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Big Chungus (song)
The wrong scout
The wrong scout 13 minutes ago
I wanna see shy guys face
William Pitcaithly
William Pitcaithly 13 minutes ago
great song CG5
lucy Hill
lucy Hill 18 minutes ago
Tomyas' Walker
Tomyas' Walker 18 minutes ago
Deirdre Legasey
Deirdre Legasey 18 minutes ago
Yo good Video
Laser King
Laser King 19 minutes ago
I might use this beat for my work in progress my roblox story 🤔
lucy Hill
lucy Hill 19 minutes ago
Só. Não. Gostei. Do. Mini no. Sofre Tadinho
Killer_b 20 minutes ago
Why did you put a white circle in shy guys face?
Yashmit Trivedi
Yashmit Trivedi 20 minutes ago
Your voice sounds so good in Spanish! Ps 1:05 scared me...
lucy Hill
lucy Hill 21 minute ago
Amei ficou. Muito. Legal
Sergio Garcia 991 YT
Sergio Garcia 991 YT 22 minutes ago
You are CCG88's Brother!
JUSTINE ACHOLA 23 minutes ago
Pink was not even sus
draw with Jane
draw with Jane 23 minutes ago
I wish this creature was real and it was my pet it's really cute cuddly creatures so cute
mario dash plush world
mario dash plush world 24 minutes ago
When he said its wasent me thats sus
Laser King
Laser King 24 minutes ago
This this a song i needed to hear 😌
Liam Wheeler_27
Liam Wheeler_27 25 minutes ago
make one for inflating the airship and fleeing the complex please :3
mario dash plush world
mario dash plush world 25 minutes ago
Its said pink cute
draw with Jane
draw with Jane 25 minutes ago
Your voice is so awesome and I love your vids your music please and also I like your I like your songs especially the it's been so long song
Laser King
Laser King 26 minutes ago
Cartoon cat: im faster than a bullet Camera man: aight Gotta go fast song comes up Cartoon cat: what, what the heck?!?!?
Alif Nur hafidz
Alif Nur hafidz 27 minutes ago
My favorite part 3:03 - 3:10
Leelynd Truster
Leelynd Truster 29 minutes ago
i didnt know he was the impostor huh nice change
Elsa gaona
Elsa gaona 29 minutes ago
me encanto
Liz Vegovisch
Liz Vegovisch 30 minutes ago
Ali Eskandari
Ali Eskandari 30 minutes ago
What music name
Drake's Gaming
Drake's Gaming 31 minute ago
Why is Shy Guy’s face blurred up?
Leelynd Truster
Leelynd Truster 31 minute ago
i can feel it in my bones you mean his bone lol
Foxy 32 minutes ago
Me reporting a body: before listening to the song: Them: "Where" me: "body in____________" Them: "ok" after listening to the song: Them: "Where" me: "IT WAS RIGHT THERE!!!!" Them: "black sus" ( i play as black most of the time) "Lets vote them out" me: -.- whyyyyyyyyyyyyy
flameingarrow2003 33 minutes ago
this is perfect because im the detective of our group and ive been right all the time
Yammy Fox
Yammy Fox 34 minutes ago
I got stuck in my head
Yammy Fox
Yammy Fox 35 minutes ago
This song is the best of the best
L.DGamer 37 minutes ago
@CG5 i feel the same exact way
zxNarwhal_Gamerxz 40 minutes ago
Hmm... I wonder who it is......
Godly Garcia
Godly Garcia 42 minutes ago
See you in 15 years when USshow recommends this to us
shiverr 43 minutes ago
these are the things that make me doubt everything
Shadow fred
Shadow fred 44 minutes ago
Is it just me or when it says clock does it sound like glock
ganso donal
ganso donal 44 minutes ago
FENIX0530 45 minutes ago
Anyone catch onto how one of the astronauts changed from cyan to white or am I just trippin
Fatoum El-Yacoubi
Fatoum El-Yacoubi 47 minutes ago
Brown: don't Lie to me pink sus But no cute
Cool Gamer Dude
Cool Gamer Dude 47 minutes ago
Ellie how could you
LUIZ LEITE 47 minutes ago
Yammy Fox
Yammy Fox 48 minutes ago
I love this song
Ocean In a nutshell
Ocean In a nutshell 54 minutes ago
Duolingo sus *everyone votes duolingo* Duolingo was the imposter. 0Imposters remain.
Kymani Fruean
Kymani Fruean 55 minutes ago
Me: I'm curious what the subtitles will say. Subtitles: In the turtles house, we play the game of cat and mouse, mo in the towser matter how much we jump in clouds lose a- Me again: WHAT THE HECK!?!??!?! THATS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO THE SONG!!!!
MaR CRINGE 56 minutes ago
Theese hace no copyright?? Right?
MaxiGames YT
MaxiGames YT 59 minutes ago
Margareth Espinal
Margareth Espinal Hour ago
so good <3
RedwanRBLX Hour ago
is it just me or did black just vent out of a tile XD
Lisa Li
Lisa Li Hour ago
Dang lyin and dyin rhymes wow!
Mathias Castaneda
Mathias Castaneda Hour ago
I liked the part that he put the mask and turned evil
Mathias Castaneda
Mathias Castaneda Hour ago
Fun Games
Fun Games Hour ago
this vid is the best
Jackson Smith
Jackson Smith Hour ago
Other people: *listens to song* cool! *goes to find another CG5 song Me: *puts on loop*
Fun Games
Fun Games Hour ago
Orange: *fixes wires* grey: *grabs a freaking knife and stabs orange*
Mr. Toast
Mr. Toast Hour ago
I feel like some parts have Bendy background to it
hayateverything Hour ago
He is vibing 😂😂😂
Fun Games
Fun Games Hour ago
Lime: *eats subway sandwich* grey: YOUR A SNEAKY LITTLE IMPOSTER
Ocean BoyPower
Ocean BoyPower Hour ago
Subscribe to HIM OR DO THE LESSON OR DIE!!!! SIMPLE! Do the lesson!
IPFilmworks Hour ago
damn...thats great....
Dax Murray
Dax Murray Hour ago
IPFilmworks Hour ago
Lisa Li
Lisa Li Hour ago
A Juicy Mango
A Juicy Mango Hour ago
0:42 lol he vents
A Juicy Mango
A Juicy Mango Hour ago
They are like: what's a shoulder? 0:25
IchigosTrueBankai :O
IchigosTrueBankai :O Hour ago
Yo nice animations this sum i can say "Teamwork makes the Dreamwork" about.
Cervantes Dennis
Cervantes Dennis Hour ago
That cave look like scp 553 containment?
Anna Bishop
Anna Bishop Hour ago
second chorus, Skinny Chungus Is in the vents did anyone else notice
joy nwamuo
joy nwamuo Hour ago
1:19 *When somebody vents into elec and you're there*
SilverCrownKing Hour ago
was the animation made in gmod
Sean Yunker
Sean Yunker Hour ago
me gets in truble my mom dont go lyin to me
tyler taylor
tyler taylor Hour ago
i love scps
XxcharlotteXx Hickling!
XxcharlotteXx Hickling! Hour ago
I only came to this song because the way it says your a sneaky little imposter
Sarah Hinrichs
Sarah Hinrichs Hour ago
Black cinda sus
Cian Skid
Cian Skid Hour ago
No one gonna talk about how everyone was sus but pink in which he put "cute" and pink was the imposter
Lori Taylor
Lori Taylor Hour ago
good job I like it :)
SuperRomanBros Hour ago
Pink saved brown, it’s not pink, it’s orange for trying to kill brown
CG5 Hour ago