Anthony Bucci
Anthony Bucci 19 hours ago
“Michelin Man’s butthole”..... hilariously perfect reference point. Lol
Hoang Pham
Hoang Pham 19 hours ago
A sub for the great efforts in video
Steve Edgett
Steve Edgett 20 hours ago
Thanks Ryan for another great video. I've been using the "Quiet Please!" more-or-less disposable earplugs for years - reusing for around-town and plugging in new for longer rides, but have tried all but the wax. I'll give the NoNoise a try. Your formatting is spot on and you eclipse everyone in your no-nonsense reviews. I'm 72, have been riding for 40 years and using earprotection for the last 25 - they work, as my still decent hearing can attest.
GpzJeffrey 20 hours ago
You might want to rethink the whole no water filtration thing. I too live in the PNW (south of the border from you.) Giardiasis is a real danger here. Crapping your pants for days from beaver fever doesn't make for a fun ride. Alternatively you could boil your drinking water, but you'd need to bring more fuel for your stove. Having moto-camped for years and years in Washington, the only thing I'd really add to your gear list is a backpacking fishing pole and small creel bag with tackle and knife for cleaning the fish, salt, pepper, some olive oil, some pancake mix and a fry pan. I used to live off of pan fried trout for days on my trips.
Bike Wolf
Bike Wolf 20 hours ago
i got a firstgear adv tour jacket and i can tell you its a very good jacket for the prize BUT when i bought it in winter of 2019, there were no jackets for men... only for woman... so i measured myself and checked everything and thought "bugger it ill get a womans jacket, they look the same and the plus size M seems to suit me (usually wearing L for men)". well the fitment is terrible... the arms are too short because my shoulders are too wide (otherwise they would fit), also my belly isnt nearly fat enough to fill the lower part of the jacket. thats why i have to wear a waist belt on the outside of the jacket to keep it shut from underneath. the upper part is too small and in the lower part i can fit twice.... DONT BUY WOMENS CLOTHINGS IF YOURE A GUY, EVEN IF THEY LOOK THE SAME.... THEY ARE DIFFERENT!! otherwise nice jacket
Glen R
Glen R 20 hours ago
Chain wax does not fling if you let it dry overnight, it's quite clean as well.
gary lucas
gary lucas 20 hours ago
Whenever I get close to pulling the trigger on a 1250GSA I come back and watch this... My reason for this bike is that it's the most comfortable ergo's I've felt so far... Does mostly everything I'll ever wanna do... 10 years from now I'll probably trade it for a goldwing... So Ryan's thoughts are: It's overpriced.. .Yup... check... It's under whelming for that price... Yes... It's got the 'famous bmw reliability'... IE it's not reliable... What's the other options if you want something that rides nice, has the safety tech and similiar ergos? I have a vstrom 650 now, it's a compromise for sure... Full disclaimer, I'll probably never ride it more than down forest service roads and I'll literally _never_ need an oil change in Mongolia...
Promoted 20 hours ago
Too bad those bike retails for the price of a compact car in Canada :( I would have got one to commute. 20 000$ for a motorcycle you can't even drive long distances and 700$ a year for license plates.. not worth it.
2Timone7 20 hours ago
I've been wearing mesh jackets for years in the summer. They've always kept me relatively cool and I crashed at 70 mph and it held up great -no road rash between my waist and neck whatsoever (my legs were a different story thanks to my khakis).
Эмиль Худяков
Эмиль Худяков 20 hours ago
superior video quality. thanks
Mike Fu
Mike Fu 20 hours ago
I just hire a Lawyer and they get me a deal, I'm out in 15 minutes, fuck the money, it's about fighting back!! Fuck the cunts!!
Jers Walass
Jers Walass 21 hour ago
Hey man, how about the gloves???
Mig Guz
Mig Guz 21 hour ago
F... Harley 🇺🇸 TRUMP2Q2Q+
James Mock
James Mock 21 hour ago
Awesome 👌 Video! bringing the DEAD BACK TO LIFE
Cedric Boivin
Cedric Boivin 21 hour ago So you didn’t recommend the counteract balance beads kit years ago and now you do ?
Profect72 21 hour ago
Why not build a twin 125? So young can ride? Not practical? Sure but, it's an Harley
Ramsgate Rider
Ramsgate Rider 21 hour ago
Possibly the best review I ever have seen
Patryk K.
Patryk K. 21 hour ago
We need review of new F850 GS Adventure with all the fancy electronics now.
Nice Shot
Nice Shot 21 hour ago
How to beat a speeding ticket: increase speed
JOSEPH POCKEY 21 hour ago
Smart advice as usual! Not a bad rider either.🤗
James Mock
James Mock 21 hour ago
excellent Video
Lucien 21 hour ago
I like the way it's done, realy. But you didn't adjust the suspension settings before you went on the road. Why do you think some high end bikes have an semi-active suspension ? To adjust the damping forces, both compression and rebound. Next time do the settings for terrain and road. I an AfricaTwin setup for the road and it's a great supermoto! But I can't go on rough terrain. Go for the AfricaTwin guys.
