Casey Rembish
Casey Rembish 11 hours ago
Skip legit crazies analysts on TV where psychiatry ward did he come from
Mike Porter
Mike Porter 11 hours ago
Outstanding segment boys! Very entertaining!! You guys are the best!
Ja'Ron McCormick
Ja'Ron McCormick 11 hours ago
Talkin to skip is like arguing with a girl... It's yes or no
Scott Vermiliion
Scott Vermiliion 11 hours ago
We are already ending it, lol people dont want politics in their escape from normal life.
yung sweez
yung sweez 11 hours ago
why does skip act like he's an athletic cold-blooded stud
Mason LaMonda
Mason LaMonda 11 hours ago
Skip on his death bed with all his loved ones around him: I first guessed this
Jacob Gonzalez
Jacob Gonzalez 11 hours ago
hahaha skip reaching
Gasner Horis
Gasner Horis 11 hours ago
Newsfeed: Cristiano Ronaldo scored a hat trick today Skip: remember when LeBron went small at home going 43-16-9?
Haruki Nakamura
Haruki Nakamura 11 hours ago
Bam adebayo will be a future all star mark my words. He might already be next season.
GENO 33 11 hours ago
Gasner Horis
Gasner Horis 11 hours ago
Ok. Now I'm officially convinced I could do that job and make millions. Skip just makes stuff up to put LeBron down. KD makes a great shot, winning on a team that just went 73-9, suddenly LeBron's 43-14-9 is "small". Bruh🤦🏽‍♂️
Impossible57o Epic
Impossible57o Epic 11 hours ago
Where is the respect for the nuggets
Gustavo Hernandez
Gustavo Hernandez 11 hours ago
Ending was my favorite
Gustavo Hernandez
Gustavo Hernandez 11 hours ago
Skip just shut it and eat this one with pride for once, I'd respect you a lot more
Callum J
Callum J 11 hours ago
Do you think Skip Genuinely holds these opinions about Lebron or is it mostly for show ? Because he can never give Lebron credit which is weird.
BenniekdaReal 11 hours ago
Well, Skip never showed up with a KD jersey, so he obviously pushed for Kawaiih as the best player. He really hates LBJ like sooooo many others but that in itself only proves that LBJ is the best.
Nathanael Girma
Nathanael Girma 11 hours ago
Mannnnnn skips explanation was ridiculous. Daniel House really🤦🏾‍♂️
SCYTHE2525 11 hours ago
I get ill with these guys a lot. Maybe even more than Stephen Smith. But I can't help but feel they stating facts whether they appreciate how they came to that conclusion or not. The Heat got what it takes to topple LeBron so long as they don't lose heart. It'll be a real cinderella story if they do and one to remember. Win it Heat! :)
Ona Hunt
Ona Hunt 11 hours ago
Aaron gone be on madden 22
Kevin Arzola
Kevin Arzola 11 hours ago
Skip is actually right here. If it wasn’t for the PIs and dropped balls, he would have easily eclipse over 450 yards. Tom has a great game tbh, the defense just didn’t hold up
AlbertWesker1337 11 hours ago
Robert John Alonzo
Robert John Alonzo 11 hours ago
Just Shut Up Skip you have loss all the credibility and still trying to lie on His way out... 😊🙏
kall el
kall el 11 hours ago
So skips defense of what he considers to be the GOAT is that even though he lost and turned the ball over he made 6 great throws the whole game! Wow, what a fool
NickTheGoatgenic Christian
NickTheGoatgenic Christian 11 hours ago
Even dame made the conference finals last year. And him and the blazers beat the nuggets 😂
Shamar Johnson
Shamar Johnson 11 hours ago
Skip the guy that get beat up In the fight and say he won after even know it’s clear he lost😂🤣🤣
DSHN BKNS 11 hours ago
Little did they know...Kittle....
Samsun55 11 hours ago
This loss is 100% on Doc!
Shake Stewart
Shake Stewart 11 hours ago
Skip really sitting here talking like DANIEL HOUSE is a superstar
Gustavo Hernandez
Gustavo Hernandez 11 hours ago
Skip getting fired 😂😂 he just contradicts himself all the time now
RYLAN PIPPEN 11 hours ago
I cant be a fan of Jimmy Butler cuz he wont get a haircut he looks to raggedy to win a championship i want LeBron to get a haircut too but Jimmy Butler looks bad
florian eissfeller
florian eissfeller 11 hours ago
skip will always be a hater !
Marc Folkman
Marc Folkman 11 hours ago
Skip: “jokic and Denver stinks when they played Lebron in the regular season” Shannon:”what about the clippers vs Denver in the regular season?” Skip:”I don’t care. That doesn’t matter” 😂😂😂😂
Kelvin Grady
Kelvin Grady 11 hours ago
A natureza é maravilhosa
Scott Vermiliion
Scott Vermiliion 11 hours ago
Bitching about 1 pass for like 25
dmoriasi 11 hours ago
it was good till it got mushy...
Patrick Traore
Patrick Traore 11 hours ago
Skip is a big hater 😂 how durant came into this???
hmgc 11 hours ago
Shannon just owned skip
Go_Hard_Nard 11 hours ago
Skip keeps running to K.D. but He gave up a 3-1 series lead as well
K Dot
K Dot 11 hours ago
Skip so hurt lol
Aziz W
Aziz W 11 hours ago
2 interceptions and a loss but somehow he had a good game, ok Skip
Tsotnebujishvilii 11 hours ago
Shannon: * owning skip as always Skip: WHATEVER
Tizzle TheOG
Tizzle TheOG 11 hours ago
Speaking of Lie Detectors 👀👀
Mr Davs
Mr Davs 11 hours ago
Lets just face it the Clippers just weren't good enough and were overrated but of course I already knew that even before they lost to Denver.
