she got sick again..
my ex and ricegum
please listen
Month ago
My Ex Sent Us These..
she wouldn't kiss me
its over
2 months ago
Cheating on My Ex
2 months ago
I’m Sorry
2 months ago
Gabrielle Got Sick...
this went too far..
7 months ago
Carley Craig
Carley Craig 15 seconds ago
I’m sorry but I don’t like her I want gab back
Chloe Otley
Chloe Otley 2 minutes ago
anyone just doing the dances in bed with them?
Zack Shan
Zack Shan 2 minutes ago
I am praying for 20 000 likes 🙏 Imagine if Jack is better than Jaycee 😂
Maria elena Salazar
Maria elena Salazar 5 minutes ago
Yea so I replaced her 2 months after 👎
minahil fatima
minahil fatima 5 minutes ago
I miss gab😭
Alexah Marquez
Alexah Marquez 7 minutes ago
I’ve been following since you took videos at the basement of your house with your long Bieber hair but I don’t have the money for the hoodies:(
1259bogs 8 minutes ago
Gettin pretty close for the riskè shots. Maybe some leggings would have been better for this video (for monitzation but a ok for the boys back home haha)
monocle muse
monocle muse 12 minutes ago
I signed up for that ebook when am i supposed to recieve it coz its been quite a few days now
monocle muse
monocle muse 13 minutes ago
Jack where is the merch link?
Ava Walsh
Ava Walsh 15 minutes ago
jack~ don't like pls don't like also jack~ pls fam drop a like
Amy Michelle
Amy Michelle 18 minutes ago
Jacee's family is from the Philippines?? So is my bf's (:
rachel blackmon
rachel blackmon 24 minutes ago
where is your other puppy?
Miah Willis
Miah Willis 27 minutes ago
I wanna hear the drugged story
Gabriel A
Gabriel A 29 minutes ago
No one: Jack: Jaycee get off me and start wapping
John Stockton
John Stockton 32 minutes ago
This is the weirdest video I have ever seen. And all I watch is weird videos. I love it honestly.
Hortencia Gonzalez
Hortencia Gonzalez 32 minutes ago
"I got a little Itty bitty girl & she actually made it go up and down" ... we know what else she can make go up 😳🤣 jk cx hehe
Mr StealYoGirl
Mr StealYoGirl 33 minutes ago
Trinity Johnson
Trinity Johnson 35 minutes ago
I've been here since day one but I'm a broke bitch
curly andisheh
curly andisheh 35 minutes ago
Her idea about the opera singing was so funny😂😂😂😂😂😂
samuel gaming
samuel gaming 35 minutes ago
Let's see Jack do
T. G.
T. G. 38 minutes ago
There’s like 20 ads
Brissa Allen
Brissa Allen 39 minutes ago
i have watched literally all of your guys videos together and i love them
Logan Bunch
Logan Bunch 41 minute ago
Hey bro where did you get the LED thing on your wall above your bed?
Annabell Stokes
Annabell Stokes 45 minutes ago
Babe just watch them shorts don’t show to much 😬😬😬❤️
Martina Nic.Tennis
Martina Nic.Tennis 52 minutes ago
So we’re just not gonna to talk about the blown up condom in the background around 20:13
sOphie 54 minutes ago
this is a really odd video concept, but it’s probably my favorite video yet. it just felt so, idk, natural? like they were really just having fun
Alexandria Ann
Alexandria Ann Hour ago
If you ever do a meet and greet like after covid obviously, you should do one is Des Moines because I would so go, honestly I’d probably come to Springfield or like saint Louis or Chicago or something to meet you cuz your my favorite you tuber
Your Tech Network
Your Tech Network Hour ago
These videos was the s* tho
Michelle Gorupec
Michelle Gorupec Hour ago
where can we buy your merch
Danah Hour ago
Jack sooo rude with her
KAC1234 Hour ago
Jaycee actually dancing while Jack singing is the funniest thing ever. Jack's version with the tongue out "Meh eh eh" , made us laugh so hard. This video is so funny and lighthearted.