Keith Thompson
Keith Thompson 21 hour ago
What model are the Scorpion jeans?
TSO Liot
TSO Liot 21 hour ago
I had this exact bike. It was a lemon :(
Wrightfix 21 hour ago
The american news show joke 😫😩😄😄😄
TSO Liot
TSO Liot 21 hour ago
Short answer: Harleys suck.
Vish BV
Vish BV 21 hour ago
Some parts are better than a motor commercials. 👌🏼
ManRom 22 hours ago
would be nice if you would write the bikes names on screen as you present them, or if you would write the names in the description, that way we newbies looking for new bikes could easily search them online.
Glynne Hather
Glynne Hather 22 hours ago
Did you bump into any Stargate teams while out hunting?
C-anon W
C-anon W 22 hours ago
As a Canadian this channel is slowly becoming my favourite peice of entertainment of any medium
Glynne Hather
Glynne Hather 22 hours ago
Purchased a pair of Frogg Toggs. They have kept me dry in the driving rain (British Summer). And they breath. So I'm not clammy when I get to my destination :-)
Abdul Razack
Abdul Razack 22 hours ago
Dei paithiyon mental case are you loose bloody fool bad smell on you
Robert Yeilding
Robert Yeilding 22 hours ago
They have been using this type of bike in race for video platform in the Tour De France biicycle race
TerraPosse 22 hours ago
John Wick: Kills bad dudes with pencil. Ryan F9: Hold my paper clip.
Vineet Masih
Vineet Masih 22 hours ago
Can you do a review on Royal Enfield Himalayan Bs6 model.
Charles Bronson
Charles Bronson 22 hours ago
San Antonio Texas. The sweatiest city in the USA or at least a top 5. Breathable is a must. That or a qet shirt in the freezer 30min prior to riding as a second layer over a shirt to keep you cool for a bit.
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 22 hours ago
scrotum panicking: melting? 150? me: whelp, Kevlar it is! I got you, little buddy
Daniel Eckert
Daniel Eckert 22 hours ago
Love the comments as much as the videos. I can’t believe no one caught the “mesh condoms and oven fresh air conditioners” comment. Priceless.
Daniel Eckert
Daniel Eckert 22 hours ago
24 seconds in.
parz1 23 hours ago
i actively avoid harley davidson. I wouldnt be caught dead on one.
mauro gallegos
mauro gallegos 23 hours ago
Hello there, I have been following your channel for some time, I like the products reviews you perform and the comments, they are very informative, currently I have two Harleys and a Victory cross country tour, I am on the market for a midsize adventure bike (getting tired of the big heavy bikes) in the neighborhood of 400 lbs., I am not planning to go crazy on aggressive off roads since I travel with my wife and some limited basic luggage, we are planning to travel to Mexico and possibly central and south America over there lots of the roads are paved and gravel roads. I am 5’10 with seam of 31 inch, my wife and I together we make about 310 lbs. plus about 30-45 Lbs. of luggage, based on this characteristics I have been looking several adventure motorcycles in the range of the 800’s cc So far there are two bikes I kind of like, the KTM 790 Adventure, and 2020 BMW 850 GS adventure (the BMW seams taller and top heavier of the two) I know there are a lots of brands to pick under this category, I know the Japanese bikes are very reliable as well. I will appreciate your input and advice. Regards, I enjoy watching your channel. Mello
FURY __ 23 hours ago
Hearing you say "Vitpilen" gave me cancer and corona combined.
Omar Sandoval
Omar Sandoval 23 hours ago
guaauuuuu un cross over
Randy Bunn
Randy Bunn 23 hours ago
For motorcycle journalism you have the best video making by far.
JB 23 hours ago
Just tried some Amsoil Chain Lube and I am impressed. Cleaned the chain, sprayed on the Amsoil and waited 15 minutes as instructed and went for a ride. It does not sling off.
Mike Hatzl
Mike Hatzl 23 hours ago
This one is so bad ass.
Jason Crichton
Jason Crichton 23 hours ago
The balance beads work really well when you are swapping your own rubber and don't have the cash for a proper wheel balancer. Have used them for a few years now and they work nicely.
Jeffrey Meyers
Jeffrey Meyers Day ago
I use custom ear plugs (made by a professional) and while they are expensive at about $60, I swear by them. I do not find them "too quiet" and hear everything I need to hear, but they block out all of the noise I find fatiguing. Love your videos - keep up the great work!
