Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 2 hours ago
If this dude says “Full Send” again.....
Carter Wop
Carter Wop 5 hours ago
Lmao go HBU. That university is right across the street from my neighborhood. Glad to see them on tv
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Chris Whited
Chris Whited 6 hours ago
you just can't keep saying the 4th consecutive loss until folks catch on..................And i'm an OU FAN PERIOD..........
Army Lukas Burger
Army Lukas Burger 9 hours ago
Easiest win ever
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 2 hours ago
Rattler has a damn cannon for a arm, looks effortless
Alyssandra Vela
Alyssandra Vela 10 hours ago
Jonah Sports
Jonah Sports 12 hours ago
Ian fitzsimmons was the color comenetator
Zitch 13 hours ago
This game literally shouldn’t count. It’s literally a top 10 college team vs pretty much a average high school team
ZAID AHMED 14 hours ago
IsYouHoopin 17 hours ago
these announcers suck ass
LUKE MONSON (Student) 17 hours ago
techs coner backs are trash
Seth Tsunami
Seth Tsunami 23 hours ago
Rattler has to be one of the ugliest human beings I've ever seen.
Catherine Sykes
Catherine Sykes 23 hours ago
That Kid has a Strong arm
Jurado Day ago
This is Texas's Year to make a run. We have everything we need at the right positions. This is Sam's senior year.we lost Zach at C but we still got a good line.
Fred Wilson
Fred Wilson Day ago
Must be nice to not play a full conference schedule
Travis D
Travis D Day ago
Headline shout be OU vs high school from Missouri
Masta Katz
Masta Katz Day ago
The sooners have their toughest season in years ahead of them this year as Texas looks to be healthy. I see Sam bearing Spencer this year.
Jerry Finger
Jerry Finger Day ago
Zappy will get some attention from the NFL and rightly so.
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy Day ago
If this dude says “Full Send” again.....
Eric Garcia
Eric Garcia Day ago
Kirby Hocutt you really know how to pick me huh 3 women's coaches in less than a decade, u went and got this guy from UState that nobody every heard of and didn't bother to interview Dana Holgerson or Art Briels so now Raiderland has to suffer another decade of fu×kery. If it wasn't for Coach Beard or Tadlock ur a$$ was grass.
Eric Garcia
Eric Garcia Day ago
Those tech unis are ugly, the Throwback they wore against Arkansas a few years back have been the best. Somebody get Art Briles a call already dang it!
m broussard
m broussard Day ago
Can’t wait to play these guys. He won’t have all day to throw to wide open receivers. #Hookem
darren kuhn
darren kuhn Day ago
Wait, did he say drawing first blood on the third TD 🧐
Ryker Day ago
Purple rain
Patrick Gunn
Patrick Gunn Day ago
Rattler to Miami in the NFL draft!
bssni touir
bssni touir Day ago
Lmao the commentator really said “full send” 😂
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy Day ago
Oklahoma what a national joke.
Sergio Lopez
Sergio Lopez Day ago
Rattler got a beam
Phil Brown
Phil Brown Day ago
I still replay this once in awhile.
lilman huncho92
lilman huncho92 Day ago
i see alot of players wearing the number 0 for sum reason wats sup with that cuz i nun seen that last year or the year before is that a new thing in college football
Papi Day ago
This kid is the real McCoy....Mechanics, quick release, and those little steps to the left or right side to avoid a sack while completing a huge pass. You can't teach these fundamentals it's called instinct.
Erik Williams
Erik Williams Day ago
Rattler has a damn cannon for a arm, looks effortless
Dujuan Knight
Dujuan Knight Day ago
Those my Sooners . We got the best qb’s
bssni touir
bssni touir Day ago
hope he’s a first round pick next year along with Trevor and fields
Chris Akokoh
Chris Akokoh Day ago
Since when can you wear number 0???
D Baby
D Baby 2 days ago
Okay Rat!!
The Pikachu of Texas
The Pikachu of Texas 2 days ago
Put HBU in the C-USA
Mathieu King
Mathieu King 2 days ago
Texas hate admit but yall looking pretty good but we will see vs ou should be a great game can't wait
Bruce Selby
Bruce Selby 2 days ago
You can’t sugar coat it the B12 endorses Black Lives Matter and Marxism
Jeff Watson
Jeff Watson 2 days ago
Play a real team
Dujuan Knight
Dujuan Knight Day ago
Stop hating bitch
Reg Jones
Reg Jones 2 days ago
Come on man, I love Texas but UTEP could barely beat my high school!🤔
Jack Leons
Jack Leons 2 days ago
Wait there’s fans?
Randy Bobandy
Randy Bobandy 2 days ago
Longhorns are going to beat you like a drum..Hook Em
DaCoolLightSkinDude 2 days ago
2:57 that coach was too hype to be down 41-0 🤣
Christopher Scotti
Christopher Scotti 2 days ago
Is this a old game I thought there wasn’t supposedly to be people in the stands
sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei 2 days ago
FCS hmmmmm ... always pumping the numbers...