Craig Ostopovich
Craig Ostopovich 11 hours ago
what will skip going to say if brady throw three int vs panthers this
Bret Allen
Bret Allen 11 hours ago
ooohhhhh kevinnnnn.....
Theo Smith
Theo Smith 11 hours ago
Skip is make me sick..literally
Antwan Long Jr
Antwan Long Jr 11 hours ago
These ppl that refuse to give kawhi the credit he deserves for this lost, truly are showing there hate and fanboyism for Jordan lol 😂. If this was lebron skip and Chris B would be saying he’s not too 20 all time or even top 10 rn
Mike Jewitt
Mike Jewitt 11 hours ago
No la? No tom Brady? No cowboys? What show is this?
Robert Taylor
Robert Taylor 11 hours ago
Skip whole video. "Mmmm" just nodding
Brandon Saunders
Brandon Saunders 11 hours ago
I wish Jimmy Buttler would have stayed in Philly. But once again philly lost another superstar.....
Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee 11 hours ago
Lou Will going 4/27 yikessss would’ve been 3/26 without that last second wide open shot in game 7 as well lmao
Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee 11 hours ago
Also I love how skip flames Lebron for kuz supposedly being the lakers closer but gives kawhi a pass for having Lou will AND trezz off the bench
Classy Orb
Classy Orb 11 hours ago
Shannon going harder than Kawhi
Lil ANT 11 hours ago
Love them together💯 Shannon gonna be hurt when max retires
Robert John Alonzo
Robert John Alonzo 11 hours ago
Skip is lying to his teeth 😬 For the most part of last year when Kawhi Leonard won the NBA championship in Toronto, Skip always say that Kawhi is better than LeBron at that point in time even when LeBron got injured... One year later when Shannon asked who is better now Skip will shy away from the question and answer Kevin Durant is the best player on the planet... Please Don't Skip the question SHAME ON YOU and most of the analysts when LeBron James gets back and prove them wrong AGAIN... 🤫
Kam Kaimi
Kam Kaimi 11 hours ago
why Unc celebrating like a lil kid with his hands and feet in the air @ 2:33 😂😂😂 hes goin in on Skip 🤫
Slaizen I Nezials
Slaizen I Nezials 11 hours ago
u all chicken eater
Matt Roper
Matt Roper 11 hours ago
Who tf likes any of Skip’s takes? They’re garbage
Supreme Sosa
Supreme Sosa 11 hours ago
I just hope Charles Barkley and Stephen A don’t say the Lakers are gonna win
Luke Gary
Luke Gary 11 hours ago
So Lebron is the only that was able to rest. The Lakers should be penalized for getting #1 seed and being able to face the Trailblazers. Danuel House is more important than the 2 MVPs the Rockets have on their roster. It's also the Lakers' fault that the Clippers couldn't handle business. Got it...
Johna Grimaldi
Johna Grimaldi 11 hours ago
People like him can't have their own opinions apparently !! I still like you LIL Wayne
Kenny Wayne
Kenny Wayne 11 hours ago
Don't worry skip the nuggets can beat them Lakers.
tim reed
tim reed 11 hours ago
Thank you skip
Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson 11 hours ago
Shannon is 100% right!! Kawhi needs to OWN HIS FAULTS!!
pizzae001 11 hours ago
How the heck does Skip believe half the things he says?
john doe
john doe 11 hours ago
Skips best defense is always something completely unprovable and unknowable.
opp breaker
opp breaker 11 hours ago
U can't practice cause ya knees bulky 🤣🤣🤣🤣
King Swish23
King Swish23 11 hours ago
I’d wear Champ-Man I’m not gonna lie 😂
Glimtj4ever 11 hours ago
I like Skip, but to find a way to dig at LeBron was wack-I’m team Jordan by the way...
Pmf Lawrence
Pmf Lawrence 11 hours ago
If you haven’t already please repent and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Jesus died for you and he loves you tomorrow is not promised so please accept Jesus today. God bless
Kenny Wayne
Kenny Wayne 11 hours ago
The real Lakers fans know Lebron have it easy now.
El Canal de Rebeca
El Canal de Rebeca 11 hours ago
Hola cómo estás saludos llequeeee
IamSalley 11 hours ago
House was gonna whoop the Lake show 😂🤣
Tyronn Fields
Tyronn Fields 11 hours ago
Pastor Shannon Sharpe...ESPN Bapist Church...Preach..Preaher!
Johna Grimaldi
Johna Grimaldi 11 hours ago
I feel like he's flipping his OWN narrative . . I'm confused!!!! 🤔
FatStarZzzz 12 hours ago
Hum.. Monsieur Le Skip.. 14:50 u did not see that coming! Trapped @ ur own silly game^^ Allow a french fella to teach you about basketball... : u just can get it anymore. You simply do not understand what you are watching daily. Plus lack of honesty makes it all worse
Max Imum
Max Imum 12 hours ago
Go Shannon, Go Shannon, GO Shannon
Marco Reyes
Marco Reyes 12 hours ago
Skip is wrong in so many levels. LAC had a mediocre coaching and lead. Doc, Kawhi and PG are fully to blame. They have been collapsing all year long, fortunately for them. The west has been as easier as ever! Then they confronted them gangstas in Denver... and whoop there it is!
THE DAVE WAY 12 hours ago
skip is the most contradicting human being ever!!
Pfisiar22 12 hours ago
I don't like coaches calling out players in the media. I don't like players calling out players in the media. I really don't like players calling out coaches in the media. So yeah, I think Bruce Arians was out of line but only in the general sense that calling out players in the media is ill-advised in my opinion.