C4 House Tik Tok Olympics!!
Casandra Tudon
Casandra Tudon 14 seconds ago
Oscar is my faveee ughhhh😍😍😍😍😍
Cristina Ortega
Cristina Ortega 16 seconds ago
king of giving away $5,000!!!
emma halvorsen
emma halvorsen 16 seconds ago
“put your bat inside the hole” i’ve got to go
mikayla christel
mikayla christel 28 seconds ago
watch christian still pass out
Cortney Nichols
Cortney Nichols 29 seconds ago
My name is red and I’m on team Kian *starts singing Taylor Swift*
Kimberly Perez
Kimberly Perez 33 seconds ago
Hi Crawford love you 😍
Alyssa Dawn
Alyssa Dawn 38 seconds ago
Well then... apparently kevins gonna be called pants guy during this video then? 😂
Haydee Hernandez
Haydee Hernandez 38 seconds ago
Nawt jc describing red as a used tampon hahahaha
Asia Nicole
Asia Nicole 43 seconds ago
crawfords been bangin em out lately!!
Maliha Mashtura
Maliha Mashtura 50 seconds ago
all i wanna say is rip crawford’s bank account💀
isabella pacheco
isabella pacheco 54 seconds ago
dyl looked high during the interview LMAO😭 we love dyl
Vanessa Quezada
Vanessa Quezada 58 seconds ago
crawford: “i’m broke i have no money , this is all of my money“ also crawford: *uploads 3 $5,000 challenges* 😂😂
Livy Bug
Livy Bug Minute ago
I love Crawford! He is so sweet and kind, one day I will meet him I know I will! Love you Crawford
Ayat Alkhazim
Ayat Alkhazim Minute ago
cant wait to watch this!!!
Latisha Odom
Latisha Odom Minute ago
Between you and jc and kian doing these videos im literally so excited for these type of videos there so fun to watch love you crawf these are amazing❤❤
Casandra Tudon
Casandra Tudon Minute ago
Joyful Tillman
Joyful Tillman Minute ago
And Crawford keeps saying he’s broke. 😂
Maggy1216 Minute ago
Damn Crawford on that uploading grind. Thank you Crawford for making my day a lot better. (oh and you and Nezza make the cutest couple PERIDO)
Yanelys Rodriguez
Yanelys Rodriguez Minute ago
I'm happy to be watching this video lol💙💙💙love u crawfish
michelle Minute ago
how many videos til kian finishes the whole song? 🤔
sophia dang
sophia dang Minute ago
Crawford out here coming out with that good content for us!!🥳🤍
Jazmin Licona
Jazmin Licona 2 minutes ago
I just want to say- IM HAPPY TO BE HERE! :)
Jye Hauser
Jye Hauser 2 minutes ago
My boy got money atm
Lexi M
Lexi M 2 minutes ago
rip crawford’s bank account
Katarina King
Katarina King 2 minutes ago
christian: “and i’m not gonna pass out today” poor chris 😭
maxi d
maxi d 2 minutes ago
Early squad 🤘 .. anything that comes from this channel I'm here for it already liked and I just started watching.. love you Crawford 😁
Martha Iribe
Martha Iribe 2 minutes ago
Crawford’s got money 💰👀
Lauryn Hatcher
Lauryn Hatcher 2 minutes ago
emma halvorsen
emma halvorsen 2 minutes ago
crawf walking away from the starting point 😍😍😍😍😍
Alyssa Korba
Alyssa Korba 2 minutes ago
Dude at the beginning Kevin was literally walking like every “jock” in my school
Grace Edwards
Grace Edwards 2 minutes ago
gotta love brunette crawford
Leilani Chatman
Leilani Chatman 2 minutes ago
Kevin and Christian have like some amazing energy it’s like there the same person 😂 their always so hyped 😂❤️
Mae Meyers
Mae Meyers 2 minutes ago
Just got my c and c merch today I’m so happy :)
Makayla M
Makayla M 2 minutes ago
wow i love the grind n how u have been constantly posting amazing content keep it up crawford n we miss u corey look at ur boi crawford posting streak💙😌
Eden 2 minutes ago
Man Crawford you got that rich moneyyy 😂
Anastasia 2 minutes ago
"What it do babyyyyy" 🥺🤧
mayte soto
mayte soto 2 minutes ago
Makenna Bauer
Makenna Bauer 2 minutes ago
Loving these videos so much💙
Danica Garcia
Danica Garcia 3 minutes ago
Clicked so fast
creative caitlin
creative caitlin 3 minutes ago
the essential christian seavey •hydrated •not going to pass out •big bicep •team green •seavey •chris knight
Shakthi M
Shakthi M 3 minutes ago
Crawf's gonna be broke soon 😂
emma halvorsen
emma halvorsen 3 minutes ago
“and i’m not going to pass out today” 🙏
Alyssa Korba
Alyssa Korba 3 minutes ago
I love like half of them don’t even live at the C4 house
Luz Alvarez
Luz Alvarez 3 minutes ago
Oop I hope Crawford is making bank cuz this is now 15k he’s given out 😂 Lowkey why he hasn’t gotten himself a car lmao
Despoina Ka
Despoina Ka 3 minutes ago
Supporting team green full the wayyyy
richelle baez
richelle baez 3 minutes ago
maybe christian doesnt pass out this video !!
