9 years ago
If I get to number 1...
blackhawk710 5 minutes ago
the rhymes are weak, the music is nothing special, the subject is retarded and the video is stupid.
wurly-dualach 14 minutes ago
Comments are gold
Paul Smith
Paul Smith 16 minutes ago
Lol 👎👎
Antichrist_superstar_ 22 minutes ago
I actually liked this song just my opinon 🖤☺️
Denis Gatto
Denis Gatto 24 minutes ago
Uowwww this is the biggest shit I have ever seen corey taylor do. JMFC.. I rather listen to katy perry... embarassing shit for a metal head. Just horrible.
edyta sleiman
edyta sleiman 25 minutes ago
I love u Corey, been w ya since Iowa. But. I dont know here. But I'm still here
blue- metal
blue- metal 30 minutes ago
Patrick McGinnis
Patrick McGinnis 33 minutes ago
Love everything about ct.. except that hat
MapleSyrupMafia 43 minutes ago
I liked Tech's part and that's about it.
Charlotte 666
Charlotte 666 54 minutes ago
How bout coreys doing what the fuck he wants to do?😂everyone laughing at him like he hasn’t dedicated 2 decades to slipknot and his fans....let the guy be🙄
D'jinn Gandee
D'jinn Gandee Hour ago
Yeah issue is the monetization for musical testification is out of reach while In the hotseat
AM Staff
AM Staff Hour ago
my father left us in 2015, last year i became a father for the first time i wish he had met my son 🖤😔
1985year 2 hours ago
I'm in this. Can hear and see myself at intervals. Very close to the stage. As you can see, such a special evening!
Jacob Garrett
Jacob Garrett 2 hours ago
The man of a thousand tones
Maggot 2 hours ago
5:01 Isn't that the vocalist of Maximum the hormone .. the ones who made the intro and ending of Death Note ??? I think so
bahrcode 2 hours ago
Musiikkiblogisti 2 hours ago
3:36 best verse imo
Μάνθος Φουστάνος
Μάνθος Φουστάνος 3 hours ago
Corey Taylor rapping with a Satanic symbol on his shirt. Perfection.
D C Callaghan
D C Callaghan 3 hours ago
Absolutely terrible 👎🏻
Joe Sanches
Joe Sanches 3 hours ago
christmas music
Arkansas W5JFA
Arkansas W5JFA 4 hours ago
this crap came straight from HELL. shouldn't be allowed anywhere.
Bovineicide 4 hours ago
Is that Nergal at the end? I'm sure Tech N9ne is glad to be in a music video with a nazi
TPD_Lucas 5 hours ago
Eric Beckwith II
Eric Beckwith II 5 hours ago
Sounds like a cry for help.
ModMotorRay 5 hours ago
One of my bucket list items is to see a Corey Taylor acoustic concert, he is by far one of my favorite artist, his music help me through a rough patch a time or two
hendrixhead90 5 hours ago
This is not good!
Cj 5 hours ago
This sounds like Limp Bizkit. -_-
Robert Valdes
Robert Valdes 5 hours ago
Listen to Everything Ends. Then listen to this garbage. Tell yourself that it’s the same person who made both songs. You wouldn’t believe it. And this is right after wanyk too!
Robert Valdes
Robert Valdes 5 hours ago
Listen to Everything Ends. Then listen to this garbage. Tell yourself that it’s the same person who made both songs. You wouldn’t believe it. And this is right after wanyk too!
KamenOOORider 5 hours ago
I hope people can tour again soon!
Sir_ Mattimus
Sir_ Mattimus 5 hours ago
But what does Corey Taylor think of this?
mauriciodelimaamarojunior mjr
mauriciodelimaamarojunior mjr 5 hours ago
Top mesmo hein parabens corey
Snuff Al Assad
Snuff Al Assad 5 hours ago
Corey Taylor for president of the usa. There is nothing he can't do.
Gennady Anker
Gennady Anker 6 hours ago
There should be Tom Morello on a guitar.
