Timothy Hernandez
Timothy Hernandez 12 hours ago
Chandler has a teddy bear!
DTKO ArchiTalk
DTKO ArchiTalk 12 hours ago
JC the Gamer
JC the Gamer 12 hours ago
"Im like dream, except better at minecraft" *No.*
Cole Murray
Cole Murray 12 hours ago
If mrbeast comments on this post everyone subscribed to him will get good Luck for the next 999 years
Claud C
Claud C 12 hours ago
Kinda felt bad for the eismc person lol
50K Subscribers Without Videos Challenge
50K Subscribers Without Videos Challenge 12 hours ago
Jimmy: "First to mine Netherlite wins $10000" Everyone: N I C E
Xyril Shagne Aquino
Xyril Shagne Aquino 12 hours ago
Great job chandler! Your first win! (Is it though?)
Alderic caampued
Alderic caampued 12 hours ago
Kenshiro 8:26
Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith 12 hours ago
I may be a bad person but I don't like chandler
Asraa KHAIMAKANI 12 hours ago
Zhc hit 14,000,000
Angel Vazquez (371angvazq)
Angel Vazquez (371angvazq) 12 hours ago
Play hunt down the Freeman shit game
Quody Schzel
Quody Schzel 12 hours ago
Mrbeast:Congrats on kissing a sock Me:𝗗𝗼𝗲𝘀𝗻'𝘁 𝘀𝗼𝘂𝗻𝗱 𝗹𝗶𝗸𝗲 𝗮 𝘄𝗶𝗻-𝘄𝗶𝗻 𝘁𝗼 𝗺𝗲
Ben 12 hours ago
wow mrbeast fov triggers me somehow
Patricio Quiroz
Patricio Quiroz 12 hours ago
Why always 10 grand how come you do 100,000
Derp Stars
Derp Stars 12 hours ago
Alternative Title: Last to survive creeper spams wins $10,000
Richard Wang
Richard Wang 12 hours ago
I love how chris was fuking willing to kiss the sock
- ShadowPlayz BG -
- ShadowPlayz BG - 12 hours ago
Thats Battle is an complete chaos :v
Koyel Mukherjee
Koyel Mukherjee 12 hours ago
Koyel Mukherjee
Koyel Mukherjee 12 hours ago
chandler finally won a channel
JAYDEE GOPEZ 12 hours ago
Finally chandler won!
JanKane Legarteja
JanKane Legarteja 12 hours ago
yay chandler won
TotaldramaEzekiel Fan
TotaldramaEzekiel Fan 12 hours ago
Cohfeg 12 hours ago
Omfg they pc Are good
Lazar Beam
Lazar Beam 12 hours ago
Hello beast
Samuel Davis
Samuel Davis 12 hours ago
9:39 the gorilla at the zoo when i stare at it for too long
Akio Cloud Eser
Akio Cloud Eser 12 hours ago
1:25 mrbeast: you want some you want some Player:mrbeast is mean
Jennifer Eustice
Jennifer Eustice 12 hours ago
i love dirty heads
John Carlo Trasmer
John Carlo Trasmer 12 hours ago
yay im happy for chandler to win
save phillp
save phillp 12 hours ago
Kyara Hollander
Kyara Hollander 12 hours ago
“Nice teddy bear, Chandler 😂”
Ryan Dunsford
Ryan Dunsford 12 hours ago
If your ever on a plane locate your nearest fat guy and note his location. If you crash in water you can use him as a flotation device.
Kyara Hollander
Kyara Hollander 12 hours ago
Forgot about this)) “Nice teddy bear, Chandler 😂”
Big bob Tank
Big bob Tank 12 hours ago
时刻动漫 12 hours ago
How can i enter this?
Kyara Hollander
Kyara Hollander 12 hours ago
Forgot about this)) “Nice teddy bear, Chandler 😂”
Lydia Smith
Lydia Smith 12 hours ago
wreckster playz
wreckster playz 12 hours ago
Did chris just say neather gold lol
Chongwich Gaming
Chongwich Gaming 12 hours ago
Bro what the flip already 3.4 Million subs.... I can feel lazerbeam shaking
KoolAid 12 hours ago
Chandler is a Minecraft pro.
Braxton Bybee
Braxton Bybee 12 hours ago
Chandler: Oh yeaahhh !! Nobody: Chandler: OH YEAAHHHH!!!
Veronica T
Veronica T 12 hours ago
Epic gamer moment
Din Agar
Din Agar 12 hours ago
12 hour ago....2 million view🙄
JohnPaolo GamingPH
JohnPaolo GamingPH 12 hours ago
finally chandler won in gaming channel
BiggestComplainer 12 hours ago
Chris has got to go. The low testosterone screaming is terrible.
Katinko261 12 hours ago
Finally Chandler won!!!!
DeathStrider 333
DeathStrider 333 12 hours ago
We should make this real life to get people to social distance
Mal_da_beast_10 Gaming
Mal_da_beast_10 Gaming 12 hours ago
“That’s part of the new thing” I don’t know much about Minecraft history but I don’t think that they were JUST added
X-MISION GAMING 12 hours ago
Ben Park
Ben Park 12 hours ago
When he said look me in the eye he had an arrow covering one of his eyes
xd preachrboy
xd preachrboy 12 hours ago
Okay I normally enjoy Karl but he was getting on my nerves
Rjay 12 hours ago
can you try hardcore difficulty last one to survive wins
p1ka 12 hours ago
Since dream collab with mr beast dream got 1 mil sub in a few weeks..
