David Daskal
David Daskal Hour ago
John Hughes' films were my saving grace. As an elementary school kid growing up in that era, I felt he was the only one who got it--a revelation I had right then and there. He told it like it was. This was a real treat for me. Thank you.
BOL8NIGHT Hour ago
gracias por producir este corto documental de estas grandes celebridades actores productores músicos cantantes y todos aquellos que estuvieron apoyando detrás de cámaras gente anónima que en aquel tiempo realizaron estas obras maestras de la cinematografía y que tuvimos de primera mano de conocer con su trabajo y que hoy recordamos, con mucho cariño que dios los bendiga serán recordados en el Futuro.
Rebecca LeClere
Rebecca LeClere Hour ago
I know you're unlikely to see this Josh, but it would be so amazing if you could do the cast of Firefly/Serenity. That is such a fan loved franchise that I know people would love that video.
G. J.
G. J. Hour ago
This gave me all of the feelings.
Ajmal Roshan
Ajmal Roshan Hour ago
Thank you for making this happen 🙏🏽
Евгений Акулов
Евгений Акулов 2 hours ago
Я тоже теперь хочу меч
Евгений Акулов
Евгений Акулов 2 hours ago
Спасибо огромное за фильм.Вы настоящая семья.Посмотерл с удовльсвием.
Cherripxt_10 2 hours ago
My favorite movie of all time ❤️
tallaussiebloke 2 hours ago
Plenty of films to still do... And not just the G/PG movies! Aliens, Total Recall (1990), T2...
Danielle Nevins
Danielle Nevins 2 hours ago
Please do footloose, or breakfast club, or st.elmos fire??? I beg you🙏🙏🙏
Nicola Ferrari
Nicola Ferrari 2 hours ago
Nothing like the 80s and 90s, good times, unforgettable movies and soundtracks.
Roni B.
Roni B. 3 hours ago
This was awesome!!! Thank you!!!
Ellie 3 hours ago
I just finished watching the lord of the rings so I when I heard about this I was like I have to watch it
James Weekley
James Weekley 3 hours ago
Jennifer Runyun is still one of the prettiest women alive!!!
Maynard Jose
Maynard Jose 3 hours ago
I still watch this series every December. My favorite movie of all time. Great reunion and content!
Mark Pitcher
Mark Pitcher 3 hours ago
This is superb
TheManso10 3 hours ago
just amazing
BaYbOi41510 3 hours ago
But why Ke still sounds the same when he was DATA, lolol
BaYbOi41510 3 hours ago
One of my favorite movies 🎥
ProxKei 3 hours ago
RIP Ian Holm
Troll under your mom's bed.
Troll under your mom's bed. 4 hours ago
The Equal Justice Initiative documented racial terror lynchings during the post-emancipation Reconstruction era, from 1865 to 1876. Ah, digging way back for grievances, huh? Gotta keep them lawyers fed, lol. Another Social Justice ''not for profit,'' ngo, hmmmm.
charlotte baskerville
charlotte baskerville 4 hours ago
Bangtan leJINdary bae
Bangtan leJINdary bae 4 hours ago
My precious childhood... I grew up loving this epic and amazing LotR cast and production, along with Harry Potter films and GoT... Such an amazing wonderful cast! 💛
Alex Ave
Alex Ave 4 hours ago
23:47 Wonderful moment, pretty woman:)))
Alex Ave
Alex Ave 4 hours ago
28:45 - She has a beautiful voice:)))
Michelle Hines
Michelle Hines 5 hours ago
Season Two should have The Princess Bride, Beetlejuice, Revenge of the Nerds, Police Academy
glitterbaby00 5 hours ago
Thank you for hosting this Josh, you were brilliant. Such a challenging and strange time but it’s reunions like this that I’m so grateful people have come together to share happiness. I feel like this reunion could never have happened with everyone’s busy diaries but with lockdown everyone has put in the effort ♥️
Trixy P.
Trixy P. 6 hours ago
Super excited for the *seasons* to come!! 🤩🙌🏼🥳 Love Reunited Apart! ❤
Finn Moore
Finn Moore 6 hours ago
Ha ha Ian: in the books gandalf says you cannot pass The actual writer for lotr trilogy: he says you will not pass Which I think it's funny cuz I checked and Ian was right
LushCat 6 hours ago
No Cate Blanchet was a bit saddening but this is the best thing I have watched all year!
Алексей Занин
Алексей Занин 7 hours ago
Thank you from Russia! You make me happy more than ever in my life for the last 10 years in my life!
Tom Foolery
Tom Foolery 7 hours ago
As weird as this may sound, as a mid-40s guy who’s in the process of losing his father, I’ve been very nostalgic as of late. This video series is so much fun, but can be tough to watch because of its uncanny ability to take me back to yesteryear. Thank you for reminding me what it felt like to be an innocent kid with not a care in the world. Times are much different now.
Edward Ibali
Edward Ibali 7 hours ago
Whelp, looks like I’m watching the Lord of the Ring series.. here’s to Christopher Lee and the next 36 hours 🍻
Lawrence Cole
Lawrence Cole 7 hours ago
If you hit the wrong note we'll all B Flat. Yes.
