Darth Vader
Darth Vader 6 hours ago
You know, I wasn't sure that I was gonna like this game... but then I saw that diverse cast and I knew this was gonna be a slam dunk!
fnm04 7 hours ago
This is way better than all 3 last "starSJW Wars" movies.
NHL top NHL 7 hours ago
1:11 is Wedje from a new hope
caleb valdez
caleb valdez 7 hours ago
Claudia R.
Claudia R. 7 hours ago
whats with the down votes??? Uncultured swine!
Jazlyne Chmielewska
Jazlyne Chmielewska 7 hours ago
cool kid
cool kid 7 hours ago
This entire thing was stunning... looking forward to playing with Titan Squad!
Autumn Colors
Autumn Colors 7 hours ago
Is that them singing at the beginning of The Mandalorian Season 2 trailer?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!
Syd Phillius
Syd Phillius 7 hours ago
4:05 this is what it looks and feels like in War Thunder when you try dogfighting within 300 meters with 1000 meter gun convergence :) jokes aside.. Does anyone else find it weird how this short- from start to finish- just puts the biggest smile on your face? like seriously I couldn't stop smiling throughout the entire film!!
Rhys Thomas
Rhys Thomas 7 hours ago
That canyon triggered my PTSD from Rebel Assault...
Seronax - Games
Seronax - Games 7 hours ago
Did u notice it? The Overseer commander trying to give more time to Grey to return to the Star Destroyer till they lose their shield generator 1:54 so she had to leave him behind.
zombosxz YouTuber
zombosxz YouTuber 7 hours ago
0:38 the numbers aren´t in aurabesh
The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian 7 hours ago
Woah, nice!
PICK JCGS4313 7 hours ago
Wow! My freakin' word. This sends chills of excitement up my freakin' spine. 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆😎👍🏼
Theadore Bundy
Theadore Bundy 7 hours ago
Boycot "WOKE" wars!!!
Sword Fish
Sword Fish 7 hours ago
Is it just me or does the pilot look kinda like the guy from that band who sang in fallen order? The mongolian one
Klidthelid 8 hours ago
Bro we need this as a full show, like the clone wars but with stormtroopers. The story looks absolutely perfect and we have really been needing something from the imperial side. I hate the good guy turned rebel story but I’d even be fine with it if it was like the series finally or at least a few seasons of buildup, and not just a starwars rebels clone (just saying that name makes me wanna vomit). They could do something like the brain chip episodes. And please for the love of god make it for older audiences and not toddlers. I’m not saying make it R-rated but it would need to be bold enough to actually talk about deeper stuff than “oh look at that dumb dumb over der I guess I’ll shoot em. Pew pew. Haha rebels win imp r dumb” like rebels did. Sadly I don’t see it being a thing since it probably wouldn’t appeal to general audiences, and they don’t really care about their hardcore fans.
DREKEart 8 hours ago
6:00 i'm surprised his bun stayed together. I'd be looking for another hairband
Exo_Prime 8 hours ago
about time they actually humanize the dark side
Greg Nelson
Greg Nelson 8 hours ago
I'm totally going empire in multiplayer
Matt Boesch
Matt Boesch 8 hours ago
They need to do more of these. especially with the High Republic around the corner.
Zach Vallette
Zach Vallette 8 hours ago
Unless this is story mode, this shows nothing about the game
I don’t like sand
I don’t like sand 8 hours ago
I want an entire movie animated like this. I don’t care how long it takes or how much it will cost, as long as it has a good plot, GIVE IT!
puggy9309 8 hours ago
Ready button for each match would be walking up on a hanger bridge and hopping in.
Mis Dan
Mis Dan 8 hours ago
OMG 😱 4:31 My favorite part
Alonso Dávila
Alonso Dávila 8 hours ago
I really liked this short film more than the whole disney trilogy
ollie63m 8 hours ago
I wish this game wasn’t first person only
CliffuckingBooth 8 hours ago
Judge by any metric: safety, prosperity, trade, opportunity, peace. Compare Imperial rule to what is happening right now. Is the world more peaceful since the revolution ? I see nothing but death and chaos.
Tim Tetreault
Tim Tetreault 8 hours ago
This is one of the coolest cinematics I've ever seen
Starscream91 8 hours ago
Wish games had more diversity. I hardly ever see white guys in video games and it makes me feel like I'm being discriminated against. I didn't choose what race I was born into.
