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ger marc
ger marc Hour ago
talking without a knowledge, is: "stand up comedy"
Noah Warren-smith
Noah Warren-smith Hour ago
Damm those eyebrows
ger marc
ger marc Hour ago
stop lying for nikola tesla
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Cain Lovy Hour ago
You’ll need a mehdikit after this.
Hu Arwe
Hu Arwe Hour ago
Free FBI agents temporarily out of stock.
Md. Mostafa Khan
Md. Mostafa Khan 2 hours ago
3:06 I did that once, that was the first and that was the last. I am in heaven now.
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VTG vijay tech gaming 2 hours ago
New video
Controlplayz 2 hours ago
Where can I buy it
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Ricardo Romero 2 hours ago
i think the *FIXIES* can fix it
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Use AirPods Pro
Sukun Sharma
Sukun Sharma 2 hours ago
What is load shedding?
BoomBlade639 2 hours ago
Then why dont we use magnets to help the environment?
Šimon Baldovič
Šimon Baldovič 2 hours ago
Wait... Isnt This free energy?
Keytora Urameshi
Keytora Urameshi 3 hours ago
No entender inglish, yo ahora estar viendo este video en mi bañera con celular en conectation
Giorno Giovanna's Stand
Giorno Giovanna's Stand 3 hours ago
When an electric circuit pops Normal people: *unplug asap* Medhi: Y E E T
SovanDai 3 hours ago
5:04 it made girl figure
Kanai Kamalii
Kanai Kamalii 3 hours ago
Maybe because they used a solid metal not a bendable one
air_force_one756 3 hours ago
From fixing brake pads and almost getting his toes lost to playing with electricity and almost getting a heart attack
Saurabh Negi
Saurabh Negi 3 hours ago
This guy reminds me of Virus from "3 idiots"
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Is that my toothbru- FOCUS! ok
Neelabhro Ghosh
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electroboom: i calculated the outer area of the glass me: integration, oh S#@t
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BRO *i am at vancuver to*
Jovem 900
Jovem 900 4 hours ago
Poderia ter uma legenda em português
Coalition of Rob
Coalition of Rob 4 hours ago
Given our knowledge of how much the Greeks knew about the natural world, it would be difficult to think there was widespread use of batteries that has not been documented.
Neelabhro Ghosh
Neelabhro Ghosh 4 hours ago
me: nice idea me also: 1000 joule capacitor bank
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Does mehdi watch pewdiepie skyblock????????
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U earned a subscriber from INDIA😇😇
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Haha awesome !!!
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Mashallah agha mehdi
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Gamer Studio 5 hours ago
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I need 3d printer
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You should have donated your eyes instead of..... 😜
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I cant do it on mine because the battery is stuck ☹️
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His children will always hear SHIT SHITFORJUSTICE
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i think his wife is not at the home
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Brilliant, informative and.... hilarious.😂... Subscribed. 👍
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This guy deserves Nobel prize
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Pedayshi Gamer 6 hours ago
Ranviristic 6 hours ago
This guy is over powered
Kathakali Bhoumik
Kathakali Bhoumik 6 hours ago
Tesla warned to generate electricity from lightning not from some radiant energy
SLAY ZA 6 hours ago
Who’s watching when he’s close to 4mil
comodozin 6 hours ago
Now one question I always had from those showers. Does the energy draw changes depending on the water flow? I mean usually at winter when the days are quite chilly, we usually set the water flow to lower levels so the water heats up more (no heating in the house, our 14C degree winter means 14C IN DA HOUSE), but it is quite common in some houses to trigger the circuit breaker off when people do this trick for more warm water
comodozin 6 hours ago
Cool video! These showers are indeed pretty common here in Brazil, as they are cheap and require no further heating installation on the house. Since we have quite mild winters, there is no need for general heating. Most places I lived there was a 220V line for the electric shower (Brazil is a mess, we have cities that are 127V and cities that are 220V). But I have already seen some stupid houses with 127V wiring for the shower, which requires thicker wires (and which often are not). Not every house has ground wiring, as it is a relatively new requirement for civil construction, so a lot of people just leave the ground wire off. Two of those showers already exploded in my head (NOT AT ALL A GOOD SCENE TO BE EXPERIENCED), one it was of poor install of the electrician (wires were loose in the connection, they eventually heated up, melted and the phase connected to the neutral, short circuit ftw). The other time the shower was off for a long period, so the resistor was quite oxidated. When I turned it on it shorted and heated up, the shower became red. Oh well, every day taking a shower below these 32A beauties, the joy of living in Brazil :)
Dylan Alvarez
Dylan Alvarez 7 hours ago
I want the scope so I can charge my phone in seconds
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pd nivedh 7 hours ago
like dad like daughter 🤣😂🤣
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Om4r Ader4 7 hours ago
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3:12 Was that a sexual reference?
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Damn i understood everything I couldnt understand this in college Thanks! Im subscribing Ur gonna help me alot
R͔̪̞Y͉͍͜Z͓̞̟E̻̝͉N͉̫͙ R̷Y̷N̷E̷
R͔̪̞Y͉͍͜Z͓̞̟E̻̝͉N͉̫͙ R̷Y̷N̷E̷ 7 hours ago
*_That won't shock me....._* *_iT jUsT bUrNs!!_*
Johnny Scythe
Johnny Scythe 7 hours ago
Hu Arwe
Hu Arwe 7 hours ago
Fear is the currency of control.
