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NF - Change (Audio)
NF - Nate (Audio)
NF - Leave Me Alone
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5 years ago
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5 years ago
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NF - Wake Up (Audio)
NF - All I Have
6 years ago
Jessica Cartwright
Jessica Cartwright 3 hours ago
Hey, Jess, what are your plans for Halloween? I thought I might watch some NF videos.
Anthony Morales
Anthony Morales 3 hours ago
For the people that disliked the video ur a sick person because this song is based after his mom that died of an overdose in 2009.
Jakeline Galo
Jakeline Galo 3 hours ago
I feel like you NF
SteliosFk 4 hours ago
The thing that there are no ads is amazing
River Deer
River Deer 4 hours ago
My littler sister found this and said, "What is cutting mean?" I just started crying and I had said, "Its a war with yourself and a thing called depression." She said, "Like what you do? Why do people do that to themselves?" My sister is 10...
Ibims Wildfang
Ibims Wildfang 4 hours ago
I love your music and you helped me through good and bad times, i really wanted to thank you alot for that.
Game Over
Game Over 4 hours ago
My naighbors love it when i blast nf at full valume they even threw a.brick in my window so they can hear it better
rΔndΘϻ ϷersΘn
rΔndΘϻ ϷersΘn 4 hours ago
People say he deserves a grammy... But the grammy doesnt deserve him.
stef V.R
stef V.R 4 hours ago
666k likes on Halloween 👻 👿
Sanai Glasgow
Sanai Glasgow 4 hours ago
The first few times I heard this song, I cried. It's literally so beautiful. Anyone else who cried?
Sanai Glasgow
Sanai Glasgow 4 hours ago
" Treat my temper like my family I ain't tryna lose it. " One of the best lines in the song. Keep it up.
A. R. Brewer
A. R. Brewer 4 hours ago
Can I use this for my intro
Sister Location Child
Sister Location Child 4 hours ago
Listening to his music always make me feel better when I'm going through things I have PTSD, ADD, and very bad anxiety so when I would go to school I would get bullied when I had a panic or anxiety attack The bullying got so bad to the point I went into depression and started cutting myself. When asked my parents for help and support to help me with my they said that I needed to stop acting stupid. The depression got worse and on top of that I had developed a mental problem which was causing me to start talking to myself. I started to hear actual voices in my head that was saying things like "why are you still holding on" "Give up already" "You're worthless" "Just kill yourself already" and "No one would care if you were gone". One day I was going to kill myself and was waiting for my parents to leave so I could and one of NF's songs started to play on USshow so I sat down and started to listen to it and as I was listening to it I finally felt like for the first time someone understood and felt the pain that I was feeling and I started crying. Ever since then I've been listening to his music to help me through my pain. People try to say I need to see a therapist but here's the thing I don't need a therapist cause I already have one and his name is Nathan Feuerstein or as we all know him by NF.
top notch
top notch 4 hours ago
The 3 .6 dislikes nf doesn't deserve dislikes
Cheater TJ
Cheater TJ 4 hours ago
Yo NF i don't think you hear this enough but are you ok 🥺
Sanai Glasgow
Sanai Glasgow 4 hours ago
Who would've thought that we would have needed a song of someone talking to themselves? Amazing. ( I know he's talking to his younger self )
Clipz 5 hours ago
This makes me feel like revenge is not the answer and its not . Revenge is something you wanna do to harm some one and what ur Supposed to do is take the revenge and throw it and take positive thoughts and take them and put them in ur head
Sanai Glasgow
Sanai Glasgow 5 hours ago
" I don't wanna see or have a bunch of people to impress. " That line is so relatable. I felt that.
Sanai Glasgow
Sanai Glasgow 5 hours ago
" I'm waitin for that call sayin records are not selling. " NF. Have you met your fan base? That day is never going to come.
Sanai Glasgow
Sanai Glasgow 5 hours ago
This song is underrated. Take it as you will, but this song is really special. Lots of people don't like to change and don't wanna change. NF is a very talented person and talks about his life. We can relate don't lie.😂
kjell games
kjell games 5 hours ago
is he a killer?