K2theAblam Day ago
Okay, your production value is incredible. This is great content, subbed.
shane wheaton
shane wheaton Day ago
I need this man to do a review on Tiger 800 XCA.
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 22 hours ago
recommend other brands, a normal D3O pad shirt is much safier than this one.
Tonto Gonzales
Tonto Gonzales Day ago
DID YO SAY 14GRAND????? for a 700cc motorcycle! you sure Harley Davidson CEO isn't running Yamaha now?
nuffflavor Day ago
I never used chain lube, once in a blue-moon I may wash the chain, but never lubricated it. Why ? Cause I did not want to be bothered AND the chain never seem to need it. (Note: my bike is garage kept.)
Walid Ashik
Walid Ashik Day ago
4:29 hand sanitizer.. well in 2020 we know what it’s for. no explanation needed!!
WoLF Day ago
Fuxking intro 😂
Stefan Margraf
Stefan Margraf Day ago
Nope. Your LiFePo was crap. I use A123 cells, only 5Ah. I took 8 pieces and spot welded my own battery. No need for balancer. Would never, never change a thing. Works for years in three bikes, also in the wintertime, much more power (cranking amps). Not drained after some month in the garage. Finally i`ve got rid of the never ending Pb crap trouble: each year a new one, each winter : wont start (what a fuck).
Fooligan White
Fooligan White Day ago
“Our friends” in blue ?
Kaizaki Day ago
Rather than having something that feels like a 1960's scrambler I'd have a 1960's scrambler! Your videos are so incredibly well made by the way.
blacksmithden Day ago
30+ year mechanic here who specialized in material handling electric drive systems. The electrical connectors that come with those flush mount lights are called Scotch connectors. THROW THEM IN THE GARBAGE. They are the single worst electrical connector EVER made. Solder and shrink tube for the best job. Crimp on butt connectors with shrink tube insulation is second best. Butt connectors without shrink tube is third, but you're asking for problems from vibration and corrosion. What EVER you do, do not use those "squeeze and cut" garbage Scotch connectors that come with the lights.
Trevor Charles
Trevor Charles Day ago
i didn’t need this attack lmao
Hubinic PL
Hubinic PL Day ago
Ratish rao
Ratish rao Day ago
Fortnine: .... India: what does he mean? 😂😂😂
Geoff Boyd
Geoff Boyd Day ago
What are your thoughts about the Wr250r?
Hindsight Anobody
Hindsight Anobody Day ago
At first I was like “you couldn’t have lead with that “ but then I realized he gave me a mech tech lesson right here right now I’m pretty sure
jjfromthebigland Day ago
I'm still laughing at the dig against Trudeau 😆😆😆
B Midg
B Midg Day ago
The best Harley Davidson ever made was a Buell....
Disco Devil
Disco Devil Day ago
I'm selling ventilated condoms. Purchase them at www. Nowhereyoumoron . com
MeowZaK Day ago
Fuck sake. I'm 3:26 in before I realised this was uploaded on April 1st.
jdubflylo Day ago
I needed to know that rear axle engine driven winch trick about 6 years ago. Keep up the good content
Ionut St.
Ionut St. Day ago
Damn, can't seem to find this scorpion jeans at any European retailer
Matt Cero
Matt Cero Day ago
Did you ever sell your GS sir? I'm in love with my R1200GSA, though I've had to lay it on it's side, controlled, a few times. Freakin' heavy hunk o' metal.
Michael Jones
Michael Jones Day ago
DOT.... ok, it "must" be good. Wonder how many Joe Blow's dies per day from kunt whores on the ole cell phone while Joe wears dot. Quite a bit I'm sure. DOT Don't Operate Traveling.
random dude
random dude Day ago
D.A. Risse
D.A. Risse Day ago
Be fair... Yamaha has used shaft drive on many bikes for a long time.....
Ron Horowitz
Ron Horowitz Day ago
What type of helmet do you use?
Arthur Pendragon
Arthur Pendragon Day ago
Safety first... finger out of the trigger guard, please. :-)
Adam Butler
Adam Butler Day ago
Easy get woke go broke don't sell something as American when clearly its not anymore made cheaply abroad
Oskari Day ago
So why the music sounds like it's from WW2 propaganda film or something?
smith david
smith david Day ago
I only wear this stuff around town but really I just wear gloves, helmet, back protection and boots.
Kapsol Kapcon
Kapsol Kapcon Day ago
This guy make's all this money, but he don't even ride! He's sales... It's a joke. He talks to much to be a real rider.
Ladosligese Day ago
i dont get it .. why use earplugs when riding ? .. to me the engine is music .. the belly twisted feeling when you rev the engine a bit .. soooo good
Tony James
Tony James Day ago
So if loud pipes save lines then they should be pointed forward so the noise goes out the front. If bikers are worried about cars coming up from behind them and hitting them. Should all cars have loud pipes too? Sure that would be safer. Why should bikes be allowed to get away with something that cars can’t.
