Duniel 2
Duniel 2 2 hours ago
and this is how the Nintendo switch lite is born
gay crazyman
gay crazyman 2 hours ago
An about watch some toon link po$n
ღ G r a c i e c r o s s i n g ღ
ღ G r a c i e c r o s s i n g ღ 2 hours ago
Aww<3 these two are so cute!
Gee Zer
Gee Zer 2 hours ago
When will Nintendo release a new 2d Mario game? And if u do Nintendo, I don't wanna hear bop bop bop And pls don't be called new super Mario bros u deluxe u
amelia Sallinen
amelia Sallinen 2 hours ago
aries fire
aries fire 3 hours ago
Beam Ang
Beam Ang 3 hours ago
Can it play on mobile??
Waluigi for Smash
Waluigi for Smash 3 hours ago
Please Waluigi for smash please?
Blanca YT6
Blanca YT6 3 hours ago
to the people who created animal crossing new horizons can you pls ad space for at least 5 or 3 for villager space pleese
Waluigi for Smash
Waluigi for Smash 3 hours ago
Waluigi for smash please?
lulegao 3 hours ago
Nintendo: shows Summer update. Me who lives on the south hemisphere: :| It is literally snowing on my island.
Christopher Wood
Christopher Wood 3 hours ago
Morrowind needs to be on the switch. How hard could it be!?
gigihabib 3 hours ago
Tim Delhaas
Tim Delhaas 3 hours ago
Would’ve been better if they made Charles Martinez wear the Mario costume
Christian /glossyhin
Christian /glossyhin 3 hours ago
“So he can up to 4 blades” me, who’s beaten the game: LIAR
M_Dutch97 3 hours ago
Twilight Princess HD next Nintendo!!!
Liam 3 hours ago
No games No features No fun Give us your money
Deniz Lion
Deniz Lion 3 hours ago
Switch online is so f slow and it costs money. The wii u was faster and it didn't cost money. And u dont need an app to do voice chat in wii u
TheOne ZeroManiac
TheOne ZeroManiac 3 hours ago
But rip there’s another one the legacy still continues
Universe 3D
Universe 3D 3 hours ago
Just make a good graphics game nintendo god damn BOTW was good make more like it
Matthew Ace70
Matthew Ace70 3 hours ago
It's nice of Nintendo to acknowledge some lesser known characters like her. Now how about creating more original playable characters for these Mario spin-offs once in a while at least, humans and animals, that'd be cool!
Levy Bongbonga
Levy Bongbonga 3 hours ago
Video share does not work anymore, at least not for me
Ice Age 3
Ice Age 3 3 hours ago
Sibylle Okpala
Sibylle Okpala 3 hours ago
I WANT PIKMIN 4 !!!!!!!!
Matthew Ace70
Matthew Ace70 3 hours ago
A game where Luigi saves Daisy for once would be nice Nintendo. I know you can do it.
Emptilion 3 hours ago
Why did they do this? Tokyo mirage sessions turned out to be a good game, even if the entire style of the game wasn't exactly my cup of tea. But it is so loosely connected to fire emblem and it's even less shin megami tensei. It doesn't even feel like persona. The idea was so good, and could have absolutely worked. Why did they make it an idol game of all things?
The Rave HD
The Rave HD 4 hours ago
Still waiting
Billza_skates 4 hours ago
The rumble literally makes the game 2 times more scary
Brandon McElligott
Brandon McElligott 4 hours ago
Final so good and loved it if I say best games from Nintendo for the Wii U and switch is splatoon and splatoon2 can’t wait for splatoon 3 best games of my life
Caleb Edwards
Caleb Edwards 4 hours ago
1:22 The Tannoki Kart
Matthew Ace70
Matthew Ace70 4 hours ago
Nintendo, you're amazing and all, but do you have any idea what you have unleashed with this port on the Switch? I sure hope you do. Also, will there be an actual new NSMB game for the Switch? And if so can you guys bring back the cape feather power-up? And make work like Superman's power of flight! That'd be awesome!
Simp Lord
Simp Lord 4 hours ago
So hardcore bubble trouble?
tiana gwyther
tiana gwyther 4 hours ago
30 seconds!!! what an i supposed to do with that omg
1_little_hamster 4 hours ago
I am Mc Donald’s
I am Mc Donald’s 4 hours ago
Серый Енот
Серый Енот 4 hours ago
обажаю компанию Нинтендо с первого класса я щас в четвёртом классе
Серый Енот
Серый Енот 4 hours ago
обажаю компанию Нинтендо с первого класса я щас в четвёртом классе
MrPillsbury310 4 hours ago
I thought there was gonna be a hotline number
Tarkabear’s Machinimas
Tarkabear’s Machinimas 4 hours ago
Why are people saying Minecraft’s community is bad? It has one of the best gaming communities ever!
Riddu 4 hours ago
Will there be more updates Can more of the power ups come like the ice suit penguin suit bell cat suit and add the bosses king boo a king fish And a king bomb more clear conditions and at the same time 1 2 or 3 and add bowser able to become bigger in Mario bro’s so he can be in lava and features in Mario bro’s of the clown cart able to ground pound shoot cannon balls and punch.
AlabamaInducer 4 hours ago
My guess is that pikmin 3 deluxe is testing the water to see if people would buy a fourth game.
Micha 5 hours ago
please add project arrhythmia to your prefix
Matthew Ace70
Matthew Ace70 5 hours ago
Monkey Boy DK - Diddy Kong! YAH HAAAAA!
Flower Gacha
Flower Gacha 5 hours ago
When animal crossing is out of stock 👁️👄👁️
•Something •
•Something • 5 hours ago
*Mini: partner showcase*
_ 5 hours ago
Ya jugué pikmin 3 en Wii U pero obviamente comprare el de switch también, ame ese juego con toda mi alma
Boris Tsenov
Boris Tsenov 5 hours ago
Or I play the Wii U version. Which I already have.
je suis afiq
je suis afiq 5 hours ago
is there anyone who can give me fruits? i need at least one apple, peach and orange ♡