Shadow_ Soitsmegaming
Shadow_ Soitsmegaming 5 hours ago
He's the real thing. I know I can listen to him without my parents telling me to watch the language.
Daniel Costa
Daniel Costa 5 hours ago
Schreib meinen USshow Kanal
Daniel Costa
Daniel Costa 5 hours ago
jaylin martin
jaylin martin 5 hours ago
Jake Swenson
Jake Swenson 5 hours ago
Qeviv 5 hours ago
Bro I just see 666K likes, am I cursed now?
Noemi Armas
Noemi Armas 5 hours ago
Jared Leto x Ariana Grande
DREX 5 hours ago
I really miss myself that silly kid who used to stand up for others ( they never stood for me ) Who loved his mother ( she abandoned me ) Who was loyal ( loyalty got me cheated ) Who used to forgive ( I wasn't even at fault ) Who was kind ( kindness can't get you through with life ) Who believed in God ( God is just an illusion created by one's weakness ) Who lived to help others ( living life for others is just hypocrisy ) Who was right ( I'm not wrong the one what's wrong is this world ) Who tried to stop bullies ( now I can see why they enjoy bullying so much ) I hate her....him....them for making me this way ( thanks for making me stronger ) No one can understand what it feels like to have these voices coming from inside ( it actually feels good )
SYG Nxte
SYG Nxte 5 hours ago
Elipse_Killz 5 hours ago
Show an emotionless person love, & they'll understand every other feeling....
Dean Victor Santos
Dean Victor Santos 6 hours ago
I think i'll stay traumatized, i don't want anyone near me.
Aman 6 hours ago
Tyler Coleman
Tyler Coleman 6 hours ago
I listen to this song a lot sometimes I think he is looking for Change like cents but Love your music
Neeru Yadav
Neeru Yadav 6 hours ago
Thank you nf for being my own therapist, I feel better after every therapy session <3
Givesomeh20 6 hours ago
If u could have aim bot in rap nf would have it
dodgedaytona9090 6 hours ago
YO BROTHA no need to impress. Its been done. Millions have been impressed from your thoughts and clearly physically, mentally, emotionally & lyrically. Thank you for your music bro!$
Dragon_Frost 6 hours ago
Where is the real me? Hidden, covered by a mask that I can't seem to peel off.
Sweet Heart
Sweet Heart 6 hours ago
Hi uh, I cut for my first time today.. I came here right after. I tried fighting doin it.. but eventually I gave in. First time and I decide to come to USshow.. It's not like I have someone to tell in person so.. here I am. NF your music is amazing it helps alot of people everyday.
Dean Victor Santos
Dean Victor Santos 6 hours ago
I'm traumatized again, I think ill stay like this.
svjetlusak 6 hours ago
"I'm a closed book but somehow you learn to read that".... And thank you for that, Berto ❤️
Cassidy Kucan
Cassidy Kucan 6 hours ago
This song is good the best AKA so good
Fe4RLess 6 hours ago
love you
Damien Doodles
Damien Doodles 6 hours ago
Love it
Damien Doodles
Damien Doodles 6 hours ago
Love it
Suzi Savvedge
Suzi Savvedge 6 hours ago
This whole song is an ocean of chills. 🖤 DEFINITELY gonna play this one for the kiddos.
MMA Fight
MMA Fight 6 hours ago
happy gamer 75
happy gamer 75 6 hours ago
I love you he doesn't swear other rap soings have tons of swear words and they dont have a meaning. But he doesn't and has a message
shahbaz haider
shahbaz haider 6 hours ago
best of all ..i can clearly feel the pain in voice ..amazing ..5 star for you
Cassandra Miklas
Cassandra Miklas 6 hours ago
my dad loved this song but he died so now he can hear it above me
Realize 6 hours ago
Delirium montage anyone?
