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Mahamud IT
Mahamud IT 3 seconds ago
Can I say can we see the only one I mean God ? What I understand about this equation is that nothing + some thing is = to some thing . Where science says No thing + some thing= some thing. The unwser is no because God is light we see everything but No thing 12:03 12:32 . So if I say I believe God but can't see Him don't ask me why . Big bang theory says at the first there was no thing and then some thing . Islam says there was always some thing "God" and that is it , you can't ask who created "God" ?!. Quran sura 112 verse 1 SAY, God is one GOD 2 the eternal GOD 3 be begetteth not, neither is he begotten 4 and there is not any one like unto him.
Toumeng moua
Toumeng moua 25 seconds ago
I dont even know how to thank you. This just blew my mind
glasslinger Minute ago
Schrodinger hated cats. Schrodinger BAD MAN! (He should have used a dog!)
edu pile
edu pile 2 minutes ago
happy that there's content like this in youtube
Pythagoras of Samos
Pythagoras of Samos 6 minutes ago
Jesus christ, at least have an epilepsy warning at 1:40
Mark Ridgaway
Mark Ridgaway 8 minutes ago
Veritasium: Half the universe was missing Me: Someone forgot to carry the 2?
joseph jimenez
joseph jimenez 23 minutes ago
A how its made video on this would be kuu how do you make one of these ?
A2017 JSCR
A2017 JSCR 26 minutes ago
Thank you for this. It is Gold.
Pepe Rockola
Pepe Rockola 26 minutes ago
For more than 20 years, I've been trying to tell you that the pyramids were originally built, in the Brazilian Amazon, by the Mayans, to enable them to blow up their balloons, which they used to travel. There was no other way that the Mayans could escape from the Brazilian jungle, other than up through the trees, so they built the pyramids for that sole purpose. The rubber plant is the most prevalent natural resource in Brazil, and they used it to form their balloons. The two air shafts, on the sides of the pyramid, were used to create a vacuum, to suck in the air. The air was then collected in a bubble, under the pyramid, then released into the main shaft, which blew the air out the top. Here, we see King Pakal seated in his basket, looking up at the stars, which they used for navigation. The Mayans were the original Pharaohs of Egypt.
omar sherif
omar sherif 27 minutes ago
U look like tony stark in the suit
エロイ 28 minutes ago
please explain how a soda that has been shaken, doesn't explode when you take off the cap instantly. and instead, only smoke comes out
Fernando Cavarra
Fernando Cavarra 31 minute ago
the most important inventions for humanity and their patents were outraged, made by men of science for humanity ... I hope one day you will talk about this ... And don't end up like Albert Einstein Asking forgiveness for what I believe ... In a world in which human beings have not yet learned to neutralize the evil that we carry within.
Heroic Music
Heroic Music 38 minutes ago
i do that always
Mark Anderson
Mark Anderson 40 minutes ago
Hmm. Covid.
Morpchiuchus 42 minutes ago
This guy really love's inertia👍😂
VALLEY 47 minutes ago
origami is compliant mechanisms but we don't think too much about it
Yoihenba Th
Yoihenba Th 49 minutes ago
Who's watching this in 2020? Just curious!🤔
Hammad Malik
Hammad Malik 50 minutes ago
Simple equation🤔🤔
Amirreza Mosadegh
Amirreza Mosadegh 50 minutes ago
2:48 -Everythings round? -Always has been
10dogs2cats1donkey Hour ago
As a Norwegian l thank this channel for only discussing cod, and not mentioning the shame of our sweetened pickled herrings. Oh well thanks to this video at least now l know why they exist and it's because some severe illnesses are actually worse than eating sugary pickled herrings. Wow.
check m8
check m8 Hour ago
Right now I am struggling to decide whether I want to study electrical engineering or maths
DukeOfEarle88 Hour ago
Cool research.