Kyle McDonald
Kyle McDonald 7 hours ago
I'd love a Dazed and Confused haha
Lisa Alaniz
Lisa Alaniz 8 hours ago
My favorite scene is the parade .
Emmanuela Papavlassopoulou
Emmanuela Papavlassopoulou 8 hours ago
Στο τέλος του "the Lord of the rings the rutern of the king" είμαι σίγουρη πως τα δάκρυα ήταν αληθινά όταν ο Frodo έφυγε😧
TheBenson51 8 hours ago
One of my fave films of my youth, wondered where Rooney was.. googled to see if he's dead, nope just a nonce.
Lisa Alaniz
Lisa Alaniz 8 hours ago
Jennifer Grey still looks beautiful ♥️and young
Lisa Alaniz
Lisa Alaniz 8 hours ago
Sloan/ Mia looks the same
Lisa Alaniz
Lisa Alaniz 8 hours ago
Thank u my favorite movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off♥️♥️
ConsoleCleric 9 hours ago
16:59 - Chunk's interrogation.
Aaron Burr
Aaron Burr 9 hours ago
This show is wonderful!! I would love to see The Sandlot cast reunited apart.
Aaron Burr
Aaron Burr 9 hours ago
Love the show!! What about “The Sandlot?” That would be a great episode.
Ilkvomit 9 hours ago
Liv Tyler is a goddess, I swear I could listen to her talk all day long that soft voice gets to me all the time ❤ RIP IAN HOLM and SIR CHRISTOPHER LEE We need a 4k release of the LOTR Trilogy already!!...With Brand new Restorations of all three films.MAKE IT HAPPEN PJ
Kelben 10 hours ago
29:05 What an actor!
LifelessLive 10 hours ago
Thank you this video. Brought back my childhood and the good times watching the goonies. Keep up the good work
Ilkvomit 11 hours ago
My grandmother was Jonathan's Teacher's Aid when he used to go to elementary school out here in Monterey Park California.
ollie wannell
ollie wannell 11 hours ago
Liv was showing off when she spoke in elvish 🤣
Håkon Tvedt
Håkon Tvedt 11 hours ago
Why not make a new movie the same cast now adult with their kids chasing a new treasure?
fariz gaskin
fariz gaskin 12 hours ago
Gandalf the Gay. Hahaha!
SNN 12 hours ago
Why no biff
Allejandra Chavez
Allejandra Chavez 13 hours ago
If I ever saw any of the cast, I would just want to say thank for giving these movies all of their love . Without all of them it wouldn’t be the same. Thank to everyone
BAGWIS GAMING 13 hours ago
Mandelorian 13 hours ago
Hi Josh Gad I love how you brought every one back together and reunited once again... it brings such tears of joy of seeing our beloved characters. I miss the good old movies and i just wanted to thank you! Also if you don't mind i would like to see later on in the future if you can unite the Indiana Jones (All cast members from every Indiana Jones movies), Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, and if maybe Men in Black with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. "LAUGH at the wonderful moments we shared together. LOVE each other as a Family. And LIVE so those memories can be cherished... for ever!!!"- Message from me to the beloved actors! Thank you again Josh Gad
Steve swm77
Steve swm77 13 hours ago
30:50 I had a 1993 Ford Ranger and the odometer would go backwards when I drove in reverse. Absolutely worked.
Richard Welsh
Richard Welsh 14 hours ago
Where is Jefferey Jones?.... DOH!
DinosaurWoman 14 hours ago
I kinda agree with Sean that you guys should do Encino Man, though.
Tom Butler producer businessman
Tom Butler producer businessman 14 hours ago
The vegan solarman tom b is a Ugge Back to the future fan! One of my favorite movies! Please donate to the Michael J fox foundation! And at least cut back on the consumption of animals... your body will love you, and the animals too!
mysticshining 14 hours ago
Awesome, so fun :D Season 1! Does this mean there's a Season 2??!
HEAT1996 14 hours ago
Andy can STILL get it. She aged really well.
dak32ota 15 hours ago
Thank you @josh gad for creating this x Content! Amazing people do amazing things for those who can do for themselves! Thank you!
angbable 15 hours ago
Josh Gad is one of the only actors that has mostly voice jobs that that I know by name, face, and voice. Good for him! I always thought that would be a cool job...being an actor without having to worry about how I look. Not a comment on Josh Gad’s looks, he’s still a handsome guy, but he can play most sorts of characters if his voice fits without having to worry if he looks the part.
Mr007shaw 15 hours ago
The Dark Knight reunion
Julia Kelly
Julia Kelly 15 hours ago
Sigourney calling Bill Murray “Billy” ❤️
punkalex14 16 hours ago
Captain Ron Reunited Apart!
Mike Thompson
Mike Thompson 16 hours ago
Legends....thats all i gotta say...pure Legends
Matt Bell
Matt Bell 16 hours ago
Gandalf only ever says: “you CANNOT pass.” Ian was clearly flustered at her smug inaccuracy.
