I'm not sorry.
9 months ago
KT W 43 seconds ago
I think it's nice how D'Angelo uplifts himself. Because he's always right
Kristin Griffith
Kristin Griffith Minute ago
I feel like D'Angelo is one of the few beacons to come out of 2020. Stay rad, stay humble. You seem to be on a good path.
ferre feys
ferre feys Minute ago
Arias Beardslee
Arias Beardslee 2 minutes ago
Thank Cuties for a new subsciber.
Nani Nani
Nani Nani 3 minutes ago
melissa parra
melissa parra 3 minutes ago
I didn't even question why he's in a car 😂
Manisha Balabantaray
Manisha Balabantaray 5 minutes ago
You're so genuine...
banana plants
banana plants 5 minutes ago
that probably why people like tik Tok stars picture a being leaked how can someone go into your iCloud and take your picture?
alvin real
alvin real 6 minutes ago
So basically this movie was release so who ever watch it you’ll go to Netflix jail
Jennifer Jones
Jennifer Jones 6 minutes ago
I have very bad anxiety and listen to podcasts to sleep. It's the only thing that helps. You should make a podcast just reading bedtime stories or any stories really. I very much enjoy your voice. It's deep and smooth. It could definitely lull me to sleep. O really hope that is not creepy lol
your a bot
your a bot 10 minutes ago
Nabeeha Najaf
Nabeeha Najaf 10 minutes ago
This family straight up copies Mr. Beast bruh
mochichi 83
mochichi 83 11 minutes ago
What is that song😂 that threw me all the way off
i totally agree with you
i totally agree with you 11 minutes ago
But why
i totally agree with you
i totally agree with you 10 minutes ago
Good question.
i totally agree with you
i totally agree with you 10 minutes ago
But why though?
i totally agree with you
i totally agree with you 11 minutes ago
Why not?
Rachel Kinsella
Rachel Kinsella 12 minutes ago
Ye I always wondered how “she” made so much highly detailed videos
Izzy Bee
Izzy Bee 12 minutes ago
I think the only time you can blame someone is when a suicidal person has had their guns taken away because theyre suicidal and someone gives them back... and then they commit suicide. But other than that no, you cant be a cause of someone else committing suicide really
Angela Tabachik
Angela Tabachik 12 minutes ago
have you seen dance moms its a 10 year running show
Angela Tabachik
Angela Tabachik 13 minutes ago
I also have a major issue with adults in young rolls because of the expectations i felt as a kid who doesn't look like this 13 girl who is actually 23. the girls don't undress. dance moms has been on tv for 10 years and no one talks about there dancing being sexualized and there wearing less clothing than the girls in this film. as a 13 year old if i was asked to have my pants pulled down on camera and they explained why I would not feel unsafe doing it. when i was 14 i got myself into a hell of a lot more trouble than these girls. girls are smarter than there given credit and have you heard of good boys? i really dont think you should tell people to criticize it without seeing it. boys dont get what girls went threw and are going threw you missed the point
PogoLothoin 19 minutes ago
I wish young adults could run the world, all these old farts are corrupt, disgusting and lost.
Angela Tabachik
Angela Tabachik 21 minute ago
Think you missed the point.
banana plants
banana plants 21 minute ago
Juice world die a month after! I did not have the app at the time but screw tik tok the cursed him but also my my two friends cry their eye balls out
beatris lumis
beatris lumis 28 minutes ago
I like the little handshacking thing you did when fixing ur glasses at the begguining. It was just a perfect little tuch. Chiefs kiss😘👌
dead channel
dead channel 29 minutes ago
right, left, we all hate kiddie-fiddlers
Kirsty Kirby
Kirsty Kirby 29 minutes ago
First time Ive seen your videos and had to hit subscribe as soon as you said you dont understand how facebook is still around. Literally laughed out loud. Couldn't agree more, left it ages ago and never looked back.
Just Shut Up Pls
Just Shut Up Pls 30 minutes ago
i got a netflix ad on a video about.. netflix being stupid?
AnimeGirl 8792
AnimeGirl 8792 30 minutes ago
Ironic if this was release back before now it wouldn’t get so much backlash
SocialBirb 32 minutes ago
Wtf he talkin bout Wallace on fleek with his outfit smh
Thine Frick
Thine Frick 34 minutes ago
Ok but my dogs eat chicken but loves me...so all nomads that eat meat are species-it’s?
xXmastermintsXx 37 minutes ago
"Completely dry on the inside - Ben Shapiro style." I almost threw up laughing at that
Wendy Ubani
Wendy Ubani 39 minutes ago
You are so beautiful 😭😭😭
ya boi19
ya boi19 40 minutes ago
Ben Shapiro style😂😂😂
rigby1890 43 minutes ago
That was a prety good one man
Dionne O'Daine
Dionne O'Daine 45 minutes ago
anybody got the link to his bath water lmaoooo
Taryn Rehfeld
Taryn Rehfeld 45 minutes ago
Let’s stop the objectification of young women and children by, and get this.... OBJECTIFYING YOUNG CHILDREN!!!!
