McShaman 11 minutes ago
Amazing Song. Great Vocals man. Rawk on. Sending much love for you and your Family >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Christine Coca
Christine Coca 12 minutes ago
Beyond beautiful. I am moved by your song...... your late Father was the greatest guitarist of my generation. Yes, I'm 51. Not ashamed. Your Dad was beyond amazing in his art..he must have been a way more amazing Dad. Godspeed EVH.
Sandy Wisneski
Sandy Wisneski 32 minutes ago
The DNA is there!!!!! Wonderful video tribute. And you go Wolfie your gonna do great things just like your dad. Rest In Peace Eddie we love you!!!!!! Always remember that grin. 😘😘😘😘
roof rey
roof rey 45 minutes ago
This is beautiful <3
MatthewDean 56 minutes ago
Miss you every day, Ed. Always will.
Kirk Shipp
Kirk Shipp Hour ago
Beautiful song man.
Patrick Huben
Patrick Huben Hour ago
Wolf. So sorry. About your loss a great song but so sad hang in there.
DTO Hour ago
Massive love and respect! The energy in this song is empowering and heart-felt. Thank you for your self-expression that is touching so many lives and especially the spirit of your father. Blessings
Christina Mclachlan
Christina Mclachlan Hour ago
I never realize how awesome of a father Eddie Van Halen was and he really was rest in peace will miss you just like your son
Jack Stark
Jack Stark 2 hours ago
Thank you, you made me cry, you moved me to tears.
Sammysmom1 2 hours ago
WOW! That was so beautiful . He will for ever be missed.
Draven 3 hours ago
My dad was killed in 2015 and his birthday is later this week. This song is hitting home really hard. Beautiful song sir.
David P.
David P. 3 hours ago
Damn. This is a powerful piece of music on so many levels. Eddie left us a lot of legacies, but I think Wolf is his best.
Richard Turner
Richard Turner 3 hours ago
Anyone that would thumbs down this video is just plain rude
jlobarcelona 3 hours ago
émouvant ! great voice
Edward Aguirre
Edward Aguirre 3 hours ago
Bill Burr brought me here.
Vidalay Vongkhamchanh
Vidalay Vongkhamchanh 3 hours ago
I’m sorry but why are there ANY dislikes on this video. This is beautiful and a great tribute to your Dad. So May great memories. What a life! You keep doing you, Wolfgang. Thank you for sharing this.
Cherie Johnson
Cherie Johnson 3 hours ago
My family and I have covid-19 one of the most hardest illnesses to deal with besides cancer and death. This song resonates with so many things in life embrace it cherish it It wants you to do so much more love. Most humanly think we can do with love give it share it and together we can heal one another. I Lost my father to cancer 30 years ago and it seems like yesterday Love your parents tell them show them while you can. Thanks so much for this beautiful song
Suenami 3 hours ago
Beautiful Wolf.. <3
John Kennedy
John Kennedy 4 hours ago
Wow I'm crying like how a kid cry's at his or her best Xmas ever
Haloformer 2001
Haloformer 2001 4 hours ago
I can’t wait to see your future ahead of you Wolfie! When I was brought into this world 17 years ago, my father wanted me to be musically inclined as well and the first song I ever heard out of the hospital for the first time was Eruption and since that moment, Van Halen was a name I would never forget. It’s a shame I never got to see VH but you carry the musical spirit. We get and are happy you aren’t doing what you dad did and forging your own path. I will make sure to fully support you in your future, when I first heard this single driving to school on Howard Stern, I cried I was so happy to hear your debut and it was beautiful. Just know Wolfie, we all believe in you and support you
Media Man
Media Man 4 hours ago
As a guitar player Eddie was one of my heroes(positive I’m not alone in this). As a father after watching this I have even more respect for him. I will not cry, I will not cry..nope.
Trent Follmer
Trent Follmer 4 hours ago
Love it Wolf. Eddie was one hell of a guy.
enmitygauged44 5 hours ago
Simply a fantastic song. And the video couldn't be any better or more fitting!
Quarashi 5 hours ago
Wow, this hit me. I just wanted to hear what's new with you, and I can definitely relate. I lost my father in '06. It was great seeing the footage of you and him through the years. Just well-done all around on this!
Dustin Armstrong
Dustin Armstrong 5 hours ago
Damn I miss my dad
Buddy Ro
Buddy Ro 5 hours ago
Beautiful!! Literally in tears right now.
Randy Dial
Randy Dial 5 hours ago
30,374 views since yesterday!
