Certified Hitz
Certified Hitz 10 minutes ago
Brandy back in the sell out show.. Alrighty then lol
Certified Hitz
Certified Hitz 11 minutes ago
"Boy they are lyin" = borderline
Samuel Hoskins
Samuel Hoskins 29 minutes ago
Love you Brandy
Timdacomedian 29 minutes ago
Cardi b - WAP feat Megan Thee Stallion make old man have a heart attack
Hermance A.
Hermance A. 48 minutes ago
The Queen of Vocals and creating harmonies by HASELF ❤️
Lady Neek
Lady Neek 51 minute ago
I love Brandy. I love her voice.
Jabbar Drakeford
Jabbar Drakeford 51 minute ago
I been in love wit Brandy since I was a kid das my nigga....Vocals stupid and damn she beautiful!!!!
Cecelia Johnson
Cecelia Johnson 52 minutes ago
I'm so glad that Brandy is back. Beautiful music 🎶
Omega Hour ago
Only one Brandy...In her own lane...We missed you
Lakesha Byrd
Lakesha Byrd Hour ago
Brandy always real with her music 🎶♥️🔥🌹
Heavy Chevy
Heavy Chevy Hour ago
Brandy still the truth after all these years: a true vocalist. ✊🏾
Tchamg Star
Tchamg Star Hour ago
Ce son est une tuerie. PS: Les infirmiers lui parlent en français.
Natalie Ross
Natalie Ross Hour ago
Coooooold 💐 🌹
Kayla Ray
Kayla Ray Hour ago
This reminds me of what I would hear on the radio driving home at night in my parents car when I was little
MM mburke
MM mburke 2 hours ago
Man this song take me somewhere else for real. Been there man these Damn men have you gone. So glad I got past that but I get it. Brandy is back!!! Sang my sister so glad your back. ❤️
Serena Se'rene
Serena Se'rene 2 hours ago
She's back yes! I love it always represent💓
Baron 2 hours ago
I love this record, Say Something and Borderline are literally on repeat🔂 . Forever obsessed with her TONE 🔥
gabode gab
gabode gab 2 hours ago
damn, who are the 1400 dislikers, Monica fans??
Fito Splash
Fito Splash 28 minutes ago
That’s yonce’s fans mojica aint got no fans & ATL is in lockdown
meech Ballard
meech Ballard 2 hours ago
August 2020 anyone 👇
beniamin pręciuk
beniamin pręciuk 2 hours ago this is amazing too 😍😍😍😍😍😍
No Name
No Name 2 hours ago
Her voice and physical appearance has not aged one bit.
justice 77 justice
justice 77 justice 2 hours ago
The best!!
Lolwethu Botha
Lolwethu Botha 2 hours ago
Brandy! I love you. It’s like you wrote this song for me! Thank you.
Too Bold
Too Bold 3 hours ago
Brandy, keyshia Kole, Whitney(RIH), Alicia Keys, Monica, Beyoncé... when it comes to music like this nobody can beat it when it comes to Females
Gemma Sulcer
Gemma Sulcer 3 hours ago
I have words o to the e to the
Dianne Gordon
Dianne Gordon 3 hours ago
Pretty Song
Dontae Adams
Dontae Adams 3 hours ago
I feel this deep down to my spirit. Thanks Brandy love the visual expression as well
JRay Productions
JRay Productions 3 hours ago
vocal MASTERCLASS!!! #1 #Period
Renee Ann
Renee Ann 3 hours ago
ThatgirlJo 3 hours ago
41 WHERE MA'AM??? WHERE????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cheneice walls
cheneice walls 4 hours ago
My Fav song on B7... Afrodisiac still my favorite album tho. Voice from God
Christina Kimble
Christina Kimble 4 hours ago
I missed you Brandy
Honey’s Covers
Honey’s Covers 4 hours ago
Her voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🔥🔥
Marcella Jones
Marcella Jones 4 hours ago
This song gave my chills
Taiwo Williams
Taiwo Williams 4 hours ago
Perfection. As per usual.
Kamarriya Jones
Kamarriya Jones 4 hours ago
I’m glad she came out with this album so she could get well deserved respect people forget and youngN’s need a history lesson
shanta butler
shanta butler 4 hours ago
This song touch your soul..and give you chills...dam brandy did that. You can tell she has been through a lot
Khalid Ben Tawfik
Khalid Ben Tawfik 4 hours ago
Her voice is just amazing !