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith 2 days ago
Everybody so pumped up for oklahoma because they played a jr high football team. It will go like all the years before they will make it to the plays offs and get dominated the 1st game.
memes 1
memes 1 2 days ago
They did my boy bijan Robinson dirty let him get more playing time
X2 Productions
X2 Productions 2 days ago
Only ogs remember qb1 pinnacle spencer rattler
Sophie Ballgame
Sophie Ballgame 2 days ago
I am very interested in the video you have taken and hope to cooperate with you in some ways that are good for each other. instagram:sophie10066
Tony Lambert
Tony Lambert 2 days ago
UT fan here all the way, but mad respect for the way OU stud QBs seem to just grow on trees! Must be something in the water in Norman
Not Michael
Not Michael 2 days ago
Ever wonder why it’s called the big 12? Because each Defense gives up 12 TDs a game
JustSomeSalt Boi
JustSomeSalt Boi 2 days ago
Wow we beat Houston Baptist by 2 points welp this year is already over
Steve Maude
Steve Maude 2 days ago
Texas the world is routing for you to keep that overrated OU team outta playoffs this year. Go win the Big 12 it's time
Bernie Miltenberger
Bernie Miltenberger 2 days ago
Good start!
Jammin 2 days ago
Texas is gonna beat that ahh.
Jammin 2 days ago
Its gonna be such a rough year for texas tech
sannio komi
sannio komi 2 days ago
USshow's getting real comfortable with these 15 second no skip ads
Sons of the Edelweiss
Sons of the Edelweiss 2 days ago
Oklahoma what a national joke.
William Lattimore
William Lattimore 2 days ago
Rattle finally starting again! Uh oh
Bradley Mosman
Bradley Mosman 2 days ago
The state of Oklahoma will put up with anything except a second rate football team. That state has no sense of identity without its team.
Noah L
Noah L 2 days ago
TTU gonna have to play a LOT better if they have hopes against UT
CLOS 2 days ago
The Tech football program should consider dropping down to D2
Jason Young
Jason Young 2 days ago
Sad win here a team that is favorite by 43 points Texas tech wins by 2 pathetic all around shame Texas tech
Benny J
Benny J 2 days ago
I cannot wait for my birthday. Texas is playing with Oklahoma on my birthday October 10th. Hope Texas wins
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue 2 days ago
Cool.... we dominated a bunch of FBS rejects....
sannio komi
sannio komi 2 days ago
believe the gospel and your saved. Remember we can’t earn our way to heaven.
Robert Acosta
Robert Acosta 2 days ago
Tech is gonna be garbage lmao they should've lost this game
Haze Gaming
Haze Gaming 2 days ago
Iv been waiting for spencer to get his chance since he left high school sitting behind baker then Murray then jalen I’m glad to see him finally get his chance and start to show out I hope he’s a first round pick next year along with Trevor and fields
Yung Ghost
Yung Ghost Day ago
hes in the 2022 draft not 2021.
theworldisnotenough 3 days ago
Oklahoma is too small. They look like a Chip Kelly Oregon team. An SEC team is going to blow them off the line of scrimmage.
Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones 3 days ago
Let’s go Texas Longhorns! Hook’em Horns!
Matthew Nichols
Matthew Nichols 3 days ago
I'm here to watch sports, if I wanted to hear these cliche repeated slogans I would have turned on CNN.
Matthew Nichols
Matthew Nichols 3 days ago
0:18 exactly, so let's be grateful for the United States.
MixTapeDrilla9 3 days ago
Been watching tech my whole life ...... this is the worst opener I ever seen ...... I blame Covid
CLOS 2 days ago
MixTapeDrilla9 LOL covid has nothing to do with Tech sucking.
erick solis
erick solis 3 days ago
Hbu is where my money runs but BOWMAN MY NIKKA ALL THE WAY ! Congrats bro #gtown #kegstand
Blk_Fist 30
Blk_Fist 30 3 days ago
They might as well let all the fans in the damn game
Pierre Degaré
Pierre Degaré 3 days ago
The BIG 12 was so dumb to let Nebraska, Texas AM, Missouri go. Should've seen the future of money in CFB in the 1980s and made a stronger conference by: *West:* Nebraska Iowa Missouri Kansas Oklahoma Texas AM *EAST:* Texas Arkansas Louisville Cincinnati West Virginia Tennessee
beedsj roiue
beedsj roiue 2 days ago
That guy in the thumbnail looks like a dollar store version of Patrick Mahomes
K L 3 days ago
Fools in the end discipline
K L 3 days ago
FCS hmmmmm ... always pumping the numbers...
soniyu ziuy
soniyu ziuy 3 days ago
Spencer dropping dimes from the get go... Can’t wait till we play UT. #BOOMER
Rance White
Rance White 3 days ago
I’m glad Rattler came out on fire. After that Netflix show a lot of people didn’t want to see him succeed because of his maturity level.
erw2016 3 days ago
Rozinaaa Miller
Rozinaaa Miller 3 days ago
Anyone else recognize Spencer from QB1?
Professor Rufus Alexander
Professor Rufus Alexander 3 days ago
Not impressed. UTEP is quite possibly the worst college football team in the FBS. Lot of smoke and mirrors in Asstin right now, the foundation under Vodka Tom Hermensa is cracked and the whorns will get exposed soon ;)
Trey Durio
Trey Durio Day ago
Professor Rufus Alexander you are the typical aggy. Owning yourself and thinking you made a point 😂😂
MTN 7 2 days ago
Professor Rufus Alexander thanks, his name is Mac. Hook’Em 🤘🏻
Professor Rufus Alexander
Professor Rufus Alexander 2 days ago
@MTN 7 you're welcome. Nice dog you have btw, Gig 'em👍
MTN 7 2 days ago
Professor Rufus Alexander I will. thank you for proving my point.
MTN 7 2 days ago
Bugs Bunny I’d expect nothing else from someone like him lmao