Sander Kliss
Sander Kliss Hour ago
Omgg sooo cool
Werbe Bewerter
Werbe Bewerter Hour ago
sooooooo my dumb ass is drinking something that was created by the big bang and exists since then.... wtf I can never drink a normal glass of water again.. I drink a Big Bang cocktail
danielsanbsas Hour ago
I think the best point is you was living in Canada, and have not time to assimil the Australian English. you English es very good and very very clear.
Yannis One
Yannis One Hour ago
"legit advertising" "dry water" "wet fire" in each of the sentences above is the same logic error. can you spot it?
Collin Bell
Collin Bell Hour ago
You should really start using mathematica
Bertilla Fabris
Bertilla Fabris Hour ago
Showing an arachnophobe a spider ---> TERRIBLE Removing neocortex from a rat ---> MEH, JUST WHAT WE DO I love this videos and love science, but it would be nice to have a bit more empathy, heh, human species...
sebastian stewart
sebastian stewart Hour ago
You missed how genes can be rewritten by behavior and the gut bacteria.
Conductive Ink Alternative
Conductive Ink Alternative Hour ago
All because the unified field is super symmetrical.
Jeffrey Templeton
Jeffrey Templeton Hour ago
Did my mean Zed? Someone who went to Queens should know there's no letter Zee.
J. Loos
J. Loos Hour ago
Would say 354 wont folow nh?
Conductive Ink Alternative
Conductive Ink Alternative Hour ago
Very interesting.
Jonathan Rice
Jonathan Rice Hour ago
What kind of camera are you using?
B11 - Siriban, Joshua, Gabriel D.
B11 - Siriban, Joshua, Gabriel D. Hour ago
How do you lift this?
BAM5 Hour ago
I'm surprised he didn't say something about how turbulent flow helps break down Cottonelle Flushable Wipes
The person who dont use headphones. Can stay in
3Dv1n G4mer
3Dv1n G4mer Hour ago
Can crazy drive you silent?
JettyBoiiYT 2 hours ago
Who else is watching in quarantine
Melanie Boots
Melanie Boots 2 hours ago
Turbulent flow inspires art. Laminar flow is inspired by art.
iScape Nak3d
iScape Nak3d 2 hours ago
Scientists: "We can't find 50% of the matter in space" Also scientists: "We found the missing 50% of matter. It was in space."
Emanuell Justin Arpon
Emanuell Justin Arpon 2 hours ago
"can we go launch one?" "i thought you'd never ask" Me:interesting....
박민호 2 hours ago
Oh.. When I read the book of James Gleek, I was so excited, though I wasn't able to understand all of it. Now I cannot say that I understood all of it but thanks to the book I have a dream. I want to study about pain. I believe that chaos and systems theory is a great way to understand dynamic pain. I hope that everybody in the world is happy without pain at the end of life. Also, I really agree with that school should teach chaos somewhat. Thank you for this great video so much. I hope my dream comes true. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day.
adib azahari
adib azahari 2 hours ago
Hello everyone this your daily dose of internet.
Robert Okane
Robert Okane 2 hours ago
Is that Scott Manley @1:45?
Hamada AG
Hamada AG 2 hours ago
"it wasn't God, it was Cod" -Someone i don't know
lemuel soberano
lemuel soberano 2 hours ago
Now I know that it's not the subject that is boring, it's the teacher.
Bjarne Fich
Bjarne Fich 2 hours ago
Just loved this video - along all the others on Veritasium. You noted to make more videos, focusing on themes that was "youtube" likeable. While I agree you still need click-able thumbnails and titles (unfortunately), but I still hope you will keep the topics diverse. The diversity is what I really like about Ve. Sometimes I just like to get some "food-for-thought", and your videos really do that. I never know what I get, but you all ways poke my curiosity - whether we are going to space or looking at negative ions in the office.
Okari The Saiyan
Okari The Saiyan 2 hours ago
wtf bro put it back-
M 2 hours ago
when u said "From scratch" i thought u gonna make it like primates
Timur Golovinov
Timur Golovinov 2 hours ago
Akhil appu
Akhil appu 2 hours ago
Put plastic bottles in water reservoir
Vettikkili 2 hours ago
this guy purposefully confusing
Midnight Star
Midnight Star 2 hours ago
I wish i saw it. And the music is relaxing.
