handmade heaven on piano
Fernanda Mazzotti
Fernanda Mazzotti 4 hours ago
I don’t wanna live in a man’s world anymore
Paris Io
Paris Io 4 hours ago
Beautiful 🇬🇷
Nora Martínez
Nora Martínez 4 hours ago
The Queen is back
Sneedies 5 hours ago
Anyone else used to be obsessed with the nightcore version when they were like, 9, went through trauma, listened to the killers and wallows, listened to emo bands and is now alternative and now back here after 5 or so years a completely different person.
Sneedies 5 hours ago
I love how unconventional marina's beauty is; her teeth and her face don't the long, solemn overdone beauty of American convention but she's still so gorgeous and everything she does from her voice to her expressions bloom with personality and confidence! It's incredible and it makes me happy to be someone who prefers to let their being imprint on the things they do and say rather than tucking it away in favour of an untouchable, medical perfection.
Ian B.
Ian B. 5 hours ago
Wait am I the only one who just now noticed they were wearing masks?
Jaimie Brown
Jaimie Brown 5 hours ago
i remember watching/listening to this song on my sisters ipod when I was like 10-11 and loving these songs
Michał Błachnio
Michał Błachnio 5 hours ago
Oh no oh no 2020 fuck you and go
ouji 5 hours ago
ICONIC!!!! FEMINIST!!!!!! GODDESS!!!!!!!!!
Honey X Lavender
Honey X Lavender 5 hours ago
the queen's back
Apache Longbow
Apache Longbow 6 hours ago
Mother of god.
Rogue Plutonia
Rogue Plutonia 6 hours ago
if you play this song over couples' contemporary dances it works perfectly :)
alegcsandra 6 hours ago
now, tell me this is not gay
Sandra 7 hours ago
...spricht mir gerade sooooooo aus der Seele! 😔
Татьяна Ориг
Татьяна Ориг 8 hours ago
Гениальная зеркалка, спасибо большое🥺😭💕
Watch Me Do
Watch Me Do 8 hours ago
One of her best. A true Greek Goddess.
João Pedro Damásio
João Pedro Damásio 8 hours ago
This is not just a song. But she's screaming HELP too :(
Galova 8 hours ago
panela depressão
panela depressão 9 hours ago
this is my first time listening to this music my english is so bad but i understand all the times when she says the names of countries and cities,,,,,,,,, and São Paulo my city 💗💗
Khoa Nguyễn
Khoa Nguyễn 9 hours ago
Zexel14 9 hours ago
2:40 face squeeze. After all the years of watching it for the first time back in 2010, I still remembered this fauxpas. :D
Shadow Хоррор-игры
Shadow Хоррор-игры 9 hours ago
Galova 9 hours ago
I like the way you sing and you're beautiful as well, maybe you're also a good natured person, I am not familiar with you. But I don't like any sort of brainwash and I hate propaganda no matter under what sause. Being human is being human. Those who runs worlds economy and politics ARE NOT HUMAN BEINGS. I don't know for sure, maybe they don't even belong to human race, who knows... Or maybe it's just former humans who rejected human nature and turned to insane beasts without soul and mercy. Though, you're not going to read this comment anyway.
Kryan 9 hours ago
She's so beautiful i love her so much :')
Jass 10 hours ago
The eldery woman reminds me of "Megs" from the Tribute of Panem o.O
YDS official
YDS official 10 hours ago
This wonderful woman will blow up definitely, I can feel it. She is far too talented.