Ladosligese Day ago
Kerosene .. jobs done ..
James Hooker
James Hooker Day ago
“A Green Peace wet night mare”🤣😂 so colorful and poetic Ryan! That’s why I’m here!
Ladosligese Day ago
have my fatherinlaw near that last lock with a boltcutter .. and it would run trough it like butter .. he`s old school farmer btw
André Tavares
André Tavares Day ago
I don't fully agree with the first point here. I don't think I mistake a motorcyclce for a car in the night because of double headlights, but then again, I'll include that as another reason why I don't like what I call pirate bikes like your GS, that have two lights horizontally, one being like a blind eye all the time. I prefer bikes with the lights set up vertically in the front, it's better visually and helps not getting mistaken by a car like you say. However, how about the new CRF1100L Africa Twin , for instance, that has double led head lights? At least they're symetrical, therefore not as ugly as your GS, but does it mean it's hazardous??? There are quite a few of motorcycles with double headlights, I think... And how about the fog beams that adventurers like to equip so much, what would you say about it then?
Terrence dale Garcia
Terrence dale Garcia Day ago
HEY!! You can't get away with the vandalism you made.
Nothingspecial ALON
Nothingspecial ALON Day ago
'Most of us well never own the faster car , the biggest TV ,the longest penis' Fortnine 😂😂
OnceThereWasAPageWithAReallyLongAssNameAndNowYouAreLookingAtAChannelWithAReallyLongName! Day ago
Nice use of a toy jet.
정치영Chi Chung
정치영Chi Chung Day ago
Warriors, come out to play
MT09 MaDnEsS
MT09 MaDnEsS Day ago
So KTM doesn't like litre bikes but the 1290 is ok?? Really?...
Dave Wave
Dave Wave Day ago
Shame on you Fort-Nine.. Why not make a video about how the Insurance industry is raping and pillaging the average Canadian rider.. Maybe your not feeling it yet but we'll see what that's doing for your business in the next few years I'm sure.. I know I'll pay the little bit extra to order my Drag Specialties & Bikers Choice parts for my Bike from the local shops now rather than get sucked into your Free Shipping on orders over $49 Bullshit.. I'd agree that any Harley made after 1999 after the end of the Evolution engine is a step backwards.. Harley tried to follow & compete with the Japaneses Bike Industry & lost a lot of customer confidence in the process.. I guess all you haters don't like loud classic cars either.. I can't believe so many people are so quick to judge over what type of motorcycle a person prefers.. Harley Davidson has bin around since the invention of the motorcycle & they were built for the common man so that there Owners could tear them down, repair & reassemble them with an inexpensive service manual without paying a mechanic.. I guess some people aren't into that or don't like getting there hands a little greasy or something.. Fuck I dunno.. Harley Davidson is one of the only companies to continue building & improving the V-Twin motorcycle engine design over a span of decades.. Say what you will they are the original Mo.Co. & have bin around longer than any other.. You know the one that all the Metric Cruisers are fashioned after these days.. Like Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha etc etc.. What a bunch of closed minded crotch rocket riders you all are.. You have no idea what riding & owning a Harley Davidson is all about..
Mark A
Mark A Day ago
I've got a foot in both camps. I own a HD street glide special and a '67 Chevelle SS 396 convertible. They both make their own sweet music and I don't mean their radios.
Carl Skaggs
Carl Skaggs Day ago
Mikhail Krikunov
Mikhail Krikunov Day ago
Would be a perfect base for a self-driving delivery drone.
Bobby S
Bobby S Day ago
Could you do a range check for packtalk bold and sena 50R & 50S
SuperDuty Zack
SuperDuty Zack Day ago
Probably because their bikes are evolving and they cost $20k for a decent bike.
bipola telly
bipola telly Day ago
I ride in underpants.... when I'm feeling modest.
TheTarrMan Day ago
@5:17 I know "it's just a bb gun" but you should never rest your finger on the trigger when you're not reddy to fire your gun. (Regardless if it's loaded or not.) Also the way you're letting the barrel point wherever is kinda making me cringe but I'll give you a pass since you're shooting a video and "it's not real".
jesusoftheapes Day ago
I love any company willing to cut all the competition off at the knees !
Kubla Khan
Kubla Khan Day ago
Would it be ok on a very long highway ride?
jesusoftheapes Day ago
MAke those front wheel the driving force and it would change the market . Now it's still a gimmick but it could very well be the future .
Arjan Oskam
Arjan Oskam Day ago
Could you guys please make a comparison between 2018 Honda Africa Twin and 2020 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sport? =D
Eka Rally
Eka Rally Day ago
Yamaha should give away that T7 for you simply because of the review. This review will sold a lot of that Ténéré.