Chris Di Dios
Chris Di Dios 8 hours ago
Have low confidence in this with the amount of "forced" diversity. Female Admiral, Female commander both POC and one with the Alphabet buzz cut yet the main villain is a white male and the lead heroine is a female (rebel) ugh...So much promise yet in reality it'll be an SJW flop!
Acemaffbaff 252
Acemaffbaff 252 8 hours ago
Not starting anything but if EA want more success in these games they need the dream Star Wars game like massive scale battles obviously it would take a powerful server but still it would be amazing
logan kellison
logan kellison 8 hours ago
I want them to put jyn erso, director krennic, a mandalorian warrior, a shadow trooper, and an assassin droid in the game
Austin Wood
Austin Wood 9 hours ago
I REALLY wish we had got a battle like this in the movie. The sequel trilogy really did have potential, they just needed to use it right.
Aidan Ronay
Aidan Ronay 9 hours ago
This short made the imp more likable than the etire campaign of bf2 smh.
Firnekburg 9 hours ago
Boring, copy/paste fuckery
Jackal Reviews
Jackal Reviews 9 hours ago
Now the question is: Will this hold up better than the old republic ones?
Balbo Boogins
Balbo Boogins 9 hours ago
“I have you now”
The Pro24
The Pro24 9 hours ago
This is the way
Tharen Gore
Tharen Gore 9 hours ago
Damn never been so hyped to a Imp pilot. This game is going to sale like hot cakes.
Harrison Roman
Harrison Roman 9 hours ago
TIE/LN starfighter don't have hyperdrives. It is exciting to see they are allowing the Empire to change its military's philosophies to survive. Makes em more deadly and more real.
Beckham Burgess
Beckham Burgess 9 hours ago
Amazing man. new sub btw. I think that stormtroopers need more respect. I know that they are not as good as clones but there good
RYROX FR 9 hours ago
Just perfect
Ravi Peiris
Ravi Peiris 9 hours ago
Ian Salvisberg
Ian Salvisberg 9 hours ago
I was actually very impressed with this. Excellent job
o 10 hours ago
Wow, this is what StarWars is supposed to be. This is fire!
Jack Rutledge Goembel
Jack Rutledge Goembel 10 hours ago
It's like the Imperial Japanese soldiers who never stopped fighting for their Emperor who'd forsaken them
Jack Rutledge Goembel
Jack Rutledge Goembel 10 hours ago
this shit slaps so hard
Jack Rutledge Goembel
Jack Rutledge Goembel 10 hours ago
AnhTu, Phuc Hoang
AnhTu, Phuc Hoang 10 hours ago
Tarik360 10 hours ago
Man, these rebel badguys got some pretty cool uniforms!
Banana 10 hours ago
We need more of these
Jack Rutledge Goembel
Jack Rutledge Goembel 10 hours ago
This is like the best trailer they could've made...
lampshade 10 hours ago
Hyped as fuck now
No Name
No Name 10 hours ago
Empire > Rebellion
Vexen Dmitri
Vexen Dmitri 10 hours ago
Holy molly Hera is back!
unicornonthecob 10 hours ago
Kinda weird that they made him asian though.
Rising Horizon Gaming
Rising Horizon Gaming 9 hours ago
@unicornonthecob yeah because that's all George had access to when filming in britain white british dudes. as the series increased in scope he tried to add more diversity to the those that were cast but since filming in britain was was the cheapest option for him at the time due to tax reasons there wasn't much that he could do. Take a look at everything after the original films in both canon and legends material and you will see the empire make leaps in diversity since drawing or writing a character is infinitely cheaper than hiring an actor.
unicornonthecob 9 hours ago
@Rising Horizon Gaming Actually, there are only White men in the Empire during the Original Trilogy. So it is strange that they would make him Asian.
Rising Horizon Gaming
Rising Horizon Gaming 9 hours ago
How so asians exist as a part of humanity and the empire only allows humans and near humans to serve. It would be weird if he were an alien of some kind but not an Asian human
LordKalte 10 hours ago
Why is a TIE Interceptor leading a squadron of TIE/LN??
Vexen Dmitri
Vexen Dmitri 11 hours ago
Anyone else feel like this is a spiritual sequel to the Tie Fighter fan short.
