamer89 14 hours ago
The glove doesn’t make the keeper. The keeper makes himself. Is humiliating when you go play on a sunday with expensive equipment and make a fool of yourself. And see the humble goalie from the other team being player of the match with $15 gloves and sneakers. I wanted these gloves but I will just stick to my gool old reusch. Best brand I’ve tried so far. Good video bro.
Sagiv is Reading
Sagiv is Reading 15 hours ago
This is too legendary hahahahahahaaa I am a huge fan of ChrisMD's and also of Cesc Fàbregas's
YeahImBeans 15 hours ago
all these crazy celebrity type names, then... ollie.
Hmni Kadoza
Hmni Kadoza 15 hours ago
Ollie is gonna be a great dad with some thoroughly embarrassed kids.
Kindly Help me to Reach 1000 Subscribers
Kindly Help me to Reach 1000 Subscribers 15 hours ago
I pray who ever reads this becomes successful
Kindly Help me to Reach 1000 Subscribers
Kindly Help me to Reach 1000 Subscribers 15 hours ago
I pray who ever reads this becomes successful in life.
Max Cooper
Max Cooper 15 hours ago
Derek Mireles
Derek Mireles 16 hours ago
Cris you know Manchester United is Better
Amir Ghods
Amir Ghods 16 hours ago
I am really happy that you felt this good 👏🏻
ellis winton- slack
ellis winton- slack 16 hours ago
Anyone see that at 11:34 going past the door?
misolou fout
misolou fout 12 hours ago
Top shagger phil
Calibered 16 hours ago
You should do dm'ing every premier league player.
Mr Mann 420
Mr Mann 420 17 hours ago
Chirs will cherish the video now bale is coming back to spurs
Marlow Buettner
Marlow Buettner 17 hours ago
Marlow Buettner
Marlow Buettner 17 hours ago
Marlow Buettner
Marlow Buettner 17 hours ago
Thenoobkingttv 17 hours ago
What’s with the dogs bowl 😂😂😂😂
Dominic Johnson
Dominic Johnson 17 hours ago
“Just made a group chat with 10 of the best goalkeepers in the world” **shows kepa**
sarcastic wit
sarcastic wit 18 hours ago
Funniest video I've seen in a while 😂
mystxxz 18 hours ago
Chris bought a book when the Steven was buying male strippers
beeg boi zoen ._.
beeg boi zoen ._. 18 hours ago
Ollie couldn't save Chris' will to live when he has the goalkeeping ability of melted cheese.
Callum Rusholme
Callum Rusholme 18 hours ago
Mate when you said Phil Foden should be in bed I fucking died hahahahhahahaha
Dylan Parker
Dylan Parker 18 hours ago
Pope did better than most of them best goslies
Hunter Alexander
Hunter Alexander 18 hours ago
Rounadle is the best
Dylan Parker
Dylan Parker 18 hours ago
Is it just me or will this be the first time naymar has heard of Burnley
Thenoobkingttv 18 hours ago
Do u think he still gets ID in shops if he buys alcohol?