seeriu ciihy
seeriu ciihy 2 hours ago
They really said: “We’re gonna give the gays everything they want.”
NoNameKid 2 hours ago
Daryns _world
Daryns _world 2 hours ago
Guys she’s a beginner, this is how beginners dance. Chill
Yesmine Hines
Yesmine Hines 2 hours ago
For her age this isn’t bad, stiff as hell but I blame that on being almost 70 and not a professional
Thelma Manungufala
Thelma Manungufala 2 hours ago
I know
Sadey 2 hours ago
OKAY NEVVVVVV !!!! This is it !!!!! Love it !
Sadey 2 hours ago
Artem is so freaking handsome and talented ! Whewwww ! They are going to be great together !
Flowers Flowers
Flowers Flowers 2 hours ago
I love him. He is having so much fun. I think he is a tad bit surprised he did so well. You go Nelly.
TheWWEgoddess AJ
TheWWEgoddess AJ 2 hours ago
Man, I’ve heard of some people starting to date after being on dwts, so all we can do is pray for that kind soul dancing with her. 🙏
Lettuce Alvarado
Lettuce Alvarado 2 hours ago
The add before this was leads for the disappearance of her EX
Lettuce Alvarado
Lettuce Alvarado 2 hours ago
John Scherer
John Scherer 2 hours ago
Maybe he could smile then he would get a higher score
Виктория Прохоренко
Виктория Прохоренко 2 hours ago
Не ну Джокер Ласточкина на много лучше) хахахххахахах
Judy Dodge
Judy Dodge 2 hours ago
Awesome !!
Bill the Cat
Bill the Cat 2 hours ago
Jeffrey Epstein didn't killed himself and Carole Baskins fed her husband to tigers.
Angel Caido
Angel Caido 2 hours ago
It looks like sh has long pubes and he moves his left leg when she moves right , only mirrors do that
mev0760 3 hours ago
Wow....she looks fantastic and danced really well....
B. R.
B. R. 3 hours ago
That smile alone gets a 10!
angela grace
angela grace 3 hours ago
I was showing my mom this and she goes who’s clapping and cheering there’s no audience.
Jennifer lance
Jennifer lance 3 hours ago
My friends cried because what happen to Cameron we all miss him We hope you are ok and rest in peace #lovedforever
B. R.
B. R. 3 hours ago
Why does she allow them to use a tiger in a cage if she is about tiger rights?
Kirk Leon
Kirk Leon 3 hours ago
This performance makes me wish the hitman had finished his job.
Emily Kendrick
Emily Kendrick 3 hours ago
I love her she's so fun!
Maria Apaza
Maria Apaza 3 hours ago
She's living her best life.
senni bgon
senni bgon 3 hours ago
I'd love to see Artem win. She's really good but honestly I wouldn't have known it was Kaitlyn without them saying it because she looks so different.
Raychelle Jensen
Raychelle Jensen 3 hours ago
My favorites are back. Let’s gooo
Hanna 3 hours ago
I like their connection but she needs to end the moves sharper and move her hips more, otherwise it looks a little bit stiff. But overall great job. I had fun watching this.
Esme Zohn
Esme Zohn 3 hours ago
i mean she was having fun..? at least she was having fun
Yung Bk
Yung Bk 3 hours ago
This is just confirmation for me 🐅🐅🐅😂😂
Hanna 3 hours ago
I like that dance. He was leading Peta and I saw rise and fall but his footwork and hands were not that good. His butt was sticking out as well but I definitely see potential.
Nancy Winslow
Nancy Winslow 3 hours ago
hard to watch, so stiff
Madison Melton
Madison Melton 3 hours ago
The energy!!!!!!!!
Lene Domi
Lene Domi 3 hours ago
Shes glowing and as beautiful as ever they did a great job 🎉🥰
Madison Melton
Madison Melton 3 hours ago
I'm blown away! Their chemistry! He danced better than I expected.
Billy Breeze Art
Billy Breeze Art 3 hours ago
Deebah's World
Deebah's World 3 hours ago
He was just dancing i mean regular vibing to music at the club. lol
Madison Melton
Madison Melton 3 hours ago
bad dance but funny to watch, kinda hope she stays around a bit....
plueschi1993 4 hours ago
Can we please get a commentary to that dance from joe? And why did she move like she was Put in a tigercage like her husband?
J 4 hours ago
Joe Exotic punching the air rn
Tamekia Williams
Tamekia Williams 4 hours ago
Ok just name her the winner now!!! She did not come to play!!
No, thank you
No, thank you 4 hours ago
How tf am I supposed to it explain 2020 to my kids
Jacob St Jacques
Jacob St Jacques 4 hours ago
Truly aweful
Amber Love
Amber Love 4 hours ago
She was so stiff it was not good!! She's not gonna last lol
Opalinda Wilcox
Opalinda Wilcox 4 hours ago
Did they change the show to walking with the stars? They literally walked in circles while the song played.