Alex arts
Alex arts 6 hours ago
Eminem son coming like a rocket ❤❤
Big ostrich
Big ostrich 6 hours ago
I love it
Alyssa Stafford
Alyssa Stafford 6 hours ago
denek01 7 hours ago
Max Frausto
Max Frausto 7 hours ago
Isaac Keller
Isaac Keller 7 hours ago
I listen to NF for a long time and his songs are good
Sierra Soza
Sierra Soza 7 hours ago
I'm calling you because I'm a real fan of NF real music
Michael Clayton
Michael Clayton 7 hours ago
Too much keeping score gets us nowhere. Don't really know what was posted on FB and what everyone thinks. Never went it
Cat Meow
Cat Meow 7 hours ago
Spider man: I'm the only man who can stick to things Nf:....hold my microphone *<runs on top of the car and sticks to it>*
Cheyenne ManyHeads
Cheyenne ManyHeads 7 hours ago
Matthew 6:9 “You must pray, then, this way “‘Our Heavenly Father Jehovah God, let your name be sanctified. Let your Kingdom come. Let your will take place, as in heaven, also on earth. Give us today our bread for this day and forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors and do not bring us into temptation but deliver us from the wicked one. In the name of your son Jesus Christ, Amen. God has a name. His name is Jehovah. He's Our Most High Heavenly father. Jesus is Jehovah’s son, Our King. He died for our sins that is why we get forgiven and get a life without pain! A life that is everlasting. pray to him he will hear your prayer this is the right prayer
Miner Mends
Miner Mends 7 hours ago
Did he say "Suckcess"? Eminem said that to.
Jorge Antonio
Jorge Antonio 7 hours ago
all those who give him I do not like are fucking
Tech Matrix
Tech Matrix 7 hours ago
Ok ok hear me out.... what if the kids he missed in the start where going to grow up and be lost... like nf was drawing in the end of his paid my dues video and then those were also the kids he gives the balloons to in the end of leave me alone....I mean I may be stupid but just a thought
Tech Matrix
Tech Matrix 7 hours ago
That could also be his next album, Lost
Jakobi Vore
Jakobi Vore 7 hours ago
I can’t stop listening to this song , this is the best song I’ve ever heard
Mohamed El Azraf
Mohamed El Azraf 7 hours ago
this is the most underated music of nate !!! but its one of the best !!! love it !
Ruben Hulai
Ruben Hulai 7 hours ago
God has provided humanity a way to receive his unconditional Love. He did it by giving his one and only son to die, to be the sacrificial lamb that has wiped out our sins, so that we may have a way to come to him and be with him and be in his love forever.
Wolf Heart Gaming
Wolf Heart Gaming 7 hours ago
I love this new Eminem drop
noticias dominicana hay minutos
noticias dominicana hay minutos 7 hours ago
If you care for nf and his mon you guys are true fan
NATSU DRAGNEEL 7 hours ago
I've got the whole rap now it's time to do it while walking around
Gfgg Cvtg
Gfgg Cvtg 7 hours ago
Lucas Tomic
Lucas Tomic 7 hours ago
Let's see how many people are listening it in November 2020
Septic bell
Septic bell 8 hours ago
New Life Kids
New Life Kids 8 hours ago
You’re music has helped me through the worst times of my life. And for that I thank you so much, god bless you and your falmily 🙏🏻
Максим Кречик
Максим Кречик 8 hours ago
bro you are like evil eminem to me
Stacy Melendez
Stacy Melendez 8 hours ago
Bad ass song always
Debbie Perez
Debbie Perez 8 hours ago
I hate that # . Omg.. 666 likes . Let's change that # please. Let's get some more likes 👍. God bless you 🙏
Baylee Kuhl
Baylee Kuhl 8 hours ago
Why do I think of ash singing this from banana fish😭 Also this is a great song😌😌
Lance Madden
Lance Madden 8 hours ago
Bet we all still be watching this in 4 years
sultan Ramadhan
sultan Ramadhan 8 hours ago
it was 122 M before the corona comes, and now 146 M till now, corona make this music.....
RealJayPeter 8 hours ago
It’s funny how people say NF is underrated when rappers like Rod Wave and Lil Tjay have less subs and views. Don’t get me wrong we fans known him before he blew up in 2017 🔥
ZAC AND ALICIA 8 hours ago
I love the music it's the top 1st I love i would listen to it all day