I KNEW IT WAS JAMES! I could recognize that hair in the thumbnail from anywhere lol
Leah Kidd
Leah Kidd 21 hour ago
Mark and Heidi give me EBee family vibes
Sayaka 21 hour ago
I was more mature than them when I was 12...
Brock Tureski
Brock Tureski 21 hour ago
No one: Absolutely no one: Noah: wHaTs ThAt? tried white pepper like 5 times
・yxllow_bexr・ 21 hour ago
6:20 Who else saw Dixie gaging 👇
- Wīñđy -
- Wīñđy - 21 hour ago
Everyone did :/
rosey playz
rosey playz 21 hour ago
Dixi:🤮 charlie: so we have dino nuggets
hou yang
hou yang 21 hour ago
hi how are ya
hi how are ya 21 hour ago
*the dislikes doe-*
Shamila Rafiq
Shamila Rafiq 21 hour ago
It was all for a Joke if you want the tea check Anna oop
robloxkine3490 21 hour ago
The DriftingLemur
The DriftingLemur 21 hour ago
Looks like the snail didn't give them good luck and good fortune...
Tatiana Valverde
Tatiana Valverde 22 hours ago
Puppis dog
Tatiana Valverde
Tatiana Valverde 22 hours ago
Hello charli
wayne jukts
wayne jukts 22 hours ago
Gabby Simpson
Gabby Simpson 22 hours ago
My favorite food is Sushi and shrimp
zephy12511 22 hours ago
That face charlie made when they were intruducing the chef and while she was clapping 😕😐
Tolerated Sinner
Tolerated Sinner 22 hours ago
You know what’s funny??? All this tik tok fame ain’t gonna do shit for them in the future... no life skills, no life lessons, she’ll never work for a living... but yet all you people here who most likely work 9-5 are just building up her ego... who gives a flying fuck if someone can dance for 15 seconds
Maddie Linta
Maddie Linta 22 hours ago
Some people may say that they were being rude and disrespectful, but everyone makes those mistakes and what matters is how you learn and grow from them. It is not your place to go and attack this family for doing something that EVERYONE has done at some point. If you are going to do anything it should be to kindly correct them in love and support. Its sad to see how everyone can try to destroy teenage girls that have done so many great things for this community. I would check your attitudes and put yourself in their shoes. Its not easy to be an influencer.
hopeydmoney 22 hours ago
Spoiled brats
- Wīñđy -
- Wīñđy - 21 hour ago
@hopeydmoney thats what you are
iisxnxhalo 21 hour ago
Ur poo poo opinion u dont need to leave hate
Isabelle Brown
Isabelle Brown 22 hours ago
I just subscribed!!
Joshy GOLDIEM_J 22 hours ago
Charli's a brat for crying after losing so many 'numbers'😡😡
Kholod Mahmmed
Kholod Mahmmed 22 hours ago
تصرف دسكي مره مقرف وابد مو محترم للشيف واحس تشارلي عادي يمكن طلعت منها كـ مزحه بس دسكي ابد مو عاجبني تصرفها اصراحه بس حطيت لايك عسبت انها قنات الشيف مو اي قناه اما الام والاب وذا الثاني احسهم محترمين 🙁.
Trinitie D
Trinitie D 22 hours ago
Sounds like Charlie and Dixie don’t have any ✨taste✨
BaLlOn Mastars
BaLlOn Mastars 23 hours ago
Imagine being so ungrateful
Lyla Eve
Lyla Eve 23 hours ago
Shelby Carroll
Shelby Carroll 23 hours ago
How old is James
MrOofMen YT
MrOofMen YT 23 hours ago
I hate charlie and dixie
VALERIA GODOY 23 hours ago
I love
・yxllow_bexr・ 23 hours ago
Their being a bit rude to James, like he has came so far. is so nice
iisxnxhalo 21 hour ago
I Stan jame
iisxnxhalo 21 hour ago
Gangger Senchu
Gangger Senchu 23 hours ago
What the fuck is going on with Charli Damelio’s face?
Amelia Courage
Amelia Courage 23 hours ago
People who are commenting death treats I need to talk to YOU, Ok so Dixie and charli have apologised for the misconception of their actions, and ACCUALY in this they are very appreciative of their food, they have feelings and don’t need death threats just because of how they acted, everybody makes mistakes and that’s how we learn. Heidi said ‘’we thought that it was going to be a person that we didn’t know and even more famous’’now this, when people say that Heidi was rude she wasn’t, she was ACCUALY being happy that it was someone that she knew. Charli said do we have any Dino nuggets because that was her fav food and she doesn’t need hate for being ‘’ rude’’ she wasn’t.
Dark green Crew mate
Dark green Crew mate 23 hours ago
0:19 1:07 1:44 6:45 7:01 12:26 14:58 15:27
iisxnxhalo 21 hour ago
Kim Ale
Kim Ale 23 hours ago
Ya me callo mal James
Annah Man
Annah Man Day ago
Charli:CHARLI20!??!!??! gO uSe ThAt CoDe!😉
Enslee Johnson
Enslee Johnson Day ago
Marc:this is my favorite chef Guy feiti:ok Gorden ramsey:U DISRESPECTFUL DONUT
Scott Wagner
Scott Wagner Day ago
I'm,born on 15 of feb
D8ges Day ago
Ok these charli simps should stop defending the d'amilio family. They are fricking disgusting
D8ges Day ago
Once dixie found out there was a snail on her plate, she fricking gagged. They have no table manners, at least the dad is behaving well.