Zyrelyne Medina
Zyrelyne Medina Hour ago
Lovelots J&J here from Philippines! 💕💕💕
Azul Plaschinsky
Azul Plaschinsky Hour ago
i don’t regret all those 30 minutes i watched this lmao
Sarah M Russell
Sarah M Russell Hour ago
I think that you are the rubber ducking army because jack is the rubber ducking king. The queen left and now jack likes another girl. She is now the rubber ducking queen *this was not meant to imply that Jaycee is replacing gab in any way but I just think that they are the rubber ducking army.*
Paige Keenor
Paige Keenor Hour ago
“one day you’re gonna marry him” *yeah I wish*
Silvana Peña
Silvana Peña Hour ago
This was cute
Plazma Esports
Plazma Esports Hour ago
Purple, good choice
Danah Hour ago
I love his girlfriend she’s sooooo cute and her personality is amazing ❤️❤️
Kebra Yisrael
Kebra Yisrael Hour ago
Damn I'm late lmao,but I love the video it's awsome, lol so glad I get to watch a 29 minute video of Jack and Jaycee!!
bree geiling
bree geiling Hour ago
jaycees face when jack said “rubber duckin army” she went from smiling to not :(
Jacob Driver
Jacob Driver Hour ago
What’s that song from the beginning?
yikes ?
yikes ? Hour ago
i can't wait to see your children
Plastic_Sporkzz Hour ago
Daily Tea
Daily Tea Hour ago
Love you guys ❤️❤️
Plastic_Sporkzz Hour ago
Am I the only person who can’t find the Merch link
Amber Moore
Amber Moore Hour ago
Anyone else thought she’s died... no just me
BabyEvan Productions
BabyEvan Productions Hour ago
someone help...i want the merch...and they say description, but it takes me to the Jack Brinkman website, and there's no merch either it's not out yet...or im doing something wrong
Ashley & Ernest
Ashley & Ernest Hour ago
😂😂😂😂😂 Gotta do this on my channel to my bf
Tadon Zischke
Tadon Zischke Hour ago
I have been here and supported you 2 seance day one but i don't have money for the merch
CherishVeah08 03
CherishVeah08 03 Hour ago
2020 anyone
Tadon Zischke
Tadon Zischke Hour ago
Lets see it Jack😂
Donte Moss Jr.
Donte Moss Jr. Hour ago
I miss jack and gab😭
Zoe garza
Zoe garza Hour ago
the march isn't linked ))): unless I'm dumb
Craycray Fam
Craycray Fam 2 hours ago
You found a new girlfriend really fast that’s crazy
hevns 2 hours ago
me. jack brinkman hearted my comment, lowkey almost shit myself
Roper Boy
Roper Boy 2 hours ago
Gabby was better than this girl
Kate Stevenson
Kate Stevenson Hour ago
yea she seems nice but like facts, i feel like jack fucked up the relationship then just replaced her, kinda feel bad for the new girl
maddie johnson
maddie johnson 2 hours ago
Where can I get the merch?? I didn’t see it linked
JHC_RoW21 Games
JHC_RoW21 Games 2 hours ago
Love the merch💯🔥
The Diabetic
The Diabetic 2 hours ago
Amateur content😂😂😂😂😂😂
William Fann
William Fann 2 hours ago
I thought this video was kinda weird till he sang it like screamo , then i had to like the video.
Grace Huffman
Grace Huffman 2 hours ago
where is the link to the merch
Si_Kelly BG
Si_Kelly BG 2 hours ago
Aleshia McCoy
Aleshia McCoy 2 hours ago
Okay Jack's turn now
Ericka Estacio
Ericka Estacio 2 hours ago
Jaycee is a vibe 🥺
Sakshi Thakur
Sakshi Thakur 2 hours ago
merch link?????? p.s. you guys are the best!
Natalie To
Natalie To 2 hours ago
Somebody tell me where to get the merch cuz it ain't in the description like he said🤧
Stella Quach
Stella Quach 2 hours ago
jaycee's cute but where's the merch link
Sarah Barner
Sarah Barner 2 hours ago
What happened with u and Gabriella
Ashtyn Nicole
Ashtyn Nicole 2 hours ago
Where’s the merch link
Quin Smith
Quin Smith 2 hours ago
Why is this my favorite video y’all have made😭😭
abby segal
abby segal 2 hours ago
his girlfriend looks a lot like gab. interesting.
Johnny Stinger
Johnny Stinger 2 hours ago
Please start your next video with RUBBER DUCKY RUBBER DUCKY ALPHA BRAVO
Ryalee Bergerman
Ryalee Bergerman 2 hours ago
Jack think gab is better with you and you where so cute together
martin searcy
martin searcy 2 hours ago
Sorry jack and Jaycee this video was uninteresting but still good I unfortunately had to skip over most of it
Mango 2 hours ago
I feel like this was weird even for jack
Kimberly Mattice
Kimberly Mattice 2 hours ago
Wait guys i can’t find the link to get the merch
BipolarPolarBear 2 hours ago
New Merch tho “We Just Do”
Zac Aragon
Zac Aragon 2 hours ago
Omg she's a filipino 😍
Jaspreet Kaur
Jaspreet Kaur 2 hours ago
jack where is the link to the merch?
Let's get 1k subs with no videos Challenge
Let's get 1k subs with no videos Challenge 2 hours ago
I can't believe she thinks she is an ugly Asian she's so beautiful