Pierce Marczak
Pierce Marczak 12 hours ago
Why is it always chris
NK POINT 12 hours ago
Beast fan
TheCanadian Badgur
TheCanadian Badgur 12 hours ago
Congratulations Chandler!
luis palomo
luis palomo 12 hours ago
I love seeing chris lose
Sunshine Myrrh Hassim
Sunshine Myrrh Hassim 12 hours ago
i screamed no when chandler fell
Unknown Gaming
Unknown Gaming 12 hours ago
Are we going to ignore that When they find the block they sound like a person on a stroke
VisionX PUBG
VisionX PUBG 12 hours ago
2:35 look at pc specs
Skydemon playz24
Skydemon playz24 12 hours ago
When will there be a new episode
Rico jerick Ong
Rico jerick Ong 12 hours ago
Next video: First to mine bedrock $20,000
Tony Silcox
Tony Silcox 12 hours ago
Hi my name is Tony I live in lumberton nc. My mom and my sister's are trying to move we dont have a that much money ive been watching your videos for two years can you plz help us if you can plz contact me at [email protected]
Ezekiel pogi123
Ezekiel pogi123 12 hours ago
Carl: iam like dream but better in minecraft Dream:are you sure about that
Ezekiel pogi123
Ezekiel pogi123 12 hours ago
@Dr. minecraft that was fast
Dr. minecraft
Dr. minecraft 12 hours ago
when it said 20 sec ago
lucus lopez
lucus lopez 12 hours ago
I want a 1000 amazon gift card
Finally Chandler won like for Chandler to won again 👇
Viren Loka
Viren Loka 13 hours ago
we want a cool gaming outro
RYAN ARDIANSYAH 10191216 13 hours ago
Can i have rtx pls :)
Genine ?
Genine ? 13 hours ago
“I’m like dream, but better at Minecraft.” Run now! The stans are coming.
Samantha And Emyllia
Samantha And Emyllia 13 hours ago
Katachi 14
Katachi 14 13 hours ago
No one is as happy as Karl finding netherite.
mooble 13 hours ago
they have i9 9900k and rtx 2080 super, play in 1080p
Jacko is alive
Jacko is alive 13 hours ago
why did karl put bed on the nether
LoVe Tv
LoVe Tv 13 hours ago
hello jimmy..i need tablet for my online class..plsss
Nugget! 13 hours ago
Be careful guys, corona virus and be careful for the new bot, bananarama. He changes his name every hour. He always comments in every video so be careful..
John Richardsonist
John Richardsonist 13 hours ago
BiggestComplainer 13 hours ago
The mindless mouth sound effects are completely utterly annoying. The virginity is showing strong.
ANIME EXPERT 13 hours ago
place a block beside the bed or put a block in front yourself and place a bed in front of it
Super Robin106
Super Robin106 13 hours ago
8:13 Chris passed 1
Sookie Vlogs,games
Sookie Vlogs,games 13 hours ago
Play roblox
Cool Dude
Cool Dude 13 hours ago
Imagine being 13 with ten thousand dollars and no debt🤯
Caden Johnson
Caden Johnson 13 hours ago
tnt is the best method to get netherite
Creepy Kreek
Creepy Kreek 13 hours ago
Sometimes i hate mrbeast cuz he sobotage chris chandler karl but i like mrbeast
oakleaf 2006
oakleaf 2006 13 hours ago
When is the next episode of every minute you explode
Adwait Vaze
Adwait Vaze 13 hours ago
Hey make raids with 20000 people on twitch or USshow plz
realthnxtdm 13 hours ago
I'm so proud of chandler
Lanna Lou
Lanna Lou 13 hours ago
**finds ancient debris** *happy patrick noises*
most subbed channel with no videos
most subbed channel with no videos 13 hours ago
Me: walks into my house built by pippen Also me: hmm seems like the interior is very accurate Also also me: walks in my room and sees my whole minecraft porn collection (I'm kidding I dont have one)
HunterJOK 12 hours ago
most subbed channel with no videos good save
North East Outdoors
North East Outdoors 13 hours ago
As long as Karl doesn’t win idc who does he is so annoying 🚫 🧢
Abel Quezada
Abel Quezada 13 hours ago
How do i join your events
Deku The green boy
Deku The green boy 13 hours ago
Now they say to this day Chris kisses feet for a living
Trần Thị Hồng Phương
Trần Thị Hồng Phương 13 hours ago
Yay chandler first win on this channel is the way to win
blizrar_yt 13 hours ago
chander: Wins money *Everybody liked that*
Intaligated 13 hours ago
Someone: Man she looks hot. *Later* Pippen: *talks* Someone: Why does she sound manly? Probably has puberty.
Montez Lewis
Montez Lewis 13 hours ago
shreyas nayak
shreyas nayak 13 hours ago
That not netherite thats ancient debri
Keith Gomez
Keith Gomez 13 hours ago
Karl lowkey sounds like Morty from Rick and Morty
Camille Galang
Camille Galang 13 hours ago
Having a baby would make you lose