Suzie Phillips
Suzie Phillips 5 hours ago
I am so very sorry for the loss of your dad. This song is so powerful and the voice mail at the end was very fitting. You can hear & see that he loved you very much! I saw Van Halen 7 times in the start of their band. Watching your dad play was amazing. His fingers flew on the guitar strings! I really love this song! No matter what you do in this life, I know your dad is watching over you!
rachel anne ambrose
rachel anne ambrose 5 hours ago
Great song. Though it is amazing how fast the song "You're to Blame" has been stripped from USshow. Even USshow guitar people who were quick to post covers of it are gone.
bret dorton
bret dorton 6 hours ago
Thank you for this. I lost my father 2 yrs ago. 👍😀😭
oscar mendez castellano
oscar mendez castellano 6 hours ago
a unique video. The reality is that a monster of the electric guitar left us and it will take a long time until a new hendrix like van halen appears. Steve Vai is just a clone of Eddie.
Helena Gr
Helena Gr 6 hours ago
lost my father on August and I can understand you totally. No one is ever ready for situations like this...
Kevin Daniel
Kevin Daniel 6 hours ago
Wow, this hits home for sure! R.I.P. Eddie I am excited to see what is next for Wolfgang, the amount of talent in this family is only matched by the love shown in these amazing snippets of life, thank you for sharing with us in what has to be an incredibly difficult time to deal with.
David Duncan
David Duncan 7 hours ago
Beautiful, pure and Honest .
LEVELS 8 hours ago
Great song dude!
Frank Jones
Frank Jones 8 hours ago
"The time has gone, the song is over, thought I'd something more to say." David Gilmour
Rhonda Fivecoat
Rhonda Fivecoat 8 hours ago
So beautiful and what a great way to project your feelings. I love this and im sure your dad is proud of you! Thank you💗
WonderMick79 9 hours ago
Wow wow wow. What a incredible, touching, loving song. So sorry for your loss WVH, but you had an amazing father. Thank you for letting see behind the scenes, & show us how wonderful your father was. I lost my father 7+ years ago, & this song can hits hard, but in such a good way. Thank you again for sharing!
Danny Murphy
Danny Murphy 9 hours ago
This song is amazing and video is so touching. Its a beautiful tribute to one of the greatest guitarists of all time. More importantly it shows how much he loved WVH and loved being a father. This song will resonate with people who have lost their own father and will continue to do so for generations to come. This young man has talent and I look forward to his work as the years roll by. Eddie will live on through his music, but there certainly will never be anyone like him ever again.
Chris Stanley
Chris Stanley 10 hours ago
Man thats an awesome video, Eddie looks like an amazing dad. Man I wish my dad had paid half the attention Eddie gave Wolfgang, Im sad Esdie is gone, but I believe with the help and good music of Wolfgang we can continue to embrace Eddie's legacy and awesome music. Awesome video Wolf..!
Deborah Baca
Deborah Baca 10 hours ago
So beautiful, story and music. Your history is so heartwarming. XO
RC NINJA 11 hours ago
You could have all the accolades life can give you, but hearing your dad say he's proud of you is the very best one to have, I'm lucky enough to know that feeling and also the hurt of the loss of a great father, that hurt never goes away but you learn to cope with it by remembering all the great memories you made together, EVH was a great showman loved by millions, but mostly he was a great father to a family
765Dmar Johnson
765Dmar Johnson 12 hours ago
The ending voicemail hits me HARD! I lost my mom 2 years ago I was 25 and I have all these voicemails from her and some sounds like this just saying how much she loves me and to call her etc etc... I'm with ya Wolfgang and terribly sorry about your dad... they say time helps but brother... I still miss her just as much as the day she was gone.. you'll be in my thoughts...
Bruno Bagsby
Bruno Bagsby 12 hours ago
While millions mourn the musical genius that was Eddie Van Halen, this poor kid is just missing his father. :(
Barbi Rowland
Barbi Rowland 13 hours ago
Wow! Loved it! Thanks Wolfie! We miss him, too!
factoryobserver 13 hours ago
Sending your family love Wolfgang. This is overwhelming and so pure. He is smiling down on all of us. I pictured Eddie with such joy hearing this song.
Jeff Van Devender
Jeff Van Devender 14 hours ago
So good. You did this right, WVH. Your father is smiling bigger now than all those smiles ever before.
Kēhaulani SB
Kēhaulani SB 14 hours ago
Wolf, thank you doesn't seem like the right words to say.. but thank you for sharing this incredibly moving piece of music. We all loved your dad, and he loves you the most. So we'll catch you and carry you through. Because that's what Eddie taught us through his music. You, my sweet, are his best/favorite symphony.
