Nicholas Alcayde
Nicholas Alcayde Minute ago
No British person could ever possibly know what good food is.
Aditya Nair
Aditya Nair 2 minutes ago
What's the original songs name ?
Боримир Иванов
Боримир Иванов 2 minutes ago
I watch more of the video i starve faster
Lucia837 _
Lucia837 _ 3 minutes ago
I’ve actually never heard of Bobby flay before tf😭
jill anderson
jill anderson 3 minutes ago
Gordan: WHAT ARE YOU Me: A terrible theorist who comes up with the worst ideas and can't keep one for more than a day Gordan: NO YOU'RE AN IDIOT SANDWICH
Chloe Willett
Chloe Willett 6 minutes ago
why is food theory of all things my new favorite channel?
Austin Tyler
Austin Tyler 7 minutes ago
Literally watching this to prepare for a trip.
BreeAnaSoFly 7 minutes ago
I started with the fri video and ended with this one ☝️
ScarletPrimrose 8 minutes ago
So like my family brings me to the grocery store so that if they had to return something I would do it did anyone else experience this?
Rachel Clay
Rachel Clay 9 minutes ago
I am enjoying food theory so much. I'm glad it is here
Patricia Dixon
Patricia Dixon 11 minutes ago
please like and subscribe to food theorists , game theorists , film theorists , and the new chanle eloonoty theorists
Patricia Dixon
Patricia Dixon 13 minutes ago
hay Matpat I have a theory for you I made this one up for me here it is. WHY deos Patrick not eat spongbob house. now thats a question !
SaurusRL 18 minutes ago
Did anyone else need like 10 minutes to think about all the stores they go to that do these things?
James Blenkinsopp
James Blenkinsopp 19 minutes ago
My sister made her own cake recipe that doesn't use eggs. It was pretty simple actually, only trouble is that as a broke uni student there's no reason for me to buy flour either or any other baking ingredients because if I want a cake it's cheapest to just buy a premade cake. Edit: I should clarify it turns out as you would expect a cake to, without the downfalls of a lack of egg, plus it didn't use cake mix so didn't have the artificially added chemically things to act as replacement.
Dylan Brown
Dylan Brown 22 minutes ago
I don’t think Gordon Ramsey is actually angry all the time. Part of me thinks it’s partly just for show. Cause anyone ever see how he treats those kids on kids cooking shows? He is simply amazing with kids. Maybe he just hates adults lol. Still I think Ramsey would totally beat Bobby flay
Josh Gorfain
Josh Gorfain 22 minutes ago
Hot dog is a sandwich and pop tarts are ravioli
Yes I am Yes
Yes I am Yes 23 minutes ago
Matpat really has taken filling in boredom to a new level
Frosty_Mentos 25 minutes ago
Anyone else wants to see the chefs to cook a dragonfruit pie at this point?...
Andy Duranova
Andy Duranova 25 minutes ago
I just watched a 16 minute video of a grown man explaining why a sentient glass jar commercial icon is going to take over the universe
Random User
Random User 7 minutes ago
Time well spent
Pastēl_ Hønēy_
Pastēl_ Hønēy_ 26 minutes ago
Huh.. weird, I’ve never had this happen to me before *Maybe because I don’t go shopping at allow*
Jaxon 27 minutes ago
Do you think the usda’s definition used poultry to include eggs? That’s what I thought
Rosie High Queen of all
Rosie High Queen of all 28 minutes ago
Yall have different chip types?
Boxes 3:33
Boxes 3:33 28 minutes ago
I work with the USDA and I swear, they just make crap up.
Router nobe
Router nobe 28 minutes ago
is he in a rooftop in the first scene im just pointing it out cause when you look forward its a supermarket
Bella Tryland Rognerud
Bella Tryland Rognerud 31 minute ago
Arctic Fox
Arctic Fox 37 minutes ago
Calls Babish I liar in the other video. A foolish miscalculation!
Drink Me
Drink Me 38 minutes ago
I can’t wait o go to a theater just to watch the avengers fight the kool aid man
Unknown Chang
Unknown Chang 44 minutes ago
Will Bromberek
Will Bromberek 45 minutes ago
what is the krabby patty secret formula it is a food so it fits here but it is also a film so it also fits in film theory.
Will Bromberek
Will Bromberek 45 minutes ago
what is the krabby patty secret formula it is a food so it fits here but it is also a film so it also fits in film theory.
