AMBUSH (At home special)
HOW TO DATE (Cat Edition)
11 months ago
Year ago
Sunny Spot
Year ago
Idea Simon's cat: The movie Plot: In the middle of the night, the cat sneaks out to go to wacky adventures involving romance, and meeting new animals. They come face to face with a aggressive cat. So than that includes fighting the man. And the cat goes to new places too. (You think of the rest) Any time limit Any logo you can think of Any release date Any music
Amdad H
Amdad H 2 hours ago
Best of best show
Madeleine Alvaro semedo
Madeleine Alvaro semedo 2 hours ago
C est vraiment trop mignon
linda chandler
linda chandler 3 hours ago
Wynona Lee
Wynona Lee 3 hours ago
Soo cute ❤️😻
Katelyn3666 3 hours ago
This is super cute. I used to play fetch with my cats. I used the plastic seal on a milk gallon for them and they loved it.
Елена Степанова
Елена Степанова 3 hours ago
jeneliza antigue
jeneliza antigue 5 hours ago
This cat is super sweet
jeneliza antigue
jeneliza antigue 6 hours ago
This video is super funny
jeneliza antigue
jeneliza antigue 6 hours ago
I wish there's more videos because it reminds me of a baby cat that i saw before
jeneliza antigue
jeneliza antigue 6 hours ago
I wish there's more videos and i can watch them everyday
jeneliza antigue
jeneliza antigue 6 hours ago
Simon cat is the coolest and it makes me laugh every time i watch it
jeneliza antigue
jeneliza antigue 6 hours ago
Simon cat if my favorite cartoon so it makes me laugh and i always want to watch it
Richard Acosta
Richard Acosta 6 hours ago
Can you do a special series of episodes where Simon’s Cat becomes friends with Teddy the stray cat. And can you have Teddy adopted eventually. You can make it a Cats Protection special, and you can show how much Teddy appreciate a new loving home. Honestly that episode messed me up.
Valentinus Hari Gunawan
Valentinus Hari Gunawan 6 hours ago
0FanMusic 11 hours ago
Stephanie Price
Stephanie Price 11 hours ago
As a person who is single handedly trying to help 13 ( 10 are babies ) neighborhood cats I feel this piece big time. One of the babies always wants in ( and admittingly I've let her ) . However, whenever I see her family out there it makes me want to cry. So to be fair to them I place her back out side. Then I feel like junk because she was all happy and then had to go back. But I just cant take seeing all those little bodies out there while one is in my home. I think she understands though because she'll jump right out of my arms when I open the door and she will start walking away. Fingers crossed they make it through the winter
Bob alcantra
Bob alcantra 14 hours ago
I know, maybe Teddy can be adopted by Simon's Punk Rock drummer neighbor. Something good has to happen to Teddy, Simon's cat clearly live in a cat people neighborhood. Maybe some hippie girl finds him. You gotta hook Teddy up.
DVD and blu ray VHS movie trailer DVD VHS trailer
DVD and blu ray VHS movie trailer DVD VHS trailer 15 hours ago
Human man name Tommy
That Crack Deku
That Crack Deku 15 hours ago
Adopted black cat nearly two years ago and I love my little goblin. She eats flies and protects me from house spider she is the best fur baby, I love you Catra!
Tomy Power
Tomy Power 16 hours ago
Yes assenting funny
peni 16 hours ago
the snail race I almost died laughing
Nerdy Snailie
Nerdy Snailie 18 hours ago
That's what happens when you ignored the warning sign XD .. you kinda brought a hurricane to your house lol
Michele Moore
Michele Moore 19 hours ago
I make these noises all day the Animal Clinic, with my fiancé David and I point at my mouth!!! Think I’m hooked on Simon? 😂
Opera Phantom Face
Opera Phantom Face 21 hour ago
The ROFLCopter has been revived! ROFL:ROFL:ROFL:ROFL ___^___ _ L __/ [] \ LOL===__ \ L \___ ___ ___] I I ----------/
SHORT FILMS! 21 hour ago
I love your vids!
Brenda Renee
Brenda Renee 22 hours ago
I love this video
Vio Van Helsing
Vio Van Helsing 22 hours ago
Simon looking at his model ship like: "It's just not the same without a cat here to immediately destroy this."
Elizangela Cintra
Elizangela Cintra 23 hours ago
Richard Acosta
Richard Acosta 23 hours ago
I'm an owner of a 1and a half year old cat,(my first cat) and I am a recent fan of Simons cat. I discovered it looking for advice when my cat Casper went missing. It worked out in the end. The reason I'm commenting now is because this episode really got to me. Please please please make Teddy Simons friend later and please can you give him a happier situation along the way. Maybe get him adopted near by or by Simon himself. Whatever works for you. I know it's just animation but this one got me.
Оксана Fan Оксана
Оксана Fan Оксана Day ago
Christ Lift
Christ Lift Day ago
So cute 🥰
Ольга Шев
Ольга Шев Day ago
I D Day ago
Ich liebe Simon's Cat!
。ブルボン Day ago
Luciana Wolfie
Luciana Wolfie Day ago
I found my childhood 🤗
William Jones
William Jones Day ago
2:44 I’m think I’m gonna be sick.🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮
Blissollie Day ago
Loving thissss
Tabata Pietra
Tabata Pietra Day ago
sari D
sari D Day ago
Igual que mi misi, así era para despertarme y para llevarlo al vet no dejaba de maulla todo el caminó. Lo extraño tanto😭
peni Day ago
That handshake was hilarious, kudos to the animation it was intricate work, well done.
juan manuel ruiz villamil
juan manuel ruiz villamil Day ago
Hola lindo gatito 😚🤩🤩
juan manuel ruiz villamil
juan manuel ruiz villamil Day ago
Hola. gati
Michael Denison
Michael Denison Day ago
And here is where it begins!
Mar Barreto
Mar Barreto Day ago
Lo adoro!!...from Canary Island. Thanks
Christina Hamilton
Christina Hamilton Day ago
One of my cats can't make decisions. She just walks in/out the door, and just when I think she wants to come in, she's just thinking, "You know what? Maybe I'll stay inside/outside for just a little longer."
Zedrick channel BG
Zedrick channel BG Day ago
This is so cool animation
Christina Hamilton
Christina Hamilton Day ago
Headbutts, exposing their belly (once), and sometimes never leaving me alone. All of these things came from the video, and that's all the ways my four cats show appreciation of me.
Нуризат Аманатова
Нуризат Аманатова Day ago
Весёлинький мультик
Charmaine Morgan
Charmaine Morgan Day ago
So sad. I hope this kitty gets adopted.
High Majorus
High Majorus Day ago
Love your feral humans too.
Сергей Ермаков
Сергей Ермаков Day ago
Danz Respuesto
Danz Respuesto Day ago
And then da grey one kitten drinked his coffee XD Hmm me bored i liked wAtching dis.
Danz Respuesto
Danz Respuesto Day ago
Lol like they just met each other and got away
ExoCat Day ago
5 star
анастасия мухина
анастасия мухина Day ago
Очень милая и добрая история🥺🌺
Etan Day ago
What are the cats named?
Alexia Dowdy
Alexia Dowdy Day ago
When I saw the titanic my reaction was 👁👄👁