Info Sama
Info Sama Day ago
I didn’t know shit could move :p
bryant Moreland
bryant Moreland Day ago
Imagine having 100 million followers and complain
D8ges Day ago
The d'amilios have terrible table manners, and I don't wanna see charli d'amilio simps defending her in the replies because they are simpis -_-
Roger P. Ceballos
Roger P. Ceballos Day ago
How does my 7 y/o brother have more table manners than those two cringy idiots?
Devan Narayanan
Devan Narayanan Day ago
She is a spoilt brat
Devan Narayanan
Devan Narayanan Day ago
Charlie is rude
Lexx Day ago
Damn the way the girls act are such low class
qaisara Day ago
okay you know what, no hate but this is actually how rich ppl act..not only rich but famous ppl..before they were famous, they’re not like this but once they’ve became famous, their attitude changes BECAUSE they think that their fans are gonna support them but not all fans does that..they should be more thankful since they have all of the things they wanted💞
luisi chaff
luisi chaff Day ago
Oh no dixie ://
Preston Worley
Preston Worley Day ago
James is so aggravated at 14:59
dariela sanchez
dariela sanchez Day ago
Wow chill
Samaya Nike sis
Samaya Nike sis Day ago
Dixie fake through up
elizaa schuyler
elizaa schuyler Day ago
Dixie: Barely punches Charli Charli: YOU GOT THAT, THATS A THREAT lololool
Antonia Alarcon
Antonia Alarcon Day ago
James mom should be proud
Shaimaa hassanein
Shaimaa hassanein Day ago
macdonlds cus me and my cosin love macdonlds 😜
Libby T
Libby T Day ago
What on earth is this ego that these people carry its so freaking embarassing it hurts, they have nothing interesting to say, imagine seeing these people in a real restaurant you wouldn’t give a flying f*ck !!!
sana hassan
sana hassan Day ago
I LOVE Dixie and Charli cause they are the best tiktokers and I ❤️ tiktoks so much but this makes me hate them cause they a4e being mean and just ignoring James, James is so nice and he seems like a really good guy. Sorry for misjudging you James.
Libby Jackson
Libby Jackson Day ago
Man, I feel for James. I started to like Dixie and Charlie until now. They are spoiled and disrespectful. My small amount of like towards them just went down to hate. Sorry Dixie and Charlie but this just wasn’t acceptable and also with James there. Maybe one day I can support you again but I really do not know any more. Sorry ;(((
Ice Breaker
Ice Breaker Day ago
If this is how y’all eat every night then ima need to come over
Owney The Killer Madden
Owney The Killer Madden Day ago
Oh man LA is going to chew them up and spit them out!!! 🤦🏼‍♂️
Just Me
Just Me Day ago
I ❤ JC!
santana ssnchez
santana ssnchez Day ago
Pov. you realize that dixie really did nothing wrong and she should have said sorry to the chef but there was no reason for people to try an cancel them😐🥷
Nishinoya Yuu Official
Nishinoya Yuu Official Day ago
Dixie you should be glad you at least have something to eat some kids who are younger than my cousin don't have anything and If you don't like it then make something to eat for your self
Big Chungus
Big Chungus Day ago
5:06 I finished last year What? How do you graduate at 16?
Joaquín Aubel
Joaquín Aubel Day ago
Why everyone hating on them like, bruh go eat a snail let’s see it you don’t get disgusted or end up throwing up. Also, I’ve eaten Paella in Spain and at restaurants and NEVER had one with snails lmao it’s meant to have seafood not bugs
Peter De Vetter
Peter De Vetter Day ago
Ahhh they so cute and 3:58 i have seen that tiktok already to
Calista Valeska
Calista Valeska Day ago
Horrible people .. stop making stupid people famous...
Molly's Life
Molly's Life Day ago
charli caught on to why james’ dad wants to go to colorado😐
val luv
val luv Day ago
James acts so polite and acts so mature. He doesn’t take the fame for granted. I’m sorry but the fame for sure got to all of their heads.
roman muniz
roman muniz Day ago
Maddie.Officalz Yt
Maddie.Officalz Yt Day ago
Charli is so me when she said “Can I have some Dino nuggies:3” I love her 😂
Maddie.Officalz Yt
Maddie.Officalz Yt 22 hours ago
@Camilla Jini Enrico did you not see her post about apologizing and saying that they love the chef and it was supposed to be a joke? Smh.
Camilla Jini Enrico
Camilla Jini Enrico Day ago
She just disrespected a chef and was being awkward and snarky the entire time? She considers her fans a number? Did you not notice when she was being rude? Smh
Fuck Nigga
Fuck Nigga Day ago
James is literally the best
Fuck Nigga
Fuck Nigga Day ago
Omg I feel so bad for he chef
Edward Magatao
Edward Magatao Day ago
Lack of manners!
Alguien de acá no sabe inglés pero vino a ver el vídeo solo por q todos están viendo Charli? :v o soy la única
Asiyah Drame
Asiyah Drame Day ago
This video still made me not like him
Jieru Chen
Jieru Chen Day ago
Love how Dixie said 'I can heaR it from my apartment.' After Marc saying 'I'm not a chronic snorer.'
Komaeda Lover
Komaeda Lover Day ago
I hate how hardly anyone pays attention when James is talking
Komaeda Lover
Komaeda Lover Day ago
Im the only one just afraid of the smiles Charlie gives to the camera out of nowhere?
Mohamed Sultan
Mohamed Sultan Day ago
O m g
Ida Nienhardt
Ida Nienhardt Day ago
I bet some 12 year old out there would be more respectful than Dixie omg