In Yo FACE 6 hours ago
Sound like this should be in a Tiny Hawk Pro Skater game.
Vadim Willhammer
Vadim Willhammer 6 hours ago
feels like 2003 again. not that it's a bad thing.
shanks mcnasty
shanks mcnasty 6 hours ago
Ohh corey... no. Dammit I dont like this and I was really hoping I would. Wither is a masterpiece
shanks mcnasty
shanks mcnasty 6 hours ago
Ohh corey... no. Dammit I dont like this and I was really hoping I would. Wither is a masterpiece
Jorden 6 hours ago
I want every cameo on the album😭 especially Zillakami
john boyle
john boyle 6 hours ago
It’s so bad, so so bad
sonny sandoval
sonny sandoval 6 hours ago
bewbs249 6 hours ago
Not even his legion of super best friends can save this song from lethal levels of cringe. It makes me believe in reptilian shape shifters spooky triangles etc.
evan7826 6 hours ago
Really praying this is a joke
Bryant Barry
Bryant Barry 6 hours ago
This song made my wiener disappear.
Sky Draven
Sky Draven 7 hours ago
Just goes to show if you try something different,your whole fanbase will turn on you.
Radioactiveraid 7 hours ago
Take out the rapping and this sounds like something you’d hear in an Outback Steakhouse commercial lmao
Josh Ganje
Josh Ganje 7 hours ago
I still dont know what you need, Corey. Please, tell me one more time.
Kourosh Pazandeh
Kourosh Pazandeh 7 hours ago
Anybody else hoping for a tech n9ne and slipknot tour?
Drinkwithclass 7 hours ago
88 Romanov
88 Romanov 8 hours ago
Video need Britney Spears
Low Budget Reacts
Low Budget Reacts 8 hours ago
This shit awful lmao
Nauri 8 hours ago
But is Corey Taylor social distancing THIS quarantine? All jokes aside, this is actually pretty cool. Bet the new people think Corey used to be a wrestler or some shit 😂😂😂
Lucas Melo
Lucas Melo 8 hours ago
what the fuck was that
MrRey 8 hours ago
Ryo Kawakita? In this video? A surprise for sure! But a welcome one!
cmc2234 8 hours ago
Really Stupid!
Pillowhead Creations
Pillowhead Creations 9 hours ago
Baby metal and maximum the hormone nice
Scorpion 9 hours ago
Total narcissist but absolute legend
Matt DeStasio
Matt DeStasio 9 hours ago
FROM THE TOP TO THE BOTTOM Oh, whoops. Wrong decade...
Brodie Yake
Brodie Yake 9 hours ago
While I can't decide whether this is great or awful, I can't stop listening. I'm glad that Corey is making music from a place of happiness and not anger for a change. The man's music and lyrics have grown to define so much of my life; I don't know what I'd be listening to (or who I'd be) without them. He deserves to be happy, and that's what's most important.
J.R. Wilkinson
J.R. Wilkinson 9 hours ago
You do need something Corey and His name is Jesus cause your god Satan can't save you.
J.R. Wilkinson
J.R. Wilkinson 9 hours ago
You do need something Corey and His name is Jesus cause your god Satan can't save you.
cjkrupa24 9 hours ago
I was so excited to see Corey and tech on a song and then I heard it.....
Tricia-Ann Conner
Tricia-Ann Conner 9 hours ago
Happy happy happy happy happy happy NECK
Smith_ A.D.
Smith_ A.D. 9 hours ago
This makes me so happy inside.
thatfockinfella Sharp
thatfockinfella Sharp 10 hours ago
I see you there John 5
Jimi Erickson
Jimi Erickson 10 hours ago
this song feels 15 years too late
octiory 10 hours ago
Daisy It sucks at the end I won proving to love you more... And "you couldn't hate enough to love... Is that supposed to be enought???" 💔💔💔
TheK9chief 10 hours ago
All I'm getting from these comments is that metalheads don't know how to have fun once in a while
Blake Cornwell
Blake Cornwell 10 hours ago
To make this even worse I just read an interview where he said Slipknot isn't heavy enough or dark enough for him and then he goes and does this?! Why Corey, Corey Why?!
