BobbleHead 29 minutes ago
2 years later started a family and married the guy who was training her for her wedding dance with John
Camille Jones
Camille Jones Hour ago
Branch is pretty but what if she went to school but it's a boy so...
Marie Williams
Marie Williams Hour ago
What about tree? Or lamp? Or weed?
Sarai Gonzalez
Sarai Gonzalez Hour ago
Bdbutsvjzkoqvcfbippppsbhxbhd xdsnibzbk 😅😅😅😅😅😂
Jamell Carter
Jamell Carter Hour ago
Can you be 9
amber bumpus
amber bumpus Hour ago
branch is a really cool boy name also... Buddy Branch..... kinda like it
lil Ashley
lil Ashley Hour ago
3:23 he so cute
Kelton Flores
Kelton Flores 2 hours ago
Kelton Flores
Kelton Flores 2 hours ago
Put your on 2x
md islam
md islam 2 hours ago
Daniel Bryan vs Shinsuke Nakamura
Wee Wee
Wee Wee 2 hours ago
So LaFerrari is actually a driverless car
Shakera Morgan
Shakera Morgan 3 hours ago
I love Alexa Bliss
Mohd Rashid
Mohd Rashid 3 hours ago
Yahel Mat re
Yahel Mat re 4 hours ago
Amanda Lemos
Amanda Lemos 4 hours ago
Love you Brie, but BRANCH?!? Hahaha nooo 😂😂😂
sweety khan
sweety khan 4 hours ago
I think John Cena is real love of Nikki Bella and the Nikki and John is actually fantastic couple
Billybootlips 4 hours ago
I like the title. I'm sure something is GUSHING out of Alexa Bliss right now.
Jenny Rose Sillador
Jenny Rose Sillador 4 hours ago
I love you nikki and brie stay safe always 😊Hope you guys can visit here in the Philippines 😊
Shayla H
Shayla H 4 hours ago
I do like the name Branch, but for a boy, like on trolls right?! Looveee Blossom also!
Crystal Colon
Crystal Colon 5 hours ago
I love how you named your baby after their grandparents. I just had a baby as well and he is named after my grandfather who just passed away from cancer. I love that I'm not the only one who's named my baby after his grandfather ❤️😊 God bless your little bundle of joy. 🙏🤗❤️
Ruth Williams
Ruth Williams 5 hours ago
Artem: Hey Everyone. Me: Yeah shut up n make the pizza. I don't like but I do like the pizza u cooked.
Juanita Clairdy
Juanita Clairdy 6 hours ago
Shes very inappropriate with her little nickname for him she gotta go
Juanita Clairdy
Juanita Clairdy 6 hours ago
Yea but she better stay away from nikki man before she get racked attacked
Nalani Suarez
Nalani Suarez 6 hours ago
Rinku Singh
Rinku Singh 6 hours ago
Oh boy..birdie is beyond adorable also real helper love it...bless you birdie and both the baby’s...❤️💋❤️
Chris 6 hours ago
Y’all had the kids already I swear I just saw y’all was both pregnant congrats
Christian Umali
Christian Umali 6 hours ago
I love bella's until they betrayed rousey😤😤
كرار السيد
كرار السيد 6 hours ago
باوع الديوس
Mohamed Farag
Mohamed Farag 6 hours ago
One day I’m gonna do my dream is to kick birdie so hard until she dies
Bizon Creations
Bizon Creations 7 hours ago
Who's presenting the car?
Sunny Mcj job
Sunny Mcj job 7 hours ago
Sunny Mcj job
Sunny Mcj job 7 hours ago
prince gaming
prince gaming 7 hours ago
Yorkie Mom
Yorkie Mom 8 hours ago
😍 Can’t wait to see the pictures❣️
James 8 hours ago
Her accent, body, face, adorable.
Valerio Giuliano
Valerio Giuliano 8 hours ago
Li mortacci de jhon hahahah
Sunny Mcj job
Sunny Mcj job 8 hours ago
arjun k m
arjun k m 9 hours ago
Your friend
Mohamed Farag
Mohamed Farag 9 hours ago
I hope birdie leaves forever
Mohamed Farag
Mohamed Farag 10 hours ago
If I saw that girl called birdie I’m gonna kick her so hard until she dies
Glydelyn Rocamora
Glydelyn Rocamora 10 hours ago
I wonther why every kids that brie is having alwayse look like bryant...
Chris Bradley
Chris Bradley 6 hours ago
because hes the fahter kids they either look like their mother or their father
Ryan Phillippe Raquepo
Ryan Phillippe Raquepo 10 hours ago
I missed bellas😭
Sunny Mcj job
Sunny Mcj job 11 hours ago
Brush dvgu not fhsib cftu dg
Sunny Mcj job
Sunny Mcj job 11 hours ago
🤘😎🤘usually fhfo jdfy my system dhdy God vgdfu
Andrew F
Andrew F 11 hours ago
Branch? Wtf that’s just cruel.
shania keiko Z
shania keiko Z 12 hours ago
That looks so yummy😝😝😝😝😝😝
Max Zy
Max Zy 12 hours ago
Loveๆ.. .
Luong Le dinh
Luong Le dinh 12 hours ago
OK ..
Luong Le dinh
Luong Le dinh 12 hours ago
E thấy võ đài a chơi đẹp lắm ạ
Luong Le dinh
Luong Le dinh 12 hours ago
E cực kì hâm mộ a ạ số đt em đây 0333129244
Hannah Mojica
Hannah Mojica 12 hours ago
I love you TWO so much🖤
Yanna’s World
Yanna’s World 13 hours ago
And to think I still wanna be like them when I gro up
Francesca Mari Fernandez
Francesca Mari Fernandez 13 hours ago
I hear bayleys music
CHINA DAILY 14 hours ago
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William Rojas
William Rojas 14 hours ago
we want artem and you for quaratine
gulnawaz khan
gulnawaz khan 14 hours ago
I want to meet nikki bella
Ruth Lokwa
Ruth Lokwa 15 hours ago
he is funny!!!!!!!!!! haha hehehe
Sara Buenrostro
Sara Buenrostro 15 hours ago
I love the bella twins so much and I want to see them and to say hi to them and I'll talk to them about signing their autographs and I can take pictures with them in my dreams and I want to see them so bad in real life