Ghabriabdou 46 minutes ago
Having an 11 year old twerk to quran is, well, a quaint combo of disgust.
Orange 48 minutes ago
Tiktok gon get deleted this Sunday ayy
Matey 50 minutes ago
I haven't seen the scene where the protagonist gets her pants pulled down by bullies, must've been removed. Nvm I forgot I skipped through the fight because it was boring i.imgur.com/Vy6TtkC.png
Alia McDaniel
Alia McDaniel 51 minute ago
Literally I was watching another reaction video and 13 and 14 year olds were making comments about how they watched the movie even though it was TV-MA. Kids should not be able to watch this movie! Neither should adults for that matter 😟
Kara 54 minutes ago
As a mother, I'm extremely appalled. Netflix is about to be cancelled.
Team Photic
Team Photic 54 minutes ago
Bruh i got a raid ad
Opal Robinson
Opal Robinson 56 minutes ago
I am late to this video, but I’m still going to comment my thoughts regardless if anyone sees it. I watched the movie, I probably watched about 55 mins of the hour+ that it was just because it was very slow in some parts and I just wanted to get through it. These are sort of my hot takes and I could have missed some key points which would serve as answers to my questions so someone correct me if I missed something. Not only was I appalled by this film, I would also just like to say that there were some serious plot holes. I understand that it was supposed to be in the perspective of Amy but I really felt like her stealing her cousin’s phone, for what seemed like WEEKS and then months was the most major for me. How he would not have known it was her and when he did find out, why would he just let her keep it? Isn’t it set in present day? Wouldn’t he have enabled find-my-phone tracking or canceled his plan? Up to this point it seemed as if Amy had no concept or access to technology like that and suddenly she knows everything. Perhaps I am not giving kids enough credit considering many children are introduced to iPads and such in a school setting anyways, at least in the US. Of course, I don’t know that much about schools in France. -I am not even going to touch on her trying to disrobe after her cousin finds her with the phone... like it’s too much to unpack lol.- Another things about the schools, I don’t know much but they were supposedly 11? But when Amy starts acting out at school and dressing like Sandy after her alt girl switcheroo in grease, the boys who start commenting on her appearance look much much older than them. I would guess 15 or 16 at least. So I am just wondering if the middle schools and high schools are within the same grounds or it is all one area?? Idk lol. I feel like this film touched so gently on certain topics and focused too much on others, obviously that being the exploitation. Amy getting her period for the first time was a milestone in the film where I feel as though that could have been more expanded on because it is something that other girls of all ages can relate to and in relationship to ones culture. The storyline surrounding her father remarrying and coming to live with them seemed strong and that was obviously the main conflict of interest. Amy conflicted between culture and tradition, seeing her mother in so much emotional pain and disassociated from her children, and then this life outside her home. I feel as though the portrayal of her life at home and being somewhat forced to grow up is an adequate synopsis of what a lot of children of immigrants and what POC who still live in their homeland go through, however, using that as a parallel to further the narrative that she is being forced to grow up in a world outside of her home was not clicking for me. Besides the bullying from the group of girls, it didn’t seem like there was much harassment outside of that. I felt like this the whole film. It’s like the producers just introduced a bunch of topics and plots that were supposed to further the story and instead they were these short, undeveloped overviews of what was happening. AND THEN LMFAOOO!!! Amy’s attempted drowning of one of the group members whom she watched struggle in the canal, just because. Of course we know it was to take her spot on stage but holy hell LOL. You’re just going to watch her nearly drown for over a minute? Most of the film was tolerable besides their music video where Amy starts embracing just completely going off the rails, that was difficult to watch and I skipped through a bit of that, though did watch the bit with the security officers. Anyhow... the end is really what had me feeling really disgusting. The fact that the dance wasn’t a minute long, just when I thought the final performance was over, IT KEPT GOING. The crowd starts booing and a mother shields her child’s face. The fact that the crowd was mostly adults is upsetting to me, I would assume most of them would be parents of the contestants but the fact that it was said and insinuated that the other teams were just as provocative is uncomfortable to me. However, I understand the culture that takes place in dance competitions (not all) and beauty pageants which I feel as though are grooming to make the children present as adults and that’s what they are judged on. Again, hot take lol, but beauty pageants are certainly child exploitation especially when they start them as young as three or four *cough*toddlersintiaras*cough*... and then the film just ends after Amy has her mic drop moment and runs home before the wedding. Aside from the blatant encouragement and distribution of child exploitation and sexualization of children - this was an unresolved and undeveloped movie with no conclusion. It was an objectively bad movie in my opinion. There are some films that I just don’t like although have good portions and those I would say to me are subjective despite my dislike but this is.... something else.