Ines navy blue
Ines navy blue 11 hours ago
How wonderful woman *_*! Marina Diamond! :) <3
Rikk Hyo
Rikk Hyo 11 hours ago
Daniel koons
Daniel koons 11 hours ago
Marina you are our Goddness of Music. the world needs you 🍃🥰💞♥️
DevineSkiee Animates
DevineSkiee Animates 12 hours ago
Imma be here in 2021 too
Henry Mieles Borja
Henry Mieles Borja 12 hours ago
Your song captures the reality of the human being during our time under the Sun......Mother nature will self correct and end life on it's surface in the process...... The good news is that we will be alive and conscious again in about a billion years from that cataclysm, it will be like a blink of an eye.....as though it never happened......or who knows, never be able to think about how we got to this messed up global situation..... I no longer believe in saving others from the fate that has befallen them, I now understand that everything is being implemented perfectly, not even the dirt on this planet is innocent, as we come from it...........and return to it...... Live the moments that life offers, but with out stepping over others to do it, as what you do to your brother or sister will have to be lived out, here or in the next life....... Don't lend yourself up to evil or you will live it down.....the higher the slope up, the more miserable the fall on the other side..........Money is the root of all evil.....learn to mitigate it's perception of your reality, value things for their true intrinsic value and not a numeric figure that means NADA.......but takes you for all you got.....ending with your Zul........... Enjoy the end of the ride, while you can......I'll take white sand beaches, a Corona energy drink add ? +Lime +Salt.......My Suga' Boo.....and her girlfriends, cause things have changed and sharing is caring.....right? No bueno.....I'll take one, just like my beer, any more and Shnit goes south.......the cat fight can't be avoided....... Relax, why stress? We are ALL Eternally Resurrected, the Christ was and is real.......though without faith....blessings on that misarable last few till the big bang.....you can keep it.....I chose Heaven versus man's hell.......it's all in your head, chose one....one involves doing right by others, the other doing right by your selfish instinct...... Best of luck to you Ms. Marina..... -Azul
panos 89
panos 89 12 hours ago
Sorry but this is Masterpiece
Herzens Wärme
Herzens Wärme 12 hours ago
I LOVE IT😍😍😍😍😍❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️
さくらの花 12 hours ago
i cant stop listening to this ah this is a masterpiece 💖
David Wilder
David Wilder 13 hours ago
Is this shakira? or Catherine Zeta?
Naruto Usamaki
Naruto Usamaki 13 hours ago
Best song 2020 and ALL word
Alyumin 13 hours ago
There is a lot of things I love about the song and the music video, but one of them that I would like to point out is the swinging, wine holding, in the line on the hill standing dance. So simple but effective. I could watch that scene for hours straight.
ana 13 hours ago
can we PLEASE talk about how underrated this song is??
Kim Fawcett
Kim Fawcett 13 hours ago
Love God with all your heart and love thy neighbor as thyself
Kim Fawcett
Kim Fawcett 13 hours ago
Let's be kind. For everyone's sake. XxX
Sofie Gielen
Sofie Gielen 14 hours ago
if only we'd have the same media outbreak asking if this is empowering the way they did with wap
ecemn 15 hours ago
dimensions... they are opening guys...
Annette Kennedy
Annette Kennedy 15 hours ago
Me:Okay this looks nice.... Me also:Y'know this reminds me of clara afton a bit .-.
Ferris Bueller
Ferris Bueller 15 hours ago
4 21
Daemon Sumpter
Daemon Sumpter 15 hours ago
2:29 I have a sister... :/
Lana Rose
Lana Rose 15 hours ago
*LOOK AT ALL THE PRESSED TOXIC PEOPLE IN THE COMMENTS, read the lyrics before you actually come here and make ignorant comments smh*
Tea King
Tea King 16 hours ago
im only here for the guys
Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc 16 hours ago
I can't decide what's the most genius thing about this song... the lyrics, the melody, the video, the message etc. Another masterpiece by Marina 💗
Onan Gante
Onan Gante 16 hours ago
#MARINA Me llamo Alejandra y desde que tengo 13 años he oído y adorado tu voz, tu estilo, tu trabajo, tu gran trayectoria y carrera artística. No creo que existan palabras para definir tu grandiosa y bella existencia. Has sido más que solo mi idolo, mi guía o inspiración. Ojalá puedas leer esto. Tengo todas tus canciones y álbumes grabadas en mi corazón 💞🎶🎙️✨💟❤️👌 desde the Family Jewels, Electra Heart, Froot, Love and Fear, y ahora está hermosura de canción y álbum que es Men's World. Llevo esperando desde el anuncio de hace una semana y nunca me has defraudado. Eres mi modelo y mi musa de inspiración. Ojalá esto no te asusté jaja pero deseo con tanto fervor y esmero poder asistir a un concierto por primera vez en mi vida desde que tengo 18 quise ir a verte pero por el covid, dinero u etc no ha pasado. Deseo de verdad que pronto puedas venir a México, sería tan grato. Suerte y todo lo mejor del mundo para ti y tus diamantes, tu equipo, tus seres queridos! <3
Zevven 17 hours ago
Truly Te-Ni anthem :)
Xsa A
Xsa A 18 hours ago
This was absolutely stunning
Corrynn Soukup
Corrynn Soukup 18 hours ago
F A N N Y 18 hours ago
Awebo mexico 😎
papa Goopmare .w.
papa Goopmare .w. 19 hours ago
Getting big Miu Iruma vibes from this song
Syd Ross
Syd Ross 19 hours ago
Im in love with this song and idk why
Robert Gunnarsson
Robert Gunnarsson 19 hours ago
we all need to wake up great song as always.