Ricardo Paiva
Ricardo Paiva 2 hours ago
Amazing explanation!! Thanks!!
Matthew Axe
Matthew Axe 2 hours ago
If the space between two things is expanding faster than the speed of light does that mean they are, relatively speaking, going further into one another's past? I've phrased that horribly
Youssef Mansour
Youssef Mansour 2 hours ago
like my comment becauseeee... why not and you can
rooxy nala
rooxy nala 2 hours ago
In the beginning of all bs
ramnath prasad m
ramnath prasad m 2 hours ago
A lemon leaf looks like a mandelbrot set with its edges proliferated or smoothed on the edges. If this so, does the thorn associated with each leaf is a new evolution or a genetic change that was not effected as a whole on the set? Does thorn at each leaf indicate the boundaries summationed and it exists?
Mihil Ranathunga
Mihil Ranathunga 2 hours ago
he's so good with strangers. Making small talk. That baby he carries is probably his.
M Ortega
M Ortega 2 hours ago
Waste of my time, what is happening right now is gone, gone forever
Utsav Patel
Utsav Patel 2 hours ago
Biju Karunakaran
Biju Karunakaran 3 hours ago
The real example you should try is Indian civilisation ,with all other Abrahamic and other religion polluting it still see how it come winner even with all caste system as inputs,the result will be awesome ,pls try it ,we already tried it, the result is mind Sanathan Dharam ,only survives ,
Erik Bongers
Erik Bongers 3 hours ago
In daily life, the observation that you need constant force to get constant motion is correct. Try riding a bike and see what happens when you stop pedaling. So it's understandable that when you eliminate friction (like with the big marble) it's not easy for people to suddenly realize that force actually causes acceleration - not motion. I'm curious how physicists (Newton?) figured this out.
Tobias Wegener
Tobias Wegener 3 hours ago
First great editing, second It is really impressive, how in a Vertiasium video Complex units are expressed in a visual way with the 26:1000000 Deuterium/Hydrogen atoms. I would just shortly explain parts per million and use it, but the way he done it; it stays much clearer for the audience. So in short, thank you for the great Educational content. :)
Louise Anthone Lugod
Louise Anthone Lugod 3 hours ago
We are born to Die
We are born to Die 3 hours ago
Parallel universe could be only if the universe is infinite Am i Right?
VALLEY 3 hours ago
whats the like maximum limit of seeds per variety? like how many walnut seeds can you have before they stop accepting it to make room for other seeds?
barış bostanci
barış bostanci 3 hours ago
what is the name of the program he drew the graphics
Андрей Б
Андрей Б 3 hours ago
USshow literally recommended me this 9 year old video right after I was asked this exact question by my son. Wtf, google?!
Stellular Nebulla
Stellular Nebulla 18 minutes ago
Google's got your back. And your information...
Darius Legacy
Darius Legacy 3 hours ago
By the way, highly (lol) recommend watching this when stoned. My mind is thoroughly blown.
VALLEY 3 hours ago
why do i feel like crying?
Jimmy Magoo
Jimmy Magoo 3 hours ago
Um, the current isn’t in the wire, it’s AROUND THE WIRE. Also, magnetism isn’t the same as electricity. You’re smart, but I think you should read some books by Maxwell, Heaviside, Steinmetz, etc. before you start talking about how magnetism and electricity function.
Alex Went
Alex Went 3 hours ago
BS Kids. The nasholes lied about everything!
Thibaut Vermunt
Thibaut Vermunt 3 hours ago
Must watch for every youngster!
Fred Herrman
Fred Herrman 3 hours ago
One question that doesn’t seem to be answered here is why only this reservoir and not ones such as Pyramid Lake, Castaic, Peru, and other reservoirs in California that provide drinking water?
