I Bought the "New" iPhone
Customizing a Tesla Model X
Customizing an iPhone 11!
apple ripped me off...
Pawning a FAKE iPhone 11!
NORTHERN LIGHTS 51 minute ago
Kaviya Patel
Kaviya Patel Hour ago
The amount of unread messages she’s gotten rn are more then any messages I’ve ever gotten in my whole life!
Mikey Bear
Mikey Bear Hour ago
haha daddy is mad
Yasmin Dale
Yasmin Dale Hour ago
I’m not I’m live in the Isle of Man I’m not having to stay at home
HayJ Filmz
HayJ Filmz Hour ago
Done ✅
leah Wooldridge
leah Wooldridge Hour ago
Team sarah
Isabelle Idalski
Isabelle Idalski Hour ago
Bruh that’s an android phone-
Yasmine Henriques
Yasmine Henriques Hour ago
I say call a number off from it and give it back what will you use it for if you already got one 💕
Viktoria Palshina
Viktoria Palshina Hour ago
me having a cracked open iphone 6 her complaining about switching to the best iphone they have
I H Hour ago
abi deh bird
abi deh bird Hour ago
the camera was for sure fake, and all iphones say iphone at the bottom, so that is fake. im so sorry u got scammed :(
Liya Ghafoori Ashtiani
Liya Ghafoori Ashtiani Hour ago
They have highlights
Tala Barakat
Tala Barakat Hour ago
Done💖💖 I love youuu
abi deh bird
abi deh bird 2 hours ago
all iphones come with headphones lol but thx this was helpful also you can sell that on ebay for like a lot of money by acting like its real lol
Payton Tillotson
Payton Tillotson 2 hours ago
I love u
Emi-lu Mc Garrell
Emi-lu Mc Garrell 2 hours ago
i am buying an iphone 11 soon and i have a question when i buy the iphone will it come with IOS 13? or will it come with IOS 14? i need help from the genius in the comment section!
Aaliyah Vasquez
Aaliyah Vasquez 2 hours ago
I’m actually a Sand Cloud Ambassador lol you should use my code AALIYAH.VASQUEZ014103 go check out my insta as well @beyonce.ac
Nadia Kwaramba
Nadia Kwaramba 2 hours ago
lil bean
lil bean 2 hours ago
I had the Iphone 8 and shared it with my dad and for my birthday my mom bought me the SE and I like it a lot more and i feel that it is way better for being a affordable phone but that is just my opinion :D
Thunder Zak
Thunder Zak 2 hours ago
Done love u Sarah
Brooke McCoy
Brooke McCoy 2 hours ago
Subu Utung
Subu Utung 3 hours ago
The thumbnail 🤦🏻‍♂️
McKenzie 1255
McKenzie 1255 3 hours ago
I’m smelling fake
Kaylie Miller
Kaylie Miller 3 hours ago
iiTropical Honey
iiTropical Honey 3 hours ago
ok but she was acting so spoiled
iiMochi K
iiMochi K 3 hours ago
Why u ar so cute
Addie Elizabeth
Addie Elizabeth 3 hours ago
iiMochi K
iiMochi K 3 hours ago
Five Below is favorite shop special for the phone cases and sometimes for the makeup xD
꧁ꕥ Venice ꕥ꧂
꧁ꕥ Venice ꕥ꧂ 3 hours ago
I haven’t even downloaded iOS 13 ;-;
Cloudi Cactus
Cloudi Cactus 3 hours ago
Dream room= this video
Morgan Taylor
Morgan Taylor 4 hours ago
Mackenzi Caudill
Mackenzi Caudill 4 hours ago
Done!! Lysm🥰
Isabelle Seear
Isabelle Seear 4 hours ago
Sarah: snezzes Me: Cronna
Kimone Hunter
Kimone Hunter 4 hours ago
"Done" "Iphone 11" color:White Poop emoji's: 25 or 26
Saba Janiashvili
Saba Janiashvili 4 hours ago
Take it or leave if you're not surprised 😉
Kavya Jain
Kavya Jain 4 hours ago
Ite look like an apple watch👀😂
Life with Sidney K
Life with Sidney K 4 hours ago
I would have fun if I were the one having the phone 😧😧
Aaron Brooks
Aaron Brooks 4 hours ago
The fact that when she turned the "iphone 11" on and it says Android on the start-up should let you know its not an Apple product.
Aaron Brooks
Aaron Brooks 4 hours ago
Good god this girl is the most annoying little girl Ive ever watched on youtube. She kept saying "its obviously not an iphone 11" but right after she kept saying "I just got an iphone 11 for $120 dollars." Shes too much obnoxiousness for me to take. ✌
Nadia Kwaramba
Nadia Kwaramba 4 hours ago
I’m an artist and I think becca should have an art channel. I would subscribe😊❤️
ItsSunsetRxses 5 hours ago
i'll take the phone! lol
Alessia Cali
Alessia Cali 5 hours ago
i have that iphone it is amazing !!!!!