SaturdayNightSlamMaster 15 hours ago
Sounds like he's talking about a girl but it's his dad
Luis Gomez
Luis Gomez 16 hours ago
Bill Burr brought me here great song!
Gohan 16 hours ago
fighting back the tears..
Irene Gardner
Irene Gardner 17 hours ago
Wow, beautiful❤️
Robert Gallway
Robert Gallway 17 hours ago
Every time I see this, it always pulls a tear. Yeah, I'm a fan but I'm also a dad and to see that's the way it's supposed to be
Laurie Woods
Laurie Woods 17 hours ago
That song was amazing! Thank you for sharing something so personal! You sound good Wolfie... You know your dad is probably up there with the biggest and proudest smile ever! ❤️ Keep up the good work! Love it! 👍😁
Jill Hebert-Devore
Jill Hebert-Devore 17 hours ago
What a fantastic tribute and a beautiful voice!!!
Thus Changed
Thus Changed 18 hours ago
Man, amazing job, Wolfgang. Any father would be proud, but especially yours. Impressive stuff, my friend. Very impressive, just from one musician/songwriter to another. #aho
mido gamal
mido gamal 18 hours ago
powerful, thanks for sharing
Karissa de la Garza
Karissa de la Garza 18 hours ago
Thanks for ruining my makeup
Agostino Russo
Agostino Russo 18 hours ago
I’m speechless 😶😢
dude mister
dude mister 18 hours ago
I just lost my dad to covid, beautiful song thanks WVH...🙏🤘👍
Dirk Winchester
Dirk Winchester 18 hours ago
Baby c
Baby c 19 hours ago
Wow. You can Just see the love between these 2. Such a strong father /son bond .... he was a really good dad ! RIP
A Sukie
A Sukie 19 hours ago
Wolf, this song is beautiful, you are beautiful and I feel just so honored to see these great videos with such personal memories with Dad (and mom)! What a privilege that you are sharing this! Thank you so much - this made my day:)) You are truly amazing! Can't wait to hear what's next...
Jen Houser
Jen Houser 19 hours ago
That was beautiful. Your dad loved you so much. Thank you for sharing. <3
James Rippy
James Rippy 19 hours ago
Lost my dad to a heart attack in 2009. I was 20 when he passed away. Lost my mom to complications from stage 4 breast cancer in 2018. I was 29 when she passed away. This song hits home for me. But it also brings back all the good memories I have of both of them & even tho they divorced & drove me nuts at times I still miss both of them.
Dave Hemink
Dave Hemink 19 hours ago
This is what All dads should strive for, an unconditional relationship with your kids. THIS is the best story EVH never told, he lived it.
Carlie Beau
Carlie Beau 19 hours ago
Omg Eddie 100% love
Chavo Bass
Chavo Bass 19 hours ago
Love This! the kid has talent
ZenDragonMind Tuner
ZenDragonMind Tuner 20 hours ago
Great song and what an amazing insight into what kind of man Eddie was. Truest heart felt moment I’ve had on USshow. Side note: 574 people missed the like button so far. We need to do better people. Tighten up.
Julie Keating
Julie Keating 20 hours ago
Absolutely beautiful. Well done Wolf. 💙❤️
Michelle Amico
Michelle Amico 20 hours ago
Beautiful tribute to your father!
Neuro RN
Neuro RN 20 hours ago
There is a film maker named Mark Laila who has a channel called Soft White Underbelly where he interviews addicts and prostitutes and pimps and other folks on Skid row . The FIRST question he asks is if they had both parents growing up and 9 out of10 didn’t have a Dad much less a tender touching Dad like Wolf shares in this video. WVH had a Dad who wasn’t just present but who also passed on a remarkable talent through which his son will always be able to close the distance. Thanks for this.
Nancy Mcdowell
Nancy Mcdowell 20 hours ago
I’ve watched this over and over. Can’t get enough. 🎈
chelle motsinger
chelle motsinger 20 hours ago
Wolfgang vanhalen is amazing your daddy's so proud of you 💞💞💞
Shannon Cavanagh
Shannon Cavanagh 20 hours ago
My mother just passed and my heart feels this.pain. I gave messages saved too. It's unbearable.
Susan M Ledesma
Susan M Ledesma 21 hour ago
Robert Presson
Robert Presson 21 hour ago
amazing song, your dad was an inspiration to all of us 80s kids........ WOW you had the greatest music teacher .......
Benoit Lemieux
Benoit Lemieux 21 hour ago
Thank you for sharing this personal and touching song with us.
mary stewart
mary stewart 21 hour ago
I just watched. Couldn't do it til now. I love the love they had. And that phone message his dad left made me cry. It is a beautiful tribute.