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*Emo* Anthony Returns
Fans Roast My Hair
Dear Virgos...
2 years ago
The dangers of long hair
Dome Hour ago
OMG that stupid amine that japanese cartoons ew
Samuel Philippe
Samuel Philippe 2 hours ago
Fast food employees and deli’s should get paid like doctors because of all that junk food people coming in to eat and go to the hospital because of several health issues because of all the junk food from fast food restaurants and delis, meaning they make the doctors all that moolah
Spaceinvader98 2 hours ago
Am I the only one who notices that she has like yellow paint on her face.
COLE HOLLOW 2 hours ago
Spencer is god
R. J.
R. J. 2 hours ago
This is awful and any type of torture or kidnapping for even a MINUTE is horrendous and so traumatizingly awful, so don’t downplay something you haven’t experienced for yourself. The kidnapping I heard of that really stuck with me and haunts me to this day was the Cleveland house of horrors, that was just horrific. But yeah I feel awful for these ladies, and every single kidnapping survivor and victim out there, and I’m so happy they’re thriving now in life and doing amazing things.
vanguardia Xx
vanguardia Xx 2 hours ago
El chileno es mas dificil
RXT Jdoogles13
RXT Jdoogles13 2 hours ago
This is weird
Sen 2 hours ago
the intro music is obnoxious and overkill
Nathania ly
Nathania ly 2 hours ago
People really be saying things like that like they got raped, abused and tortured for 15 years 💀
Fenix Mayinb
Fenix Mayinb 2 hours ago
German es el mas gracioso 😆 murs...murd...mruirueu...a killer!
ÙwÚ MyFutrueJessie
ÙwÚ MyFutrueJessie 2 hours ago
I feel so bad... I’m crying
jerry 2 hours ago
lol the Washington monument was built in the 1800's not the 1700's
THATgirl LeOnoRA
THATgirl LeOnoRA 2 hours ago
I love your videos you show a different point of you in difficult topics people don’t really feel comfortable talking about.
_Yass_sy _
_Yass_sy _ 2 hours ago
The promised neverland Fans Are now Like I bet he's Voice actor of don
Pee Dee
Pee Dee 2 hours ago
here waiting for the video with anthony eating that plant
saksham udaiwal
saksham udaiwal 2 hours ago
I watched Emelie recently it was good
Ace the snail snail
Ace the snail snail 2 hours ago
i learned not to do bad thing on the internet by fearing my father and listening to my older sister (they work in so many ways)
Karen Massignani
Karen Massignani 2 hours ago
Black lives matter guys............ ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
Canned Pickles
Canned Pickles 2 hours ago
I love how she actually has a genuinely interesting and funny personality, honestly those haters can go f themselves, why are they even focusing on the actress that didnt even write the script?? Im glad that mia has bettered herself.
Cherryyy 2 hours ago
wow survivorz
Brooke & Sara
Brooke & Sara 2 hours ago
Why in the hell was that monster released from jail?
Just V's Corner
Just V's Corner 2 hours ago
I knew about the lady who thought the aliens were controlling her there's a document on netflix hiden in plane sight pretty sure is what it's called if you want more info on it
Kalabri 2 hours ago
Blm and...can't we just..notice the animals that get beat? We aren't all Chinese and not all Chinese peeps have cORonA we should really do think about the asians too. Yes black lives matter, i strongly agree but. No one really is standing up for people u get harrased cause their asian and the poor korean teen i believe getting a dislocared jaw from an attack. Pfff blm. and every single life on this planet matters.
Vitoria Gonçalves
Vitoria Gonçalves 2 hours ago
ok but how that girl escaped from the murderer??
Eliza Rose
Eliza Rose 2 hours ago
When he changes “wondrous world of-“ to “world of” >>> There’s nothing wondrous about this
Laura Christina
Laura Christina 2 hours ago
these people are so strong
kasper haxen
kasper haxen 2 hours ago
If psnsexusl is someone who like every gender isn't that just bisexual
Wyra 2 hours ago
If you think it wasn't bad because it was "oNlY FoUr dAyS", just imagine yourself getting tortured, beaten and raped for 4 days.
David Olivares
David Olivares 2 hours ago
El el el español es mas dificil no tengo razones pero tanpoco dudas ._.>:v
- Ortyxx
- Ortyxx 2 hours ago
This kinda makes me uncomfortable listening to ASMR.
Lobito Qpx
Lobito Qpx 2 hours ago
Khé ashen
Reekaf 2 hours ago
Where is Willne and the true eboys?
soosh aai
soosh aai 2 hours ago
corpse: me: :3♡ !!!
Christopher Carlson
Christopher Carlson 2 hours ago
The dislikes don’t know that these people’s lives were in danger and they could’ve not been here telling this story.
mikey philipp
mikey philipp 2 hours ago
10/10 acting
Monodomanik 2 hours ago
is it wrong for me to think this is cool?
bacon productions
bacon productions 2 hours ago
I kept thinking of polly by nirvana. Its really sad that these people torture others for entertainment. If you have seen a kid napping or r*pe please call authorities. If you were a victim please get help. Stay safe.