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joan catalan 7 hours ago
0:39 F-ck
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Mr. Sniper Entertainment #2 7 hours ago
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Muzo is a piece of crap.
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Sourabh Jayaraj 7 hours ago
What if the neutral and earth got disconnected
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Technical Manusya 7 hours ago
Heyyyy Guuyyssss! CHRIS FIX here!
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Utkarsh Singh 7 hours ago
06:32 2 mins of silence for people (including me) with a garbage voice and an ugly face.
Fred Kellermann
Fred Kellermann 7 hours ago
“Let’s pray for a world without borders” sorry bro, but I’m finally gonna have to disagree with you about something...without borders we have no way of knowing who is where and when which could lead to big problems not to mention tax payers having to support people that shouldn’t get the support. This does not apply to immigration though, however, I don’t mind if you come to my house, but knock on the door and wait, don’t break in through my kitchen window and eat my sandwich
AREK THE KING 7 hours ago
Yeah making batteries before having any idea what electricity is
Goosé 7 hours ago
Mmmmm yes i give this video a honk out of 10
Md Emon
Md Emon 7 hours ago
I can't find a good yt name
I can't find a good yt name 7 hours ago
I got an AdVenture Communist mobile game ad right after he says his "comrade", Trump 😂
II-THDTC-II 7 hours ago
What's that music at 14:02?
RazzMatazz 8 hours ago
Bruh you need to be archived , protected , and recorded in the United States of America Congressional library cause bruh you are one real life meme #protecttheboom
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*cook shtove*
Gautham S
Gautham S 8 hours ago
Minecraft vilagers hummm.....
Mr. Common sense
Mr. Common sense 8 hours ago
Tesla was one of the most brilliant scientist of all time. I would have loved to meet him or see his ideals on paper or should I say the ones that were confiscated.
SlushCS 8 hours ago
try to rectify with the full bridge rectifier
James B
James B 8 hours ago
Please review kreosan English X-ray gun please!!!!!!
عالم الزراعه.
عالم الزراعه. 8 hours ago
فيبدايه المقطع شلي لما اول مره اصور تك توك
Aditya Badara
Aditya Badara 8 hours ago
bro instead of wasting time you should just take the car battery to your lab bench power supply and charge it,put it back in and start the car to check everything is fine and just relax
CYBERJESTIC 8 hours ago
Moqtady Bangon
Moqtady Bangon 8 hours ago
I a.m a fan but I Do not understand everything he is saying
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Life Circuits 9 hours ago
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3:13 i thought he was fapping
Muzzy 9 hours ago
family friendly
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j nichols 9 hours ago
7:55 hey I remember this from doom eternal
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i go back in time it was used as nothing
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you are nut ever
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Love the classes... thanks for the idea!
Scorpion9709 9 hours ago
What car do you have that can run only 400 km on one tank ? , my car can run 1000 km on a full tank
mini singh
mini singh 9 hours ago
Everything was going fine until he talked about capacitors..... Me: Oh we go again
adibulislam amman
adibulislam amman 9 hours ago
With high voltage comes great responsibility - Mehdi
James Russell Duldulao
James Russell Duldulao 9 hours ago
You mean it
ger marc
ger marc 9 hours ago
since they have a small amount of electricity, they are "battery"
EHZ_115 9 hours ago
8:40 150 GBPS, that's 1200Gbps!
ger marc
ger marc 9 hours ago
u can make a battery even in a small jar
ger marc
ger marc 10 hours ago
nikola tesla coil is a free energy. small input, big output. nikola tesla was the greatest inventor of all the time. tesla coil if it not was invented, i 'm sure u can't make that device or similar device. nikola tesla was the greatest inventor of all the time, and u say that he is stupid? if u say that he is stupid, only u make from yourself stupid.
Colin P.
Colin P. 10 hours ago
I love when he pulls out a bread board and there is already scorch marks on it.. it's like being able to see the sweet sweet memoires
hamish 10 hours ago
Killer queen has already touched the like button. Killer Queen’s third bomb, [BITEZ ZA DUSTO] will now take effect.
Eric Potratz
Eric Potratz 10 hours ago
You advocate for no borders because of custom fees, and later in the video talk about immigrating to get away from corrupt officials. Contradiction much?
Денис Рагазин
Денис Рагазин 10 hours ago
Он говорит на русском. В России распространена схема с глухозаземленной нейтралью. Есть способ кражи электричества при помощи заземления.
Ananiya Jemberu
Ananiya Jemberu 10 hours ago
Ps4 YC_UK-_-
Ps4 YC_UK-_- 10 hours ago
The reason some people disliked the video is because they have small brain
Alnashief Mohammad
Alnashief Mohammad 10 hours ago
Mehdi: touch the Jacob's Ladder and you will ascend to heaven, *touches it, didn't die* this guys intelligent is probably too much for heaven anyway
Parker Scarabin
Parker Scarabin 10 hours ago
I have the exact same flashlight
Mayuresh Sardar
Mayuresh Sardar 10 hours ago
Fuuuuuuul bridge rectifier!
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11:09 and subscribe to meee- GIIIIVEAAAAWAYYYY TIIIMMMMEEEEE -eee and thanks to Keysight blablablah. Ehehe
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She is a smart girl? She is 14. She is a moron by design.
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1:41 thats what happens when you do the cat