Opal Robinson
Opal Robinson 55 minutes ago
Congrats if you got through this entire 5 paragraph ESSAY of a comment - I apologize lol
Thine Frick
Thine Frick 57 minutes ago
I hate when people are all like: “Omg your art is so good! It would be better if you got a bunch of expensive things!” Bought the shit, it looked worse than the original, and then never used it again.
EvanMstr Hour ago
If you hate Cuties, you love Trump.
EvanMstr 45 minutes ago
@dio.tsuki ok trump lover, go love trump some more xd
dio.tsuki 46 minutes ago
Nah, if you like seeing minors sexualized, you shouldn't exist
Plague Doctor
Plague Doctor Hour ago
New yorker is liberal not left lmao
Ansel Hour ago
I just noticed that we have the same bedsheets... I feel connected
EvanMstr Hour ago
The point of the movie was to address what is happening with preteen girls right now. If you're uncomfortable with the movie, good, you're supposed to be. But, that anger is supposed to be directed back at changing what is happening in real life, not at the movie depicting real life. If you hate Cuties, than you hate being held responsible.
EvanMstr Minute ago
@dio.tsuki oop
dio.tsuki Minute ago
@EvanMstr yeah I am
EvanMstr 2 minutes ago
@dio.tsuki damn, u mad, lmao
dio.tsuki 4 minutes ago
@EvanMstr aight trump lover
EvanMstr 44 minutes ago
@dio.tsuki they didnt sexualize the kids. u did. go love trump some more?
Alexander Kehoe the First
Alexander Kehoe the First Hour ago
I love your hair bro
Brian Michael Finn
Brian Michael Finn Hour ago
Movie exploits children by creating scenes of twerking and a sexualized poster.... youtubers further exploiting children by showing those clips and the Netflix poster... soooooooo..... whose the bad guy again? lol
April Hour ago
Hey 9 month old video. I'd like to tell you that even though over-edited racial meme's stopped tickeling the teenage "edgy" boys fancy the N word is still a major issue in those circles. So sadly you're still relevant. But great point, I will keep calling them stupid for being stupid 👍
Beauty Wonders
Beauty Wonders Hour ago
Is this cuties movie based on something bc I feel like if this is based on something true then I guess it’s kind of ok (obviously without the graphic scenes) since it’s portraying something true but if it’s not I feel like it’s horrible.
Hornytoad Hour ago
Putting this weirdo beside D"Angelo in any context just emphasizes what a borderline insane still-single Uncle Greg he is.
pralienene Hour ago
less unclearly
Katelynn Watkins
Katelynn Watkins Hour ago
I honestly thought it wouldn’t be as bad as it was, so I kinda gave it a chance but when I watched it omg I was so shocked at how bad it was like I thought it was just like tiktok dances and a little bit of butt (which I still don’t rlly agree with) but it was SOOO much more than that. it was repulsive
Sofía Sanabria
Sofía Sanabria Hour ago
Day 1 of commenting on his latest video so that he reviews all the ariana grande albums
Eroou Apple
Eroou Apple Hour ago
I think “alpha” refers more to the Ideal man, not the masculine leader of the pack and trying to get closer to that goal. Everyone has a different indea of who an “alpha” man should be so it can get pretty subjective. And also the shouting feels more to me like something meant to inspire confidence. Something like what motivational speakers do when they give speeches. They raise the tone of their voice.
Caroline Edgeworth
Caroline Edgeworth Hour ago
Thanks for doing this. I watched the movie recently and was very confused when I finished it. I didn’t know what to think about it
Eseercam Hour ago
Why is he yelling? He like one of those infomercial dudes yelling about a product! Oh wait-
Cait Hour ago
my hot take is that there is worse sexualization of minors on tik tok. even if we don’t want to see it it’s there and it’s real, without a film crew and without fictional character names, without a psychologist to help them.