Ma. Alexandra Miguela Reloj
Ma. Alexandra Miguela Reloj 45 minutes ago
I started with the Hotdog episode and honestly, my fave episode so far is the Tootsie Pop episode.
Edgar Guillen
Edgar Guillen 51 minute ago
Being a marketing major has made me be aware of all the tactics and I no longer get tricked 🤣
I Burned My Grill And I Walked Away
I Burned My Grill And I Walked Away 53 minutes ago
The Answer Is:Gordon Ramsay
Rommel's Panzer Corps
Rommel's Panzer Corps 57 minutes ago
Oh yeah corn flakes i remember from history's show foods that shape america a food where it was only use medically then was stolen by another business man only to be accidentally made by the younger brother Then the facility burnt down to the ground then the older brother let him make his food company
Chaos 59 minutes ago
Wait if there is really infinite realities then doesn’t that mean that this is a real thing in another world, and therefore, he can travel to our universe?
Königin des Chaos
Königin des Chaos Hour ago
1. Put the lollipop in a drill and just let it do it's thing. ( Ideal by the lifehacks video by the spacefrogs)
KG Larson
KG Larson Hour ago
five guys fries a trash...fight me.
Rokas Rerroca
Rokas Rerroca Hour ago
Flay is wildly overrated; Ramsay is...Ramsay.
Moist Banana 1234
Moist Banana 1234 Hour ago
Ok I know that thumbnails are hard not to make look clickbaity, but THIS is too far
sksksksk _turtles
sksksksk _turtles Hour ago
Jarbie Hour ago
I know I’m late but when he said “my cake world has gone upside down” my ipad that I’m using went upside down
Amaster 75
Amaster 75 Hour ago
Eh, im a robert irving fan
mujtaba khan
mujtaba khan Hour ago
You forgot to say AAAAAAND CUT that makes me sad
Berke Gunal
Berke Gunal Hour ago
Quinn Ava
Quinn Ava Hour ago
“so we’re gonna tare it, which means we’ll only be getting the weight of the fries” partakers of the jazz cabbage: “lmao sis we been knew”
HotIce Z
HotIce Z Hour ago
Is it possible for you to adjust the food theory symbol to be more symmetrical? Its difficult to look at
Help me Get to 5k subs by the end of quarantine
Help me Get to 5k subs by the end of quarantine Hour ago
Mat pat hates #3
Irv P
Irv P Hour ago
Iron-Mike and Mat-the-Pat, a knockout combination!
Frekan. TV
Frekan. TV Hour ago
Well done, your giving them ideas
whatish thishshiz
whatish thishshiz Hour ago
All I am saying is if Matpat starts a "Drug theory" channel, we know where the money is going.
Sean Patrick Bueno
Sean Patrick Bueno Hour ago
Can someone do a video of this, in it is just matpat saying the word egg/eggs
Pug gamer
Pug gamer Hour ago
Video about gold teeth?? (Why would people want them??!)
Tem Studioz
Tem Studioz Hour ago
i did get to the center of a tootsie pop when i was like 8 and im 10 now.and the grand total licks was 239
Heavy weapons guy
Heavy weapons guy Hour ago
Why does forks usually have 4 points in stead of 3 or 2! 2 would kinda do the same job, so why 4
Eryn the meh
Eryn the meh Hour ago
When I clicked on the video an ad came out, it was about cooking and Gordon Ramsay was in the ad I was like terrified
HotIce Z
HotIce Z Hour ago
Is there any way you guys can make the food theory symbol more symmetrical? It's tough to look at
JAYARAJ N R Hour ago
Wheres the lamb sauce ?
Dreams Keeper
Dreams Keeper Hour ago
I think it's a stronger Golden Bat :)
The Battle Cats fun
The Battle Cats fun Hour ago
Are you really licking tootsie pops by yourself? Matpat: no, I'm with the theory team!
Microwavable Metal
Microwavable Metal Hour ago
Kaden PortalAppa
Kaden PortalAppa Hour ago
When Im watching Food Theory, it makes me feel very hungry .