julie myers
julie myers 3 minutes ago
"you're the color of used tampons" omg jc that's.... true
Alyssa Korba
Alyssa Korba 3 minutes ago
CRAWFORD CAN YOU PLEASE MAKE MERCH THAT EITHER SAYS “what it do baby” or “ I am so grateful to be here “
Celine S.
Celine S. 4 minutes ago
'the color of used tampons' JC MAN
Lauryn Hatcher
Lauryn Hatcher 4 minutes ago
ok but crawf how loaded are you?? proud of you dude
Jaret Tula
Jaret Tula 4 minutes ago
Ren 4 minutes ago
What it do babyyyyy!!!!!!
bbrii.nicole 4 minutes ago
I get way to excited when I get the notification😹
miracle 4 minutes ago
the real question is where is crawford getting all this money from
lydia desilets
lydia desilets 4 minutes ago
Ok crawford on his youtube shit..making moves boy
Natalie Swaggart
Natalie Swaggart 4 minutes ago
crawford can i watch this is front of my family while we decorate the tree or would that be a bad idea-
nahla H
nahla H 4 minutes ago
crawford *has collectively spent 15 thousand on these past videos* also crawford : is back wearing the same purple shirt we all roast him for ✨
Aashna Bhargava
Aashna Bhargava 4 minutes ago
Kian: since this is crawfs video I’m gonna go with.....will Crawf on the inside: 😟😕😔😣😖 Crawf on the outside: 😂😂😐
Haydee Hernandez
Haydee Hernandez 4 minutes ago
I stopped doing homework for this, and I'm not complaining. Thank you haha
richelle baez
richelle baez 5 minutes ago
u stay giving away $5000 we love to see it
Marisol Herrera
Marisol Herrera 5 minutes ago
i love it here. so proud of u and the content you’ve been coming out with. super happy to see u lose some more money LMAO i love u <3
KayKay Vlog squad
KayKay Vlog squad 5 minutes ago
Why are u giving more of ur money away
michelle 5 minutes ago
u telling me u win 5k to give it all away like that 👁👄👁
emma halvorsen
emma halvorsen 5 minutes ago
take a shot every time kevin says “best of luck”
Harnoor Kang
Harnoor Kang 5 minutes ago
I love when you guys do group videos like thissssss. You guys make the worst days the best love yall
Ynajir. 5 minutes ago
Let's see if this works lol. Crawf pin this if you love your fans?
Juh Gallinari
Juh Gallinari 5 minutes ago
till the end of 2020 Crawford’s gonna have 1 dolar in his bank account
Imashleejoy 5 minutes ago
Ayo ayo love notifications
Laura Molina
Laura Molina 5 minutes ago
Crawford loaded 💸
Faith Mandel
Faith Mandel 5 minutes ago
jaylene ruiz
jaylene ruiz 5 minutes ago
J A 5 minutes ago
Great content also side note you and nezza make a great couple I’m a big fan of all of you sending nothing but positivity ❤️
jaylene ruiz
jaylene ruiz 5 minutes ago
Maddison Murphy
Maddison Murphy 5 minutes ago
Crawf making the most ICONIC videos🤞🏻
Erin Holicky
Erin Holicky 5 minutes ago
love these types of videos 🥺💙
Amanda Lee
Amanda Lee 5 minutes ago
Crawford is really about to be broke after all these videos haha
Itiah Nayeli Gonzalez
Itiah Nayeli Gonzalez 5 minutes ago
Love your videos!❤️
Cristina Ortega
Cristina Ortega 5 minutes ago
lovely new cnc video woooO!!!
Brear X
Brear X 5 minutes ago
Loving the content recently!! 🙋🏻‍♀️👏🏻
Despoina Ka
Despoina Ka 5 minutes ago