Andy okey
Andy okey 3 hours ago
Yes...i would like to try ...way before these shades ball..but i would like to get to swim im a pool of balls
Esteban el de Damasco Torres
Esteban el de Damasco Torres 3 hours ago
I mean half
Esteban el de Damasco Torres
Esteban el de Damasco Torres 3 hours ago
Have of the universe was missing is because Thanos snapped his fingers
Hulkohol 3 hours ago
But maybe quantum mechanics isnt´t so random at all. Just because we are not seeing the pattern doesnt mean there isn´t one and i think its not as simplistc as a random oders of numbers like 0s and 1s...
Mr Jean Deaux
Mr Jean Deaux 3 hours ago
Vertasium: killing Thor's mystique.
J P 3 hours ago
When you have to hustle hard af that youre a chef and Dj at the same time.
Kshitiz Gupta
Kshitiz Gupta 3 hours ago
Why the rotation of the wheel to such high speeds remove the torque?
Person47 3 hours ago
Dimple Gupta
Dimple Gupta 3 hours ago
well i have got one theory here by looking at the number of dislikes : that people dont like to be tricked😂
Evangelos VOLOTAS
Evangelos VOLOTAS 3 hours ago
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mrwan 3 hours ago
big PP
Rohan Kadam
Rohan Kadam 3 hours ago
Maybe it’s a dumb question..but how or Why does the “r” bifurcates?
Dimple Gupta
Dimple Gupta 3 hours ago
what about the energy lost in maintaining our body temp?? 🤔🧐
Michael Lundy
Michael Lundy 3 hours ago
Where's the build video!? I want one!!
Krystal Myth
Krystal Myth 4 hours ago
Hard for me to get excited over this because it doesn't matter how much you guys talk about it... it's never going to be made available to people like you and me... maybe future generations, but we're going to get fucked over. I can just feel it.
Mike Brian
Mike Brian 4 hours ago
Black balls matter.
Ignacio Argudo Perez
Ignacio Argudo Perez 4 hours ago
Dear, this is my first time writing to you, You catch me as followers&subscriber since I saw your so well made video about radioactivity, Simply a master piece of educational content! I have a degree in industrial engineering and you made me remembered all this cool stuff. About fractals: I had a computerized math class at where we could once play with the constants of different fractal functions. I was amazed to see how beautiful can be plotted (at that time I recall only in 2D) and reach chaos just by changing slightly one parameter of their equations. I would love to see you producing more content showing further “fractals” and eventually their correlation to real systems of nature (I.e. Fibonacci serie, golden aura, etc). Thank you so much for make my Sunday breakfast so enjoyable! Greets from Munich. Ignacio
Daniel Hill
Daniel Hill 4 hours ago
So would the distortion be greater closer to the objects in question? Also, would it be more accurate it the detectors were in space rather than on the planet!
Dinil 4 hours ago
"no clue, oxygen and water? I don't know!!" . . . . 😐
Md Device
Md Device 4 hours ago
What happens if it tips over before it lifts off ?
Rursus 4 hours ago
It is our conceptions of determinism and intedeterminism that are false: our _ability to determine the particulars_ of a deterministic or indeterministic world, is irrelevant. If we have a wave form collapse, only logical outcomes will occur, never illogical. If the number of logical interdependencies of a system is high, the fewer outcomes become logical. *Therefore Parallel Worlds Probably don't exist.* As for the 7:30 "only one wave-function," it is the first *non-sequitur* that I observe here. Particles are *only* entangled if they originate from a common physical process, they aren't entangled by default and then collapsing by accident -- entanglement is the rare case. Then next logical error 7:50 _"so what we've seen is that superposition is just describing the systems with waves"_ -- this is a logical crash of type *reification* since it mixes up the mental operation 'describing' with a phenomenon of the real world. It is also the *non-sequitur* number 2. I'm going to stop here: the video produces nonsense based on flawed thinking. Instead relegate interpretation physics to the real physicists!
Bip MATION ML 4 hours ago
Kaachan 4 hours ago
ugandan pasta
ugandan pasta 4 hours ago
Oh I have had this equation on final math exam in school in russia. Finally found the solution