Mike Thompson
Mike Thompson 16 hours ago
war games...was my fav
Keebla 16 hours ago
man such a great cast so epic i remember watching all of these movies extended editions over and over non stop with the behind the scenes, to the point u as the audience feel like u were apart of the film and family experience... so nostalgic its crazy , Great cast great film ...
Sam 16 hours ago
Literally the best
Lucia Elba Longueira
Lucia Elba Longueira 17 hours ago
Josh, I love what you do in your web site, fromARGENTINA...CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I STILL LOVE A LOT WATCHING THE GOONIES and I am 64 years old.!!!
ognarw 17 hours ago
Thank you for making me happy in these crazy days
Helen Feriante
Helen Feriante 17 hours ago
This is a wonderous delight !
pengu82 17 hours ago
Greg Pappas
Greg Pappas 17 hours ago
So much fun... Thank You Josh and all involved. :)
Jay SNiKT 17 hours ago
Liv Tyler is such a sweetheart! that was adorable lol
Philippa M.
Philippa M. 18 hours ago
Cried almost all through wonderful seeing everyone again. My favourite movies of all time.
Patrick Kane
Patrick Kane 18 hours ago
Get michael keaton mr mom
mattchop6 18 hours ago
Harry Potter School of Rock Lost Boys Please!
It DontmatterPth
It DontmatterPth 18 hours ago
Bloom could always spend that 5 million instead of on an engagement ring (that boy spent 5 mil on a damn rock! Its a rock! A friggin rock! That blonde wig did something to his brain.) on animal shelters, TNR programs for feral cats to stop the flood of kittens every spring, food programs for pets so people who are struggling could afford to feed their furbabies, and on and on and on. Blind Cat Rescue Big Cat Rescue Shadowcats Tenth Life World Wildlife Fund Defenders of Wildlife Cat House on the Kings So damn many environmental and people charities. Rich people I swear up and down ain't got no damn brains.
Paula Dornelles
Paula Dornelles 18 hours ago
Mir Forever
Mir Forever 18 hours ago
Oh, that reuniting made me cry. I Love The Lord Of The Rings, since being 4 years old. 15 years passed, but i still remember ma 1st night, it was 11 30pm, and i've been seating with my dad and watching the battle for Minas Tirith, and it was amazing. After that night i watched whole trilogy, and fell in love with it. 15 years so far i'm living in two worlds, one is our, and the second one, in which i leave every evening after working/studying day, is the Middle-Earth, beautiful and 4ever beloved home.
It DontmatterPth
It DontmatterPth 18 hours ago
Maybe people could also donate money to food banks for pets so that people who are struggling can feed their pets too. Call your local SPCA or veterinarian to ask about it.
Antonio Tadeu Santos
Antonio Tadeu Santos 18 hours ago
Que delícia, obrigado!
arkadio0006 Rojas
arkadio0006 Rojas 19 hours ago
Que emosionante y epico momento recordar este gran elenco q le dio vida a la obra maestra de J.R.R. Tolkien en el cine unirlis despues de tanto tiempo me emocione demaciado
Anai Lucatero
Anai Lucatero 19 hours ago
(╯⊙ ⊱ ⊙╰ )
stephen dresler
stephen dresler 19 hours ago
Thanks Josh! This was the most awesome thing ever!
Roxanne T
Roxanne T 19 hours ago
I’d love to see the cast of Clueless, Home Alone, Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Titanic! There’s so many more!
Jose Magsajo
Jose Magsajo 19 hours ago
Back To The Future is the best Trilogy ever... I'm going 60 and still watching it from Time 2 Time as Time allows me. Great Team, Great Job!!!
j0sH092 19 hours ago
nose job looks like trash. Yuck
Ameliemichelle 19 hours ago
One of the best things to happen during this pandemic!
Helen Feriante
Helen Feriante 20 hours ago
This is the best :)
bryan bergman
bryan bergman 20 hours ago
Nice tribute to John Candy. I remember watching this when I was a kid, and last year watched it again with my toddlers on cable in Israel.
jmarkus7 20 hours ago
So awesome 👏
Alex Tejedor Andersen
Alex Tejedor Andersen 20 hours ago
No words...
Paul Stout
Paul Stout 20 hours ago
Thank you Sir Ian. He finally brought up the You Shall Not Pass vs You Cannot Pass
Evan Rowe
Evan Rowe 20 hours ago
Omg best two I can think of is Godzilla and the best best best best ever has got to be glory an amazing cast I watched it once at seven years old on television after my parents went to bed and it was one of the most memorable movies I had ever seen except for the fact that I didn’t know the name of the movie thanks to farmer vision it took me fifteen years till I ever seen it again and I was excited as heck cause I finally knew about IMDb and realized I had forgotten but yet never ever could forget this movie and finally found the name finally realized who was in it and it is star studded an amazing historical film and probably my all time favourite war films we should reunite the brotherhood of war films so much heart and dedication when you enter war films
savagedfifascammers 20 hours ago
Please do a pirate of the caribbean one please
Matthew Reap
Matthew Reap 20 hours ago
Great now i need to watch the film. Got a copy some where. Good to see you all again.