Eoin Campbell
Eoin Campbell 15 hours ago
Put them in the drink?
Lander Hoste
Lander Hoste 15 hours ago
What is the battery life for the dualsense 5?
World is one /WIO.
World is one /WIO. 15 hours ago
Apple not getting battery power
Purple Dinosaur
Purple Dinosaur 15 hours ago
I just hacked Disney plus
Andrew Galloway
Andrew Galloway 15 hours ago
could do without the stuttering delivery
Reem Uwu
Reem Uwu 15 hours ago
Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson 15 hours ago
*Cyberwizard19* on Insta,unlocked mine in less than 30 mins,he is a pro indeed 💯.
I dontknow I do t know
I dontknow I do t know 15 hours ago
15k for an aluminium ball.... death>remorgaging the house
Luke Thompson
Luke Thompson 16 hours ago
this is crap. all of these sites either don't allow you to properly watch the movie or need you to sign up for a "free trial"
A_14_Z 16 hours ago
Watching this on my s20.
Robert Larry
Robert Larry 16 hours ago
No he was getting too many people's attention and making them think
Gen Ius
Gen Ius 16 hours ago
why do you show the picture of the patients? isn't it against privacy?
Ryan H
Ryan H 16 hours ago
Fantastic video mate. Cant wait to own both consoles. PS5 for Demon's Souls and other exclusives and everything else on Xbox. I've enjoyed both platforms ever since their respective launches back in the day. This generation has me drooling
Russel Jones
Russel Jones 16 hours ago
I just got mine unlocked through *Cyberwizard19* on Instagram he is the best.
Momo 16 hours ago
I spent over two thousand dollars to buy LG OLED display back in 2018 along a PS4 pro and my LG OLED tv can’t match the new 120h refresh rate consoles 😑🤦🏻‍♂️
UrBrainOnSports 16 hours ago
One guy that I wish Covid would have taken.
🖤🖤🖤...I love you...🖤🖤🖤
JFox19912010 16 hours ago
Lol well games can't please everyone but bet this clown is the same one complaining games are to long 😂
Tony B
Tony B 16 hours ago
But it will not fly up stairs
Lelouch Yagami
Lelouch Yagami 16 hours ago
How many data storage devices are there already in front of our eyes that we can't read yet...
TROLL MASTER 16 hours ago
I just want to break in to steel the camera nothing else
argjent fazlijaj
argjent fazlijaj 16 hours ago
Des ist gar nicht gut
vim fuego
vim fuego 16 hours ago
That fella that runs off 😞 An intruder will be wearing a mask and the first thing he'd do is grab the cam and break it. All security cams should be hidden from view. This gadget is crap.
ιοεπ Σον οf Ποσειδών σιβλινγς ωιτh περcγ
ιοεπ Σον οf Ποσειδών σιβλινγς ωιτh περcγ 16 hours ago
vim fuego
vim fuego 17 hours ago
Footage goes directly to the deparment of homeland security.
Brian Dodd
Brian Dodd 17 hours ago
Dorsey looks like a Satanist.
Jose XSMILEYFLORESX 17 hours ago
Oohh Yes I Gotta Get Me Pair Of These Can You Hear On Both When A Call Comes In And Do They Stay On Compared To The Sound Sport Free They Always Slipped Out My Ears??
Gene Edward
Gene Edward 17 hours ago
Thanks to Cyberwizard19 on IG ,got mine bypassed perfectly 💯💯
glen alsup
glen alsup 17 hours ago
"SUPPORTING THE LEGACY THAT IS JOHN DELOREAN"?????? He was a DRUG DEALER, who hurt so many people, as well as a freak who should have never seen the light of day in his life again. Who are you moronic idiots? This car is the biggest POS on the planet.
Narendra M
Narendra M 17 hours ago
Clickbait. Duh. What’d i expect :(
hyou zan ren
hyou zan ren 17 hours ago
AMD sell GPU as powerfull as 3090 at lower price is like getting kicked on the balls..... Twice! Ouch! 😂😂
jam last
jam last 17 hours ago
Iphone can win in chip performance only not in camera screen or others
Prince Sahota
Prince Sahota 17 hours ago
I've been using Note 9 for last two years and now this video was in my recommendation : (
Esh8Ninja 17 hours ago
This dude is savage
ALiM Gaming
ALiM Gaming 17 hours ago
people who disliked this video are intel's fanboy. I think they forgot that if AMD did not make ryzen then we would still be using intel's quad core processors at 500 dollars
Tansen Ahmed
Tansen Ahmed 17 hours ago
Note 20
GSHYNE87 17 hours ago
Hoping the battery last longer than the PS4 controller
hyou zan ren
hyou zan ren 17 hours ago
Nvidia.....? NOOOOoo😱😱😱
Nvidia and this women are husband and wife
Eric Glueckert
Eric Glueckert 17 hours ago
He's her uncle.