Alexis Edits
Alexis Edits 5 hours ago
I have a sunflower on mine it is so cute
ItsSunsetRxses 5 hours ago
sarah: woah this is so smalllllll me: welcome to my world XD
Leighla Evans
Leighla Evans 5 hours ago
Alisa Mesanovic
Alisa Mesanovic 5 hours ago
omg wtf I just downloaded the beta link and did all what I needed to do and then my phone was out and was doing the update so I go on YT to watch something and then I see this vid on my fyp and I was like okay rip my phone now I’m so scared wth
aesthetic.tiktok 5 hours ago
When I FaceTime someone they are in the corner of my screen only works on my iPad
A YouTube Channel with no name
A YouTube Channel with no name 5 hours ago
SarahGrace ❤️
sophia moxom
sophia moxom 5 hours ago
Who doesn't like iphone if u dont who are u
Brielle Evans
Brielle Evans 6 hours ago
Ok I'll take wichever iphone 11 cases that do not fit your phone, regular iphone 11 if you have not given them away yet
Brielle Evans
Brielle Evans 6 hours ago
That would be awesome
Brielle Evans
Brielle Evans 6 hours ago
I like the marble one and I need a extra case
Brielle Evans
Brielle Evans 6 hours ago
I want the first star one it looks good
Van 6 hours ago
You are hot 😁👌
Luis Tenezaca
Luis Tenezaca 6 hours ago
Daily David
Daily David 6 hours ago
The tampons in the back
Madison Thompson
Madison Thompson 6 hours ago
Sarah should have told Becca that you have to tag her....
Tempest Spires
Tempest Spires 6 hours ago
The iPhone se was made for the people that can’t afford or don’t want to get the 11 or 10.. the se was made so they could have the features the 10 and 11 have for cheaper .. this was also for the people that like the home button .. and so they can get the iOS 14 and all the new stuff coming out that the 6,7 and 8 won’t / don’t have .. so basically it’s the 11 but cheaper ..
namita jain
namita jain 6 hours ago
JscyPs 6 hours ago
God bless you 🙏❣️
Sarahellen Austin
Sarahellen Austin 7 hours ago
Done 💖💖
ruksana ahmed
ruksana ahmed 7 hours ago
Hey can I get a shoutout so I get the plush
ruksana ahmed
ruksana ahmed 7 hours ago
Can I have the avocado 🥑plush and get a shoutout
angel wade
angel wade 7 hours ago
It is a budget friendly iphone for those who liked the models before the no home button and the size of the 8 and 6 while marketing as a 5se some people prefer a home button over Face ID my daughter has one she had a 6s for a long time and she’s small with tiny hands so it’s perfect plus she’s only 14 it’s cheaper to replace or repair if it’s broken.
Story's End
Story's End 7 hours ago
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Toxic Blast
Toxic Blast 7 hours ago
Plot twist they pranked her so the real ones are also faked
Neon Noobie
Neon Noobie 7 hours ago
I need the links to the products!!!
FadedDuck 7 hours ago
Um maybe turn ob the tv
habib ullah
habib ullah 7 hours ago
so annoying video one dislike because she s camera is not on the product
Kristyne Zobler
Kristyne Zobler 8 hours ago
so we get your sloppy seconds you just roasted all video and wouldn't stop complaining about no thanks.
Levi Noel
Levi Noel 8 hours ago
shes annoying
Rubina Ruby
Rubina Ruby 8 hours ago
Sarah my name is also Sarah 😂
Ann Saji
Ann Saji 8 hours ago
Sarah your phone is rose gold...
Paola Adamkiewicz
Paola Adamkiewicz 8 hours ago
Team Sarah I liked both of them but Sarah was way more creative and it looks like she spend a lot of time on it
Remi Prince
Remi Prince 8 hours ago
I want a phone
Akiksha Kashyap
Akiksha Kashyap 8 hours ago
Akiksha Kashyap
Akiksha Kashyap 8 hours ago
Daniya's Creation
Daniya's Creation 8 hours ago
Ia Katigbak
Ia Katigbak 9 hours ago
It’s a good thing this video has 100 likes
Subscribe to me for no reason .
Subscribe to me for no reason . 9 hours ago
I clicked so fast, James Charles couldn’t even say “hi sisters”
Amanda Morales
Amanda Morales 9 hours ago
I would love to get that for my lil cuz cause he is always taking my tias phone and using it and it will be like the perfect fit for his hand
SAVE ONE CHECKER 9 hours ago
Sarah: wow these are legit But the actually dont sound that good but they sound amaizing🐒🤣
MS trategy
MS trategy 9 hours ago
2:42 that british accent though ☺
unique kayy
unique kayy 9 hours ago
Sarah’s channel is so fun and creative and i LOVE her goofy ness and energy every time i get the notification i clicked!! 🥰💕
It’syourboi 9 hours ago
sofea k
sofea k 9 hours ago
Eehhh android phones literally have that all features.
Savannah Nielsen
Savannah Nielsen 9 hours ago
Jo Mama
Jo Mama 10 hours ago
Nobady talking about the supra
Paloma Martinez_Morales
Paloma Martinez_Morales 10 hours ago
You are so pretty I wish you the best love you stay safe and blessed and can i pls get a shoutout but say my name Paloma
Frostie 10 hours ago
Wait so is this a living room Orr...
Ant Salvador
Ant Salvador 10 hours ago
Apollo TheWolf
Apollo TheWolf 10 hours ago
Imagine u bump into someone by accident and the person picks ur phone and throw in the ground cuz u bumped into him That’s literally what that girl did
Gabby Pascual
Gabby Pascual 10 hours ago
Hi stay safe more blessings come to you love you ❤️ and can I have shout out please ❤️❤️🥺🥺🙏🏻 and your good big sister
bailey girl
bailey girl 11 hours ago
Kimberly Ponce
Kimberly Ponce 11 hours ago
Tori Heinonen
Tori Heinonen 11 hours ago
I love her edits
Addison Bello
Addison Bello 11 hours ago
Can me win a iphone never got a iPhone my phone is broken so i use a old one is a broken screen
Valerie Affeldt
Valerie Affeldt 11 hours ago
Omg lover Becca’s hair😍✌🏽
Addison Bello
Addison Bello 11 hours ago
Can i get it me phon broke
Evelyn Hope
Evelyn Hope 11 hours ago
the stars are cool
Pickledog789 Nicky24
Pickledog789 Nicky24 11 hours ago
The girl in the Jean's is a gold digger