Rebecca Perry
Rebecca Perry 19 hours ago
I still ❤️ this song 💕👍
Mode PDX
Mode PDX 19 hours ago
This is my favorite song of Marina, after her Froot album. She is not happy after Froot, her songs are droll and depressing on Love+Fear as she puts her all into the same three such melodies over and over, like walking dead. Still she remains a pin up, her figure, her face, her eyes, gorgeous and yet she isn't happy, apparently. Whatever, not my place to judge but as a fan (truly) of gorgeous women with talent and intelligence part of me hopes she gets on whiskey long enough to get more rock and roll but not too long such her health would suffer. Marina is very interesting and God save her Soul.
Alhorus !
Alhorus ! 20 hours ago
So relaxing 🖤
Halfshinesketches 20 hours ago
I’m still upset that my dad made fun of me for listening to this song
Platonic Purple Panda
Platonic Purple Panda 21 hour ago
As we head on over to 2021, let's remember to be kind to one another.
Alexandra Noriega
Alexandra Noriega 21 hour ago
This was my dua lipa in my early 20s shes amazing!!!! MARINA WE LOVE YOU!!
Allison Ernst
Allison Ernst 21 hour ago
Still can't stop listening to this song even after 10 years. The music video is so touching and beautifully done too. One of my absolute, all time favorites!
HyperBurst 21 hour ago
imagine looking at the mirror and you see yourself this hot OMG
It’s Magic
It’s Magic 21 hour ago
Hits different when you think about miu
Valdus Oswald
Valdus Oswald 22 hours ago
Lady gaga's song Alice reminded me of this song.
yvette smith
yvette smith 22 hours ago
First I love her oufit pink and the heart on her cheek is cute and you amazing
Comet Stars
Comet Stars 22 hours ago
Gada apa yg dari indo
philiptetro 22 hours ago
Comet Stars
Comet Stars 22 hours ago
Does anyone watch after me?
Delilah Fouquet
Delilah Fouquet 22 hours ago
I really hope those dresses are thrifted or recycled, for the sake of textile workers in Bangladesh. These songs are always painfully ironic. I don't want to hear rich celebs whine about climate change, make a massive one-time production that leaves incredible waste, then go back to their mansions and vote for the globalism that pushes "capitalism" into overdrive. Just fuck off already.
Delilah Fouquet
Delilah Fouquet 6 hours ago
@Lana Rose I'm being toxic? Do you know the labor and materials involved in living in a mansion home. Celebs barely live in them because they are out and about for their day job, what is the point in that? Good for Marina on this ONE video for making her own props. It does not negate her current political views or her Hollywood sphere of buddies that ARE actively harming the environment. I want transparency from these people before I ever take their content seriously.
Lana Rose
Lana Rose 15 hours ago
Wow you are being very toxic. there is nothing wrong with having a mansion, and marina made these outfits from a small fashion studio in LA, and they were made from re-used materials. Instead of appreciating the beautiful song, you are pointing out stuff that should be told to billionaires like Kylie Jenner. Marina doesn’t enslave workers in Bangladesh. You have a point, but marina is genuinely trying to spread a message
X S.V 23 hours ago
iKeven! !neveki
iKeven! !neveki 23 hours ago
*Que voz prefeita* 😍❤😄
Clever Girls Paint
Clever Girls Paint 23 hours ago
I don't want to live in a man's world anymore too Marina! Great song ^_^
Joy Dube
Joy Dube 23 hours ago
1:07 lemme go mentally die on how relatable this is
Kimberly Beth
Kimberly Beth 23 hours ago
She back
csakiibebi Day ago
Verses are awesome make me tear up, but the chorus are sound like any typical pop song for me. you do not need advice from me or change your style obviously, but I've known very few singer like you so I could just wish for more songs like those verses.
Lacenna Passidean
Lacenna Passidean Day ago
If you didn’t come from TikTok your golden.
T. Day ago
Lol why do they f'd up the audio in the official video. Everything is totally mono.. is it for aestethical purposes? (Just listen to the official audio and you will get what I mean)
Aaron Montiel
Aaron Montiel Day ago
Reina del mundo