Jim 17 hours ago
buds plus, unless u only need anc or prestige then buy tws made of diamonds or something looks expensive
Effiong Ansa
Effiong Ansa 17 hours ago
A very big thank you to *SUNLIGHT_HACKER* on Insta:gram who got my watch working again, I got this series 5 off Amazon not knowing it still had the owners iCloud lock. It was abandoned for months becos I couldn’t fix it until I hired the Apple specialist *sunlight hacker*
Effiong Ansa
Effiong Ansa 17 hours ago
A very big thank you to *SUNLIGHT_HACKER* on Insta:gram who got my watch working again, I got this series 5 off Amazon not knowing it still had the owners iCloud lock. It was abandoned for months becos I couldn’t fix it until I hired the Apple specialist *sunlight hacker*
NAIF ABDUL SALAM 18 hours ago
supashaker1 18 hours ago
Not a fan of Samsung screens they always seem to be over exaggerated with colour and not natural so if you're viewing it off a Samsung phone dont be fooled 😂
soccerzz5 18 hours ago
Day 1 😎
Kenin Stuurman
Kenin Stuurman 18 hours ago
1:16 My only criticism is his posture.
Thunder Kat
Thunder Kat 18 hours ago
Next gen might just goes CPUs route with L1, L2, L3 cache.
Joshua Vanunen
Joshua Vanunen 18 hours ago
Does it take normal harddrives?
Muan Zo
Muan Zo 18 hours ago
Lexy is better than both the phones combined! 😎
Popa2caps 18 hours ago
1:15 controller vibration is the first thing most people disable
derek edwards
derek edwards 18 hours ago
Where are you guys recycling the plastic?
anna t
anna t 18 hours ago
what about the fingerprint reader? where is it?
Haseeb Khan
Haseeb Khan 18 hours ago
Give Me A BlackBerry Priv 2 • Dual Front Facing Stereo Speakers (Dolby Atmos?) • Headphone Jack (You Never Know Bcz Of The Trend) • Quad DAC • IR Blaster • Keyboard Like The Q10 😍 • 6-8GB Of Ram • 256GB Of Storage • USB Type C • Micro SD Card Slot • FM Radio • Temperature/Humidity Sensor (The Galaxy Note 3) • Heart Rate Monitor • iris Scanner • Physical Fingerprint Scanner • All The Usual Camera Hardware Trend! • Skip Qualcomm For Samsung's Exynos + AMD!!! (Cut The Cost)
Jovany Vargas
Jovany Vargas 18 hours ago
As soon as the video started and she shot the note 20 i couldn't help but to think, i bet she hates how it really highlights the wrinkles under her eyes. 😬
colorful flowers
colorful flowers 18 hours ago
Suddenly the bos asks you a question and you just drink a coffee and seems nothing happens.
Hayden McIntosh
Hayden McIntosh 18 hours ago
Today my life changed forever (this is the day play music died) 😭😭😭😭😭
Sunanda Jena
Sunanda Jena 19 hours ago
I have a vcd player with me 19 yrs old.... Can it be changed to cd olayer
Reyna Mellado
Reyna Mellado 19 hours ago
Thanks to *nike_tools* for helping me out with hacking into macbook,,,
Fly’s 19 hours ago
Thanks to those on here who recommended Cyberwizard19 on instagram,I just got my device unlocked with his help ,I’m so greatful
Yasar Basha
Yasar Basha 19 hours ago
In the end nobody is immortal each soul has to taste the death even you are uderground or high up in the moon atlast you will stop breathing one day.
TheImmaculateD 19 hours ago
The new pixel blows both of these camera systems out of the water
Allan Crow
Allan Crow 19 hours ago
I get anxiety and a headache just thinking about this. I guess that wouldn't be a problem if I had one. Is that a paradox or what?
McBastard_Tv 19 hours ago
The Galaxy phones need to have playback in 4k 60 and the whole phone needs to be encrypted not just certain files they should do the same thing but their tablets as well 🌺
Montell Williams
Montell Williams 19 hours ago
Hey , did anyone catch the part where he shows how to make the ( 50" + vizio t.v. ) full size !!!!!?????
Jake Azzio
Jake Azzio 19 hours ago
You could take all the money you want but what you can't hack is that camera
Giz Gad
Giz Gad 19 hours ago
Mag safe sucks because it ruins your case. Yes even apples new case is already getting a white ring with the new charge puck.
Zaid Suhail Jafar Al Moosa
Zaid Suhail Jafar Al Moosa 19 hours ago
i have tik tok tho i dont use it -lol .
#CRYPTO BOND 007 19 hours ago
Sony just do it better that's one thing we cannot deny Sony equals quality if money is no option full Sony 52inch TV with sound system plus Ps5. Ps5 will break sales records in a world pandemic. Exactly like you said a robot in a tuxedo 🤜💢🤛