Elvin Sawyer
Elvin Sawyer 4 hours ago
blessings to you you never change
John Hattan
John Hattan 4 hours ago
August 2020 from Paris ;-).
Rose M
Rose M 5 hours ago
This song stays on repeat in my head and USshow! Who else needs Brandy to bring back Moesha?!
Jeff Scotland
Jeff Scotland 5 hours ago
Finally a female R&B artist not talking about sex..
MORE FYAH 5 hours ago
Brandy for President!!!
cooltejanoboy 5 hours ago
Thank you for 🙌💅
_ ATDabel
_ ATDabel 5 hours ago
Good to have You back Brandy🎶🥰!!!🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
Noturmomma 5 hours ago
Voice bomb, lyrics bomb, the video sabotage the song. I left after 2 mins 👉 couldn’t take the visuals.
Paul Bernard
Paul Bernard 47 minutes ago
You obviously missed the point (and should've watched the entire video). The visuals matched the song perfectly. Brandy used the mental illness of BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) to compare a toxic relationship she was in. After the video was over there was listing of other mental health issues that people are suffering from (with statistics) and websites and numbers to call to receive help because "you are not alone." It was extremely powerful, as was the video.
Oliwynn 5 hours ago
Looking beautiful. Nice song.
Felicia Vinson
Felicia Vinson 5 hours ago
Sounds good
shanta butler
shanta butler 5 hours ago
🔥 🔥 🔥 ... brandy did that with album
Em Tee
Em Tee 5 hours ago
The song is called Borderline, as in borderline personality disorder. The video shows her BPD splitting back in forth in a mental ward. The lyrics are spot on with how a women with borderline perceives the relationship and ultimately chases away a good guy. Now she's been in therapy and has a better handle on her rage and abandonment issues from childhood but the guy moved on (as he should have) and has a family with someone else. Problem is, unless he went to therapy for his codependent people pleasing ways, which also stem from childhood abuse, he's prob with another borderline/narcissist. Cmon people, this is not a metaphor. The freaking end of the video gives stats on mental illness and a hot line number. Her trying to be friends is her hoovering him back in. USshow borderline personality disorder and it explain all of this. They are usually, as Brandy is, very successful professionals.
Gotta Make It Work
Gotta Make It Work 5 hours ago
Your very informative, thanks btw
D-RAY COLSON 6 hours ago
Mika's So Random
Mika's So Random 6 hours ago
I’m a Brandy fan for life🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🔥🔥❤️❤️
Romaine Dixon
Romaine Dixon 6 hours ago
Vocals For Days. Need I say Anymore. Pure Excellence.
Damien Edwards
Damien Edwards 6 hours ago
Who here in 2020?
John Kennedy
John Kennedy 6 hours ago
I knew that was you my lovely brandy.
T W 6 hours ago
COME ON BRANDY!!! 🙌🏾 ❤️ 🔥
Julissa Hill
Julissa Hill 6 hours ago
[Intro] Ah yeah, yeah, yeah Ah Ah Oh yeah Oh yeah Oh [Verse 1] You're sorry, you're sorry (Sorry) What would you do if you're alone? (Yeah) Would you think about me? I know there's something wrong with you On my mind all the time It is what it is Feelin' crazy (Feelin') Wanna be with me deep down (Deep down) You can feel it, you can't help it, baby I'll give you this heart of mine [Chorus] Ooh I'm on the borderline, yeah yeah (Oh) Ooh Don't wanna be schizo this time (Oh) Never ever cheat, never lie to me I'm the most jealous girl (Girl) In the whole wide world (World) Don't you ever hurt me I'll change on you I will do, me and you, how [Verse 2] Cause I'm falling in love all alone (Oh, I) Come on home Never treat me the same, I ain't the same I'm like nobody else Oh (Ooh) [Chorus] I'm on the borderline, yeah yeah (Oh) Ooh I don't wanna be schizo this time (Oh) Never ever cheat, never lie to me I'm the most jealous girl (Girl) In the whole wide world (Don't you ever) Don't you ever hurt me I'll change on you (Oh, I will do) I will do, me and you, how [Verse 3] I'm so dangerous, baby I need you to see Believe what you see Feel what I feel And my feelings don't die It's why I cry (Cry) I need to heal Got another lady, havin' a baby Goin' crazy, but I'll be your friend, baby Take what I can, baby Back then, I couldn't take no chances Karma is a bitch, baby [Chorus] Ooh I'm on the borderline, yeah yeah (Oh) Ooh (Ooh) I don't wanna be schizo this time (Schizo this time, ah) Never ever cheat, never lie to me I'm the most jealous girl (Girl) In the whole wide world (In the whole wide world) Don't you ever hurt me I'll change on you I will do, me and you, how [Verse 4] Heart drops to the floor 'Cause there's no you and I Maybe in another lifetime (Right place) Caught me at the wrong time (Wrong time) In the end, I'm the only one
Tchamg Star
Tchamg Star Hour ago
Julissa Hill
Julissa Hill 6 hours ago
BRANDY!!... I love you! Your music with earphones just hit different... God Bless You!🥰🥰💜
Paul Bernard
Paul Bernard 6 hours ago
I'm listening to B7 for the first time (with the headphones on) as I'm typing this. Wow!!...absolutely amazing (Brandy is on a whole other level). The tone, clarity, vocals, register, lyrical content, musicality, and production are incredible.