종달새 TV
종달새 TV 2 hours ago
13:52 look at the circles out. There will definitely be a fourth channel maybe the color blue
TBH_Spazing 2 hours ago
Gordan go boxing ring
some one
some one 2 hours ago
I like the entro
Toph Beifong
Toph Beifong 2 hours ago
agh i hate when the store makes me buy a zoo thank god someone called it out
kolepro6 gaming
kolepro6 gaming 2 hours ago
What is made in craby patays
N o
N o 2 hours ago
kolepro6 gaming
kolepro6 gaming 2 hours ago
GiVe Me AlL yOuR eGg PuNs
pranklimulator 2 hours ago
Screenermap 2 hours ago
Wait a minute WHAT!!!!!!
Austin Mitchell
Austin Mitchell 2 hours ago
Watch Wendy’s post this on Twitter and start insulting the other fast food restaurant
3N4M _777
3N4M _777 2 hours ago
What if the enderman from Minecraft are somehow related to SCP-096 Endermen=SCP-096
kolepro6 gaming
kolepro6 gaming 2 hours ago
Im eating sandwiches my hole life Nice.
Feral Crafter
Feral Crafter 2 hours ago
This guy is an over actor, his family thinks his food isn't good, and he's full of himself. No! He won't fail in front of the camera ... because that's how the industry milks they fail cow!
XwingMechanic 2 hours ago
Holup! Are we just going to ignore the abomination that is SOUR PATCH GOGURT?!
Muffin Gaming
Muffin Gaming 2 hours ago
People that use spoons for ice cream=small brain. People that use the fries to scoop ice cream=big brain.
PJ Dianalan
PJ Dianalan 2 hours ago
Did you know that in the Philippines that McDonald's has curly fries?
Safala Bista
Safala Bista 2 hours ago
MatPat could straight up make a theory saying humans are actually dogs and I’d watch it (and believe it).
Nima 2 hours ago
I feel like this is a you *only* problem. Maybe its just me or where I live but, I find most people don't impulse buy as badly as you are making it. I speak for myself for this but, I usually just buy exactly what I need. If I didn't want gum, I'm not buying gum.
Foreskin thief
Foreskin thief 2 hours ago
idiot burrito
idiot burrito 2 hours ago
hehe... theewee...
Dan I_ doethedishes
Dan I_ doethedishes 2 hours ago
Ngl i didnt know who Bobby Flet was before this
XwingMechanic 2 hours ago
You had me at licking machine...
OP Games
OP Games 2 hours ago
I am trying to be come a chef and I will have gordon taste and love my food that is my gole before seting out to sea
AhmedZScarf 3 hours ago
I just keep looking at my phone and buy stuff.
Justin Ganz
Justin Ganz 3 hours ago
I just bit into it and I got to the bottom in 10 seconds
11footmidget 3 hours ago
How am I supposed to fit a month's worth of food in a basket? Might fit two days worth of food for me.
iamtaco987 3 hours ago
Don't lock it just keep it in your mouth
Donald Kondowe
Donald Kondowe 3 hours ago
The ad was about Gordon Ramesy
Dylan Keith
Dylan Keith 3 hours ago
You can do it in 1 lick by circling your tongue around it
Marie Last Name
Marie Last Name 3 hours ago
I just got a Gordon Ramsey masterclass commercial Edit: whoops a million other people already commented this
R.Vincent A.
R.Vincent A. 3 hours ago
Wow he's doing things we engineers do in practice, just not on fries.
Kai Shane
Kai Shane 3 hours ago
I can see Jamie Oliver standing in a dark corner watching
WPC gg
WPC gg 3 hours ago
u never cease to amaze me matpat
Clau Dion
Clau Dion 3 hours ago
Me who uses hot sauce ketchup mayonaise *Carefully stuff sauce in mouth*
Tamunoteim Princewill
Tamunoteim Princewill 3 hours ago
Me crying after realising there will never be a McDonald's in Nigeria
Will Scura
Will Scura 3 hours ago
*sigh* Man, I don't want to be that guy, but did you have to use Chic-Fil-A? I know I cant be the only one on this either.
T. Inoue
T. Inoue 3 hours ago
Gordon Ramsay has a more diverse range of expertise and even had a show where he immersed and learned various Middle Eastern and Asian culinary techniques. I can follow his Asian recipes and it would taste very authentic. Bobby Flay appeared in a Japanese morning show before and the people were disappointed because he's known to be the best in American Iron Chef.
Doge The Furry
Doge The Furry 3 hours ago
1'230 licks. I tested it on a field to inner space caverns.
xX •Moony Gachaz• Xx
xX •Moony Gachaz• Xx 3 hours ago
Thanos: I am the most powerful marvel villa- *”OH YEAH?”*