محمد نازيف ناجمودين
محمد نازيف ناجمودين 10 hours ago
Did you all come here for this? 4:57
Blake Cornwell
Blake Cornwell 10 hours ago
This is easily as bad as Luke Bryan.
Johann Padron
Johann Padron 10 hours ago
Goo Goo Corey
Carlos H. Almeyda
Carlos H. Almeyda 10 hours ago
Corey has come to a point in his career at which he can do what ever he wants and he has the talent to do so.
Codymustdie 10 hours ago
Is it just me or does this song remind y’all of Queensrÿche?
Jack Reed
Jack Reed 10 hours ago
I wish I had friends like Corey does.
shift4338 11 hours ago
This is just bad. Nothing about this is good. Corey Taylor, you should feel bad about unleashing thin onto the world. Somehow, I feel like kid rock is vindicated by this. That's how bad this is. Slipknot has solidified itself in metal history....don't ruin that.
Never Wonder
Never Wonder 11 hours ago
Not a fan of this, at all.
Blair Bird
Blair Bird 11 hours ago
They got Ryo-kun!
Marcelo Oliveira
Marcelo Oliveira 11 hours ago
Ronnie radke 🤜🏻❤️
K Driven96
K Driven96 12 hours ago
3:36 tech n9ne. Thank me later
Wullie Mitchell
Wullie Mitchell 12 hours ago
I feel his pain we’ve all been there. Thank you Corey for giving us this truly wonderful emotional song
Mr. 6tySix
Mr. 6tySix 12 hours ago
Who'd a thunk Mr.Taylor could spit fire 🔥
Rolo Tomassi
Rolo Tomassi 12 hours ago
Like: Who is here for Stone Sour? Comments: Slipknot
Rolo Tomassi
Rolo Tomassi 12 hours ago
That guy on 4:58: Looks like he can defeat "The Rock" and "Stone Cold" in one night...
SPECIMEN MonarC 20 minutes ago
The guy was Chris Jericho I'm pretty sure and hes in WWE😂
Bárbara Costa
Bárbara Costa 12 hours ago
Sooo... this is what it looks like when CMFT channels in Jon Bon Jovi and Fred Durst vibes...😵😂
Rolo Tomassi
Rolo Tomassi 13 hours ago
He says "the elite"...
Toons Tierney
Toons Tierney 13 hours ago
WOW This is bad
I dont wanna use my name
I dont wanna use my name 13 hours ago
where the f is the rest of the band
Rolo Tomassi
Rolo Tomassi 13 hours ago
Hollywood Undead do this better: Nine Years Ago...
Candi HartWilson
Candi HartWilson 13 hours ago
Alicia is the best thing to happen for Corey. He's finally complete
unbrokenserenity 13 hours ago
Ryo from Maximum the Hormone and Baby Metal was a huge surprise for me, this was awesome
the carver
the carver 13 hours ago
This sucks
Ricky Spanish
Ricky Spanish 14 hours ago
2:31 omg Lars Ulrich <3
Традиционалист 14 hours ago
RazzorBlade 14 hours ago
Babymetal brought me here.. and then I saw Lars Ulrich 🤘
Willian dos santos
Willian dos santos 14 hours ago
Great music!
Courtney S
Courtney S 14 hours ago
Did anyone else come here just for Tech N9ne?
FreddyYUL 11 hours ago
For BabyMetal :)
Kris Lurz
Kris Lurz 14 hours ago
Well, This is just horrible.
steven goldfinger
steven goldfinger 14 hours ago
Part of me feels like this was done to troll a lot of people.
Andrew Wade
Andrew Wade 14 hours ago
OMG!!! dude thats awesome corey