Neetra Dee
Neetra Dee 6 hours ago
3 times in 2 days... I have missed brandy so much
808aaq 7 hours ago
We so need this right now! I feel like this sums up my 2020! 😭❤
Hyped Ayooty
Hyped Ayooty 7 hours ago
might be my new favorite 🥰
Annie Jenkins
Annie Jenkins 7 hours ago
She's just doing a job to keep people stuck in their situations
Paul Bernard
Paul Bernard 6 hours ago
totally missed point...troll elsewhere!
Annie Jenkins
Annie Jenkins 7 hours ago
She's telling her or a story of her life!
chichi macey
chichi macey 7 hours ago
Yessss She back ,her voice is purely unique
Playlist Gee
Playlist Gee 7 hours ago
I'm just here for the vocals!!! Missed u ma!! 🤩
Sonya Kinly
Sonya Kinly 7 hours ago
Omg this is what I ll let me kid listen to.❤️❤️
Glo Whit
Glo Whit 7 hours ago
Damn, Brandy looks good! Still so much youth in her pretty face.
BLAQUE QUEEN 7 hours ago
Aquarius ♒️ power I relate to her so much 🖤❣️🥺💞💞
Firdaus 8 hours ago
I LOVE HER. we need more talking , singing etc about mental health ....
Latisha Turner
Latisha Turner 8 hours ago
This is my song!!!! Yesss Brandy!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jay Double U
Jay Double U 8 hours ago
Damn. I feel this song.
Mina J
Mina J 8 hours ago
Brandy has always been fire with the vocals. She just keeps leveling up 🔥🔥🔥 Her voice is timeless ✨✨✨
Faridah Nakigozi
Faridah Nakigozi 8 hours ago
I don't believe Brandy is underrated, she's just not appreciated as much because she's special. Brandy is an acquired taste, her voice, lyrics and music have such depth and quality that you have to be in a certain space to receive. She's like an expensive wine that only seasoned connoisseurs understand and appreciate.
Tony Dixon
Tony Dixon 13 minutes ago
Well said. Exactly; that she is!
Evan Crawley
Evan Crawley 8 hours ago
I cried listening to this song 😢
Kimberly Frost Barry
Kimberly Frost Barry 8 hours ago
How do I buy this?!?!
Justine Manganoo
Justine Manganoo 8 hours ago
This song hits every spot in my heart rn. 😩😩😩
Mikki Mouse
Mikki Mouse 8 hours ago
This made me shed a tear... I 💙 Brandy and she's iconic!
desire mara
desire mara 8 hours ago
Brandy is so mature and very realistic... this song tells real life events ...she is so authentic and real .. atleast somebody in this music industry is still upholding real RnB's like a movie...brandy should feature in one them horror movies....I love you brandy thank you for being real and beautiful... black girl magic .. keep shining brandy .....a deluxe would be mind blowing... this piece is breath taking.....#we can't cross the line
desire mara
desire mara 32 minutes ago
@Cas V. thank you 😊 I better watch then
Cas V.
Cas V. 7 hours ago
She was in I still know what you did lastsummer, a horror/slasher film, really good I recommend!
Denise Dean
Denise Dean 8 hours ago
I dont understand all the hatred toward her. Brandy is such a gifted singer and vocalist. If you arent Beyonce, Cardi B or Nicki Minaj people throw rotten tomatoes at ya in music industry. She ain't butt naked and twerkin' so she gets passed over.
