not demi
not demi 7 hours ago
4:03 for people who wanna skip to the part where they find the bomb
Matthew Bridges
Matthew Bridges 7 hours ago
Nah man. The rare thing is seeing all those 5 gallon buckets in one area. I’d take them and run.
Zucth 7 hours ago
The Twins
The Twins 7 hours ago
Go diving in the water
Hunter Smith
Hunter Smith 7 hours ago
i wonder what actually happened??
core bry
core bry 7 hours ago
were those... were those some Nazi war medals???
Angel Sanchez
Angel Sanchez 7 hours ago
You saved was
DoitDoug 7 hours ago
As long as it hurts you are still breathing.
jjpno 7 hours ago
Is a nuke
PG_ Reflex
PG_ Reflex 7 hours ago
Yoooo. Those cops are the best, because they were just joking instead of being serious like other cops.🤣
Fret N
Fret N 7 hours ago
Nathan Sheets
Nathan Sheets 7 hours ago
What a cool group of friends
laser tags
laser tags 7 hours ago
Me wondering how clean i am hmmmmm?
Oofy shxdow The hooman
Oofy shxdow The hooman 7 hours ago
I swim in waters but it would be like small waters cuz I Got a BIGGG fear of the ocean This made it worse- But the other vids made me feel good 5:40 freaking made me jump
Fret N
Fret N 7 hours ago
Carla Matthews
Carla Matthews 7 hours ago
you made it
Annifer Aneslagon
Annifer Aneslagon 7 hours ago
I envious of your friendship 🥺.... stay strong guys❤️🧡
Yudha Gustanto
Yudha Gustanto 7 hours ago
Sedih aku gak tau artinya cok
LogieFN 7 hours ago
This is the exact water where the dumbest president in history used to dye his skin orange 🍊
ilma 7 hours ago
"how dare you slapping my ass" -Turtle
Jack Van Bokhoven
Jack Van Bokhoven 7 hours ago
That music made my ears bleed fr on 8:17 becouse it was loud ah
Pankohh 7 hours ago
fkn narcs lol jk nice find
Xeo Rblx
Xeo Rblx 7 hours ago
yeah that could ruin someones day more like it could ruin someones body part
Jerimyah Crenshaw
Jerimyah Crenshaw 7 hours ago
ಠ_ಠ Heng ಠ_ಠ
ಠ_ಠ Heng ಠ_ಠ 7 hours ago
*sees him putting aluminum cans in a pouch* oh I see he's helping keep the planet clean :D
Rhys Gamble
Rhys Gamble 7 hours ago
“Evacuates city” *blocks off a road and a bridge*
Grinchy 7 hours ago
Repost a Sniping montage
Fatty Gee
Fatty Gee 7 hours ago
looks like a walther p38 pistol
ChrisBandify 7 hours ago
Talk to much, I want to see your task, not wait hours hearing about it
Edgar Lopez
Edgar Lopez 7 hours ago
Evacuate city?
Werewolf Bishop
Werewolf Bishop 7 hours ago
This is a mortar not a bomb just sayin
Elijah SpeedNinja
Elijah SpeedNinja 7 hours ago
Are they w
Oofy shxdow The hooman
Oofy shxdow The hooman 7 hours ago
Did u out ur sun screen on though?
Saif abdallah
Saif abdallah 7 hours ago
Oh is here it 3:00 am 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴
Nathan Sheets
Nathan Sheets 7 hours ago
His joy when finding stuff is awesome
oilpond 7 hours ago
Wrot in Hell.
TheGreat Gamer
TheGreat Gamer 7 hours ago
5:40 is that siren head?
AzuleShallows Gacha
AzuleShallows Gacha 7 hours ago
That's crazy! I can't wait to show my dad he'll love this!!!
king savage
king savage 7 hours ago
Joshua Coriz
Joshua Coriz 7 hours ago
My favorite part was when he dropped his quarter and said no
Canoe 7 hours ago
you have truly unique content dude
MIKE Krypton
MIKE Krypton 7 hours ago
Wait dont u guys get a reward for finding a bomb
Nawawi Gondrong
Nawawi Gondrong 7 hours ago
Nice my friend 🤝
laser tags
laser tags 7 hours ago
Wait wait a bomb like that and its been there for years hmmm OH NO ITS ALIVE the insides probably touched the water so its probably a dud
Blitz gaming
Blitz gaming 7 hours ago
He's came a long way from gameing to diving
Honestly Ima grape
Honestly Ima grape 7 hours ago
“rEaL GuN”
Jesse Logan
Jesse Logan 7 hours ago
Don't worry bro I love you dude . Jesse logan
Alex Holguin
Alex Holguin 7 hours ago
I love Outer Banks.
VK LN 7 hours ago
Swastik Biswas
Swastik Biswas 7 hours ago
Moment you were waiting for 5:47
Angel Westbrook
Angel Westbrook 7 hours ago
beginning of video shows bomb immediately cuts to him smiling bruh
Quincy cook
Quincy cook 7 hours ago
I wish i wasn't afraid of doing shit like this
Brodu Sullivan
Brodu Sullivan 7 hours ago
most people in the comments ragging on the poor Hi-Point because they can't look past the price tag and/or can't accept that a Hi-Point is just as good if not better than their plastic glock. that or have never even held one and are going off of what gun snobs think of it.
Mwahaha80 7 hours ago
Mr clean should of sponsored this video
Swastik Biswas
Swastik Biswas 7 hours ago
It's a game for him .. "NEXT LEVEL"
TheRobloxNoob IzKewl
TheRobloxNoob IzKewl 7 hours ago
pull the pin it gives you raycons
Honestly Ima grape
Honestly Ima grape 7 hours ago
“So much fun”
sB 7 hours ago
"Ruin someone's day" ?? Nah im sure it'll be a blast
Kimberly 7 hours ago
That's what true friends and friendships are all about...
Levi Torrence
Levi Torrence 7 hours ago
What happened to his shoulder?