Pure Heart
Pure Heart 4 hours ago
Yeeeees jeannie
unghuy trankim TV
unghuy trankim TV 4 hours ago
thousand years
Amanda Wooldridge
Amanda Wooldridge 4 hours ago
He is LIVING. That smile says it all. Give him time, he will improve.
Punkeosa 4 hours ago
I’m rooting for her.
syoma fukasaku
syoma fukasaku 4 hours ago
I muted this performance and asked Alexa to play Here Kitty Kitty
Hanna 4 hours ago
I don‘t really like Gleb‘s choreographies and this just wasn‘t a „real“ tango for me. I think Chrishell had a bit of a problem with her balance and placing her feet in the beginning. Also the footwork was missing. I think she has potential and I wanna see her doing Latin.
Amanda Wooldridge
Amanda Wooldridge 4 hours ago
When Joe Exotic is acting up, they play this on a loop in his cell
Karon Hamilton
Karon Hamilton 4 hours ago
Nelly was getting it and looking sexy while doing it!!!! Iam impressed!
MissMeatballs 4 hours ago
Just walk my Darling...... 🤣
Esther Nweke Nonny
Esther Nweke Nonny 4 hours ago
That's the spirit skai👍💟💖
Hanna 4 hours ago
This choreography is amazing. She had great technique and was enjoying it. Only her arms were too soft, they have to be sharper. They have great chemistry and it was a good dance for week one.
Angella Coombs
Angella Coombs 4 hours ago
Awful just awful.
Rosie Trevino
Rosie Trevino 5 hours ago
He's wonderful!! Wish they had partnerred him with someone else!! He's fantastic!
LoveeQuinnn Inniss
LoveeQuinnn Inniss 5 hours ago
Does he have on Jordan’s ??
John Paul Agriam
John Paul Agriam 5 hours ago
That I wanna dance with somebody made my day!
Claire Haire
Claire Haire 5 hours ago
This video has the most views out of all of the first dances, means that booking her was a money move.
Doom Metal Lover
Doom Metal Lover 5 hours ago
Did she already get a "new" husband? LMAO! #meatgrindergobrrr
Vera Foster
Vera Foster 5 hours ago
Doom Metal Lover
Doom Metal Lover 5 hours ago
Look how guilty she looks. They should've played Joe Exotic's "Here Kitty Kitty". That bitch Carole Baskin doesn't deserve "Eye of the Tiger".
Swags 1776
Swags 1776 5 hours ago
She killed it!...among other things.
Owen Taylor
Owen Taylor 5 hours ago
I wish I could see Joe Exotics reaction to this🤣
Paola Hernandez
Paola Hernandez 5 hours ago
Imagine carole baskin doing the wap dance challenge
RissaD P-M
RissaD P-M 5 hours ago
She kilt it . I was beyond impressed .
butti fdft
butti fdft 6 hours ago
When Grandma drinks too much wine at your wedding party, this is what happens
Rachel Cox
Rachel Cox 6 hours ago
Carol Baskin Killed her husband wacked em’ Then later she went dancing 🕺
Kayla Boyle
Kayla Boyle 6 hours ago
Shes a horrible dancer
Maira Russo
Maira Russo 6 hours ago
It's the eye rolling when he's on the motorcycle for me
Jenna Lehew
Jenna Lehew 6 hours ago
ok Dancing with the Stars, I know you need good ratings or whatever but putting this woman on your show really hurts your image!! Carole definitely knows what happened to Don!!! Its been proven she forged his will and last testimony!! She shut his cell phone off days after he went missing!! This woman really thinks this will help the Tigers??? Her way of thinking really confuses me!!!
butti fdft
butti fdft 6 hours ago
really stinks.
The Most Unlucky
The Most Unlucky 6 hours ago
I pray anyone who reads this becomes successful in life
Tirsha Smith
Tirsha Smith 7 hours ago
Johnny weir. You betta work.
GodSmoko 7 hours ago
should have danced to "here kitty kitty"
Guanguito Viera
Guanguito Viera 7 hours ago
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu 7 hours ago
She’s the only reason I’m watching DWS and now I feel sorry for her.
Blue Eyes
Blue Eyes 7 hours ago
It's the bardigang with the dislikes 🤣💀 they big mad
Catriana Abram
Catriana Abram 7 hours ago
This was so effortless ❤️
Margaret Koppes
Margaret Koppes 7 hours ago
Love Johnny!!! He did so great - those pursed lips, and those pants! LOVE LOVE LOVE
YUYU SAVAGE 7 hours ago
Waiting for Rocky to come out & Tango