Sharon 9 hours ago
Utterly beautiful
RustyHornzMusic - Golden Era Hip Hop Production
RustyHornzMusic - Golden Era Hip Hop Production 9 hours ago
Brandy's Looks Always Reminded Me of an Ancient Egyptian, Still Cute as Ever. And Her Voice is Still Smooth, High and Low, She Sounds Like No One. 😍
Courtney Collins
Courtney Collins 9 hours ago
I love her so much!! ,<3 <3
Keisha Morris
Keisha Morris 9 hours ago
Brandy is back. This is just the R&B music we all needed.
M 9 hours ago
The beat and chorus was everything, but I knew she had reached her limits. I’m glad she went back to her usual style.
Nesa 9 hours ago
Her Acting suck.. Im Always TeamBrandy. But i dont see this song selling millions.. Beat fire though. Keep pushing B
MoniMeka P
MoniMeka P 5 hours ago
Thanks for watching!
Paul Bernard
Paul Bernard 7 hours ago
No songs today sell millions (with illegal downloading of music and file sharing). I highly doubt that was Brandy's goal when she released this album. She finally has the freedom/control to release whatever the hell she wants to, and thankfully (for her true fans) she released B7 because the album is amazing.
Cas V.
Cas V. 7 hours ago
In this point if her cd care she doesn't care about the fame or hits, she stated she just wants to make music and be out if the limelight. She just wants to reach whoever she does and grateful for that
CoolMoneyMitch 10 hours ago
That Voice!!! Perfection!!
M 10 hours ago
This is refined R&B, the one you used to hear twenty years ago. I’ll always have room for this on my iPod. And songs of hers, of course.
Sharon Derry
Sharon Derry 10 hours ago
OMG Brandy! Her voice is such an instrument. Her tone perfection. Her runs are seamless and harmonies can’t be matched. Thanks for this body of work. I am here for all of it!!
Anointed Gifted singers of Memphis
Anointed Gifted singers of Memphis 10 hours ago
Brandy.. you out done yourself.. this is off the chain.. the soul of it, the message in it and the video was off the chain. I love how you articulated this song. I watched at 20x already. Wow is all I can say. I worked in Mental Health for years and this most definitely speaks out. I love how you took the relationship part of it and showed how we all have mental health when it comes to relationships
Empress Ruddey
Empress Ruddey 10 hours ago
Simply beautiful. Pure Talent😎😘🎵🎶
Queen Antoinette
Queen Antoinette 10 hours ago
This song hit me real hard. She killed it. 😭😭💪❤️❤️❤️.
Tau musara
Tau musara 10 hours ago
She still own her soul.. That's important better to have less and be real than to have more and worship the devil.. THE LORD IS REAL.. LOVE YOUR ART GIRL IAM ALSO A MUSICIAN WOULD LOVE TO WORK WITH YOU ONE DAY ALL THE WAY FROM AFRICA
jeremiah Ousley
jeremiah Ousley 10 hours ago
Brandy is a great singer 🔥🔥🔥
Jessipatra Danley
Jessipatra Danley 10 hours ago
I love Brandi nmw❤️ she has her own sound. One of a kind
Boss lady Cashmere
Boss lady Cashmere 10 hours ago
I love it! She has never ceased to amaze me since a kid!
The Lundy Family
The Lundy Family 11 hours ago
Aug. 2020
Chucky 11 hours ago
Her voice has healed me in tough times, time and time again. She has a gift like no other. I always wonder what God is trying to tell me when her music always seems to come out near my Birthday or when I’m going through a tough time. I’ve always thought it was scary and never really told anyone, but the world really needs to know that God is right on time ALWAYS, no matter what, as long as you believe. The lord is using you real good Brandy! Continue to let him please!!! ♥️🙏🏾
Damarco Brown
Damarco Brown 11 hours ago
My soul Miss every tone of her voice🖤🙏🏾 (Legend)
DesMone Ketron
DesMone Ketron 11 hours ago
Sheena's ASMR & ETC
Sheena's ASMR & ETC 11 hours ago
Love this woman! She is something else💕💕💕 She Killed it as the young folks say lol!
Alicia McKendall
Alicia McKendall 11 hours ago
One thing about Brandy, she very seldom over sang any material given to her. Talented lady.