Wisteria Demon
Wisteria Demon Hour ago
So basically their logic is: Only we can kill animals and pitbulls are the most disgusting dogs. (Aren't they being racist to the dog species?) I had a pitbull and she was the most highly trained and kind dog. Even if a stranger walked up, she'll watch for my reaction(if i get hostile or if I'm nice) and she'll do the same. She died over 2 years ago and i miss her dearly but pitbulls aren't mean unless u make them mean. Over years of abuse and other bullshit, pit bulls would be hostile(hell i would too if someone beat me everyday, we all have our breaking points) Now, i want another pitbull puppy. Also, somewhere in the comments someone said that they kidnapped and killed an 8 year old's puppy... What the hell? I don't even know where to begin. I thought they wanted people to join PETA?
estella holmes
estella holmes Hour ago
am i the only one that loves the trumpet intro music
paper kay
paper kay Hour ago
Well, a social commentary movie would, whereas movies like Mulan get all the praise and applause ever. Such is the world we live in. Fantasyland where all poor little girls are all future Joan of Arcs, and not desperate to belong and get attention. Since it's, you know, okay if someone kills for approval of the government, but twerking is a fuck no.
Fatima Chambely Syed
Fatima Chambely Syed Hour ago
Sign petition to cancel cuties chng.it/rgDDPWTSSm
Leigh Anne Thomas
Leigh Anne Thomas Hour ago
Bevelyn Beatty went to France to confront the distributors at their office!! Its on Instagram. . . . .
KvngCobra Hour ago
7:20 *N O.*
Solid Snake
Solid Snake Hour ago
Cute isn't just looks ya know. I waited tables at weekends for a while just before I bought my first house. I'm average looking about a 6, the minute I switch off my frown and put on my charm, smile, wit, mild cockyness and switch body language I instantly turn cute and my tips, fan club, lady freinds go over the roof. Its a compliment fool. You got to learn to be all 4. Mr Hot doesn't give a fuck about people's feelings. Mr Cool Attracts Animals, babies and old people. Mr Handsome attracts divorced Milfs and Cougars. Mr Cute Attracts Everyone!
Wolf Moon
Wolf Moon Hour ago
So YT's algorithm freaks out when someone says a swear word in their video, but it's ok to have a cult promoting drugs 😡😱🤬😤🤯 I guess I'm not awaken 🤦🏻‍♀️ because that just sucks imo. Wov.
Makayla Toole
Makayla Toole Hour ago
why does this matter
Samantha Bilton
Samantha Bilton Hour ago
I’m not even allowed to drive because if my seizures this trend pissed me off soooo much
CheesyDelphox Hour ago
I haven't watched Cuties. In fact, I hope I never will. But I have read articles detailing the plot and meaning of the movie. At its core, I have to admit the story isn't conceptually terrible, despite the fact that it could be seen as a cardboard cutout of many other stories. A young girl rebelling against her oppressive religion/family/society is a good story. A bit overdone, but a good story. However, in this case, the religion is made out to be a terrible villain, like one out of a dystopian YA novel. I'm not Muslim and I know nothing about the Islam faith, but if I did, I would be upset if my religion was made to look like some terrible movie villain, holding the hero back and making them suffer. The sexualization is something to address as well- It's disgusting. There is no excuse for portraying children like this. Both the producers of the movie and the people at Netflix who allowed their platform to be a place for this movie should be punished. Hypocritical garbage.
Alexis Parisian
Alexis Parisian Hour ago
I guess they never miss huh
Sibongile Z
Sibongile Z Hour ago
You're hilarious 🤣🤣🤣
Kaitlin Pb
Kaitlin Pb Hour ago
So eloquently put as always
Caitlin Robinson
Caitlin Robinson Hour ago
I've had friends that watched this and they told me it wasn't that bad and they recommend it. They usually have good taste and aren't weirdos, but this does have me rethink watching it. I do think the filmmaker had good intentions. And I do think France is much more lenient on things like this(in this case, not a good thing). I wont make excuses for her, but i don't like that people are threatening to murder her.
Mintyhoshii Hour ago
Ok out of topic,, but the bgm,, is that KIRBY????
Solid Snake
Solid Snake 2 hours ago
Single Mom's go on about him. Hehe he Reminds me of that guy Derrick Jaxn and Prince Ea he just says what you want to hear or are willing to hear.
Ansley Ball
Ansley Ball 2 hours ago
Thank you so much for making this video. I agree with you that this issue is in no way inherently political. It is not a left vs right issue, it's a "let's protect these children" issue. But I do believe someone can have the opinion that a certain political party will do more (and is doing more) to stop issues like this. It's the Republicans calling for the investigation of this movie. It's Trump's administration that took down Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. (Something a Clinton administration would never had done) And it's Trump's direction that led to tens of thousands of pedophile arrests with thousands of children saved from pedophile rings. That is something the Obama-Biden administration did even not come close to in 8 years. That is not to say that the left is pro-pedophile, just that people passionate about this issue are allowed to say which party is doing more to fight against it.
Mouavek One Two Three
Mouavek One Two Three 2 hours ago
Bro how are you so dumb it's obviously made to attract pedophiles for extra money so fucking obvious