Crescented Dragon002
Crescented Dragon002 11 hours ago
For some reason I loved this game more than battlefront 2
Crescented Dragon002
Crescented Dragon002 11 hours ago
Returned Nerd
Returned Nerd 11 hours ago
Wow, just wow
Jason Pham
Jason Pham 11 hours ago
Is it weird that I always saw the rebellion as the bad guys? The empire is a military built off of the galactic senate while the rebellion was just a bunch of terrorist with a Death Star 9/11.
Rising Horizon Gaming
Rising Horizon Gaming 9 hours ago
The rebellion had official support in the Senate thanks to the delegation of 2000. 2000 senators representing 2000 worlds supported the alliance to restore the republic and before the Senate was removed from power they tried to get show the atrocities the empire had committed against countless worlds such as the genocide of the geonosians, the use of slavery by imperial backed corporations and so on. While minor military engagements did happen between the young rebellion and the empire war was not formally declared until the battle of scarif and with the destruction of alderaan the more worlds began to take the rebellions side. The empire are literally space Nazis would you call those who rebelled against the Nazis the bad guys?
Blue Spy
Blue Spy 11 hours ago
Oh look more wasted money marketing content that should of been part of battlefront 2, remember all those Starfighter content requests for over two years you ignored? Remember the Starfighter thread being the biggest one on your official Battlefront 2 forum before shut it down? Remember it taking 2 years for an employee to even acknowledge that thread’s existence? Remember F8rge telling us Starfighter content was the least requested content next to more Extraction maps? EA is corporate scum
Brandon Sum
Brandon Sum 11 hours ago
Oh, it's beautiful...
TheLuis1929 11 hours ago
this look great fuck EA
TheTruthIsGonnaHurt 11 hours ago
Getting serious Anime Tie Fighter vibes from this!! Just needs the song, “My Hero” from Man on a Mission. 💯 👏👍
Robo _18
Robo _18 11 hours ago
so hyped
MitchDev47 11 hours ago
I love how there’s a deep sense of dark side in this game. Looks awesome!
Ebizo77 11 hours ago
Star Wars needs more shorts like this one.
OneofInfinity 11 hours ago
ANIBOGI SKYNOBI 11 hours ago
Battlefront 2 after this trailer : This is where the fun begins Battlefront 2 after the announcement : The mission is finally complete and the nightmares have finally ended
Magic Cucumber
Magic Cucumber 12 hours ago
Team Plasma Colress
Team Plasma Colress 12 hours ago
Anyone else got randomly recommended this a year later?
Aram Donabedian
Aram Donabedian 12 hours ago
Sick K turn on that interceptor!
John connor
John connor 12 hours ago
I hate when game developers copies someone's else protagonist from ghost of tsushima. Make your own unique character.
John connor
John connor 8 hours ago
@Smuckers Magic Shell The character looks like Jin Sakai which is my favorite asian character of ghost of tsushima. I just hate when other developers copies someone's else success.
Smuckers Magic Shell
Smuckers Magic Shell 8 hours ago
Wtf you can't have an Asian character because there are asian characters in other games? FFS get over it. It's an asian dude who cares.
Rising Horizon Gaming
Rising Horizon Gaming 9 hours ago
The only similarities are their race that's it
WookieFanboi 12 hours ago
Really interesting that a video game company chose to make an evil empire trooper the sympathetic character here, replete with rousing hero theme. And that's the way you're going to intro this game? With the "heroic" soldier of the Empire? Pretty tone deaf, considering what's going on in the world. Obviously not an accident.
Kinsley Jacques
Kinsley Jacques 7 hours ago
considering that this game probably took some years to do (like any other game), i don't think the devs are prophets that can tell what's gonna happen in the world.
Rising Horizon Gaming
Rising Horizon Gaming 9 hours ago
Actually the campaign is split in two. You experience the final year of the war from both sides as the conflict inevitably leads to the battle of jakuu and the fall of the empire. There were hero's and idealists on both sides fighting for what they believed in and it's about time we learned their stories because nothing is every black and white. Bad people sometimes fight for noble causes and good people sometimes fight for causes they believe to be noble but at their heart are truly corrupt.
Valiantcat7780 12 hours ago
Can anyone tell me. Do I have to buy this game from the oculus app/website to play it In vr or can I get it from the ea website? Like is there a certain website I must buy it from to play with my rift S
Ramon Eppens
Ramon Eppens 12 hours ago
Showed this to my dog, he turned into oggdo bogdo
Di 11 hours ago
good luck raising it